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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oJdNk9C.jpg]][center [size10 [b [size10 [u Warning:]]] This isn't going to be for the weak hearted. This is going to be a really dark role play. A lot of blood and gore will be talked about. If you can't handle that, then please move along. Thank you.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" The sweet smell of blood fills your nose. The sticky feeling of it covering your fingertips is all you've ever known. Everything you ever thought would protect you, isn't. You are simply being hunted, and there's nothing you can do about it. Maxium Brooks has been told countless times that he could do more with his life. What more could he do? He had a shitty childhood, his family hates him, and they want nothing to do with him. His parents disowned him when he was thirteen years old, and since then he's had to fend for himself. When he was eighteen was when he made his first kill, and that's what started it all.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" He loved the feeling of the blood on his hands, and he loved watching the light fade from people's eyes. He was a dangerous male, and he didn't like taking no for an answer. When he moves into the small town of Willow Creek, is when he starts killing one person at a time. At first he would make sure they were the most horrible people in town. He would lure them in with his charm, woo them and then kill them. He had killed a couple of women, but that was a different story. As news reached him, [b Your Name Here] was coming home, he wanted to know more about her. So he started asking around, and got little information. He would have to find her himself.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b Your Name Here] has finally moved back to her home town. She's been out of the killing business for a couple of months, because she didn't want to keep getting her hands dirty. That's when she hears about a killer in her small town. He has been named [i Death Hunter]. She didn't know anything about him, until a really close friend of her's told her. Maxium on the other hand was loving the fact his name so to speak was getting around town. He made sure he didn't leave his finger prints wherever he went. He knew how to clean up after himself, unless he wanted people to know it was him. That's when he meets [b Your Name Here], and he now has a new victim in his line of sight.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b Your Name Here] is caught off guard when the new boy in town has his sights set on her. She doesn't know how to react, but deep down she's liking the attention all around. She wouldn't mind getting to know him better, and he sure as hell wouldn't mind getting to know her better. Little did they both know, they were hiding deadly secrets. [b Your Name Here] was starting to get that blood lust again, she wanted to start killing but not in her home town. What'll happen when sparks fly between the two? Will they let the other know about their killing habits? Or will they keep it hidden for a long time coming? You'll never know unless you join [b [i Killing Secrets]].]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u The cast of Killing Secrets.]]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [u Maxium Brooks: Taken]]][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/zrJMrlI.jpg]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [u Female: Taken]]][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/erYE5Ip.png]]

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[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u What I need from you.]]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" I'm going to make this really simple. I just need a simple skeleton filled out and messaged to me. If I have to ask you twice for what I'm needing, I won't allow you into the role play. Here's what I'm needing.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [u Picture Link {Do not link it} || Name || Age || Sex || How many people have you killed || Short Bio]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" See that's not too hard. Please make sure you read the rules as well. When asking to join please title your message [b Bloody Cravings], and somewhere I would like your three of your favorite horror movies, that's so I know you read this and the rules down below.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[center [b [font "Felix Titling" [u The rules of Killing Secrets.]]]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u First-]]] The pictures are going to be real. Nothing emo, or too over used. If it's too big I will ask you to resize it, or I can do it for you. Please don't get mad if I ask you to change your picture. If you need help finding one, all you have to do is ask me and I will help you look.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Second-]]] This is going to be a mature and dark role play. If you can't handle something like this, then please don't bother asking to write it out. I do tend to go dark in
my posts, and I don't want you getting triggered with something like this.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Third-]]] This will be a literate role play. Meaning over six hundred words is wanted. Something I can work off of, something you can work off of as well. I will give you what you give me. If you get writers block, it's alright. I get that way too so simply message me if you can't post right away, and I won't get mad.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Forth-]]] I'm not asking you to post every day. One to two times a week will be perfect for me. I know we all have lives outside of this site. I myself have a full time job, and I can't always post while I'm working. I post on my day's off which are Wednesday's and Thursday's. I simply ask that you don't pester me about a post, and I won't pester you about one either.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Fifth-]]] Stealing this plot is a huge no for me. I've been working my ass off on this, and I don't want someone taking it away from me. If you like the idea, you can ask me to borrow it, or make something like it. All I ask is that you give me the credit for it. I'll most likely let you borrow the whole plot, or make something like it.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Sixth-]]] Ditching is a no-no in my book. If you get tired of the role play, simply message me and tell me. Don't ask to join and then ditch me. You wouldn't like it if someone did it to you, so please don't do it to me.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Seventh-]]] Plot twists, and surprises are amazing. I love hearing what other's have to say, and if they feel like something needs to be changed. I'll be more than happy to fix my post if you don't have anything to work off of. I'll be more than happy to have plot twists. I love those more than anything, so please don't be shy and add to the story line. That's what makes writing great after all.]]

[center [font "Felix Titling" [b [font "Felix Titling" [u Eighth-]]] Last but not least please enjoy yourself. That's what writing is all about anyway. Enjoying what you've done, and meeting new people. So please let's make this fun for the both of us. :D]]


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[b “Thank you for saying that. It was not all that bad though since they were old enough that it did not blindside me when they passed.”]

Here was where her skills at deception would come into play as she made an ever so slightly pained face at the memory. It was one that she had practiced plenty for her father's funeral. He may have died of natural causes as far as the mortician was concerned, but that was still no reason to draw unnecessary suspicion to herself. Not when she was the reason he was dead.

Ji-Min maintained focus on Maxium even as he took a moment to deliberate before sharing his own story. An attentive face even as she partook in her own meal during the wait. The momentary silence was comfortable enough that she did not say a word to press him for his answer. Especially after her own answer had ended on such a negative note.

Her face faltered just a few words into Maxium's answer though as she caught on quickly to his use of the past tense. They had more in common than she first thought. Although she doubted that he was the cause of his mother's potentially untimely passing based on his speech. That and the odds they were both murderers was slim.

[b “She sounds lovely.”]

It was a bit of an empty gesture, but it would at least confirm that she was listening to him. That would have been evident by her widened eyes though as he went into the next part of him and his mother's story. She set her cutlery down as his tone turned somber. Something about it was enough to get her to focus a hundred percent of her attention on him as he carried on.

She tried to offer him her hand, but pulled it back before it reached the other side of the table. Her hands clenched into fists on the table as Maxium talked about his mother barely being able to look at him. The knuckles of her hands were white from the pressure before long. All she could do though was nod in response to Maxium spilling his guts about what she could only hope was the most horrific experience of his youth.

Ji-Min's fists only relaxed when Maxium's voice cracked. That was enough for her to get over whatever had stopped her before as she offered him a hand to hold if he felt the desire. There was a lot to unpack about what he said. Still she wanted to provide to him what comfort she could as she doubted her face showed the sympathy she felt for him in this moment.

[b “I don't doubt it. A change of subject sounds like a brilliant idea.”]

She said that however there was not another topic that came to her mind. That did not seem to matter to Maxium though as he appeared to focus his attention back on the food in front of him. Ji-Min did the same as she went over what he said. It had clearly had a strong impact on him and so she wanted to be sure that anything she said about it was appropriate. Her own experience was not exactly helpful here. Even though she would have understood if he had responded the same way she had based on his description of events.

The few minutes of silence was enough for Ji-Min to finish most of the meal that Natasha had prepared for her. It helped her to appreciate the experience a little more after that narrow escape from a minefield. She made sure to keep a neutral expression on her face after the suggested change of subject though to keep him from being disgusted or disheartened. Everyone has baggage to deal with. Ji-Min just had to hope that her next topic would not have such a depressing response.

[b “So you know I have a taste for sweet things, and technology if you've done your homework. I've also got a fondness for well cooked meat,”] Ji-Min said as she held up the last bit of her sandwich as evidence. [b “What are a few of your favorite things though Maxium?”]
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Listening to the woman speaking gave him time to take a bite. He sat there enjoying the flavors dancing on his tongue. As she spoke about Rose, he saw her light up a little bit. So the two were close as sisters pretty much. When she finally answered his question about her family, his face fell. [b "I'm sorry about your parents. That must have been hard on you"] he said lightly. He felt for her, losing his mother was like losing his heart. He wasn't expecting her to fire his question back at him. He took a couple more minutes to answer.

He took a couple more bites, as he tried to figure out if he should ramble about his mother. He reached for his glass, and took a swallow. He then wiped his mouth with the napkin, and started speaking. [b "Honestly I don't know where to start with my mother. She was one of the best people in the world. She always wore a smile on her face, and she would do everything in her power to make those around her, feel happy. She wore her heart on her sleeve, and was always there for me."] he stopped and took a breath.

[b "I did have a sister, she died when she was born though. Something went wrong, and I was only ten years old. I saw the way it tore my mother up. She wanted a little girl for so long, that when she found out she was pregnant, she was different. The moment she found out, she was having a little girl she had the name picked out and everything. She had named her Elizabeth Jane. She was going to be a lawyer, and she was going to make my mother proud. A lot prouder than she had been with me"]

[b "Liza didn't last an hour. As soon as she was born, she took a small breath and was gone. I was in the waiting room, when I found out about her. I felt my own world shattering, and that's when things went down hill for my mother. She changed in more ways than one. She didn't smile like she used too, she could barely look at me. But when I was eighteen, something else changed. She got sick, and fought like hell. I was so proud of her, and I wanted the world to know it"]

[b "I know I'm not the best person, but I try to be. I wanted to make my mother proud of me. So when she died, I made a promise that if I ever settled down, and had a family I would name my daughter after her, and I would make sure she went into law school. My mother wanted the best for Liza, but Liza didn't last long at all"] he stopped talking, as his voice started cracking. He never talked about his dead sister, or how much his mother had changed. This was all new to him.

He reached for his coke once more, and took a sip. He then placed the glass back down, and looked towards her. [b "Mind changing the subject? I'm not in the mood to talk about my family anymore"] he admitted. It was hard enough on him, but he hoped that the woman would understand. He wasn't doing it to be a dick, he just didn't like talking to strangers about his family life. Ji-Min though was different, and he didn't know how to react to that. She made him open up, without really trying. That's something that never happened.

He took a breath, looked down at his food and fell silent. He wasn't in the mood to talk anymore. The subject had hit home, and his mood wasn't the best anymore. He started playing with his food once more, before taking another bite. The silence was comfortable enough. He took this time to gather his thoughts, waiting for her to say something more. Something different, or just keep silent. He didn't care which.
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Ji-Min noticed the smirk as soon as it came to Maxium's lips. The sight of him taking her explanation so well was a welcome one given it could be easy to interpret her comments negatively. That said she did not want to give him a bigger head. [b “Something like that.”]

While Maxium leaned back and picked at his food; Ji-Min took her first bite of the French dip that Natasha had so lovingly prepared for her. It was just as enjoyable as she had remembered. Even with the knowledge that it was just the first course that she would be having for tonight. Her enjoyment of the meal in front of her was interrupted though as Maxium asked a clarifying question. One that would not be so easy to answer.

She took another small bite, but let her brow wrinkle some as she deliberated. The truth was that there were a number of variables to consider for why she was here right now, and to ignore one in favor of another would be improper. Explaining it that way though would almost certainly cause Maxium's eyelids to droop. Her thought process was not exactly an entertaining subject for most people after all, and Maxium seemed much more interested in a faster pace.

[b “If it weren't for the way you carry yourself Maxium I wouldn't have found you that interesting in the first place. Which would have made it a lot harder for Rose or you to talk me into this. I'm not saying it would be impossible mind, but I doubt I'd be here right now. Go ahead and chalk that up in your win column if you feel the need.”]

It took her a moment to say it all, but she did her best to be prompt with the reply after taking a moment to deliberate. She also made sure to be as truthful as she could without betraying a trust. Despite Rosanne's words to the contrary Ji-Min was still concerned that this could end up similar to the James situation after all. Something she would not have even considered risking if not for Maxium's unique charm. Not that she would describe it that way to him.

[b “Rose has talked me into a lot of things I've enjoyed; a few things I regret, but a lot of things I've enjoyed. That said I rarely act on an individual impulse if I'm being honest. Her suggestion can push me over the edge only if I'm close to the line already.”]

She hoped that would be a complete enough answer as she took another bite of her sandwich. Trying to keep the conversation going while simultaneously avoiding her meal getting cold would be a difficult task if he kept the pressure on her. A fact that caused her to raise a brow as Maxium was quick to launch into another deep question. The raised brow was quickly joined by the other though at the hyperbolic statement that followed.

There was a lot to unpack there as the question about her family was a minefield by itself. You can't exactly say you murdered your father in cold blood in polite company after all. Especially not on the equivalent of a first date. Patricide is something better suited to discussing on the magical third date. All in all it made her regret having taken a quick bite as she would have no opportunity to delay beyond more deliberate chewing.

The smile on his face though seemed sincere so she trusted that he had unintentionally gone into the heavy subject matter. Which only served to make her more interested in him as it became evidence that he had done no due diligence on her. Even a cursory web search of her name would reveal that both of her parents were deceased. It meant either that his interest in her was more genuine than most of the men she had met in the past few years, or that he was a far more skilled liar than she would expect to find as a barista in a small town. Whatever answer was right it was definitely something of interest.

[b “Flattery is alright, but try to keep it realistic.”]

It was only a quick line, but it gave her the opportunity to sneak in another bite to stall for time. If the silence was awkward for Maxium he could suffer in the bed he had made for himself. The time gave her the opportunity to pay a bit more attention to the question as she wondered if her immediate response had been overthought. Based on his smile he had expected it to be a light subject and so she might be able to get away with a bit of lying by omission.

[b “Far as family goes I'm the only child of only children. They passed several years back so I'd say Rose is the closest thing to family I have left.”]

Ji-Min kept a friendly face on and a measured tone, but was still quick to turn the subject back at him. [b “I'd rather hear you tell me more about you and your mother if I'm honest. Did she have to deal with another wild child like you?”]
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As the woman spoke about Rose, he couldn't help but smile. Rose had been really kind to him, and as soon as he had met her, he felt like he could be open with her. At least with a lot of his life. Just some parts he had to keep hidden. He didn't know how she would feel, if she had a killer working for her. That's why he made sure his messes were always cleaned up, and he wasn't about to let the cops get onto his trail. As Natasha placed their food down, he watched her a moment.

He was going to ask for something, but as soon as he thought of it, the thought seemed to slip from his mind. He brushed it off, and waited for the woman to answer his other question. He wasn't expecting that answer, and a small smirk passed over his lips. [b "So I'm an interesting person, and I'm pretty much catching your interest right away?"] he asked her. That made his ego boost a little higher. He was an easy person to talk too, or that' what he hoped anyway. He just didn't want her thinking, that he was some kind of creep.

He leaned back into his chair, and picked at his food. He was trying to figure out what else to talk about, and then he figured her might as well ask anyway. [b "So I need to know. Was it the way I carry myself, that made you say yes in the first place? Or was it Rose pushing you to say yes? Or was it that you really did find me interesting enough to get to know me?"] he asked. Yes, they were a lot of questions in one, but he didn't care. He was curious.

He did like hearing her speak. He wanted to keep her talking, and he picked up his food and took another bite. He chewed and swallowed before speaking again. [b "Tell me more about you, and your family. Where do you fit? Are you an only child, that kind of thing. I'll do the same in return if you'd like, or we can just eat and then call it a night. In all honesty, I could talk to you forever"] he said with a warm smile. He meant it too. Which shocked even himself. Sometimes he didn't mean what he said.

There was something about this woman, something that made him want more from her. It could be information, or just to hear her voice, or just the fact he enjoyed her company. Whatever the reason was, he wasn't ready for this night to end. Maybe they could hit the bars later, or maybe go to the park and just talk. He forced himself to stay silent, and let her answer everything he had asked moments ago. He picked up the sandwich, took a huge bite and chewed. This was the only thing to keep his mouth shut, at least for now.
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Ji-Min relaxed some as Maxium explained his stance on tomatoes. She listened attentively as he shared an anecdote about them from his past and even more information about his mother. Her eyes focusing a bit as he seemed to be happiest talking about his mother. It also seemed like they had at least one small trait in common, although not one of any major significance.

[b “How cute.”]

His next statement drew a far more visible reaction from Ji-Min as she lit up at the question. Although it was such a change that it made a small voice in the back of her mind question whether this whole thing was just an elaborate ruse by Rose to find out how she would describe. The voice was swiftly silenced though by the fact that Rose had never displayed such cunning, and that she had also never displayed such dishonesty. That was one of the reasons that they had gotten along so well after all.

She could not help but smile as she recalled their first meeting, but trying to explain it was difficult. The words were there, but she struggled to find them. [b “We met on vacation here actually. She's never exactly been shy and so when she saw me she literally grabbed my attention by dragging me away from my parents. My parents did not mind the alone time, and her parents figured I couldn't be a worse influence than her. You'd have to ask Rose to know if they were right about that or not.”]

Ji-Min laughed a bit at the memories. Rose was definitely the more adventurous of the two of them, but it was Ji-Min's cunning that allowed them to get away with it. The idea of the training her father had put her through being used for childish antics always brought a smile to her face. It helped that all of those antics came with one of her favorite people at her side.

[b “She is simple. You never have to guess where you stand with Rose; she will let you know whether you like it or not. It was a welcome change of pace from what I was used to even as a child. My family was much more two faced than that I would say. Getting to hear her speak her mind was nice. Even after that and everything we've been through she has been loyal. I trust her more than anyone else.”]

Ji-Min probably could have carried on about Rose for another few minutes, but was stopped by the introduction of food to the table. [b “Thank you very much Natasha.”]

There was another benefit to coming while Natasha was cooking as she could trust the meat was to her particular tastes. Although while she was more interested in the plate in front of her; Natasha was more interested in their date. [b “I'm sure he will.”]

Ji-Min was just about to cut into her own food when Maxium asked another question. This one far more direct and potent than the last. Also one that was easy to understand as she realized she had spent a far greater deal of time talking about Rose than she had about him or herself. She had a faint flush on her face from the thought of it as it was a rather rude thing to do on a first date. Even if it was only a pseudo date at this point.

[b “Honestly I don't know. You're a bit of an anomaly if I'm being honest with you,”] Ji-Min said as she focused her eyes on him even as she cut through her own meal. [b “The fact that I'm alone with you right now is unusual for me. I prefer to make my judgments over a longer period of observation.”]

She smiled a little at that as she thought about her modus operandi which consisted of a far longer stalking period than most killers. It had kept her from raising any red flags thus far despite her extracurricular activities, and it had also served her well enough in her day to day life. There were still a few things that slipped by, but snap judgments like she had made with him were uncommon for her.

[b “The way you carry yourself feels oddly familiar. I wouldn't be able to tell you why, but it was enough for you to pique my interest. So far you haven't disappointed; the night is long though.”]
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Looking out the window and listening to her talking about why she came back, was interesting to say the least. When she asked if he had a nightshade allergy, was when he looked towards her and he shook his head lightly. [b "I don't. I'm just not a huge fan of the tomatoes. I never have been. I think it's cause of the texture, or something. I know I've hated them since I was a little boy. My mother would tease me about it, and tell me I wasn't normal for not liking them. She would sit there and eat them like candy"]

[b "Sometimes she would even tell me I wasn't her son. I love onion's, and everything else. But something about tomatoes isn't my thing"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. The last time he ate one, he about puked, and he wasn't about to make that same mistake again. He was trying to impress her anyway, and puking wasn't something he had in mind. He knew something like that would make her high tail it out of there. He wasn't trying to do that, he was trying to get to know her, and see where things lead.

As they waited for their meals, he tried to think of something else to ask her. He didn't want to get too personal, and he didn't want to be too sexual either. [b "I know Rose and you have a past, but what made you and her become friends in the first place? I'm not complaining about it, I'm just really curious about it. She's an amazing woman, and her personality is what drew me in, but what about you? What drew you in?"] he asked her. He knew the two were really close, and he couldn't help but snoop a little bit.

He didn't want her thinking he's stalking, when in reality he was wondering. Not everyone liked Rose, and she didn't like everyone. So when he had gotten the job in her place of work, he was shocked. She had told him that he had an air about him, and she wanted to see it more. He was in his element there anyway, and he liked it. As he leaned back Natasha came over with their orders. [i "There will be more coming, I know you both must be starving, please enjoy"] she cooed placing their plates down.

He wasn't at all surprised that she brought the food out to them. She was like a mother hen, and he liked that about her. [b "Thank you Natasha, that's really kind of you"] he said. She looked towards the male and beamed. [i "I also made sure no tomato even touched your food. The last time you were here, I yelled at the cooks for putting it on."] she said smiling at him. The male nodded a bit and grinned. [b "You really are amazing Natasha, thank you"] he said again. She nodded and looked at Ji-Min.

[i "He's a keeper this one. Make sure you treat him good, and he'll treat you good as well"] she said. She made sure they had everything before she went off about her business. The male picked up his knife, and cut the sandwich in half. Then set the knife aside, and picked up a fry. He bit into it, and then looked towards the woman. [b "You seem slightly put off with me, or am I just taking you by surprise?"] he asked. He didn't know if he was trying too hard, or if he was trying just enough.

Whatever this feeling was, he hoped that it would soon fade. He didn't like being left in the dark about some things, so he would slowly peel away at the woman, until he got what he was searching for.
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Ji-Min just laughed at Maxium's comment about Natasha. It was one of the major reasons that Rosanne's group had chosen it as their restaurant of choice during their younger years. A growing body needs sustenance. Especially when involved in some of the activities that Rosanne got into as a youth and roped Ji-Min into on occasion.

The fact that Rosanne had not mentioned it was only a bit surprising as there were plenty of actions she might want to hide about their time here as youths. She might still be doing some of it nowadays, but there were still people who opposed the practices. It was also not exactly something that you would want your employees to know about as it could inspire some disobedience. However the more she thought about it the more she had to wonder why Rosanne would keep it secret given her lax personality. Then it clicked that she most likely just did not think to bring it up.

When Maxium told her that he had moved to get away from a bad situation she could not help but raise her eyebrows a bit. That was not exactly the honesty she had expected during a get to know one another dinner date. The honesty was refreshing compared to the facade that most people tried to put on during a first date. Not honesty that she would necessarily reciprocate, but honesty that she could respect.

She could hear his tone change when he brought up his mother and it put a small smile on her face. Ji-Min didn't have a good relationship with her own parents, but she had known that men who respected their mothers tended to be more agreeable. Of course the way he talked about wanting to bring her out here too also had a certain charm to it. He might not be quite the bad boy that he had seemed to be at first glance, or he might just be a case of even bad boys love their mamas.

[b “This is a good place to go to get away. A good one for a fresh start too.”]

Their chat was momentarily interrupted though as the waitress made an appearance. Maxium was quick to order a turkey sandwich, although the lack of tomato drew a cock of the head from Ji-Min. That would warrant a question, but first she had to deal with the waitress' attention.

[b “What can I get you darling?”]

Ji-Min just opened her mouth before the waitress shook her head. [b “Sorry, habit. Natasha already knows what you want. I'll be back with everything shortly.”]

Ji-Min just had to smile as the poor woman beat a hasty retreat. [b “A benefit of being memorable.”]

While Ji-Min had another question in mind for Maxium it was only fair that he counter her first with one of his own. Not the most imaginative as it was similar to the question that she had posed to him. Still it was a good question to ask since he knew she had only recently moved into the town of Willow Creek. She had been here before of course, but he did not know much about that background of hers despite knowing Rosanne so well.

[b “Honestly I would say our reasons are not that different. Mine was serenity. Rose is a part of it, and Natasha too, but this place has always where I felt the most at peace. Working almost seventy hours a week, dealing with dishonest people everyday, and hellish traffic got to be a bit too much for me.”]

[b “My family is dead so they had no weight on my decision. The last boyfriend I had turned out to be a tech bro that just wanted to date me so I would fund his start up. This may not be my hometown depending on how you define it, but it is home. It was a spur of the moment decision that I have not regretted. At least not yet.”]

Ji-Min put up a friendly smile at that as it was true that she probably rushed the decision after a particularly bad encounter. The stress was making her too inclined towards her leisure activity and she almost got caught. It did not help that it pushed her to murder more often than was safe. She had learned well from her father how often she could get away with it without arousing suspicion, and if she stayed in that place much longer she would be tempted to break that rule. While she had not been in Willow Creek very long she had not felt the same urges since, and she hoped they would stay at bay a t least a little while longer.

[b “Now before you ask anything about that I have to know. Do you have a nightshade allergy?”]
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He was glad the woman had accepted the flowers. He had a strong feeling that she wouldn't have, but he was trying to win her over so to speak. When they were left alone again, he laughed lightly. [b "That's why I try to avoid this place. She's a sweet woman, but sometimes a man can't handle a lot of food. Unless you are starving yourself, then this is the perfect place to come"] he said with a small smile. He loved coming here, when he's been on long trips, because then he would have food to take home with him.

As the woman spoke a little about her summers her, he shook his head lightly. [b "Rose never mentioned you guys coming here for the summer. Here I thought, Rose told me everything about her past"] he said with a small smirk. He wasn't trying to sound like a dick, and he hoped that it didn't come off that way. He was trying to lighten the mood, and he hoped it was work. As he picked up the menu, and tried to find something to eat, he listed to her asking about him coming here. Now that was something he had planned for.

He placed the menu aside, and put his hands onto the table, and laced his fingers together. [b "Honestly, I needed to get away from a crowd of people I was hanging around with. I was getting into some really shady shit, and my mother was getting worried about me. She didn't want me hanging around that gang for long, but I always drifted back towards them. I used to live in London England, so when I came out here, it was quite a change. My mother is still out there, and I'm trying to talk her into moving out here"]

[b "It's a nice small place, and I like the town. I've lived her for about two years now, and I'm honestly still trying to get used to this place. It wasn't my first choice, but it was the only choice I had at the time being. I could lay low, and I felt like no one could find me here. I wanted a fresh start, and well.. I found Rose and her bar, and I felt right at home. She won me over with her charm, and took me under her wing. Ever since then, I've been working with her"]

[b "It's a really nice town, and everyone here, are wonderful people. I'm glad I made the choice to come here, and I hope someday soon, my mother would make the right choice as well"] he said lightly. His voice softened when he talked about his mother. She was still in England, and he did want her to come out here, he just didn't have a place for her yet. That, and he knew she would catch onto what he was really doing in his spare time. He picked up his menu again, and decided on a turkey sandwich.

As the waitress came back, she smiled at the male, and pulled her pen from her ear. [i "Are you both ready to order?"] she asked. Her eyes never left the male, and he looked at the menu and nodded a bit. [b "I'll have the turkey sandwich, and no tomato this time please"] he said as he handed the menu to her. She nodded lightly and looked at the woman. [i "What can I get you darling?"] she asked lightly. She wrote down the woman's order as well, and then walked off once more.

More and more people were starting to show up, and the male looked towards the woman before him. [b "What made you want to come back here? It can't be because of Rose, and Natasha. It's gonna be something else. Family? Boyfriend? Or you just missed your old home town?"] he asked, letting the question hang between them for the time being. He slowly tore his eyes from the woman, and started people watching as he waited in silence.
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The people watching got her thinking about all of the people that she had met during her summers there as a youth. Rosanne was probably the one she was still closest with, but there were a number of others that she kept in contact with even now. It was still the same atmosphere that it was when she would sit in this booth with Rosanne and friends. There was a certain comfort in knowing that even with how much the world had changed since she was a child that the small town of Willow Creek was still much the same.

Ji-Min took in a deep breath and tried to soften her expression when she noticed Maxium walking just outside. She wanted to give him an honest chance this evening as she kept a close watch on him, and she knew all the people watching would have put a less pleasant look on her face. Her watch was close enough to see him get intercepted by Natasha on his way over to her, but it did not seem to take him long to get past her. Seeing him navigate yet another situation brought to mind more feelings of familiarity with him, unfortunately with an even stronger itch to find out why she recognized it.

She put that aside though as he approached with flowers in hand. Ji-Min put on the best smile she could muster as she accepted them. [b “Thank you. How thoughtful.”] He was quick to follow up the old fashioned gift with a compliment on her appearance. Whether it was the little extra work she put in or just him trying to be charming it was still a welcome occurrence. [b “Flattery will get you places in my experience, but don't expect too much.”]

Ji-Min did nothing to hide her softened expression though as she set the flowers aside after Maxium sat down. A benefit of that familiar feeling and his charm. Still her curiosity was at an almost all time high trying to figure out what it was about him that made him so reminiscent. Before she could say anything about it though the waiter arrived to ask if Maxium wanted anything to drink and hand him a menu.

The interruption gave her a bit more time to think about how to phrase what it was that she wanted to say. Even if it did not take long for Maxium to get the waiter to move on to her. [b “Just the water is fine for now thanks.”] A polite nod later and they were alone again. [b “Just be aware whatever you decide on that you are going to have a lot to eat. Natasha has always been generous to me.”]

[b “I presume Rose told you that we used to come to Willow Creek during summers when we were young. We spent a lot of time in this booth in fact. It has always been the place that most felt like home to me; which is why I moved back here. Things got too hectic out west and I wanted an easier pace.”]

Rosanne might have kept that part of their history to herself, but if Maxium had any questions about it she was prepared to answer them. It was the best introduction to the question that she wanted to ask that came to her mind. Additionally it was far better than the usual question when on dates out west about what you do for a living. She worked from home and he was a barista; not the most interesting careers to talk about.

[b “I remember my time spent here very well, and I remember there was no one who carried themself quite like you when I was here before. So I have to ask you, what was it that brought you here Maxium? Where did you come from that this small town seemed like the place to settle down in?”]

It was probably a bit heavy for a question on a first date, but Ji-Min kept a soft expression as she asked it. He could easily play it off in a charming manner if he wanted; she was not about to press him for answers on a first date. Still they needed something to talk about, and it was a simple way to get to know more about him.
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The weekend seemed to fly by, and pretty soon the men were packing up their things, and heading back to real life. Maxium was looking forward to his date, but at the same time he didn't know what to expect of it. He licked his lips lightly as he dropped his friend off. [b "Thanks for coming, I'll let you know how it goes with the woman"] he said through the open window. [i "You better Max. I wanna know if you get laid too"] he said with a laugh. Maxium flipped the male off, and sped off down the street, to his apartment.

The moment he pulled into the parking lot, he shut the truck off and climbed out. He checked the time on his phone, and realized he had about a half hour until he had to be at the diner. He wasn't about to show up late, that's not like him at all. He hurried inside, and showered quickly before changing into a pair of black jeans, and a light blue t-shirt. He added some gel into his hair, and spiked it a bit. He then brushed his teeth and put his shoes back onto his feet.

He chose to walk to the diner, because then he would have a little bit more time to kill. That's the joy's of living in a small town. Everything was within walking distance, and he wouldn't have to use his truck as much. That's the only good part about this shitty ass town anyway. At least that's how he thought of it. He didn't really like the place, but at least it was his home. No one knew, what he really did in his spare time. A small smirk passed over his lips as he thought about his last kill.

The way she had looked at him, and begged him not to kill her. Something about the way they did that seemed to turn him on, and wanted nothing more than to make them beg for him not to kill them. He wouldn't give them that kind of pleasure though. He wanted the thrill of the kill, and he would have done everything in his power to make it that way. He sighed lightly and spotted the flower shop to his right. He made a quick pit stop and bought the woman some flowers. He didn't know what her favorite's were.

He paid the man at the counter. [b "Thank you, have a good night"] he said with a smile. [i "Make sure that woman you are giving those too, know's how lucky she is"] the older man said. [b "Believe me, I will"] he said with a grin. He liked the older man, but he wasn't about to make small talk. At least not right now. He then checked the time on his phone, and realized he was gonna be five minutes early. He didn't mind it though. He walked to the diner and walked inside. He scanned the room and spotted her.

He was about to make his way over, when Natasha stopped him. Her hands on her round hips. [i "Are you here for Ji-Min?"] she asked. The male nodded his head. [b "Yeah I am Natasha. Why? Is that a bad thing?"] he asked. The older woman shook her head lightly. [i "Just make sure you are hungry, because tonight you are getting well fed"] she said. The male shook his head and laughed a bit. He then made his way over to the booth. He plastered on a smile, and held the flowers out to the woman.

[b "I didn't know what ones you liked, so I got a little bit of everything"] he said as he handed them to her. He then took a seat across from her. He looked her up and down, and licked his lips lightly. [b "You look lovely by the way."] he said lightly. He didn't know what else he was supposed to say. Was he supposed to lay it on thick? Or play it casual? It's been a while since he's been on a real date, and he didn't want to mess it up, so he might as well play the charmer.
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Ji-Min woke up early on Friday morning and paused as her room did not brighten like it normally did. Whether it was the lack of light or something else it caused her to stay in her bed quite a bit longer than usual. Despite the darkness she carefully maneuvered her way out of her bed and to the bathroom to begin her usual morning routine.

Her routine continued as normal until she got to her stairwell as there was a security alert on her phone. Just someone coming close enough to her property to set off an alert, but it was still enough to give her pause. So to be safe she scrolled through all of her camera feeds twice before she made her way up the stairs.

Getting up early was an oddity in and of itself, but the addition of the alert was enough to throw off her morning. Proven by the fact that she missed an ingredient when preparing her breakfast shake. Just to make matters worse it looked like there were a few more rumors spreading about her that she would have to address at her next meeting with the people she trusted to run her company.

[b “Is everything going to go wrong today?”]

Even with the timing being thrown off by getting up early and so many things having gone wrong she stuck to her schedule. She made up some of the extra time by going a bit over on her usual swimming time. Along with a longer than normal shower thanks to the fact that she ran out of soap halfway through. Another thing to add to the column of losses for the day, albeit one that she should have seen coming.

Normally she would spend the time after her initial routine doing the work that was required of her to keep up her lavish lifestyle. Today she decided to treat herself instead, and got ready to meet Rosanne at her cafe right after they opened. If the chaos of the universe was going to try to force her to have a bad day then she was going to do her damnedest to make it a difficult task.

Rosanne was busy at the early hour, but happy to see Ji-Min all the same. Rose's smile was enough to melt away some of the stresses of the day even if it came in between rushes of people looking for their morning caffeine. Ji-Min could not say whether it was Rose or just the atmosphere of the locale as a whole, but she was happy to have gone almost a week without one of her urges for the first time in a long time.

[b “Do you think the universe is trying to tell you something?”] Rosanne asked after the rush finally died down.

[b “If so it needs to speak up.”]

Her comment drew a laugh from Rosanne, but Ji-Min could see that her friend was still a bit shifty about it. Rosanne had always been much more inclined to the everything happens for a reason belief than her. Ji-Min believed from her own actions that the world was best described as chaos, and any attempt to attribute meaning to it was a fool's venture. Still she liked Rosanne's more innocent belief and tendency to look for meaning where there might not be any.

[b “I guess it is why I'm here so early. Getting to see you cheered me up.”]

Rosanne's smile grew a size bigger at that comment and the rest of their conversation carried on in a much lighter tone. Nothing of real substance as they talked about plans for the party tomorrow and what Ji-Min's plans were for her date with Maxium. A few sly comments about the universe possibly telling her to avoid the date all of which were brushed off.

[b “I'd hate if things go bad between you two. It'd feel like I messed things up.”]

[b “I promise you if things go badly it will be a hundred percent his fault and not yours.”]

[b “No chance of it being your fault?”]

Ji-Min just cocked an eyebrow at the suggestion causing Rosanne to burst into a giggle fit. [b “Fair enough. Still I want you to have fun.”]

[b “We can hope, but we'll just have to see how much the universe has it in for me today.”]

After a small laugh from Rosanne the two women said their goodbyes before parting ways. Ji-Min was thankful to see that even in the chaos of the world that nothing bad had happened during her time spent relaxing with her old friend. A pleasant turn of events from the start of her morning. Although not enough to get her away from her cautious mindset after everything that had gone wrong.

The rest of her day before the date went significantly better other then a few hiccups during a meeting with her executives. It gave her plenty of time to get ready for her date with Maxium. A bit of makeup, hair pulled back, and a leather jacket on top of a t-shirt and jeans. The most she was willing to do for a first date at a diner. Even if it was her favorite in Hammond's Diner.

She made sure that she was there a half hour early in case Natasha was going to want to spend some time catching up before Maxium got there. Something she did even as she walked after leaving her car parked at Rosanne's cafe. The diner was just how she remembered it despite how long it had been. A simple hole in the wall with just a few windows at the front, old wooden booths and tables, blue walls that put the mind at ease, and a mural on one side that could use some touching up. The smoke smell that was usually there was gone thanks to some state laws that had passed which was a welcome change even if her group used to be one of the causes.

Her early arrival proved wise since the two hundred plus pound Russian woman crushed her in a bear hug the moment she got through the door. Not the most pleasant of the hugs she had gotten since she moved back to town, but a welcome one. She had always gotten along with the older woman; even as she and her friends spent hours taking up one of her booths. Ji-Min had made certain to not leave a mess and to always tip well which was appreciated by the small business owner.

[b “You skinny! You been eating properly?”] Natasha asked after finally letting Ji-Min out of her grasp.

[b “I assume whatever I answer you're going to make sure I eat well enough tonight.”]

Natasha just laughed as they continued to chat for a few minutes before Natasha let Ji-Min take her seat at what used to be her and Rosanne's usual booth. It was in a corner that made it impossible to see from the windows, but not too difficult to spot once inside. The hostess recognized who she was waiting on though which was a happy occurrence after the troubles of the day. Still Ji-Min she would have to warn Maxium that he was going to get a large amount of food no matter what he ordered, as she knew Natasha was generous with her serving sizes.

All that was left for her to do was wait the few minutes for Maxium to arrive. The only thing there to keep her entertained being the complimentary ice water that the waiter had set out for her after she sat down and the people in the other booths. People watching was a pastime that she could easily indulge in while she waited.
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The male had heard her reply before him and his friend had left. Shane just looked at him like he was crazy. [i "Who the fuck was that? I know the american looking woman is your boss, but who was the other beauty?"] he asked. Maxium just shook his head lightly. [b "That's Ji-Min, I have a date with her later on this week, and honestly I've already fucked up with her. Rosanne wasn't too happy with me"] he said with a sheepish smile. [b "There's something there though, something that's tugging me towards her and I don't know what it is"]

[i "Could it be, that you both are assholes or something? Or it could be the fact, you both are friends with Rosanne. Maybe she has something to do with the two of you meeting?"]

[b "It's nothing like that. I can promise you that. Ji-Min just moved back into town, and Rosanne is worried that I'm gonna bed her. Which I'm not planning on doing right away. I mean, she's beautiful and I wouldn't mind knowing how she is in bed, but something is telling me to run the other way"]

[i "It could be the fact she's so close to Rosanne, that Rosanne is like a sister to her, and the feeling you are getting is something that's to do with that maybe. I mean, I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but maybe it's a bad idea to even know that woman. Rosanne is a wonderful person, but Ji-Min, you don't know anything about her."] the male said. Maxium knew that Shane was right, but what was he supposed to do? He wasn't about to back out of their date at the last minute. Rosanne would have a cow if he did that.

[b "I know where you are coming from, but what better way of getting to know someone? That's what you and I did. Look at us now"] he said with a grin. [i "I know that man, but I just want you to be careful is all. I don't want you getting yourself into something, that you can't get out of"] he said. Maxium looked at Shane out of the corner of his eye, [i [b 'That's what you should be telling Ji-Min about me']] he thought to himself. [b "I know, if things get too bad I'll leave"]

[b "I promise you that, I will run the other way, and not look back if something like that happens."] he said making the scouts honor symbol with his fingers. [i "Let's just focus on our little get away, and not think about the women for the time being. I just want to get to the fucking cabin, get shit faced, and just enjoy my time away from everything else"] Shane said with a smirk. Maxium had to agree with his friend. He was looking forward to being at the cabin, and just getting away for a little while. Even if it wasn't that long.

The silence washed over them for the time being, and as the hours slowly ticked by the closer they got to the cabin. The moment they were on a dirt road, they both knew they were getting closer, and closer to where they needed to be. Maxium's mind though wasn't on the trip. It was on Ji-Min, and he couldn't help but wonder what she was doing, and if she was thinking about him, or their soon to be date. A small smirk passed over his lips at the thought, maybe he would bring her all the way out here.

The moment that the cabin came into view, he parked in front of it, shut the truck off, and the two men climbed out. They gathered their things, and went into their cabin. Their weekend getaway was now in full swing, and Maxium did everything in his power, not to even think about anything back home.
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Ji-Min had just gotten into her car when Maxium sent his reply to her message. He expressed surprise at her suggestion of them going dutch which was expected, but he seemed to take the suggestion well. Other than calling her a strange woman at least, but that was an accusation that she could not exactly deny given her eccentric nature. Still the fact that he seemed keen to hide his own interest by using Rosanne as an excuse was an interesting one to her and so she made sure to reply before leaving her house.

[I Friday at 7.]

It was short, but to the point as she'd leave addressing his comments until their face to face. He was almost certain to realize how rude his statement about her strangeness could e and she wanted to give him a chance to make up for it before pouncing on It. It was clear from his first message that he had a tendency to put his foot in his mouth after all.

After that the drive into town was a welcome opportunity to think about the situation that she found herself in. Combing back to the town she had vacationed in during her youth; partially at the behest of one of her oldest friends; and now she found herself going on a date with one of her better employees. Not how she expected her move back to town to go this early on, but a happy occurrence for her nonetheless. Even now with several minutes of space to fill there were none of the urges that she felt almost constantly in the bay area.

The town was not that busy as she arrived at a good time thanks to her late start. She would have much rather gotten out of the house a couple of hours earlier, but being behind because of Rosanne was something that she was used to dealing with in her life. Especially when living in this area as it was a regular occurrence thanks to Rosanne's youthful rebellion.

The minute she walked in the door she was greeted with an even stronger hug than her first day in town. [b “Are you sure you're alright?”]

[b “Rose. This hug hurts more than anything that man has done to me.”]

Rosanne was quick to release her vise grip on her friend, but the concern on her face was visible. It put a soft smile on Ji-Min's face as she was reminded of just why she had been such a loyal friend to Rosanne through these years. Even just an unsaid word was enough for her to feel this concerned about her, and it was that compassionate nature of hers that made her so easy to go along with in life. While it was an alien nature compared to her own it was still one that she favored for the people in her friend group.

[b “I promise Rose that if it were something worth being this concerned about I would tell you.”]

[b “You promise?”]

[b “I promise.”]

Rosanne breathed a sigh of relief at that affirmation and was quickly back to her usual bubbly self afterward. She sent Ji-Min off to sit in what was quick to become their corner of the cafe before going behind the counter to prepare their respective orders. Since Maxium was out they were not fully staffed at the moment and Rosanne did not want to slow things down any if she could avoid it. Ji-Min did not mind the wait after all and was happy to people watch while her friend worked.

Especially as an interesting person walked in just as Rosanne started preparing the coffee. One that interrupted her train of thought as she was quick to have words with the man that had upset her friend. It was an entertaining sight for Ji-Min, although unfortunately not for long as Rosanne dragged Maxium into her office to deal with him in private. Definitely a sign that she knew what she was doing as a boss even if it meant stealing her entertainment.

While Ji-Min considered checking to see if she could access any security cameras in her office; she decided against it after just a moment of thought. Betraying Maxium's trust in that regard would be one thing, but she was less keen about the idea of betraying Rosanne in that way. Ji-Min would ask for permission from her before doing anything like that even though she was sure her friend would give it.

Whatever it was that they said to each other did not seem to dampen Maxium's spirit at all as he had a smile when they came out. Not all the surprising as Ji-Min could easily believe that Rosanne was too nice to give a proper dressing down to him. That and her own positive mood might have softened any blow that Rosanne would inflict on the man. Still she did not expect him to be in such high spirits that he would readily approach her after all of that.

[b “Of course. I am a woman of my word,”] Ji-Min replied with the most neutral tone and expression she could muster.

Ji-Min may deal in all sorts of nefarious business, but she was not one to lie or go against her word. She was more than willing to phrase things in a way that she had an easily exploitable loophole, but she was not one to outright lie. Whether legal or illegal a good reputation was a valuable tool in her various business ventures.

Just as quickly as he came in he left at the whistling of his friend. A quick farewell and he was out the door leaving Ji-Min to enjoy her pseudo brunch date with Rosanne. One that included a delicious looking cup of coffee and an appetizing pastry.

[b “So is it safe for me to assume that his hide has been tanned?”] Ji-Min asked as Rosanne sat down.

Rosanne got a sheepish smile on her face until she saw Ji-Min's own. The sight of her friend's smile sent her into a giggle fit that improved the mood for their meal. It made the rest of their brunch far more pleasant.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex The male had a feeling that he had ruined every chance at getting to know her, but as soon as her message came in about going dutch, he raised a 'brow slightly. So, she wasn't going to be one to demand he paid. That's something different, and something he didn't expect at all. He stood there reading the message over, and over again. He didn't mind meeting her, seeing as they barely knew each other, he didn't blame her for wanting to keep where she lived a secret. He shook his head lightly and looked towards his friend.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [b "By the looks of it, you seem kind of confused about something. What's going on Maxim?"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#b4c8ee "Well.. I don't know how to explain this, but I'm gonna try. So yesterday while I was working, one of Rose's friends showed up. She's beautiful Shane, and I really don't know what to do. I asked her out on a date, and she suggested we go dutch at Hammond's diner. I don't know where the fuck that is"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [b "Well if she's wanting to go dutch, I say go for it. Not all women are after your money Max, so maybe this woman is different? If you feel like you have a connection with her, I say go for it"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#b4c8ee "That's the thing. She seems kind of put off that I even asked her. But the way she looked at me afterwards, was like she's curious about me"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [b "Then reply to her stupid, don't make her wait any longer than she has too. Just see where things lead, and then maybe something might come of it, you never know"] the male said with a shrug of his shoulders.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex Maxium sighed, and knew his friend was right. He pulled out his phone, and messaged her back. [#b4c8ee [i You kind of took me by surprise, I'm so used to women choosing something really expensive, and out there I wasn't expecting to go dutch. I would like that very much though. You are a strange woman, but I feel like I should at least try to get to know you. If Rose adores you, then I need to stay on her good side. What day, and what time?]] the message was slightly longer than he thought, but he ignored that.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex Maybe this time he wouldn't have to wait long for a reply. He shook his head and hit send. He then looked at his friend and smirked. [#b4c8ee "Let's go get you some sugar, and I'll pick up my paycheck as well"] he said. [b "You had me at sugar, let's go!"] Shane said with a smile. Maxium was curious about his friend's night out, but he would ask him about it later. Right now they had other plans to take care of. The two men went into different rooms to get ready to go.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex When both men were ready, they walked out to the truck and climbed inside. [b "So, how was it last night with that woman? Did you get laid?"] Shane asked with a grin. [#b4c8ee "I could ask you the same thing Shane, we will talk about it later. I just have to make sure Rose doesn't mind I take today off"] he said with a smirk. He started the truck, and headed into town. Once there, the two jumped out and headed inside. Maxium stopped when he saw Ji-Min there already. He rubbed the back of his head, and lowered his eyes.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [i "I was hoping you would be here"] Rose said, her arms crossed over her chest. She didn't look happy. The male sighed and the two went into her office. [#b4c8ee "Listen, whatever I did I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it. But Shane and I have plans today, and I was wondering if I could get my check"] he said with a smile. [i "Somehow you really upset my friend, and I don't like it. I understand that Shane is in town, and if you are trying to bed Ji-Min don't bother. She's a tough one to crack"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#b4c8ee "I promise you, I'm not trying to bed. I just want to get to know her, take her out and see where things lead. I'm not meaning to be a dick"]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [i "I know you aren't, but please just be careful. I don't want to lose my friend, and I don't want to lose my best worker. Here's your paycheck, and have a good day"] she said handing it over. The male smiled at her and took it. He stood and looked at her. [#b4c8ee "I promise I won't hurt her, and thank you Rose. I mean it"] he said with a grin.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex The woman nodded and walked out with him. [i "Will I see you this weekend? I know tomorrow and Friday are your normal day's off"] she said. The male nodded lightly and saw that Shane was loaded down with goodies. [#b4c8ee "Yes I'll be here, and don't worry I'll make sure she's home safe and sound at a good time"] he said with a smile. Rose just shook her head, and shooed him away. [i "Go and enjoy your time off"] she said. The male nodded and looked towards Ji-Min, and nodded a bit towards her.]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Caudex][caudex [#b4c8ee "I'll see you soon yes?"] he asked. Shane whistled and he sighed. He bowed his head, and headed back towards his friend. The two went back to the truck, and headed out of town towards the mountains.]
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It appeared that waiting until standard business hours was the right plan as it did not take long at all for him to respond. A sign that either his interest was genuine, or at least that he kept his phone on him most of the time. Either way not a bad sign to be given this early on in the getting to know one another portion of potential courtship.

[I Why not Saturday? Do you have other plans?]

Asking about her other plans like that before they had even gone on a single date was a definite red flag. She had already had another message from him before she could type up a response to the first. One that did some damage control as he had clearly realized the error of his ways, or at least that is how he wanted her to see it.

[I Sorry, that was really rude of me. Just ignore that last message. How about Friday night I take you to dinner. You choose the place, and I'll pick you up around seven thirty. What do ya say?]

That was a much better invitation, although leaving it up to her to decide the place was not what she had expected from him. It was also not exactly ideal given the class disparity between the two of them. She could offer to go dutch or pay for the both of them, but at least in her experience that could be a blow to his pride. Something she normally would not mind, but she was also not inclined to spend a lot of money on him after that first message.

The epiphany she had was clear as day on her face despite the fact that no one was there to see it. After a web search to locate the number and the short typing it into her phone she connected with a woman with a noticeable Russian accent. One that greeted her with a standard spiel for a restaurant.

[b “Hello, if you're not busy can you tell me if Natasha is going to be cooking Friday evening?”]

[b “Who's asking?”]

Ji-Min blinked a couple of times as she wondered if her voice had changed that much. [b “Ji-Min Li.”]

The tone of voice on the other end of the line softened immediately as recognition dawned. [b “You're going to be in town Ji-Min?”] Natasha asked as her tone softened with the recognition. [b “For you of course.”]

[b “I just moved back and I was hoping to have some of your wonderful cooking. Thanks.”]

Natasha kept her on the line a few more minutes to catch up with one of her favorite customers before the rush got to be too much for her to stay on the phone. It was a welcome escape for Ji-Min who had forgotten how long Natasha could talk, although she was happy that the woman had clearly remembered her. Always nice to know that you left a lasting impression on someone.

That meant that the location of their date was settled, but she still had to figure out how to tell Maxium that. She was also not about to ask Rose for advice on how to approach one of her employees and former lovers. Well at least possibly former, as she had no idea whether or not the two were still involved in that way or not. All she could do was hope that Rose was not lying about this being a repeat of the James incident from their youth.

Ji-Min took about five minutes of thinking about it before deciding to just send a simple invitation. If he was going to have a problem with her offer he was hardly worth her time. That was how she saw it at least, and even an entertaining evening was not worth getting stressed out about. The entire reason she had moved out here was to have less stress after all. Although all the time spent thinking about it did give her an idea to test for the possibility of another red flag.

[I How about you just meet me at Hammond's Diner instead? We can go dutch.]

He might object to her not wanting to be picked up, but she could not care in the slightest about his feelings there. She preferred her privacy and would rather he not know where she live after that opening message from him. How he responded to the offer of going dutch was what she was more interested in as it would tell her if they could get along. If he could not tolerate the truth of their class disparity then he would not last as even a fun time. Ji-Min was always more particular about such things than Rose.

Before she could get a response from Maxium a number she recognized call. One that made her hesitate for a moment before she answered. [b “So did you message him?”]

[b “Yes I did Rose.”]

[b “And?”]

Ji-Min paused as she could easily tell Rose about the first message, but it could jeopardize his position with her. He did also at least attempt to backpedal from it and so he did not deserve to suffer unnecessarily. Especially as it was going to dock him points in her eyes either way, unfortunately before she could decide on what to say Rose picked up on her hesitation.

[b “Did he do something to you?”]

[b “Nothing worth worrying about.”]

[b “Do I need to tan his hide next time I see him?”]

Ji-Min paused again as the idea of Rose bending him over her knee was an amusing one. However she was quick to say something before Rose let her own imagination run wild.

[b “You can ask him if he deserves it or not. I think his answer will tell you all you need to know.”]

[b “I'll just do that then. Are you coming in today?”]

[b “I'll be there by eleven. Someone kept me up last night so I had a late start today.”]

[b “Oh. Well I'll see see you when you get here. Huge rush just came in gotta go bye.”]

Ji-Min just shook her head as she set her phone aside without checking for a response from Maxium. Rose knew who was to blame for throwing off her schedule after they had talked for hours even after they closed the cafe. Still she would be happy to get to spend some more time with her friend, and partake in her delicious baked goods. She would not admit to anyone else, but she was also interested in the possibility of seeing Maxium again. Red flag aside he was someone that had managed to draw her interest, and that was a rare occurrence for her.
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