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[right [size15 [b Closed to Snoopy]]]

[center [size12 [i Emphasis on the less part.]]]

[center [size12 [b Name] has been a superhero fanatic all her/his life. Before their dad passed away, they would listen to him read comics about Batman and Captain America, wishing that one day they could be a hero when they grow up. After their dad passed away, they continued their tradition of reading a comic a day. As they grew up, they were never shy of the things they like which gained them some bullies, but luckily they had friends that backed them up.]]

[center [size12 The six of them have been friends since their day care days, though they're all different types of people, they made their friendship work. After highschool, they went their separate ways for college or to travel. But they constantly called one another and Skype, never letting their friendship disappear. It's been five years and they've all moved back to Seattle, to be around their friends and family.]]

[center [size12 Their first day back, they all go out for dinner to catch up. They weren't thinking much about the news station that was playing on the tv at the bar, talking about the meteors crashing down all around the world. Nor when it was playing on the car radio, not until a meteor crashed into their car. That was the last thing [b Name] remembered, a large rock exploding by their car, throwing them into the air.]]

[center [size12 [i One year later...]]]

[center [size12 Thing have changed drastically, there are now people with powers all over the world, good and bad. Including the group of friends...well, all of them but the one who really wanted to be a hero.]]

[center [size12 Yeah, that sucked.]]

[center [size15 [b Cast;]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/VTZoseF.jpg]]
[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Isabeau Davis]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Twenty-two]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Has multiple jobs]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 None, insert many crying emoji's here]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Isabeau is very quick witted and playfully sarcastic. She's been seen as courageous and has always been ready to put herself in harm's way. After her dad passed away, her mom had gotten extremely depressed and never left the house. Beau had to work two jobs as well as go to school. Even after graduating, her mom still wouldn't leave the house and Beau took on even more jobs. She didn't get to go to college or travel like her friends did, she was secretly jealous of them. After her friends gained super powers, she wanted to be mad but couldn't bring herself to be so. But she is pissed that she always seems to be the damsel in distressed now.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/8YmDfaN.jpg]]
[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Enya Walsh]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Twenty-three]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Tattoo Artist]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Density Manipulation; User can manipulate the density and solidity of object]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Enya, for a lack of better words, is a bitch. How her friends have been able to put up with her was beyond her. Thankfully she didn't gain the power to read minds. But she did get the power to walk through walls! Which gave her the idea to rob a bank or two, not that Graham would let her though. Aside from potentially robbing a bank, she doesn't see much point in her powers. She doesn't care to save people or help the public any. It also doesn't help her work so she could care less for them.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/8PY4qt4.jpg]]
[#FFFFFF •••][size12 [b [u Graham Miller]]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Twenty-Two]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Officer]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Superhuman strength and has extremely-dense skin and muscle tissue, which render him highly resistant to physical injury]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Graham has always wanted to help people. It's been his dream since he was younger. So after high school, he went to become a police officer, so he could help even more people. After the accident, he realized he was super strong and practically bullet proof. He's been using his gifts to help even more people then he was able to before. But having these gifts comes with set backs, like constant questions on how he was able to do things. People in his department are slowly getting suspicious of him and his possible gifts, putting him in a very difficult situation.]
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