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That was some useful information that Belladonna had shared with them, and he smirks slightly when she comments she hadn't expected him to look at crime. The way he saw it, he wasn't Order and Irina wasn't Chaos; they were just part of this war and they had to do what they could to defend themselves. Issac didn't even think past just defending themselves and winning for a wish. They'd have to have more muscle than the three of them, and he still didn't know how many people each side had. And after the beating they took from only three Order guys, they'd have to be way more careful. The three of them got lucky, and from then on they'd have to make due without luck.

However, now they had to do what Belladonna had said, and what Issac was going to recommend. [b “Finding a gang that isn't already affiliated with Chaos is important. We can't let them even think about stabbing us in the back and turning us over.”] But how the hell would they do that? He thought about it while he kept talking. [b “Then after we get a gang under our thumb, maybe we can get more. And then getting one of those [i highfalutin mucky mucks] to work with us will be our next step. I think for the moment its important that we don't get involved in the war, wait for both sides to thin themselves out, and then we can do something about it.”]

But then a question popped in his head, and he was sure it hung between the three of them as well: what happened if the three of them were the last ones standing? He looks at Irina at his side and frowns. They had only formally met hours ago, but he could feel a strong bond with her that kept his killing instincts in check. A strange feeling that felt like something between Order and Chaos, but he couldn't put it in to words. Looking at her now, he suddenly knew what his wish would be.

Realizing the longing look in his eyes and the extended period of time he was staring at Irina, he clears his throat and looks out of the train and out in to the night. There were two moons that hung in the sky above this planet, and he did his best to look pensive. [b “I think we should masquerade as Chaos when we talk to the gang. They have no way of knowing any different, and if they think they're already working with Chaos they won't turn us over to Chaos. Then we do the opposite for the rich folks. Sounds good?”] He asks just as the train stops and the doors open. He looks to Belladonna to see if she was in agreement or if she was gonna walk.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/scWZ0xm.png]]

The stone was cold under her haunches and she basked in the moonlight funnelling through the small ornate hole in the ceiling. She was mediating. Feeling. [i Listening.]

And that's when she heard it. The faint echo that called to them. The echo of purpose lost long ago but not forgotten. Immediately she's to her feet, the cold sensation now on her bare soles. She was in a stone room that was bare, and like the room, she too had no adornments.

The metallic door behind her slid open almost silently on hydraulic locks, and she didn't even have to turn to know who it was. They were the only ones in this place after all.

[+8A2BE2 “Do you ever knock, Zavier?”] She asks, turning on her heel to face the man. He was taller than her and had the musculature of a soldier. And just like a soldier he brandished a uniform, black and silver, much like her own, though stowed away for safe keeping. If he took in to account she was not wearing any clothes, he did not make it obvious.

[+808080 “Did you feel it?”] He asks, almost like he was out of breath. She smiles lightly at him and nods her head at the man. His face goes even and he nods back at her. [+808080 “Then its time for us to go.”]
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Irina shook her head,[#a31200 “It’d be like stitches, almost. I could close it up, but it’d do more damage to the area around the cut.”]

She took a peek under her fingers. The cut was doing a lot better, the bleeding had slowed to nearly stopping, so she put her hand over it again and kept the pressure on. She’d heal fast enough.

Issac looking at her and smiling, saying they were a team, got her heart to flutter. It was probably for the best that he continued his conversation with Belladonna before Irina managed to embarrass herself, because she was blushing and Belladonna had glanced at her for a moment. Had she seen?

If she did, she didn’t give any indication. Nor did she jump to thank Issac for keeping her from becoming a pancake, she just shrugged and listened about his powers before the train stopped. His powers sounded crazy useful, so she was kind of glad to have him on her side. Well, Irina’s side apparently, but as long as Belladonna was on Irina’s side too it was the same thing.

It was easy to get lost in the crowds, and by the time they boarded another train people didn’t know who they were. Perfect, Order wouldn’t be able to track them easily either.

Belladonna didn’t like how he was herding them together. She had her nose wrinkled, like there was a foul smell. Irina didn’t really mind though, she just tucked herself against Issac’s side and kept an eye out for anyone taking an unusual interest in them.

There was a moment of hesitation when he asked what her powers were. Belladonna flexed her fingers. Damn, she wanted to dig them into him. He was so close too, one scratch and he’d be paralyzed within seconds. Flexing her fingers was all she did. If he was going to do tactics, he should probably know what she could do,[+purple “I secrete poison. Mostly it’s a paralytic, but I can change the effect if I want. Takes time to change it though, like a day, I mean about eight to twelve hours. I can collect it for later in like, bottles too, but it’s tedious. The default paralytic is pretty good though. Small doses work pretty fast to immobilize, large enough doses make your heart or lungs stop working.”]

If it was one on one, she just had to get one decent hit in and her opponent would be as good as dead. Once they stopped moving she could just waltz up and give them a deadly dose. Fighting a group on her own, she wouldn’t fare so well, but within a group herself she liked her odds better. Irina spoke up then, her attention mostly on Issac,[#a31200 “You can guess most of mine. I control blood, can make it into weapons. I can use any blood, but it has to be outside the body. Make our opponents bleed and I can use that. It’d be easier on me, really.”]

Belladonna nodded, interested in Irina’s power as well. She wondered if it would be possible to combine them, like give Irina a bottle of poison and let her mix it with the blood or dip it or whatever and poison at a distance. That sort of strategizing sounded like something for later, once they had a safe place. Instead she addressed Issac’s other question,[+purple “Crime, huh? Look at you, not what I’d expect from Order. I haven’t been here too long, but from what I gathered it’s like this. There’s some rich and influential people, they help out Order in exchange for favors. Keep [i their] streets squeaky clean, free of crime, all that good stuff. You find a nice street, you get the hell away because it’s Order turf. Chaos does favors for the local gangs the same way, though [i some] rich bastards will deal with Chaos all quiet like, if you can find them. Order won’t do their dirty work like assassinations, you know. We’re like hired muscle on steroids to them, and they generally don’t want to get on our bad side. So you rough some people up, collect some debts, or kill someone for them. Our best bet on finding out more and getting stuff fast is to find one of these gangs and try and make a deal with them.”]

Belladonna knew most of this from some chatty people at the run down apartment she’d crashed at. People got especially chatty when she’d threatened them, they knew they didn’t stand a chance against her. It seemed to be pretty universally understood around here that the Order and Chaos members were way out of the league of normal people here.
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It was strange being in this situation with Belladonna. He's probably sat across someone like her on a train an uncountable number of times, but this was the first time he's ever looked at someone across from him and could think of different ways to kill them. Nine, to be specific. But she no doubt felt the same way about him but was intent on keeping her hands to herself. He'd happily do the same for now. They were just lucky Irina was here as the mediating force for now.

He does take what Belladonna has in to account, but when Irina points out she's bleeding, Issac looks at her and her wound. [b “You're both bleeding.”] He points out. [b “Is there a way you can use your powers to stop the bleeding? Or does it not work like that?”] He asks curiously. He'd help her if he could, but it looked like maybe the first order of business was for them to find a place to hole up and then get some medical supplies. It'd help them now and after future encounters. As it stood, they were all pretty lucky to have gotten out of there.

For the most part Issac was intent on sitting on the train in silence, checking up on Irina every once and a while to make sure she wasn't bleeding too much. It seemed Belladonna had a different idea, inquiring on what exactly Issac's powers were, as well as his loyalties. [b “Need I remind you I could've just let you die? If I hadn't have done something that monster would've rearranged you like a pretzel. You're welcome, by the way.”] He looks at Irina for a second and smiles. [b “We're a team, no matter what.”] There was more of a glow and calm shimmer when he talked to Irina, but it was probably because he surprisingly didn't want to kill her like he did Belladonna. Oh, and his crush on her. Probably helped too.

[b “As for my powers.”] He leans back in his seat, trying to think of the best way to put it. [b “I have two. One acts sort of as a sensory enhancement; I'm tactically more aware and it makes my reactions quicker, sharper, and more analytical. My other one is what you saw; I can charge things with potential energy so it packs a bigger punch.”] He looks at her fingernails and then back up to her face, and he does, their train stops and they exit. Like instructed earlier they got on to another train, this time people didn't part from them like they did before, and Issac waited until the train began before he spoke. He made sure they were all relatively close to each other, and at this distance it was hard to maintain being civil. [b “What do you have? You have to have more than just tastefully manicured fingernails.”] He most wanted to know so they could strategize. Irina had long range, Issac was mid to close range, and it seemed Belladonna was close range, better used for flanking. At this point he already thought of how he wanted to counter the trio they had fought earlier if they ran in to each other again.

[i When.] He reminded himself. [i When] they run in to them again. This was a war after all... Speaking of. [b “What's the local crime beat like? Do you know of anything running underground or will we have to find that out ourselves? We should look in to getting some hardware.”]
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[+purple “No kidding.”] Belladonna agreed that was shit, and took a seat as well across from him. She was more used to the wide berth people gave once they realized who and what she was. None of them wanted to get caught in the middle of a fight between super-powered freaks.

It was pretty clear what they were because Irina still had a couple of red, crystalized spikes floating next to her, and what looked like a bubble full of blood floating as well. Irina took the seat next to Issac and pressed her hand against the cut while he talked. She just muttered under her breath a few cuss words while she tried to stop the bleeding.

Belladonna snorted a laugh,[+purple “I’m here and not at your throat, right? Teaming up is our best bet now, even if it’s with you. No offense.”]

To some extent she couldn’t help the urge to choke him, but she was keeping her arms crossed and clearly intended to behave. [+purple “My hideout is done for, so we need to figure something else out. I haven’t had time to set up more, unfortunately. We’ll want to be settled in by dawn, well, you’ll want to if you have anything important waiting back wherever you’re from. Order tends to take their other lives pretty seriously, so we’ll be fairly safe during the day as long as they can’t easily find us.”]

Irina looked up from her arm to Belladonna. It was a lot more obvious now that they weren’t running,[#a31200 “You’re bleeding. Take care of it.”]

Belladonna shrugged,[+purple “Not a big deal. Just a scratch. You better put those away if we want to hide.”]

Irina leaned against Issac with a sigh, her head against his shoulder,[#a31200 “Away where? I don’t have pockets for this stuff, and I can’t just put it [i back].”]

Belladonna looked a little suspiciously at Issac for a split second, then gave a crooked smile to Irina and patted her coat pocket,[+purple “Fine, use mine if you wanna keep them so bad. We’ll get you a coat or something too. Pockets and bags are really useful. In a couple of stops we’ll hit a hub, we get off there and take another train, okay? Harder to figure out which train we took which direction at a big station like that.”]

Belladonna had a plan, at least for the short term. It also gave them a little more time to relax before their stop. Irina solidified the sphere of blood into a third spike and sent them both floating over to Belladonna, who stashed them in her oversized coat pockets. It barely worked, but the spikes weren’t visible anymore. Belladonna looked at Issac, more coldly than she’d looked at Irina, but kept it what she thought was reasonably polite,[+purple “So, what’s your power, exactly? Looked pretty good. And are you really just going to turn on your own like that, no second thoughts about stabbing us in the back? Iri, you sure you should be all comfortable like that, he might turn on you.”]

It wasn’t clear if Belladonna was teasing or not. From her tone she could have been, but the way she was looking at Issac she seemed more serious. Equal parts that itching to fight him and testing him to see if he’d lash out at them first.
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Belladonna had the right idea when she continued to run for her life. Issac followed suit, grabbing Irina's hand or wrist or whatever to make sure they didn't get separated. The advantage of hauling ass with Belladonna was the fact that she knew where she was going, or at least it appeared that way. She took what seemed like an odd route, but it was probably more than likely so they could lose their pursuers. It looked like it worked too, Issac looking back occasionally to see if they were being pursued and he didn't see a giant monster or anyone hurling light spears at them. So it seemed like they were in the clear. For now at least. There was no telling what else they might run in to in the near future.

Once they reached the train platform, Issac hopped over the turnstiles and joined Belladonna on to the train, watching and waiting until the doors closed and the train began to move. He lets out a breathe didn't know he was holding and then looks between the women he was with. [b “Well that was shitty.”] He points out and then sits down on one of the seats. It seemed everyone who was on the train gave them space like they had some kind of plague. Issac didn't mind. The space felt necessary. [b “I think what's important for now is to get somewhere where we can stay out of sight and get some rest. Now there's three of us it'd be a good idea to strategize so no one gets the drop on us again.”] He crosses his arms and then grins slightly. [b “I definitely think we could've taken those guys if they hadn't hit us with a surprise attack. But we have to work together if we're gonna be able to do that.”] He looks up at Belladonna.

In all of this, Issac was the variable. Irina and Belladonna were both Chaos, so they would both be pursued by Order, but Issac was Order, and now an enemy of both factions. At this point he didn't care about fighting or getting his wishes granted, all he cared about was his survival and that of Irina. At the moment he didn't much care for Belladonna or her survival, but in a funny turn of events, she seemed to be one of the only reasonable on this godforsaken planet. She was just out for herself, but he figured him and Irina might be able to turn that around if they agreed to an alliance. It upped their chances of survival by a factor of three, and if they could find more people who are able to fight past their ingrain instincts to kill others in the other faction, then perhaps they can build together a sort of team. It seemed unlikely, but there were already three of them here right now, so nothing was impossible. [b “You think you can manage that, Belladonna? Or do you like your chances by yourself?”]
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Irina watched Belladonna, hoping the attack would work but also wondering if the nails would be tough enough to get through the creatures skin. It wasn’t enough, and Belladonna cursed, looking to get out of the way, but might not make it in time. Only Issac’s attack bought her enough time to make a mad dash toward him and Irina.

Belladonna didn’t need to be told twice, she didn’t even slow down and instead hurried out onto the nearest main street and made a hard left. Irina was a little slower, even after seeing the spear. She almost had that thing. The pair of spikes remained floating near her as she turned and ran, staying closer to Issac than Belladonna. If she had to pick one, she knew which one she was going to stick with if they got seperated.

Belladonna seemed to know her way around the city pretty well. This section of it, anyway. She pushed past people to get down streets and took seemingly random turns in an attempt to keep Order from being able to follow them too easily. Finally she got to what she was looking for, in a roundabout route, she got to some train station. The stairs went up to a railway above the street. She just jumped over what seemed to be a set of gates you needed a ticket or something to open, and rushed right onto the platform and onto the train that was stopped there. A few people were offended and glared, but no one was there to actually stop her. Once she was on the train she finally looked to see if Irina and Issac had made it too.
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With the two of them Issac was convinced they could eventually defeat this monster, but when Belladonna showed up things changed. It meant that the other guys—more so the spear guy—weren't distracted anymore. The light constructs were definitely so far the most dangerous thing they had to deal with since it was distance and the energy conjured so far didn't seem to have a limit. Irina would be the only one who could contend with him, but she had limited ammo. And her ammunition played for keeps.

However, it seemed Belladonna was going in for a sneak attack with her claws and when she swiped. [b “Shit.”] Her nails glanced off of the monster's hardened skin. And again, everything went a little in slow motion. He watches as the creature begins turning its head, already chambering one of its massive arms for a strike. In that moment, reflexively, Issac scoops up a handful of rubble and it immediately begins glowing and he tosses them. He wasn't able to load them with too much potential energy, but there was a lot of them and when they struck the creature, it turtled a little, the impact force being enough to at least keep it busy for a split second. And in the split second, Issac already got a hold of a trashcan lid, it began glowing and then glowing intensely. Tosses it like Captain America might his shield, and the lid hits the creature with enough force to send it back in to the trash pile.

[b “Follow us! We need to regroup!”] And just as he says that, one of the energy spears shoots through one of the windows, Issac narrowly dodging it. [b “Run!”]
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Her power actually worked. Irina was a little surprised even though she already knew it would. The trouble was that this damn thing didn’t [i bleed]. She’d hit it, but it wasn’t bleeding profusely like she expected something more human would.

That was a problem because it meant she couldn’t use its blood, she’d have to keep using her own. She was still bleeding, as the blood ran down her arm it started pooling in the air near her hand. What little the creature bled she drew towards herself as well. Irina was about to try another attack when it roared and Issac made his move. She almost lost focus and let the shifting sphere of blood drop, but she kept it in place. Damn, that was impressive. [#a31200 “Wow, look at you.”]

It bought them a little time. That thing was trying to get out of the trash. Irina used the blood she had collected, most of it floating up and forming into a pair of spikes about as long as her forearm. They were sort of thin, but crystalized like before so they’d be pretty hard. That desire to kill this thing was strong, and Irina wasn’t trying to fight that urge. Not if that thing was willing to kill Issac too.

Belladonna wasn’t going to let her chance to escape slip by. When he turned she darted for the door and shot down the stairs without looking back. That was a huge dose of her poison, so even without him getting all of it that guy was going to be out of commission for a while. Or she hoped so anyway.

That still left the guy with the spears. Belladonna had her hand firmly on her hip. It wasn’t a deep cut, but it hurt like hell. She felt the blood seeping into the fabric around the wound. She had to get Irina and get her the hell out of here, unless it looked like they could actually win.

She ran out of the building and saw where the other fight was taking place. Irina and the not-so-bad Order guy Issac standing together, and something she vaguely recognized as some Order goon climbing out of a pile of garbage. If she had to guess it was pissed. Pissed and distracted by those two. She doubted she would get a better opportunity, and went in to try and scratch it before it noticed her.
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Despite the situation Issac couldn't help his little heart skip when Irina said they were in this together. All he could do was nod at it in acknowledgement before the rest of their Hell broke loose. With the monster charging them and no idea what powers it might have, it held an advantage, especially with its size. But the two of them outnumbered the monster, and despite not wanting to separate, dividing and conquering was probably their best. But it was most likely that his passive power was telling him that.

Issac dodged out of the way, splitting off of Irina and rolling toward some rubble. There was rebar sticking out of it and Issac immediately pulled it out of the concrete with his strength. It was the size of a truncheon, weighted improperly at the back, and with a slight bend in the centre. It was a marvel he thought like this now. If he didn't have these powers it would just like like a metal stick to him. Everything was now a weapon... No... [i He] was the weapon.

Turning back around quickly, Issac saw Irina cut herself, and his mind was about to wonder why when suddenly the blood suspended itself in the air. And it seemed the second it turned to spike, the world slowed down a little bit. He watched them crystallize and harden in to spikes, and then followed them with his eyes as they went and struck their monster opponent. He was getting ready to charge again, but it seemed the spikes were enough to make him rethink that, as he moved to avoid it. They struck him in the shoulder and pectoral, perforating his thick hide like it was made out of wrapping paper, and the force caused him to stagger back a bit and jerk like he was shot by a gun. Everyone must've been astounded because it took a moment for a reaction. It roared at the both of them in anger, and suddenly... Did it muscles just get slightly bigger?

[i It doesn't matter.] And the rebar Issac was holding suddenly glows blue and he whips it. And honestly, despite having to compensate for weight and abnormalities, because of his passive powers, its like he's done this a million times. The rebar went through the air like a spear and struck the creature in the chest, and the second it made contact, the rebar stopped glowing, the energy within it transferring upon impact and slamming the monster back like he was hit by a jackhammer rather than a piece of metal. Holy shit, super powers were awesome!

Issac immediately makes his way to Irina while the monster howled and roared, picking itself up out of a trash pile. It looked like they weren't exactly done yet, but he didn't know how long they could keep this up... Well, as long as Issac had stuff to throw or hit the monster with he was fine, but Irina was using her own blood. He didn't know how sustainable that was, and he didn't know how long it would take until the other two showed up to back up their ally. Hopefully Belladonna would give them a run for their money.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/9hzqvOJ.jpg]

It seemed this woman was much more nimble than she appeared... But that seemed to be the case with everyone here, even Talion. Already a warrior from the world he hailed from, he found his body here was much more capable than his body back home. It was a wonder that he was picked for Order, but it seemed Chaos liked to pick misfits and imbue them with destructive powers. Talion's powers were meant to be defensive, shields being employed much easier than these spears, but he preferred to go back to his roots when in battle.

It seemed this woman was desperate, grabbing on to whatever and throwing it their way in hopes it would do something. For the most part it didn't, but that was until the bottle came their way. Again, Talion swiftly avoided it, but it either struck Bran or he went to block it. Either way, when Talion was going to go in for the kill, he hard a [i thud] behind him and turned to see Bran laying on the floor, limbs stiff. It seemed this distraction was enough for the woman to get away, because when he looked back she wasn't there anymore. But she didn't have far to run.

[+blue “Bran, get up.”] Talion says and the man's eyes move and his mouth squirms a little bit. Talion's eyes narrow. [+blue “A paralytic poison. We can deal with that.”]
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[#a31200 “Alright.”] If Issac was leaving, Irina wanted to go with him. She followed his lead, glad to get out of there. Still, she kept her knife out and her ears alert for anyone following. No one seemed to be following, but just as she relaxed there was a huge thud of something, or rather someone, huge landing on the pavement.

[#a31200 “Shit.”] Irina muttered, taking a step back. That thing was huge and had too many arms. This wasn’t going to be an easy fight, and Irina didn’t plan on leaving it all to Issac. She didn’t want him getting hurt. [#a31200 “I’m not going to abandon you. We’re in this together.”]

That meant she had to use her power, and use it now. There was no waiting for a better opportunity, she’d have to create one. This was going to suck. There wasn’t time though, the thing was charging at them and she didn’t have time to do anything but dodge out of the way and try to get some space between her and it. She scrambled to get farther away, then turned to face it. It was now or never.

Irina cursed as she cut her arm with the knife, on the inner side a little below the elbow. She was right, it hurt like a bitch, but she’d cut deep enough to bleed and that was what she needed. The blood didn’t hit the ground, instead the drops remained suspended in air as she watched them. She knew how it worked, but seeing it happen and controlling it was a different thing. She didn’t have time to marvel over it.

The blood floated out in front of her, shaping itself into over a dozen little spikes which seemed to crystalize into something harder before she sent them flying toward the four-armed Order beast.

Belladonna was so close to getting within range. Only to realize too late that they weren’t moving to fight back or block her until one of them [i did]. She hit the wall and it knocked the air out of her. All sorts of junk cluttered the space. The apartment was trashed, but it wasn’t like she could stay here anymore anyway. Belladonna noticed that Irina and Issac were gone, along with one of the Order members that had busted in. She didn’t have much time to mull that over, she barely had time to get out of the way of the first spear coming at her. She stumbled away, and tried throwing what she could at them. Some hunks of what must be parts of electronics, various tools, and the jackpot. She found a little bottle of her own poison from when she’d been experimenting a bit, and threw that at the one that had blasted her back against the wall.

Taking the time to aim took up time she needed to dodge. The next spear clipped her hip and she went down. [+purple “Son of a bitch.”]

It didn’t keep her from continuing to move and dodge, but it did slow her down. She knew she needed to get away. Hopefully get to Irina and hope the two of them were a decent enough team to survive.
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Issac wasn't exactly in any hurry to help Belladonna. It might be because she was Chaos and it might be because he simply didn't like her. But even so, she was at a clear disadvantage against three people, her bag-lady finger nails being a little subpar compared to that of someone who could create hard light constructs. Not to mention they didn't know the other two's powers as of yet either, and despite being on the same team, Issac didn't exactly want to stick around to find out. He had a feeling these guys weren't exactly much for talking.

[b “I'm not going to hurt you either and I'm not going to let you die.”] Issac told her. They had to plan something out, but they didn't have time to strategize with the fight in the room, and he still wasn't sure if he even wanted to be on anyone's team yet. Well, except for Irina, but it seemed she wasn't exactly sure what to do either in this situation. He needed a moment to assess and a better look for some of his powers to work, but it was clear they wouldn't be afforded that. [b “I'm going to elect this isn't our fight for the moment. You and I need to worry about ourselves. I also need a minute for my powers to work properly.”] And without another word, he takes Irina by the bicep and leads them quickly back out of the apartment.

[i However], it seemed they wouldn't be getting very far. The hulking creature that had been part of the three landed on the pavement behind them and let out a small roar. Now that there was no debris and darkness, he could see it properly. It was well over seven feet tall, had four arms, and a face of something reptilian. Clearly wherever Order had picked this guy up it wasn't from Earth. But that didn't matter, now that he could see it, it made all the difference for Issac.

[b “Stay behind me, Irina... Or help, you know, if you'd like.”] Issac wasn't exactly keen on throwing hands with something twice as big as him and with twice as many limbs, so any help was really welcome.

“Are you not Order? Kill your enemy!” It voice growled out to Issac and he shrugged.

[b “I'm me and she isn't my enemy. As far as I'm concern, [i you] are my enemy.”]

“Then I shall treat you both as such. Prepare to die.” And the beast charges them.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/9hzqvOJ.jpg]

The teapot was swiftly avoided and Talion smirks at the Chaos woman advancing. Even with Ryda having left, there was still him and Bran. The woman didn't hold a prayer against them. For the moment he lets her advance, keeping an eye on her clawed fingers. Once shes a safe but close distance away, he ducks, Bran's hand where his head used to be and a repelling force of gravity emits from his hand, sending the woman and most of the contents of the room to the far wall. They could do this all day.

More light constructs appear in the shapes of spears around Talion and one by one they begin hurtling through the air at the woman.
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Belladonna was looking a bit like she’d bitten a particularly sour lemon. Irina was spared from trying to get between the two of them again by the sudden intrusion. Just when Irina was hoping things might calm down and she could drink some tea. The wall exploding threw her a bit off balance and she held onto Issac. His arm was pretty solid, strong… this really wasn’t the time. It was still better than wanting to slit his throat, which seemed to be the alternative. She saw the three intruders and immediately wanted to take them down, except Issac was here and it made her hold back.

Belladonna swore furiously. Order found her, and her wall was [i gone]. Part of it anyway. She dodged the spear, diving to the ground and rolling. It was a little clumsy, but she managed to bounce up pretty quickly. The spear hit the table and sent things scattering. She grabbed the teapot and hurled it at the intruders,[+purple “Not going to happen.”]

Belladonna was going to need to get in closer to do any real damage. Her nails were only an inch or so long. The really dangerous part wasn’t the scratching itself, but the fact that they were poisonous. She could control the strength somewhat, and the effect. If she could get in close she planned to dose them with a paralytic. Any warriors were tougher than normal people, so it’d take more than one or two scratches to be lethal, but even small scratches were effective as she’d learned in her last fight.

Irina was still holding the knife. It wasn’t going to do a lot on its own, but it was a start until she could use her power. She unsheathed it, tucking the sheath away in a pocket. She wasn’t moving like she was going to attack, more like defend. She felt surprisingly calm, something she assumed was another little gift from Chaos. She inched closer to Issac, angling a little so they were not quite back to back, but getting there,[#a31200 “Issac, I don’t want to hurt you. I won’t hurt you. But I’m not dying here.”]
  Irina / Yavanna / 1y 181d 2h 53m 38s
Well, Order or whatever that disembodied voice was [i did] say they would have to fight, so there was no surprise there. Belladonna's observation about them not being placed to far a part made sense as well, and it'd make it more likely for them to come in to contact. Although, Issac was put off again by the Chaos woman's cavalier attitude, acting like civilians being in the line of fire was a nuisance rather than a tragic loss of life in a war that didn't belong to them... And... And...

GOD, did he want to kill her so badly. Luckily for her Irina was here as Issac's sobering presence and once they were closer he felt his urge to do some repainting subside. Not to mention the request to wear red the next day sort of threw him for a second, but he was sure he knew what she meant and he nods in affirmation. [b “Got it.”] He tells her.

Again though, it seemed his patience were going to be worn thin by Belladonna some more as she appeared again and began talking. It seemed she was intent of speaking for the two of them and making decisions for Issac. [b “I'm not anyone's bargaining chip, Belladonna. I'm standing here and you're still alive because we've chosen so, not because you have an actual choice in the matter. So you can quit acting like you're in control because that something that's very fleeting.”] It was kind of like the rage was being poured on from somewhere else. [b “Remember, there's only one of you, and two of us.”]

And it seemed just as he said that, the wall facing the outside blew open, the force of the explosion enough to rock the foundation and knock everyone off balance. [+blue “Four now.”] A voice says through the dust and rubble. Once enough light could be seen through the debris, Issac saw three figures standing in the blast point. Two of them were human shaped, and one of them looked like a hulking monster. [+blue “We're here for our ally and for your lives.”] Oh shit, they were Order. And before Issac could say anything, a spear made of pure light sheared through the darkness towards Belladonna.
  Issac / Renegade / 1y 181d 19h 33m 5s
Belladonna made sure the door was shut behind them all then went to the mess of a kitchen,[+purple “Tea? And yeah, that’s more or less the idea. Everything else like strategizing or teaming up is [i technically] optional, but everyone seems to do it. Order members like to avoid too much collateral damage, you know, civilian deaths and stuff. I did run into a bit of trouble not long after I got here. An Order guy, would have killed him if his buddies hadn’t shown up. I got away while they licked their wounds. They weren’t in any shape to chase me. I get the feeling they want us to fight, so they don’t drop us [i too] far apart.”]

She hadn’t even waited for an answer before she started getting down a kettle, filling it with water, and putting it on some sort of portable stove top that was plugged in and sitting on the counter while she talked. No oven at all in the kitchen, it was counters, cupboards, shelves, and a fridge that at one time must have been pretty sleek, but the screen on the outside was cracked and it was showing its age.

Irina nodded,[#a31200 “Tea would be good.”] Since Belladonna was going to make it anyway. Irina had one thing she wanted to tell Issac and not have Belladonna poking her nose in. With the other girl across the room and busy making tea it seemed like a good enough time. Irina leaned in to whisper in Issac’s ear, which got her heart pounding like crazy with a combination of infatuation and that new desire to kill him that she couldn’t entirely push away. It was an odd sort of rush, but she was glad the infatuation seemed to be winning,[#a31200 “I’ll wear red tomorrow, so you know it’s real. You wear some red too, okay?”]

Somehow the idea that they would wake up in their own beds seemed right. It was another thing about this she just seemed to know. Even knowing that, she wanted the reassurance that this was real, and needed to know [i this] Issac was the same one from work. Which was a bit of a silly concern, but it was a worry that scratched at the back of her mind.

When she leaned away from Issac her face was red, and Belladonna was looking at her with one eyebrow raised. Irina didn’t give Belladonna a chance to say anything,[#a31200 “Am I the first Chaos member you’ve run into?”]

Belladonna sat down in a chair Irina hadn’t noticed until just then. It was part of the dining room, which was just a table and a couple of chairs against the wall and covered with more junk, mostly food and piles of papers,[+purple “Yeah, I’ve been laying low since the fight and gathering information. Looking for others, like you.”] She eyed Issac, still clearly suspicious of him,[+purple “Wasn’t expecting him as part of the deal. Still, beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, maybe he could be useful. Oh, one more thing. Catch.”]

Belladonna had rummaged through the junk on the table and found a knife, not a kitchen one something more like a combat knife complete with a sheath, and tossed it at Irina. Irina caught it pretty easily. Her reflexes were better here. She frowned and looked at Belladonna, then Issac, then back to Belladonna,[#a31200 “What do you mean ‘he could be useful’?”]

Belladonna tilted her head, considering Irina,[+purple “I thought you’d figured it out. Extra help in a fight, and Order won’t attack one of their own. Like us, we can be loners but we don’t attack our own. He could be a shield for us.”]
  Irina / Yavanna / 1y 185d 23h 31m 44s
A week? Good thing he asked, although he was a little put off by Belladonna's cavalier attitude towards the authorities. It seemed like whatever bus they all arrived on didn't show up at the same time. That meant it was also likely there were people from Order around here as well, somewhere... Hopefully they would be easy to dissuade from violence, but he had a feeling Belladonna might be a special case. Things already seemed complicated and there was only the three of them so far... Well, this was a war after all.

[b “Yeah, if we run in to anyone else it'll probably turn in to a fight.”] Issac agrees. He was just lucky they had Belladonna outnumbered and that Irina was happy to be on his side. If things began differently, Issac would more than likely be in a more troublesome situation. And although it seemed like she was willing to work with them for the moment, he didn't take well to her constantly looking back at him and the tension she was creating. She was a lot more trigger happy than he was, but he couldn't help but feel it start to get to him. His newly acquired instincts that wanted him to kill Belladonna were blaring like sirens.

As they walked, Issac kept a fierce eye on the area, making mental notes on where they were. They were in a futuristic city, but it was built in the same fashion as the one's back home. The few alleys they went through kind of threw him off, but by the time they got to the decrepit looking apartment building, he felt like he knew how to get back if he needed it... They'd have to do a lot more exploring later, but that was probably going to be dangerous.

Once finally in to the messy apartment, Issac takes a cursory glance around before looking back to Belladonna. [b “Have you run in to trouble with Order or other Chaos members?”] He asks. He was wondering how spread a part they were and if this was the only time she might've run in to anyone. [b “How does this all work? We just find each other and murder each other?”] To be fair, even with Irina, he could feel the pull for murder anyways.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/9hzqvOJ.jpg]

From one of the rooftops, he watches as the trio moves in to the apartment building. He had been stalking the purple haired woman for an hour now in hopes that she might lead them to more Chaos members. And in a sense, it had worked, but there was a strange variable thrown in to the mix.

“Is that one of our guys, Talion?” Bran asks. And Talion nods.

[+blue “I'm not sure if they have him hostage or not, but he seems to be cozy with that other Chaos member.”] He watches the build some more before turning back and looking at the two with him. Bran and Ryda. [+blue “In any case though, we have an ally in there and two enemies. Chaos is outnumbered.”]

“Then we go in, kill them, and take our guy back to base.”] Ryda inserts.

Talion grins a little bit. [+blue “Something like that.”]
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