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Irina was right about needing to figure out the layout of the area first. Tactically speaking, it made a lot of sense to know your surroundings and in a pinch it could be life-saving to know the ins and outs of the area at large. For the moment while no one was trying to kill them, they could afford the time to look at the high-tech map whatchamajiggit... [i grumble...] And to eat.

[b “I find it kind of weird that we need to eat in these bodies."] Issac points out. [b “Its kind of an inconvenient time consumer we have to do, but if we need to eat more in our [i real] or... whatever bodies, then maybe loading up on protein and carbs will make sure we don't have to waste too much time eating here.”] And at this point he was sitting down in front of the takeout bags with the noodles in them, opening them up and placing each container on the floor. [b “You know, if possible, of course.”] Maybe all-you-can eat buffets would be a good idea then. They were cheap and you could eat as much as you wanted... But his Earth body would get really out of shape in that case, which seemed like kind of a vain concern since they were literally playing with their lives in these bodies... He already had some strange reservations about this body's rippling muscles and abs over his softer and less toned one back home. How could he beat this? [i And] Irina saw him naked first [i here] too! Oh boy, that was-

He stuffs some noodles in his mouth as he places the device in front of him. A good distraction at the very least. It blinked on and showed their location in 2D format. Like they knew already, it appeared to be a sort of industrialized area of the city, and had more space between its buildings than in the city proper. Issac scrolls along the side with his finger, and finally. [b “Here.”] He stops and makes a show of the device. [b “According to the Goober, this is the street Belladonna was talking about last night. The one with the powerful Chaos guy. I'm thinking we find a gang either opposed to him or afraid of him and offer them 'protection'. We get what we want from them and then move on to our executives, maybe tell them we wrangled the gang under control because we're Order.”] This stuff came easier to him in this body, but it made sense with his whole sensory power... But there were plenty of ways that this could go wrong, he just couldn't anticipate every single one of them.

[b “Everyone eat up and then lets get a move on to one of the gangs. We get in, maybe bust some heads to make a point, and then get out. No fireworks, no drama.”]
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This was so awkward. [#a31200 “It should be fine.”] She really didn’t want him to have to go to the couch, even if it was going to be weird just laying down and trying to sleep. She settled in next to him, not sure how close to lay or anything. First date and they were in bed together in a decidedly [i un]romantic way. Did that make it better or worse? She couldn’t decide, and mumbled a good night to him before closing her eyes to try and sleep.

There was no waiting or tossing and turning, right away she felt herself on the makeshift bed of cardboard. Irina sat up quickly. She probably should have felt more sore than she did after a night on the floor like that, but she was pretty much ready to go, if just a bit hungry.

Belladonna frowned at Issac, which was about a friendly as she felt like she could manage at the moment. It had to count for something since he was still breathing,[+purple “Yeah yeah. Lay low and find ourselves some normal people to use, right? We better get moving soon.”]

Irina got up and went to join them,[#a31200 “Soon but not too hasty.”] She looked at Issac a bit longer than necessary. There was the urge to attack him, but it was easy to suppress. She was thinking about their date, and the awkward talk after. It had her quiet long enough she realized it and hurried to add,[#a31200 “We should try to figure out the layout of the area first. Where’s that map thing? And maybe breakfast… or is it dinner?”]

Belladonna raised an eyebrow at the long look Irina had given Issac, but let it slide without comment. Something was going on between those two, and Belladonna couldn’t really put her finger on it. They [i should] want to kill each other, but instead were forcing this weird alliance. She tapped her fingers on her arm,[+purple “Whatever you call it, we ought to find a little something to eat soon. The noodles might still be fine. We don’t need much, our other bodies tend to make up for most of what we don’t eat here, my appetite there has gone through the roof. It can’t take care of it all though, we need [i something] on our stomachs, for some reason.”]

The idea that they had to eat in both bodies obviously seemed a bit silly to Belladonna. If she were making the rules she would have made eating optional given the whole fighting for their lives thing. Still, she supposed it was fair enough, barely, given the cool powers they got here. It’d have been cooler if the powers carried over.
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Issac liked to have a clean place to live; it was conducive to a positive and healthy mind. His mother would often tell him “cluttered room; cluttered mind!” so he tried his best to abide by that. However, he couldn't imagine the state Irina must've woken up in and why her place might be a mess. He just woke up with split lip and some bruises, he couldn't imagine waking up in his own blood! That must have been horrifying for her.

He was soon brought out of his thoughts when Irina mentioned clothes... Right, clothes! He smacks his own forehead at the realization. [b “I forgot about clothes.”] He says outloud. What a stupid oversight on his part, and now she would be stuck wearing the same clothes she had on today for tomorrow... Oh man, their coworkers at the office were going to love that, but to be fair, Issac and Irina had way more to worry about than office gossip. [b “Yeah, yeah, I have an old shirt you can wear. I'm sorry I didn't think of that before.”] And with that, he immediately went in to his room, rummaged through his closet and found a hirt for her to wear. If she wanted a pair of pants or something, he'd be more than happy to give it to her, but he didn't want to bury her under clothes. This felt embarrassing enough.

After he had given her the shirt and she went to get ready for bed, Issac went to his room to do the same. He undressed and got in to some pajamas. He didn't have many nighttime rituals to speak of, so he mostly just waited for Irina to come back before they could get settled. And honestly, this was feeling more awkward than he had originally imagined... but it might've been because of his word vomit earlier. Maybe some Battleworld would loosen them up.

[b “Yeah, I think we just... sleep.”] He was standing at the edge of the bed with Irina now, and now that he was looking at it with someone else, it looked a lot smaller than he remembered... [b “Lets just give it a try. If its too... uhh... [i cramped], I can sleep on the couch.”] Hee tells her and then gets in to the bed, scooting over for Irina to fit in with him. Once she settled in, Issac sort of just laid there for a moment before saying, {b “Good night.”] and closing his eyes. And once he did, he-

Issac shoots up off of the warehouse floor with his hands up at the ready. In this body, he could feel the cold calculating sensation of his secondary power and how much more control he had. It didn't take long for him to spot Belladonna who was pacing impatiently around the warehouse and at the same time, that all too familiar desire to kill came back, but he swallowed it. [b “I see you're up bright and early.”] Issac says, moving to one of the windows and looking out in to the empty lots outside. No movement save for the futuristic city it was a part of. [b “Do you remember the plan?”]
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Things with Issac were moving fast, that was for sure. A lot of it probably had to do with the incredibly strange circumstances. There would be no finding advice for how to deal with [i this] situation. The ride passed in what felt like really awkward silence, so it was a good thing it was a short ride.

When they got to his apartment, Irina was definitely evaluating it. Subtly, but she was curious. His place was pretty neat, neater than her place sometimes. Not as much stuff as she had stuffed onto shelves and tables, her place had a way of collecting more little odds and ends than she knew what to do with. [#a31200 “Oh no, it’s nice. Neater than I expected.”] Oh no, that made it sound like she expected him to be a slob. Irina quickly corrected,[#a31200 “Not that I expected your place to be messy. It’s just… Uh, you know. I guess with last night my place could do with some more tidying? There’s still bloody sheets waiting to get washed…”]

Speaking of, there was one thing she needed before they went back. Irina looked a little embarrassed. Why hadn’t she thought of this before? Not like there would have been time to do much about it, the whole coming over to his house thing was very last minute. Irina tugged on the ends of her sleeves,[#a31200 “No. Well, yes. Um, I was just thinking, if tonight ends up like last night then I can’t really go to work covered in blood, so… Do you have anything I could wear? Something that maybe… you wouldn’t mind getting stained? Like an old shirt?”]

Even if he [i had] seen her naked already, she’d still rather wear something tonight. An old shirt of his would work. Anything so she wasn’t sleeping naked and her clothes would be usable for work tomorrow no matter what happened tonight.

An older shirt of his was exactly what she got, and Irina retreated into the bathroom to change. Her clothes were loosely but neatly folded for tomorrow and she put on the shirt turned nightgown. It was both too big and too small. Obviously too large to be a proper shirt on her, but straining to be big enough for its job as a nightgown. Her arms were still bandaged from the morning, and so far were holding up pretty good. She’d worry about changing them in the morning, once she was changed she was about as ready as she could be to go back. [#a31200 “We should go. Belladonna is probably waiting. Do you think we just… fall asleep?”]

It sounded too easy, but it really was that simple. No more restless periods of time where they couldn’t fall asleep, they just had to want to and they would fall right asleep to wake up in the other world. Belladonna was already there, waiting for the two sleepyheads to wake up already. She spent the time between her waking up and them waking up pacing around peering out where she could find windows and glaring a little at Issac. It would be too easy to just slit his throat while he slept. When she thought of that, each time she’d just scoff and storm off to find another place to peer out for any sign of trouble as a distraction.
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Wait, wait, wait, wait... Did she think he wanted to have sex with her [i now]?! Oh no... OH NO! Is that really how he came off? Some sleazy guy who slept with people on the first date? [i Shit], he had to tell her that wasn't what he meant! But as soon as he opens his mouth, the cab arrives and gives them an impatient honk. It seemed now wasn't the time to explain himself... But when was? [i 'Way to go, Issac. You blew it. Now she's gonna think you're some kind of messed-up nymphomaniac...'] Maybe he needed to pull back a bit. Relax.

When inquired about his place, Issac just nods, opening the door of the cab for Irina and getting in after her. The ride didn't take long to get to his apartment building. Luckily for him he lived pretty close to pretty much anywhere important around here... But that was a decision he made after he first got his job at the hospital. He lived on the other side of the city before this and the commute was a nightmare pretty much any way you wanted to take it. Despite the streets being a little busier on a more constant basis, it made travelling to where he needed to go a little less of a hassle. Traffic would only put him back fifteen minutes rather than an hour.

They arrive at his apartment building, a small complex close to the middle of the city but still on the West side. It was only about eight stories and Issac lived on the sixth floor. He buzzes them in and brings them up the elevator and in to his place. It was a pretty well what you would expect of a bachelor pad where it was lightly furnished, but it seemed like Issac cared just enough to give it a 'homey' feel.

[b “Sorry about the mess.”] Issac says with a shy smile, going over to his coffee table and straightening out a single pile of documents. Other than that, it looked like Issac kept everything in a mostly orderly fashion and cleaned up after himself.

[b “Did you want a drink or anything or did you just want to head back to Battleworld?”] It was getting late anyways and perhaps Issac was letting his anxiety get the best of him. He didn't [i really] want to go back, but he knew he had to. There was work to be done and they had to be extra careful now... Hopefully Belladonna didn't get up to anything loud while they were alseep.
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Irina just smiled when he admitted to not knowing much about Greek food either. They were just going to have to hope for the best. It didn’t turn out too bad, the food or the date. They didn’t talk about anything too deep really, but simple stuff. Which was fine by her, it was probably the most normal part, aside from when they’d slip to some little concern or question about their nightly struggle, which was coming up. It was obviously not far from either of their minds, though both of them were also trying to keep that from being the only subject. She let him know about hobbies and things, that she knew how to crochet for some project she had gotten roped into though she wasn’t very good at it, she had a rather impressive collection of tea and coffee she offered to show him sometime, and liked to go to movies when she had time on the weekends along with a few of her coworkers. All in all she’d say the date went pretty well, all things considered with their unusual way of starting things off.

When he asked her to sleep over at his place she didn’t immediately have an answer. It got worse the more he talked. Was it just strategy? Which made sense, she’d woken up just covered in blood but… No, that wasn’t it. Her cheeks were starting to darken to a pink, and then more red. Absolute scarlet when he finally stopped bouncing around and just said he’d like to have sex with her. All she could do was stare at him for several seconds. Did he just say that? And damn, all she could think about was having seen him naked just last night. Not in this world, but still. She’d been waiting for a date, but this was all happening way faster, and stranger, than she had hoped or thought. [#a31200 “I, uh… I… Y-yeah. I mean no. W-wait, I mean…”]

This was a mess. She could barely think, let alone speak. His hands were still on her shoulders, and the physical contact was somehow making everything better and worse because she wondered if he was going to kiss her. They hadn’t even kissed yet and she was already considering if they were going to have sex! This whole thing was Issac was a jumbled mess, but she didn’t want it to stop. [#a31200 “Um…”] Why was it so hard to spit it out? Probably because she still hadn’t come up with a definitive answer herself. [#a31200 “Y-yeah, it makes sense. It could help. For battle stuff. I-it’s not like I don’t want to sleep with you though. It’s just, um, a bit… soon? Maybe?”] Irina shifted a little, obviously a bit nervous. She put her hands on his arms and looked a bit shy,[#a31200 “It’s ah, our first date. And… you haven’t—”]

Of course the cab arrived then. The driver gave an impatient honk when they hadn’t turned right away and Irina jumped, startled. Just when she thought things were getting [i maybe] a little less awkward and a little almost romantic they got interrupted. The driver apparently didn’t want to sit around waiting on them, so they had to get in, her face still red. She was tugging anxiously on the ends of her sleeves. She was sort of worried he’d taken it as rejection when she got interrupted so she asked quietly,[#a31200 “So… um, your place?”]
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For some reason, what Irina had to say about how they were changing the way things work struck him more profoundly than he might've thought. They were changing the way things were, weren't they? And he began to wonder if anything like this might have happened in the past. If this battle between Order and Chaos had been going on forever, the odds of it just being them were astronomically small, but at the same time, they did have motivation and literal [i instinct] to kill each other... It may not be [i that] important to think about, but it definitely was something to chew on. What were the odds of these star-crossed lovers?

However, he didn't have [i too much] time to think about what Irina had said or comment on how their date spread around the office like wildfire. He began to feel slightly embarrassed as well, processing what the waiter must have overheard and how easily these things could be taken out of context... Ah, God, [i Derek] too!

[b “Uhhh, yeah, water is... good.”] Issac says trying to gain some semblance of control of the situation and his marbles. He was buying time, but he also wanted to get the waiter the hell out of here. Whether he thought they were killing people at night or... Doing something of a more [i intimate] nature was a situation he didn't want to remain in for any longer than he had to. Plus, when Irina didn't know what she wanted to order, Issac didn't know either and panicked. [b “How about the specials? We can do the specials.”] And the waiter nods, writing down on a small pad before departing. Issac watches him and when he feels like their intruder had gotten a sufficient distance away, he whirls his head back to Irina. [b “I'll, uhh... I'll admit I don't know anything about Greek food... I sort of panicked there, so I hope everything tastes good.”] Honestly, Issac followed some food blogs in his spare time and heard about this place opening up and it happened to be around the same time he wanted to take Irina on a date... It had really good reviews, so here's hoping!

After that, the date sort of went by at a general pace. Issac did his best to get to know Irina some more rather than talk about Battleword, but it leaked in every now and again. It wasn't exactly the type of conversation he wanted or expected on their first date, but it gave them something to talk about... however morbid it was. Hopefully as they progressed through this nightmare together, things would get easier and they could talk about more natural things. Plus, given that even before the date itself they already saw each other naked and there was already gossip about them, Issac was using soft-hand tactics in their conversation. He didn't want to make anything worse... But [i literally] how could he?

Once they were finished, Issac pays the bills and walks them outside so they can wait for their cab. Then something struck him. [b “Why don't you sleep over at my place tonight?”] And then the awkwardness struck him. [b “That sounded a lot better in my head... I mean more so for the fact if we wake up and we're injured we can help each other. I know first-aid and I know your powers aren't exactly the most fun.”] He was talking way too much about Battleworld. What if she got the wrong idea here? They weren't strategizing, this was supposed to be a date! [b “Not that I wouldn't want to sleep with you under normal circumstances or anything...”] What?! Backpedal. [b “I mean, I'm not trying to sleep with you in [i that] way! Well... I am, yes, I just... battle... to do...”] Issac was all over the place, but then he takes a deep breath, places both hands on Irina's shoulders to look at her in the face, and suddenly he's more resolute. [b “I would like to have sex with you.”] And despite Issac's slightly darker complexion, his face went beet red.
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It was a good plan. There weren’t a lot of them and neither side would be helping them out. No backup, no allies they just needed to find. Irina smiled down at the table,[#a31200 “I mean, we sort of are changing the way things work by not killing each other, aren’t we?”]

The fewer people that figured out about them the better probably. The three of them couldn’t take on too many at a time, but once there were fewer people fighting overall then just maybe it was manageable. The thing was could they really keep out of the fighting that long? It would be tricky, but Irina was hopeful.

Then Issac brought up the gossip about them and her face got hot,[#a31200 “Y-yeah. Word got around fast. It is like high school, but at least the cafeteria is nicer. I had no idea so many people cared if we… went on a date.”] Irina looked up at Issac, wondering if he was serious about this being a date, or if this was just a sort of strategy meeting. She fidgeted with the ends of her sleeves,[#a31200 “Things were kind of boring, honestly. It’s hard to focus on work after what we did last night—”]

Of course that had to be when the waiter made his appearance. He’d heard that, hadn’t he? Did that sound bad? It probably did. The waited held a little notepad up,”Can I get you started with anything to drink? Are you ready to order or did you still need a few minutes?”

Irina hadn’t even been looking at the menu after they started talking. She opened the menu, more to sort of hide behind it than to really look at it,[#a31200 “Water? To start. Ah, I’m not sure what to order...”]
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Issac chewed on that a little bit. Maybe Irina was right and Issac's opinion was just clouded by his 'will to kill' Belladonna. It was hard to trust or look at someone objectively when your instincts were literally telling you to kill them or they were going to kill you. She might be a wild card, but perhaps Issac wasn't giving her enough credit with the whole alliance thing... He was still alive after all.

[b “Yes, that's the plan for now.”] He says with a small nod. [b “Since there's just the three of us we don't want to make too many waves; a bigger group might come along and want what we have or think we're challenging the status quo.”] The Terrible Trio from last night came to mind, and he had a feeling that since no one died and he denied joining them, it sort of made things personal. And then there was that other dangerous Chaos member that Belladonna had mentioned. Depending on how much of a megalomaniac he was, perhaps they could make a sort of deal. Thinning out the herd together or having some sort of 'cease-fire' clause would be enticing to everyone since everyone else is trying to kill you... Well, until the end and then all bets were off. For now the goal was to limit the amount of bedlam they got involved with, but it was an inevitable shit-show.

Issac could feel himself beginning to frown and then shakes his head. He was really looking forward to this date and he didn't want to let a war on another planet effect it. [b “How was your day today? Did you hear the latest gossip about us?”] He grinned at that. [b “You'd think we were back in high school all over again and no one had day jobs.”]
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[#a31200 “Yeah, right. Me too.”] The high five had caught her so off guard she didn’t react to it fast enough, just gushed out a few words and once he left she started back toward her office. Only to realize halfway down the hall she still had actual business in legal and hurried back a little flustered to fetch the papers she was supposed to get.

At first nothing was weird about the day, besides the fact that she was silently freaking out about her date tonight. Then at some point things change. She wasn’t sure exactly when, but lunch was definitely odd. By then some people who were bigger gossips had already heard, and at lunch it spread like wildfire. People were starting to give her these looks and instead of bringing her into whatever whispered conversations they were having they got quiet or clearly changed the subject.

She figured it had to be about the date. What was the big deal? Maybe it was just a slow day and her love life was just the most interesting thing on a boring day, but it sort of bothered her. Besides that, she was thinking of it like a [i date] date, but was that really what Issac meant? Or was this just a date to discuss the other stuff, and not meant to be romantic? She supposed she could be reading too much into it and he just wanted to be friends. Just a friendly relationship. Which would be nice, but admittedly disappointing and super awkward if she jumped to any conclusions. Especially since she’d be seeing him every night while they tried not to get killed. So far so good on that, nothing seemed to be going wrong so far which meant their other bodies must be sleeping peacefully and safely.

Irina could barely focus on her work, but somehow it got done. Auto-pilot to the rescue since she was so distracted. By the time she got down to the lobby she was pretty wound up and nervous. At least the taxi ride was short, because she wasn’t sure what to say with the driver right there.

The restaurant was pretty nice, she wouldn’t have noticed it was here really since it was pretty small and she really didn’t spend a lot of time looking at places near work. It didn’t feel too cramped though, and their booth was pretty cozy, and thankfully a little bit isolated in the back.

Irina made a noncommittal noise about the food and glanced over the menu. She really wasn’t sure what to say about the food. She just didn’t know much about Greek food. She liked Greek style salads, did that count for much? Before she could drown in that internal dilemma he had moved the conversation on to their night. She laughed,[#a31200 “I really hope so too. It’d be a shame for them to go to waste.”]

When it came to Belladonna Irina paused. She closed the menu and set it down. Clearly she trusted Belladonna more than Issac did, but he had a point that she [i could] turn on him. She could decide Chaos was more important than their little alliance. She bit the inside of her lip before answering, picking at the cloth napkin still wrapped around the silverware,[#a31200 “I don’t know. I don’t [i think] she’ll turn on us, at least not now. I’m pretty sure as long as she sees us as her best way to survive she’s not going to do anything, she’s more… bark than bite, you know?”] She gave him a smile that was just a little shy. It was funny, he didn’t look that different really, but she was way more nervous, though the topic made it a lot easier to talk somehow,[#a31200 “Still, if we’re trying to lay low until a lot of the others are cleared out on both sides she’s going to have to be good with that and not cause any stir. That’s sort of the plan, right? Not draw too much attention to ourselves, play both sides of the normal people, and just prepare and wait until there’s hardly anyone else left, right?”]
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[i 'You blew. You blew it!'] Issac's mind screamed when no words came out of Irina's mouth. Oh man, that was going to make their nightly [i activities] super awkward now. Goddammit, he shouldn't have said anything! She probably has a boyfriend... Shit! Why didn't he find a way to ask her that first?! Dating 101, Issac, you freaking [i amateur]! This stupidity is going to get everyone killed! This is a workplace, you mongrel! You've ruined everything! OH MY G-

His mind suddenly comes to a screaming halt when she agreed. [b “Oh.”] He says without thinking, suddenly smug about proving the voice in his head wrong. [b “Cool, cool. I get off at five as well, so I guess I'll just meet you down in the lobby? Its not too far from here, but I'll call us a cab.”] There's more shuffling behind the door and Issac mutters something offensive under his breath before turning back to Irina. [b “I'd better get back to work before Derek rubs his ear off on the door. I'll see you later tonight.”]

The last sentence awkwardly hung there for a moment. What did he do now? Just tell her 'see you later' or go back in to the office? Did he hug her? Kiss her on the cheek? Friendly pat on the shoulder? ... His mind went blank and his body went on auto-pilot as he slowly lifted his hand up to her... For a [i high-five].

[i 'Wrong choice, Issac.']

[b “Looking forward to tonight.”] Issac says before going back in to the office. Derek was inconspicuously close to the door, shuffling papers that had already been filed. [b “You know those were all in order, right?”] Issac tells him before sitting at his desk.

“Whoops.” Derek says, bringing the pile to his desk. Issac blows out a sigh as he watches Derek, who out of the corner of his eye, could see that he would look at Issac when he thought Issac wasn't looking. This was going to be messy keeping under wraps. Derek was a notorious gossip... Ugh, why couldn't he just kill Derek here and save everyone the trouble?

The work day went by for Issac pretty quickly, however it slowed down a bit for him after lunch. He went to the cafeteria to get himself some food when he noticed a lot of the workers in the hospital stopped talking when he would get closer. Didn't these people have jobs or lives? Why was his and Irina's relationship such a big deal to them? It was frustrating, Issac's patience being really low today, and he may have been a little curt with Derek after his lunch break, but despite that pestering him some he managed to get everything he had to do for the day done.

Like planned, he had met Irina in the lobby and their taxi was waiting outside for them. Soon enough they were outside of the restaurant; a small Greek restaurant that seemed to be quite lavish despite its size, but still comfortable and not too stuffy. Luckily for them it wasn't boomingly busy and they were able to get a booth at the back despite it just being the two of them.

[b “I heard the moussaka here is really good.”] Issac says, trying to get the conversation started... But how did he go from food to war? ... [b “We didn't end up eating those noodles last night. I hope they're still good when we inevitably have to go back.”] Which, in his opinion should be shortly after their date. As much as he wanted to be here and be with Irina, he couldn't help the anxiety he felt that they could be killed any moment they were awake in their regular bodies. [b “I don't know how much I trust Belladonna. She's a loose cannon and if we're going to succeed in our plans we need to find a way to reign her in.”] [i 'Or cut her loose.'] A darker part of his mind said. [b “Any ideas?”]
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Irina was glad Issac moved first. She was pretty much stunned and trying to figure out how on earth she was supposed to approach him. He mentioned last night and Irina let out a sigh. [#a31200 “Yeah, that was crazy.”] She was so glad to see him, even if it felt like her heart was dancing around in her chest. Somehow having this to talk about it made it easier—no, [i possible] to speak to him.

Then he noticed their eavesdropper and her face went red. Their brief conversation replayed in her head. That sounded really bad out of context. Irina crossed her arms, holding her injured arm close. The ugly pattern on the carpet was bad enough to mess with her vision like one of those optical illusions, but she didn’t look away. Irina felt like she could hardly breathe. He was asking her on a date, an actual date. He’d been meaning to ask her?

Irina looked up, her cheeks red as tomatoes. They still had their eavesdropper, she didn’t quite catch what he said but she heard the hiss of a whisper. Her first attempt to answer no sound came out. She tried again,[#a31200 “Yes. A date. Right. If that’s… if you’re fine with that. I’d love that. Yeah. Oh, um, I get off at uh,”] There was a brief pause. She needed to get her brain working a little harder to retrieve that information,[#a31200 “Five? Yeah, five. Um, s-so where should we meet?]

This was really happening. Irina almost couldn’t believe it. She was so unprepared for this, though she really didn’t know what she was expecting when she met him today. It wasn’t like there was some standard way to handle things like last night, and Chaos apparently wasn’t going to give her any help in this world.
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It was funny... Now that he was back at work, Issac had thought he'd feel a lot better sitting in his chair doing a bunch of paperwork. It beat having a bunch of lunatics trying to kill you and figuring out the workings of an unfamiliar world that came straight out of Star Trek. However, his foot tapped on the floor under his desk, he chewed his pen, and he found it very hard to focus on his job. He was asked a few times if he was alright and after the second, he kind of bit back a little harder than he meant to. This was nerve wracking, waiting to go back to a war, but at least he was alive so that meant Belladonna didn't slit his throat in his sleep. Something else he was more anxious about in this body.

He bit down on his pen absently again as he stared at the papers in front of him. It was like [i looking] at white noise at this point, and the harder he tried to think on it, the harder it got. The workings of a headache were beginning. He was about to throw in the towel when suddenly the door to the department was opened, and it was...

[b “Irina.”] Issac says, standing up from his desk suddenly, dropping his pen. She was wearing a red shirt and so was he. One of the other workers, Derek was surprised and made a sound, looking between the two. At first it was curiously, then it was in a sort of accusing way.

“How do you two know each other?” Derek asked as Issac approached Irina. He shoots a look over his shoulder at the man and tries not to frown. Instead he gives him a slight smile that feigned aloofness.

[b “We both work in the hospital, don't we?”] And that was really all Issac spared him, quickly joining Irina in the doorway and shutting it so there was a barrier between his coworker and them. He blows out a sigh and turns to Irina, and immediately his heart flutters. He was glad to see her, in a lot of complicated ways. [b “I'm glad to see you. How is your arm?”] He goes to reach for it instinctively but quickly stops. Not the time or place. [b “I honestly don't know what to say about last night. It was really intense! I can't believe we're going to be doing it together every night now.”] He pauses for a moment thinking. It was going to be hard juggling all of this and work, not to mention briefing and debriefing Irina in person.

He went to open his mouth to say something, but there was a small shuffling noise, and Issac quickly glances over his shoulder. [i Son of a bitch!] [b “Derek, I can see your shadow under the doorway, stop eavesdropping!”]

There was a tense silence for a moment. “... Sorry.” Oh boy, what he just heard must have sounded terrible.

[b “I don't think there's a lot of privacy around here. I don't know if our lunches align, but I, uhh...”] He was suddenly shy, the ceiling becoming very interesting all of a sudden. [b “There's this new restaurant that opened up, and I've been meaning to ask you to check it out with me...”] His heart was thudding in his ears. [b “Like as a date. You know, if that's cool with you and all? We could keep it professional if you want! I'd completely understand if that's-”]

“Stop back-peddling.” A whisper came through the doorway and Issac frowns.

[b “So, uh, yeah, when do you get off this evening?”]
  Issac / Renegade / 182d 11h 2m 53s
The storage facility wasn’t really what Irina would call cozy, but it looked pretty untouched so it would hopefully be safe for the day. She didn’t know what would happen if someone found them asleep in this world, and she wasn’t terribly interested in finding out.

After they had eaten it was time to sleep. Irina wasn’t sure how she was supposed to fall asleep here. Belladonna gave Issac a shrug,[+purple “I can try. You do the same.”]

Irina spent a little time looking for something to make a bed out of. She only found cardboard boxes and metal parts she couldn’t identify that had been left behind. She didn’t want to venture too far on her own either. Belladonna had just laid down on the floor seemingly not too concerned, so Irina made do by stacking a few layers of cardboard into a bed and laying down.

Sleep came easily and instantly, but she almost immediately jerked awake again with the sensation of falling. Only she wasn’t lying on cardboard in a storage space, she was in her own bed and there was blood everywhere. [#a31200 “Shit!”]

Irina sat up and put her hand over her arm. It was the same spot she’d cut last night. It took her a second to realize she wasn’t bleeding anymore, just like back in the battle world. She looked at her sheets, which were going to have to be washed, and then at the clock. It was that time already? She needed to get to work. After she was done panicking. If her injuries from there were going to keep showing up here things were going to get hard to explain if anyone noticed.

Irina cleaned up her bed and put on new sheets, then tossed the bloodstained ones in the laundry basket. She had to hurry to get ready, and after bandaging her arm she was stuck staring at her closet. She was going to need long sleeves or someone was going to notice her arm. She picked a long sleeved red shirt, glad she had something both red and long sleeved, and a black skirt. Cute, and most importantly it would keep anyone from seeing her arms.

Now she was actually kind of nervous about seeing Issac, even though she’d basically spent all night with him talking and fighting for their lives. She’d seen him naked! Which made her blush and cover her face even though she was alone. How was she going to face him today? And why was that not a problem in the battle world, but had her worried here? It seemed like all the good stuff Chaos gave her only applied there, but the bad stuff would apply to [i both]. It was all so unfair.

Once she was ready Irina had to rush to work to make it on time. She barely made it, and had to put her hair up at her desk. Now she just needed some excuse to head to legal. Some excuse to go see Issac, which was always her reason for going to legal really. Today it just mattered more.

After a few errors she had to straighten out in the pharmacy about blank spaces or wrong codes she finally got her chance. Legal was supposed to send something about a particular account, but hadn’t yet. Technically they could call, but the papers would need to be carried anyway so it was just faster to send someone most of the time. Her boss also liked how it tended to make the other departments respond faster, it was harder to ignore a person in your face than a phone call or email.

Irina headed to legal with butterflies in her stomach. Would he be wearing red too? Or had he forgotten, or maybe the Issac from last night wasn’t real. No, it felt real, and something told her it was, even as that worry gnawed at her. When she walked into the legal department she did her usual scan for Issac, and stopped with a surprised look when she saw him. He was wearing a red shirt, and she was suddenly not sure what to do now.
  Irina / Yavanna / 184d 21h 43m 39s
It was no surprise to Issac that Belladonna knew what the device was, and he figured she might not have one because they seemed rather delicate. With all this fighting going on it must be hard to keep equipment from breaking, especially considering everyone had super powers and enhanced physical capabilities.

[b “Food sounds great.”] Issac said as he was suddenly aware he was hungry. That was something he had forgotten that needed to be done, and something he must've assumed unconsciously that this body would compensate for. It would be a little inconvenient though; having to sit down and eat would create a vulnerable moment they might not be able to afford... But then again there was also the sleeping. That worried him greatly, especially since he had Belladonna to worry about, although she did seem to be a little less prickly towards him now. Perhaps killing one of his own teammates got it through to her that he was on their side... Well, more so Irina's side, Belladonna was just kind of an ally of consequence at this point, but he was willing to keep her alive.

They made it to what appeared to be a storage facility and so far it looked good. They weren't ambushed and there weren't any nosy civilians around either. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be spending the night in a storage facility, but beggars couldn't be choosers and they could find a better place tomorrow. For now there were only three of them and two sides were against them; they had to make do with what they could find, but once they armed themselves and found a safe place to sleep in, Issac would feel a lot more comfortable... It was a strange way thinking like this. Just yesterday the biggest and anxiety provoking decision was how and when he was going to ask Irina out. Now here he was, looking at a [i storage facility] wondering if he was going to wake up tomorrow night to fight in a war. However, now wasn't the time for profound thoughts. They had to get in to the place and then figure out what was next.

It was locked, which Issac was silently thankful for, so they began looking around for another way in, and when they did, Issac cringed a little bit. It was a tight window, and Belladonna could fit through it, and Irina struggled to fight through it, so how was he going to fit through it? He was a lot more broad and large than the two of them. So when asked if he would like them to open the door, Issac nods and smiles. [b “Yes, thank you, I think that would probably be for the best.”] He says and runs to the door and waits for it to be opened. And once it is, he comes in quickly, closing the door behind him and locking it.

The facility was pretty spacious; large and long racks where they would put crates and boxes, as well as a few smaller rooms dotting the sides of the space. It was very reminiscent of a warehouse back on Earth. There was also some graffiti and such, but it looked like that happened a while ago; the place smelled old and musty, and he couldn't smell the scent of lingering paint.

[b “So I guess this is our humble abode for now.”] Issac comments before turning back to face both women. [b “I think now would be a good as time as any to get some rest, we can regroup tomorrow and carryout our plan.”] Tonight they were just getting their bearings after all. Tomorrow was where they upped their game. [b “Try not to slit my throat while I sleep please.”] He says, finding a box, breaking it down and then using it as a sleeping pad.

And it was surprising how fast he fell asleep. Almost like it was a trance. He closed his eyes and then suddenly there was darkness. And then that sudden falling feeling again.

[b “Son of a bitch!”] Issac exclaimed, sitting up in his bed. It took him a second to orient himself, but once he did, he saw that yes, he was in fact in his room again. And looking at the clock it was almost time to get ready for work... Which was good, now he could see Irina without having to censor himself in front of Belladonna... But this also came with its own sets of problems. He had very different feelings right now than he did last night, and HOLY CRAP was he SORE! He groans to himself as he pulls himself out of bed and in to the shower. Once he was done, he dragged himself out, wiped the mirror, and... Wait, what?

His lip was still split and bruised from last night... Did they share the same injuries as their warrior bodies? Did that mean Irina would have her cuts and bruises as well... Oh boy, this wasn't going to be fun or easy to explain when the fighting got amped up.

Once Issac was done inspecting his body , he quickly dresses himself, and as instructed by Irina on the Battleworld, he put on a red dress shirt. He quickly goes on his way to work, thinking heavily on what had transpired last night and how they were going to deal with it if it affected them in the real world.
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