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It’s our favorite A-1 one’s last year of UA!

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It was still fresh into the second week of the third year of High school for Bakugo Katsuki. It wasn't easy. Especially for him. The guy had tougher times than most. Sure the fighting was easy. He was raw power and talent. Master of a few martial arts to add to his flare of explosive fighting. His reflexes nearly damn perfect. He had the power part of hero. It was the, kind heart of a Hero is where he failed. He didn't understand why he had to smile to save people. As long as they were freaking saved that's all that mattered. Eraser Head wasn't a people person but people dont give him a hard time for not caring about the victims. It was hard, but Bakugo has gotten, a little better at trying to be what people need in a Hero. But he doesn't think he stacks up to Midoriya and the others.They were all so, socially acceptable. It pissed him off.

This Tuesday Bakugo was stuck in his thoughts. Everyone was walking to class from their dorm. But it was something him and Midoriya talked about last night. Three years ago their relationship had turned around and slowly began to heal. Bakugo realized that he was wrong on how he thought he should be better than Midoriya. Rather he should be trying to be more like him. It would make him stronger as a person. Though Midoriya has been learning things from Bakugo.

[+green "The big test is this year Kacchan. All these other ones wont mean anything if you cant pass this one. And you still suck with personality."] Bakugo nearly ripped off his head hearing that. But he grit his teeth and let out a deep breath. The freckled dork was right.

Everyone saw Bakugo muttering to himself and lost in thought as they all walked to the school. Most giggling and chuckling how Midoriya is rubbing off on him. They just all figured to leave him be and let him think on whatever it is that has him lost in thought. Best to not bother him while he's like this.

So in class he sat in his desk with his chin in his hand and stared out the window. Thinking how could he make himself be like the others. Able to care about other's feelings. All his life his ego was fueled and blown up. His mother, was no help. Bakugo was so independent cause of her. He was doing things by himself at a young age and thinks everyone shouldn't relay on others so much. One should be able to solve their own damn problems. He did! He got hurt, he picked himself up and moved on. HIs mother didn't baby him. It's made him stronger and able to take a punch and keep swinging.

It wasn't till the class got extra chatty about a new girl walking in. He groaned cause the noise was interrupting him. His scarlet eyes glance over at her just once and he furrows his brows and squints angrily at her. Before forcing himself to look out the window. He doesn't have time for this. He needs to become the best before these final tests at the end of the year. He has to be the best! He is the best! Why is it so wrong to think so highly of himself! NO one else has his back! He groans and drops his head on his desk. Just trying to understand how the other's think. But he's starting to think it would be easier if they were just like him and weren't so damn sensitive all the time. [+b "I'm not weak."] He mumbles to himself.

That day, was interesting. He sat at his table barely eating. Kirishima, the closest to a best friend Bakugo has. Not that he would ever admit that. Kiri sat right next to Bakugo as a wall between the others. [+red "You okay? You're pretty, quiet today. Haven't threatened to kill anyone today. Or are those lessons with Midoriya paying off?"]

[b "Shut up. I'm....self reflecting."] He mumbled softly under his breath and Kirishima just smiles and nods his head.

[+red "Yeah, you need some of that."] He teased and gave Bakugo a strong slap on the back. Ruffling the blonde's feathers too much and he slammed his hands on the table to push him up to his feet and storms outside to the court yard to get some fresh air for lunch.

Not paying much attention as he goes to open the door and smacks right into the new girl. Who was probably lost like a typical new girl. [b "GET A MAP! DAMN!"] He huffed and stormed right passed her even more pent up and goes outside to blow off some steam. This was hard for him. It wasn't just going to change over night. How he saw himself and others for 15 years. It doesn't change with a snap of a finger. Oh how he wished he did. The 17 year old leaned against the tree and sighed out heavily. Resting his eyes in his hands and instantly felt awful for yelling at that girl. It wasn't personal. It wasn't. He knows that, now he does. Back then he wouldn't. He just lashes out when he's anger. That's all he knows how to do.

The day came to an end and when he gets back to the dorm he doesn't even have the energy to go to his room. He just flops on the couch in the shared space of the dorms. Face into the pillows and lets out this groan. Midyoria and the others glance at him and the green haired kid just motions people to let him be for a bit. The guy was trying to be better like everyone else. Cant people see that's hard for someone like him.
  Bakugou Katsuki / Papa_Death / 2d 7h 22m 58s
Transferring schools in her last year was horrible. Though she was lucky to actually get into UA's hero program this far a long. She sighed inwardly, what was she going to do?

Akora sighed again as she looked in the mirror stripping off the third outfit in a row. "Nothing is good enough!" she cried. How was she going to make a good first impression if she couldnt even find clothes!

Finally she settled on a pair of baggy cargo pants and a purple tank top. "This works" she said shrugging. She liked it because it looked similar to her hero costume. She smoothed over her hair and called it good.

She couldnt wait to find her dorm room, the other students already all had theirs but since she only finished transferring last week they decided to hold off until the first day of school and would place her then.

"By mom ill call you after i get settled in my room tonight!" she hollered as she rushed out the door.

"Right on time" she smiled as a taxi pulled up at her house. "UA high school" she said giddily.

She could feel the knots in her stomach grow, she had heard so many great things about this school, she just hoped she could live up to its expectations. As the car stopped she squared her shoulders and took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing!" she laughed.

She sat in the front office as she waited to see what class she was put in. She hoped everyone would be nice, or at least hoped she could make a few new friends.

"Akora?" she heard a girl ask and she stood up and smiled. "Hi im going to show you to class my names Sue" the girl smiled. An animal hybrid like herself. She smiled more "Hi, nice to meet you!" she said tilting her head slightly.

"Youre going to be in class 1-A with myself" Sue said as she started to explain a few more things in details.

Soon she appeared in front of the door, 1-A she heard things about them, even from across the water. She was so anxious her ears were laying flat against her head and her tail was twitching slightly.

Finally she entered the room and looked at everyone. Sue motioned for her to sit beside her and she obliged happy to not be standing in the front of the class anymore.

Suddenly a man in a sleeping bag she hadnt noticed before picked his head up from the table. "This is Akora a new addition to our class make her feel welcome" he said almost solemnly. She just smiled slightly and acknowledged everyone's his and welcomes.

The first day was just a lot of paper work and explanations of the year to come. She knew what was on everyones mind, passing the final hero exam to get licensed. She could feel the tension and excitement in the room when the teacher brought it up.

Finally the day drew to an end, but she wasnt sure where the dorms where. Finally sue and a few other girls popped up.

"Hey Akora lets show you to the dorms, theyve got your room all ready with the stuff you had sent." Sue said smiling and ushering her towards the door.

Everyone seemed pretty nice, but she was soon warned to stay clear of Bakugo and his apparent war path for everyone beneath him. She only laughed. Finally she bid the girls goodbye. "Id just like to relax and finish getting my room organized!" she said smiling. "Bye! Thanks for being so nice and showing me around!" she said as she headed off towards her room.
  Akora "The Huntress" / Babs / 9d 22h 21m 55s

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