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Valentina is a werewolf held by Marcel to both keep her safe and also leveraged against the werewolves. Turned four years ago after accidentally killing an intruder. Marcel sounds her at some point brining her New Orleans.

Madison, friends with Valentina, was there when that happened. Possibly also attacked. Compelled to forget a curse on her blood to not work for Klaus. Four years later she was attacked at Berkley and saved by Klaus.

Klaus returns to New Orleans with Elijah and Madison. Word spreads to Marcel and the witches.

Valentina has been prisoner for four years. During French Quarter Festival they run across Klaus and family. A dinner is planned. Marcel gives her a day and they sleep together.

Klaus and Madison talk that night.

The Plans

During a blood moon, Klaus and Madison sleep together.

While at the Plantation Valentina sees the wolf during her stay.

A witch at the Bayou offers the cure for the curse.

The doppelganger.

AnneMarie is a doppelganger of the witch that made werewolves. They met around 1530, probably had some initial romance, turned hate and she ran.

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Elijah had became accustomed to ignoring squabbling over the years. Where there was Niklaus there was a form of fighting. It was inevitable when it came to his brother.

There was the fresh smell, an open wound, and signs of dragging through the woods.

He followed till he heard the sound of voices, both of those being Valentina and Madison. Without a word he dashed to the two as they were both by the water, Madison trying to get blood off and an irritable Valetina..

[b "Madison, Valeintina, you are well,"] he said relieved. [b "Madison, you're bleeding."]

Madison looked towards him more in shock. It was exactly as she had seen, and that bitch had been telling the truth. God, help her. Looking to her leg she blinked. [b "Oh, I am...okay,"]

Slowly standing up, she accepted Elijah's jacket graciously before the other two even arrived.

She couldn't even look at Klaus for more than a minute without feeling the violent mixture of emotions from the prior weeks and what had just happened.


Marcel didn't waste a second in coming to Val. Wrapping his arms around her he gave a sound of joy. In what had seemed to start in a wrong place, it had turned into something more.

[b "I'm glad you're okay. I'm so sorry for everything,"] Marcel smoothed her hair. [b "I mean everything. if you want to come back, I would be happy to have you back. But as family, no longer protection. We both know you don't need that anymore."]

It was harder to know for a vampire to know she falling in love, but felt love so acutely.

[b "The rest are taken care of..you probably heard them fighting."]
  Written / Faust / 1d 23h 42m 17s
“Don’t be naive. I want my sister back. She has to.m be with them.”
[b Do you want our help or not?] he says snarling at him.

The guys followed. The counts of body and blood was impressive. Klaus closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He could smell Madison’s blood mixed with someone else. No Rebekah though. It took a while for Elijah to catch the scent to go follow the trail.
[center [b -_-_-_-_-_-_-]]
Being a Texan didn’t mean anything to her. The girl was just complaining how she was nothing to him and she wanted to be free. In her opinion she’s being stupid and probably does like him.

The walk was a pain. Val didn’t want the water. She wants food and bed and a proper shower. [#Af18ae What and who? How are did they hit your head?] she asks leaning sitting on her own. The wolfbane is slowly leaving her system.
  Klaus M. / Simply_Random / 2d 22h 7m 49s
Marcel smiled despite himself, ah, just like the brothers. And of course they were concerned over the same woman and their sister.

[b "I always wondered how you two became fascinated by the same woman,"] Marcel chuckled though the darkness didn't come out of his voice. There was the warehouse.

There was bodies and blood and what looked like a broken window. [b "This way."]


Madison looked to.the woman with empathy before leaning down and helping her to her feet. [b "Because, I'm a Texan and I have a good bargaining chip. I'm infective to his plans. And you...are strong and stunning...we can do this together."]

It was hard to walk with her badly bruised leg and her but at least they reached some water. Easing her down, she went to scrub the blood from her hair and body.

[b "They are coming, I saw it...it was..."] She stopped to look around. [b "Right here at this time. Fuck."]
  Written / Faust / 2d 22h 27m 47s
[#Af18ae Old you probably killed for sport like him, which would explain the romance. New you won’t accept it. Yet.] Valentina said trying to keep her balance. It was a mission. A few times she groaned in pain. [#Af18ae Barely.] she says letting go to see if can stand on her own. It was a huge mistake. She hit her head against the tree falling down.

Val shakes her head. [#Af18ae I’ve asked a few times. He doesn’t give me a direct answer so i stopped. I’m so going to leave after this...] she says rolling to her side. What if she changes now? No, no. She’ll hurt Madison. [#Af18ae Why haven’t you left? You want free from Klaus. Go now. They could be coming to save us.]
[center [b -_-_-_-]]
Klaus whistled the whole time. Elijah was getting fed up. He told him to stop a few times before they began to fight. Them fighting and breaking the trees made so much rucus that it caught the hunted attentouand went after them. Klaus went down with the hit of a dart full of vervain... no. Wolfsbane. [b Wolfbane. They have they girls or know where they’re at.] Elijah confirms the suspicion.

Elijah helped take down the guys. Not before asking the location of the girls but they weren’t speaking so their goes their heart. Right out of their chest. “They must’ve escaped. We need to find them before they do.” He says helping his brother up. They need to hurry.
  Klaus M. / Simply_Random / 2d 22h 49m 42s
Wanting to laugh, she felt her head to fuzzy for a moment, she moved to move her hair out of her face only getting blood in her hair and some on her face.

[b "That's quite a theory. Past self loved the beastly Klaus Mikealson, yet somehow escaped. And me...I'm old fashioned...less murder as using, more cuddling,"] Madison closed her eyes. [b "I bet...if you asked after this...he'd tell you. Marcel has honor."]

Could she do it? Leave Val to get murdered, for her own hide. [b "I am not leaving you. Can you walk?"]

What was her life if she was running away and not doing what she could.
  Written / Faust / 2d 23h 50m 4s
Val hates wolfsbane. She hates feeling powerless. Useless. When Madison helped move her she groans in pain. Part of her wanted to protest and call her stupid for not rubbing. Madison wants to be free so this is her chance. Her vision is blurry. Balance is off. She actually jumped when Madison returned. [#Af18ae I’m a wolf... I know he’s using me. Yet protecting me from klaus because he wants to make hybrids or a team least try... I don’t like Marcel. Nor do I trust him. But he’s given me a home and a vampire best friend. You have klaus and his family. People fear them and they would do anything for you...] Val closes her eyes. Since her eyes won’t work she’ll use her ears.

Her whole picture... she’s a doppelgänger. They need to find out more about the original Madison? Maybe she was klaus past lover. [#Af18ae Do you have feelings for him? Klaus. Maybe the original you was a past lover. Maybe you feel something but you question. It’s probably like dejavú...] Val turns her head hearing foot steps. Multiple foot steps. [#Af18ae We need to go.] she changed her eyes to see if it’ll help. It did a little. Possibly hunter. Not their guys. An irritated growl escapes her. Val tried to get up using a tree. [#Af18ae You should go. Run while you still can before he finds you since you’re so unhappy. I’ll be fine. They just drugged me.]
[center [b -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-]]
  Klaus M. / Simply_Random / 3d 51m 0s
[b "Yeah, and he's been hiding those secrets for years. He may be more of a gentleman than Klaus but it doesn't mean they aren't using us for their own power play. It's not a dream, it's not a life....even you for...obviously were special in different ways,"] Madison said feeling her leg complain. That fall would leave a vicious bruise.

It was not as shocking seeing the action a second time. Taking off her top shirt, she moved to the bodies. This was disgusting, she groaned as she slid the knife out to wipe it off with her shirt.

[b "This is living the dream,"] she said dryly before walking over to Val. [b "Let's...get you over there. Out of the way and I'll be back."]

Leaning down she helped Val the best she could to what deemed a good spot before hearing some steps. The last two goons.

It was a process to lead them to a chamber where she managed to surprise and stab one close range. The second took a rusty pipe to the head. Sitting down she heaved a sigh, trying to ignore the blood on her.

This had been what she dreamed, they'd come soon.

Limping back to Val she collapsed by her. [b "Help me find out my whole picture, and I'll help you. Deal?"] She offered a hand to her.


[b "Times changed. Learned to have modern tracking...this is from a ranger..let's go track,"] Marcel answered not rising to the rouse. Both brothers were in a mood, that was what they did to each other. Moods.

There was a fresh smell of blood from a distance towards what looked like an old factory.

[b "That looks to be our best bet,"] he said. Val had to be there, either that or Rebekah. There was still that spark and yet layers of mistrust.
  Written / Faust / 3d 1h 8m 13s
Klaus didn’t want to help him but there’s was no other option. Not to mention Marcel isn’t like him. He can kill and not feel guilty. He did the hard part or well did it on his own free will to get answer or because his patience was being tested. It’s driving him insane.

Elijah helped too. [b Did you learn that from joining the Girl Scouts? There’s smell of dried blood. It’s not Madison’s. Maybe they got to whoever took them...]
“Focus. We need to get the girls back.” He says
[center [b -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-]]
Val wasn’t enjoying this new torture house. She’s sweaty, dirty, and possibly has a fever because she doesn’t feel too good. Her memories are practically not there. She doesn’t even remember how they got out. If they got out or escaped.

[#Af18ae You Don’t know me or anything that’s going on. He has answers that I need. About me. About my family. My pack. If you meant nothing to a vampire you would’ve been dead but you’re alive and from the looks of it you get anything you want princess.] Val looks around. [#Af18ae Someone is coming... near by...] then like that she was on her knees screaming. Hands gripping her hair. The witch had two guys with her. She was more interested in Madison. The guys tried to dose Val with wolfsbane. It was hard to fight them when she’s weak and not have wolfsbane in her system. She snapped one of the guys neck and killer thebother with his own knife before tossing it at the witch’s neck. [#Af18ae R-run.] Val tells Madison collapsing on the floor. Crawling to her.
  Klaus M. / Simply_Random / 3d 2h 19m 37s
[b "The Bayou Laflourche. Longest stretch among the gulf. Maybe we should just make a break for Houston unless you want to go back to Marcel that bad,"] Madison wiped sweat off her brow. They were dirty, and it was humid. [b "Feels like a storm is coming in. We should find a house nearby."]

She already had a pounding from the series of spells that has been done by that witch. [b "I can't go back to Klaus. I'm just this useless blood bag and he doesn't care at all about me."]


Marcel and Klaus were already mostly on their way. They just didn't know that. Working together was taking longer than expected. These witches were tricky and then there was the odd clues here and there.

It was almost as if these witches were stalling them while they were looking for these girls.

[b "it feels like we're close. These tire tracks are just from a day ago,"] Marcel said, hating these areas.
  Written / Faust / 3d 4h 36m 39s
There were times that even Marcel lost his cool, this was one of those times. She was gone and when they did find a trail, it was cold again. Marcel placed his glass down hard, feeling the glass crack.

[b "Ya think? Now you want to work together after your precious blood bag is taken. Maybe even concern over your sister,"] Marcel asked. [b "Witches have been creating chaos here, but not my witches. Valentina escaped and was taken."]

As a vampire they were both heightened. [b "Maybe now it's time we work together."]


Waking up to a foggy head, she blinked, assaulted by the smell of something old and raunchy. Rubbing her head she groaned taking in her surroundings before going to the window seeing what she assumed was the Bayou.

Even touching the door handle hurt, she jumped back yelping in pain. Sometime later an elegant witch came in as she was going crazy.

[b "You're awake, good, we can get started. It won't take long for them to start looking for you and the wolf. This will hurt,"] the woman said before forcing her back into the chair before holding her hand out.

Madison hadn't ever felt her mind being torn apart, and it happened at steadily for at least a day. The second day she was free to explore, or it was a test. Hearing someone she started towards the sound.

[b "Hello?"] She called out in the warehouse, before spotting the figure.
  Written / Faust / 4d 3h 8m 27s
[center TS 3 weeks.]

Within that 3 weeks Rebekah managed to get daggeree. Again! Something was obviously wrong with her. The girl does lash out but not like the way she’s been doing it. As if she wasn’t herself. Elijah was the one who daggered her this time. Of course Klaus would take full blame because it is his signature move.

Marcel wasn’t paranoid when he said there’s some witch craft at work. They got stuck at the plantain during a full moon. With a full moon being there Val was locked up since she shifts during a full moon.

Except someone set her free and snapped Johnny’s neck. Again. The girl was tranquilized and dumped near the Bayou. With her being a wolf during the full moon those who are cursed with the same curse but reversed are human and tried to calm her when she did wake up. Her head was killing her but she couldn’t shift back. Now on her own when she’s already in pain. The girl ran off but was soon knocked out too and was being prisoner elsewhere.

Back at the plantain Rebekah’s body was taken. They guys had their brains scrambled by two witches. There was three but Klaus ripped her head off her shoulder... with the magical bounding of the house being over now that it’s morning the brother went rob marcel with the witch head.

[b You’re losing order. Power. Your witches attacked us last night. Rebekah and Madison are missing.]
  Klaus M. / Simply_Random / 4d 4h 52m 20s
Elijah was nothing sort of a gentlemen when they returned home. He didn't seem to notice anything off, but she felt it and shook it off. Finding a metal hanger she used that to change out of the dress, before getting into the hot shower.

Only the sounds of an argument interrupted, the short lived peace. Stepping out after drying herself and placing on the robe. It was all normal
in the hallway until she felt a sudden, stabbing headache.

Leaning against the frame she closed her eyes, seeing the flash of images before a pain in her chest. Other than the residue of pain it was over. Placing a hand on her chest, trying to quell the pain and the panic before going to her room quickly for the dream book.

"What the hell is happening?" Madison asked herself, that felt real, it hurt and she only remembered a tall figure and a sign saying Rue S...


[b "Now was that necessary? I'm all for a good show and all. Three dead and one snapped. I was expecting Bloody Sunday,"] Marcel asked before asking someone to clean up.

He had not accepted help knowing Klaus wanted more, or seemed to, it would be a hard to decide.

Following her into the room he leaned against the doorway. She would have questions at least about Rebekah, the wolves she'd answer later.

[b "We were in love when we weren't supposed to. When we finally had approval, the city burned to the ground and they were gone. Just to come back expecting me to hand it over. Didn't think she still had the torch, or she's like Klaus and can't let go. I shouldn't have brought you in the middle of that, I'm sorry."]
  Written / Faust / 4d 19h 13m 48s
Johnny was quick to go to Val's side. Her and Rebekah are practically staring daggers at one another. Fuck it. He held her hand when this thing walked in to possibly make her jealous. Might as well play the game. It's a stupid one, but she hate her and it would piss her off so why the hell not!

Val goes to Marcel to have to give him a quick steamy make out session. It worked. Her stupid plan worked, but cost Johnny's neck to snap. That anger Val. She was about to bite the girl but someone caught her. [#af18ae You'll pay for that!] she snarls.

Klaus was amused with the whole thing. [b This is indeed an amazing dinner... but she's none of your concern. She's mine.] he says finishing off his drink. [b Why would we help you? Apparently this is your home... you got rid of the wolves. They probably are going to retaliate and get back hat rightfully belongs to them. It's only natural.] Klaus got up using his supernatural speed to look for Valentina. Finding her he roughly turns her to look at her birthmark. [b Why does he have you? Why not stay with your pack?]
[#af18ae For safety and I don't have one. I was adopted.] klaus left her again appearing next to Rebeka. [b We should get going. Good luck with your witch problem. Whoever she is has her brains screwed in right. It's sad how she or they left to go practice magic. Something they were born to do... I'll be seeing you and [i her] real soon.] Klaus waited for his sister to leave first before leaving himself. Tonight wasn't a complete waste of time.
  Simply_Random / 4d 23h 8m 41s
[b "Yeah, it was great to meet you. Good luck with everything,"] Madison smiled to her. On the 'enemies ' side or not she was stuck with the same bullshit. Looking to Klaus she gave a nod silently accepting that apology, placing a hand on his arm..

Leaving with a heart broken Rebekah she looked to her carefully. [b "Sorry..that must be hard."]

She was glad to be out of there, and on the way home.


[b "It's good to see you too, Rebekah,"] Marcel called after before looking to Valentina knowing she was angry. [b "Good, this won't take much longer. I won't be long."]

The moment she turned around he nodded to a few of the men to watch her before sitting down offering him a drink.

[b "Don't think I know what that girl is. I saw that painting when I was a boy, she's a doppelganger of her. Now, the witches don't do magic without my way so. Only, there's odd magic going on in the Bayou spreading. We used to kick was together."]
  Written / Faust / 4d 23h 59m 3s
This dinner did take a turn. The news about her people angryed her. He won’t tell her anyone but what he’s doing is for her safety. But klaus comes and he spills everything. Is he saying this for klaus reaction or become it’s something he think he’ll want to hear? Was this dinner even a dinner? She drank more than she ate. [#Af18ae Great meeting you.] Val says waving bye.

Klaus gets up to kiss Madison cheek. Apologizing. This dinner was exactly what he expected.

Rebekah showed up late. Angry. Marcel’s men wouldn’t allow her in so she killed about three and flung one towards the gathering. “I’m not in the mood... no longer hungry either. Why is no witch talking? They’re either scared or kissed or both!” She says grabbing a napkin to clean her hand. Elijah kisses her cheek and tells her to relax before leaving with Madison.

Val intertwined her fingers with his. Obviously trying to make the angry original vampire more angry. Jealous maybe. Klaus seemed to notice too by the way he arched his eyebrow.

[b I noticed that too. What are you hiding Marcellus?]
“Who the bloody hell is this?” She asks pouring herself a glass of wine.

[#Af18ae Well... this was a disaster... I should leave...]
“Please do. Let the grown ups talk.”
[#Af18ae Let me know when you find one.” She snaps back annoyed.
  Klaus M. / Simply_Random / 5d 1h 41m 44s

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