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The parents of Valentina , of the royal Labonair bloodline, and the parents of ____ , of a second royal bloodline, knew each other, as they were all members of the Crescent Wolf Pack. Sometime after Valentina and ____ were born, their parents arranged for the two to be betrothed in an effort to finally unite the two bloodlines so they could provide a united front against the vampires.

However, the vampires attacked shortly afterward, and Valentina's parents were killed, resulting in Valentina being adopted by another family and leaving New Orleans. Afterward, the remaining Crescent werewolves were cursed by a witch who was working on the orders of the vampires' leader, Marcel, forcing all of the clan's werewolves to be stuck in their wolf forms at all times, except for the few hours during the full moon, when they were briefly returned to their human bodies.

while in his wolf form, watched over her while she stood outside by the pool at the Mikaelson Mansion. They stared at each other curiously until the witch Sabine arrived to keep watch over Valentina while everyone was out of the house. Sabine told her that the wolf was drawn to her because of her vampire ad Val being a hybrid. You know, vampire VS werewolves.
[center [i straight from The Originals]][center [i Need a male wolf] [i We can double.][i TVD characters are welcomed.]]

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