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Serena spent a month visiting her brother. She stayed at a hotel and met someone the second night there. It was nothing serious. Just a really hot fling. Now the semester is over and her brother is coming home with his best friend who's going to be staying in the pool house that's like a fancy studio.

Little does Serena & __ know is that they have a mutual friend. 2 and 1/2 months together can change things. One or both of them begins to develop real feelings.

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“Don’t worry about it. John didn’t explain why, but whatever brings him home.” He tells Nathan. “Dinner is ready. My daughter can serve you. I’ll be in front of th house waiting for my wife to return from grocery shopping.” He pats him on the shoulder before walking away. He’s going to help his wife bring in the groceries.

Serena quickly showers and change to go warm up the food. She has plans and needs to eat something. The girl was on her towel to turn on the stove and oven to warm up the food before getting dressed. She made sure to be quick before someone sees her in a towel. It felt like she Took forever to get ready. It did take a while to get her hair done and add a little makeup.

Hopping downstairs she heads to the kitchen to serve herself a small plate. She leaned over the counter to look out towards the poop house. He’s still there... she has time to leave then. Serena grabs a bottle of water and her plate before taking the plate to eat in the living room.

Her parents walk in with kids of groceries. The girl got up to help get the remaining bag and put them away. She even had to get her plate and bring it back to the living room to eat and help put things away.

“You may have to take him out with you. Can’t let him have his first night here be boring.”
“I agree with your father.”
[#Af18ae He’s not my friend... I’m not a babysitter.]
“Don’t argue with us. It’s his first night here. John wanted this. We haven’t seen him in a while so please. Do this for us.”

Serena rolls her eyes. Whatever. She sat at the dining table to eat. She sends a text to her friends to warn them the girls. Other has a girl with balls... she’ll explain more when she’s done eating. When he does finally come in she wanted to die and hide. She’s slept with him. He... crap!

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  Serena / Simply_Random / 6d 22h 56m 36s
For a Twenty-Two year old, Nathan had a lot of baggage. His Mom ran off after his Dad spilt and only came home a few times every couple of months and he buried his little sister less than a year ago. He was so thankful for his bestfriend's family for letting him stay in their pool house. It was a new start, a chance to start over and he was taking it. He hadn't told his Mom where he was going, it wasn't like she cared. He just spilt and got the hell of out dodge.

He had texted the details of his flight information. It seemed like Father would be picking him up from the airport since he had to break up with his latest fling. Nathan couldn't help but laugh at that situation. Nathan hadn't been tied down in years and he didn't plan it now either, but what did he know?

Once they were back at the house, Father took him through the house and to the pool house. He noticed someone in the pool, and he was automatically curious. He knew bestfriend had a little sister, but he hadn't met her yet. [b "I really can't thank you guys enough for all this."]
  Nathan. / BooBear96 / 6d 23h 21m 54s
Serena was excited that her brother is returning! Not that he's bringing a friend which means he's going to show off and it'll annoy her. But hey Big brother John is coming! He's three years older than her. His parents are excited too. They did the ultimate cleaning inside and outside of the house. A big dinner was being cooked.

The girl ended up doing a few things last minute. When she got to the house she was told her brother missed the flight to break up with a girl but his friend should be arriving. Her father went to go pick him up. Fun. What is friend be a tool.

Serena was in the pool house adding the new towels, bed sheets and a few groceries in the fridge. Whatever his friend may need. Even extra towels, pillows, bed sheets and thanks to her mother a box of condoms because safe sex is great sex.

Somehow she was left alone. Dad picking up a stranger. Brother won't be there for a few more hours. Now her mother went to go get more groceries, beer, and wine. Sighing, she decided to swim for a little. Her parents won't eat until her brother is home. She'll eat after a few laps in the pool. Five minute into the pool she sees her dad bringing his friend towards the pool house. Serena goes under so she wouldn't meet him. She escapes while her father gives the kid a quick tour of the pool house.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 10d 19h 16m 15s

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