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[center [size12 Our Thoughts and Feelings About Life. Don't Like What You Read, Then Don't Read.]]


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[center [size12 I feel very alone. And I know he doesn’t want me to feel like that. But we talked about how I felt and he was so calm about it. Like I was shocked. He admitted to where he could do better. We both can. But he was more upset that I just push down my emotions about certain things in the house. Or the fact that I just don’t care anymore. As much as that eats him alive, he plays it off like it don’t. This man is just to strong for his own good. The fact that he can’t hold me while I cry hurts him too. I wish I wasn’t so emotional right now. I wish I could just go home already..]]
  precιoυѕ / SweetSerendipity- / 17h 21m 7s
So we're all working on things and I think that's a good thing. No wait it is a good thing. We are learning we need to be open and honest in how we feel and that we need to talk. Yeah it's not exactly what we want to be hearing but at least it is out there and we can work on it. A long road to be sure, but that's what life is. It's about growing and learning and facing those roads. Just because it'll be a ling road doesn't mean it can't be done. So honestly I am hoping for the best and have my fingers crossed this will all work out in the long run.
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[center [font "Ruda" Kind of want positive vibes in here, but I know how hard that can be sometimes. Been talking to David about my dad. It's just so hard right now. But I gotta learn not to be so angry. But do I regret what I said? Absolutely not. It's nothing but truth. And if my dad was here, he would know that it's nothing but truth. My dad knew what he was doing, and your all acting like he didn't. He did cruel things to me. But I still loved him with every inch of me. Cause even though he hurt me, he still didn't just ship me off either. You guys act like he's innocent. No, he ain't. I'll protect his back in anyway possible. But everyone already knows the truth. So. So don't come at me getting mad at me the things I said. You all LEFT him. ALL OF YOU. And your daughter was the one that decided that she was gonna get with another man, days after my dad passed away. But she loved my dad? Hm, okay. I don't believe that jack shit. Come at me with different things. Cause that part is going to be irrelevant. I don't blame anyone for his death, because what's the point of that? But from the sound of it, someone is the cause of the death. And if you are, I will come after you. If you did ANYTHING to my dad. I will hunt you down. If anyone is the reason they took my pride and joy from me. You have another thing coming.]]
  precιoυѕ / SweetSerendipity- / 2d 7h 44m 37s

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