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[center [pic https://78.media.tumblr.com/4e2b2143718a54df9a52777d5596e91a/tumblr_o09q7bWUCW1rstu7zo1_500.gif]]

[center [size12 Fred and George weren't the only twins in the Weasley family. After them came Ron and his twin sister, Eleanor. Though she very much prefers Ellie. The fourth member of Harry's group, best friends with Hermione, and another sworn enemy to Draco.]]

[center [size12 Life has always been an adventure when her and her brother met Harry Potter. But it has become a total whirlpool after playing the simple Muggle game, Truth or Dare. All she had to do was to kiss Draco! That was it. But things became less simple when she finds herself in a love triangle between Draco and Harry!]]

[center [size15 [b [u Characters;]]]]

[center Eleanor; [b Taken by Hana]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/TlNijvM.png]]
[center Harry;]
[center Draco; [b Taken by SheDevil]]
[center [pic http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/harrypotter/images/e/e2/Draco_Malfoy_hp6.jpg/revision/20141122213412]
[center Ron;]
[center Hermione; [b Taken by chopstix]]
[center [pic https://i.gifer.com/Qk05.gif]]
[center Luna]
[center Ginny]
[right [size10 More characters can be added.]]

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[center [size15 [b [u Rules;]]]]

[size12 First and foremost, I ask for a sample post of 1,500+ characters before accepting anyone. If you do not meet this limit than you will not be accepted.]

[size12 [b Pictures:] Real pictures. I like the pictures to look like they were done professionally, not in the bathroom mirror. I ask that no emo or scene pictures are used, unless I approve of them.]

[size12 [b Romance:] I do accept romance but not any quick ones. And no sex, take that somewhere else.]

[size12 [b Violence:] Most of my roleplays are drama or involve some sort of fantasy where fights break out, so I do except them. Just don't godmod the fight for the other person, each person can fight fairly than the two of you figure out who wins. Simple. Don't kill someone who didn't want to be killed off. Any godmodding and you're kicked out of the roleplay.]

[size12 [b Do Not Do This:] No spamming, if need be, I will make a chat room for the roleplay. If I haven't said it enough, no godmodding, people hate it. No fights against roleplayers, I am hoping everyone can get along. If you want to join this but you don't like someone in the roleplay, don't let that stop you from joining. If the two of you can be civil than awesome, if not, don't expect me to kick the other person out so you can join. Sorry. Also, no text talk or first person. Third person only.]

[size12 [b Doubling:] I only allow a certain amount of people for any roleplay. You are more than welcomed to double, at some point I might. But be sure you can handle it.]

[size12 [b Posting:] Alot of people are busy during the week and sometimes on the weekend for school and work, so I'm not going to push people to post in five days. I know how hard it is to post when you're trying to finish assignments or working. So if you join, please be okay with people taking some time to post I hate when people ditch because they're impatient. Good roleplays take time.]

[size12 [b Literate:] I ask that people can post 1,000+ characters per character. I know it can be hard but with the pressure off to rush, it gives you time to think of something awesome to type. Proper grammar and correct spelling is needed, I'm not saying it's a must because everyone makes mistakes but try your best and check your work. I know I tend to mess up but I try my best to make my posts great.]

[size12 [b Ditching:] Not sure I really need to explain this one much. But no one likes a ditcher. So if you join than you need to commit and not ditch.]


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