To Heal a Corrupted Heart

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After class had ended Soren waited for Kaed to rush out of the room complaining that he was hungry like he did every single day. Once he was out of the room Soren approached the teacher's desk and had his homework in his hands.

The teacher sighed when she saw who was standing before her. "Soren, I can't keep accepting your homework like this. Why don't you ever turn it in when the other students do?"

Soren scratched the back of his head. "M-My uhh... my bag is sort of messy so I tend to misplace my homework in there when it's time to collect the homework..."

The teacher looked concerned for a moment. "Are you sure it's nothing else?"

Soren paused and glanced at the doorway before shaking his head. "No-No ma'am... I'm alright... just a messy teenage boy."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 4d 11h 30m 25s
Iri rolled her eyes but took the paper regardless before handing the assignments to the teacher. "Anything else?"

"No," the teacher replied, "you may return to your seat."

With a brief moment, Iri did as instructed but placed the paper Kaed had given her on Cal's desk on her way back. "You'll get better use out of this."

Once Iri was seated the teacher spoke up again, "Now, since it's almost winter break in going to give you an an easy day. Over the course of the next few days we're going to watch a documentary on the rise and fall off the Roman Empire."

"Why," one student piped up.

"We haven't even studied the Roman Empire yet," another added.

"Would you rather I assigned you more work," the teacher questioned.

"No," various voices shouted, objecting to more homework.

"That's what I thought."
  Iri Jakobsson / Embrea / 6d 20h 57m 48s
Kaed winked at Irina and handed her a folded piece of paper that contained his phone number. "That's the only paper you need gorgeous."


Soren shuffled through his backpack but realized Irina had already moved on to the other students. When he finally found his homework he sighed softly and glanced up at the teacher. [i I wonder if the teacher will let me turn it in after class...]
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 6d 21h 46m 24s
"I'd rather not," Cal murmured as she took her seat.


Iri gave a small nod, and before looking to the front, said one more thing. "Let me know if you aren't feeling better. Someone should go with you to the nurse other than that friend of yours." She glanced over to Kaed, "He seems a bit self absorbed."

"Quiet now," the teacher commanded as he entered the room. "Now did everyone complete their homework?" There were a few mumbled 'no's mixed in with the various 'yes's and shuffled papers. "Miss Jakobsson!"

"Hm," Iri looked up from her desk.

"Please go around the room and collect everyone's homework."

Iri muttered something under her breath as she got up, grabbing her homework first. "I'm guessing you don't have it," she asked while looking at Soren's homeworkless desk. She didn't wait for an answer before she continued on to collect everyone else's, stopping last at Kaed's desk.
  Iri Jakobsson / Embrea / 6d 23h 37m 42s
Kaed smirked. "Because... She's the loveliest girl in our school and she has yet to acknowledge a single guy in our school. She's the toughest and best catch. And I'm the only one who deserves her." He took the small note from Cal and winked. "You could be a second." He gave a small wave before heading to his seat in class.


Siren nodded. "Thanks Irina... I'll be more careful." He spoke in a soft tone when he watched Kaed trot over to his seat. [i I hope he leaves her alone...]
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 7d 18h 37m 38s
"Why are you so desperate to get with Iri anyway," Cal asked.


Iri was about to ask what the meant by the when the saw pain flash across Soren's face. He seemed to space out for a bit then mentioned it was a headache "Here," she did through her bag and pulled out an unopened bottle of water. "I always carry extra with me just in case. If you're dehydrated, you'll need it." Placing the bottle on his desk she frowned, "But if that headache doesn't go away by second period you should probably go to the nurse."


Cal watched Iri for a few more seconds before looking back at Kaed and handling someone to him. "Look, she'll be at work tonight. This is the name of the movie store she works at."
  Iri Jakobsson / Embrea / 7d 20h 49m 59s
Soren glanced back at Kaed when Iri asked if he had finished the homework. "Y-Yeah, I did." He spoke in a soft tone. "Well... I mean.. kinda... I did but I didn't... It's hard to explain..."


Kaed glanced over at Irina who was now talking to Soren and his eyes narrowed. "I didn't realize they were buddy buddy... hey! Maybe he can put in a good word for me! And no Cal you're wrong there. Soren doesn't like anyone other than his textbooks. He's a total nerd." He busted out laughing.


Soren heard Irina's question and his face twisted slightly. "Heh... friend... yeah right..." He muttered softly before shaking his head and ruffling his hair with his hand. He looked down at his desk and sighed softly. [i If I could speak my mind I'd tell you to never give him the light of day because you're just something that he would use to boost his ego... But I'd feel the wrath even more if I said that and he found out... But if I tell her to go for it she would be the one suffering... Uuuugh...] He groaned slightly feeling a slight pain in his head. He looked up from his desk and it looked as though the room was shifting slightly. "W-What on??" He held his head in his hand feeling the sharp pain once again.

[i "If you were given the chance to have power... to have courage... to save those you care for... would you take the offer? Even if it meant overcoming a fierce battle over ownership of your soul?"]

The voice rang loud through his mind but as soon as it came it went just as quick. And the pain subsided. He shook his head. "S-Sorry... guess I'm probably dehydrated... Got a weird headache..."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 8d 18h 48m 55s
"Did you finish the homework" Iri asked.


Cal crossed her arms and shook her head at Kaed, "You should really just give up. Sir didn't like anyone. I should know, I'm her best friend."


At Kaed's remark about winning her heart followed by Soren's response, Iri sighed. "You're right, it isn't but, I appreciate knowing your concern." She rested her elbow on her desk and from there propped her head on her hand, looking at the brunette male next to get. "As his friend, you know what he is like. Would you recommend giving him a shot?"


"Though," Cal watched her friend, "it seems your friend likes her too."
  Iri Jakobsson / Embrea / 8d 19h 5m 4s
Soren tried to ignore Kaed's advances towards Irina but to no avail. He irritated him to the core. [i If only I could knock him down a peg... he thinks he's fucking royalty... but all he a pig headed douche.] A soft voice pulled him from his thoughts and when he turned his head his cheeks flushed slightly pink. "A-Ah, go-good morning, Irina." He bowed his head slightly.


Kaed felt Cal pat him and smirked. "She said I can keep trying though. That's a step forward I think. Soon her heart will be mine. Just you wait!"


When Soren heard Kaed saying that he would take Irina's heart his chest clenched. "Why does he think of her as an object..." He muttered softly not realizing he didn't keep his thoughts in his head. His face flushed red. "A-Ah... s-sorry... not my business."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 8d 19h 14m 21s
Iri walked into class with her friend Cal, discussing plans for the upcoming weekend. She'd couldn't help but laugh at the insane idea that came out of Cal's mouth. "That is a terrible idea! We'll get caught."

"Yes but," Cal smiled, "think of the excitement."

"There is no excitement in getting caught."

"Of course there is!"

"Only if the officer is cute," Iri teased before looking around the room. She caught a brief glimpse of Soren and smiled a bit before Kaed blocked her view. Before she could turn around she heard his voice and let out a bit of a groan. "I'm busy after school Kaed. Why don't you go flirt with someone else?"

Cal raised a brow at her friend's reaction to Kaed's advances and let out a small snicker. "How many times are you going to try Kaed? You've been after her since first year and she's rejected you every time."

"Labeling me 'Icy Irina' doesn't work in your favor either." Iri shifted her bag on her shoulder then brushed passed the black haired man and made her way to her desk. After a few steps she came to a stop and turned her head, a white braid sliding off her shoulder and down her back. "You're welcome to keep trying though," she winked before continuing on her way.

Cal covered her mouth to try and stifle a laugh, failing miserably. She brushed her blonde hair out of her face and gave Kaed a quick pat on the shoulder. "You have no chance."


Iri took a seat at her desk and looked over to Soren who seemed lost in thought. "Good Morning."
  Iri / Embrea / 8d 19h 23m 45s
An audible yawn passed through the young brunettes mouth as he stretched his arms in the air. "Dammit... I might be late again..." He murmured softly as he walked on the sidewalk heading to the school that he attended. Today was a day like any other. A boring regular day.

The young man in this story goes by the name Soren.


The brunette turned around only to see a black haired male run up behind him and practically knock him over when he threw his arm over his shoulders. "Kaed... what do you want?"

Kaed looked offended as he squeezed Soren's shoulders. "Is that anyway to treat your higher up? Can't I just say hi to a classmate?"

Soren sighed softly. "Yeah, sorry Hi."

Kaed grinned. "Now that that's out of the way. Did you finish last nights homework? I need to borrow it."

Soren gritted his teeth before brushing Kaed's arms off him. "Yeah. I left it at home though."

Kaed sighed. "What a bummer. Looks like you'll be getting an F on today's work same as me right?" He smirked slightly before noticing something of interest ahead of them. "Oooh Icy Irina. Let's see if I can take her home today."

At the mention of her name Soren's head shot up and he saw the white haired girl in his class. "Irina..." He murmured as his cheeks slightly turned pink. But his view of Irina was soon ruined from the buffoon Kaed dashing up to her trying to woo her.

"That damn pig headed dunce!" He growled between gritted teeth before shoving his hands in his pockets. "First he makes the comment about how I'll fail like him today... then he goes and flirts with Irina... why can't he just leave me alone..."


Kaed grinned. "Iri~ Looking gorgeous as always, I heard it might rain today, why don't you let me take you home tonight? I would feel awful if you caught a cold from walking home in the rain."
  Soren Kotsuki / PotatoPirate / 12d 20h 4m 28s

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