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Two brothers with two very different girls. One's a doppleganger out for her own interests, the other a werewolf who is also part doppleganger and is meant to align packs. Lets not forget Klaus wants to keep his "kingdom" and Elijah wants to keep an decades old promise made. Whatever could possibly go wrong?


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"In a nutshell...doesn't matter what you are...we're all at least halfway fucked up. Doesn't inspire hope for my retirement age," Savannah said with a dry smile. Neither were much for attachment but she liked the company tonight.

"You're one to talk," she said, paying for the drink before standing up. Danielle, for being only a small fragment now, she still liked to dress to impress though Savannah thought it was a waste.


"We did keep it. Until...he nearly killed Rebekah over Marcellus. There were others that died including the one I cared for. That was when we all parted ways until now," Elijah recounted. Despite the near hundred years he missed them.

"The endless amount of Mikaelson drama fails to cease," he mused.
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"One could say it that way if they wanted. But I do at least understand to some extent." The hybrid said with a shrug. He was still just lazing about at this rate and taking the rest of the night as it was to come.

A smirk came to his lips at her next words. Seemed that she had taken the offer of sorts for a chance at a "nice" night without their old battle. "So how about we dance then? There are still jazz clubs open. Unless you don't think you could keep up." The man challenged, taking another drink.


[b "Somehow she would have rathered it had been her than me.. It's not your fault she's gone. It's mine..I should have known not to be out there like that. She was always telling me to be more careful...and I never listened."] Her words were shakey though she was trying to keep the emotion from her words

She listened to the man and his words. [b "You promised always and forever? Even in the realm of supernatural world a promise like that one seems hard to keep.."]

And after she spoke, the girl took a seat and fell silent.
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"I am very sorry that I couldn't protect her," Elijah turned to her taking a sip. He flashed a smile before pondering that question. Looking around the walls he placed a hand on the brick. "I cannot tell you that. I have wondered many times as my family faded apart, always and forever, we said."

Returning back to the chair he stared ahead with a moment. One hundred years since Niklaus had nearly killed Rebekah.


"Sounds like you practice that religiously," Savannah commented dryly. Looking to him she sighed, attempting to place the situation and with whom she was with.

"No, it is not. So...dancing? I missed the jazz clubs since we were here. Not his dancing, though. God...he could actually do the Charleson but looked like he was having a seizure."
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"Had he mentioned his secret it was likely to put you and them in danger. So for him to do what he did meant he was trying to protect you." He was trying to actually be nice and to not make it worse. The man had known and knew pain so he could see that she was really suffering.

A faint laugh slipped from him at her next words. It was purely ironic how the two being enemies as they were now sat and were talking like friends. "We did call a truce for the night, love. And if I am correct the night isn't quite over yet."


[b "She used to tell me stories..none of them I believed until the changing... I really looked up to her..and still do."] The girl said quietly as her gaze had turned back to the man. Her cheeks were tinted a bright pink and she shook her head.

[b "So there is really no other way to deal with any of this?"]
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"I see his eyes look at me every day now. Reminding me that he was killed because I was a fucking idiot. I lost my best friend, mentor and companion...then he hid the biggest secret from me. That bastard," Savannah said with a mixture of anger and sadness, finishing that last drink she looked to him with a dry laugh.

"And I'm talking to an original that normally would like to see me dead than alive like we're friends."

That was the biggest irony of it all.


"That is the thinking of the youth, admirable but not likely done. If these doppelgangers or skinwalkers, whatever it is they like to call themselves. Wish to take over cities as they had before than it is a matter that ought to be dealt with," Elijah did not sit down. He paced across the floor.

"You're quite like her, Marnie, beautiful and kind," he added as an afterthought smiling thinly.
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This was a side he was not sure he would be seeing. Wasn't exactlt ready to see as he knew the woman to be strong and to be confident. But most of all he knew her to shut him and others out of her emotions or of ANYTHING that could be used against her. But through her words, Klaus could see her suffering and he felt in a sense bad for her.

"We have all loved and lost. And have all been through this. One would think that time could erase all the pain and yet it never does." The man said quietly. It was not really a comfort but it was his way to at least let her know she was not alone. Oh how he wished Elijah was the one here as the other man was better with feelings and dealing with them.


[b "You started what seems a never ending war. One that wouldn't be still going on now had things been dealt with differently.. But maybe it can be corrected somehow now.. History doesn't always have to repeat when you know what went wrong the first time."] Her words were thoughtful as she had listened to the man's words.

And when the drink had been poured, the young woman raised her glass to him before taking a sip.
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"It was the Spanish Inquisition. They started to conquer the Vatican which was at the center of the power. We had no choice but to attack, thus causing damage on both sides. I suppose no we could have gone about it better. We spent the next twenty years trying to prevent such an incident. We have failed," Elijah said finding the faults in his words. "What we had to do to exist, it has certain costs."

Pouring them both drinks, he handed one to her.


"This is the only bar here that has Kentucky Bourbon. He loves, loved, it. We'd have debates for hours since I'm from Georgia and mine was better. We had an argument here for an hour once until they kicked us out," Savannah said not lifting her head. "You'd think...you lived long enough...stared hell and lived. It wouldn't feel worse than hell, but it's worse."

She let out a breath, trying to reign in the emotions but tonight that wouldn't happen.
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The man had been watching as Savannah had left. Or rather who he would assume to be Savannah as she seemed to have changed her forms again. Not that he could blame her as he knew skinwalkers to change to keep their secrets. It was when she was out of sight did he himself leave the compound.

For a while, the Original did hunt some of the vampires who had turned on them and try for information. But it seemed they were useless to him and could not produce what he needed. To clean his mess, Klaus did kill them and then found his way to the bar. Drinks were needed.

When getting to the bar, Klaus had not expected to find the little doppleganger. The smart thing would have been to leave her. But he was not known to being smart. "So come to places like this often?" Klaus asked as he took a seat.


[b "Those books you showed me before. The history.."] She said quietly as she remembered the nights they had been in the library. And she couldn't help feeling bad for Savannah or the Mikaelsons. From what she was able to gather all had rough lives. Her own wasn't a walk in the park but it was a fae stretch from what the others went through.

A smile came to her lips at the mention of drinks. [b "I think we both could use one."] Marnie said, following after the man
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In 1994 she had sat at this bar, in this spot next to Ogden. They had just been in Houston and he liked to take some time off between the action, to keep them refreshed. Now years later she sat alone with only her memories.

Danielle was better and less known, but that wasn't saving her. Resting her head in her hands. She would have killed the vampire if she knew it wouldn't provoke Klaus, and that pup.


"There's little else to do at times. Doppelgangers can be difficult but Niklaus and I found silver works quite well. We had a time where we had to manage a problem," Elijah explained. "Would you care for a drink?"

He started towards the library, which served, where they had the expensive drinks.
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From the way the woman looked at his brother and from her spoken words, Klaus could tell she was more than angry. And it truth it almost made him think of what he had felt himself. He ALMOST felt he could relate to Savannah though he would be damned to admit it. Sharing was not his thing and displays of emotion he had found to be dangerous and a weakness. Though he would be keeping an eye on her.

"If what she says is true, then she won't. And if you lay a hand on her, brother I will be the one you are going to deal with." Klaus said, voice and words equally as dark as he walked off. He needed to get ready for a little outing of his own


A shiver went down her spine as dark gaze had been locked on the woman. She had pushed her questions and she knew it. But instead of fully backing down, the younger woman nodded. [b "Yes ma'am."] She muttered as both Klaus and Savannah left them

When Elijah had come up to her, the girl noticed the softer look and offered a weak smile. [b "You did what you had to.. And yeah...If you count finding something like this out..']
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Savannah eyed Elijah as he moved away. Vampires. She pushed off the wall before looking to the pup, feeling undignified and angry.

"Sharing circle is over. We start early tomorrow," she said stalking towards her room. Tonight she wasn't likely to stay in. There was too much flowing and it could become unstable.

She did just that, looking for the clothes for the taller blonde clothes. She really needed tags for that.


"You know that what danger they bring, and now it's to my charge, Niklaus. She brings anything to her, I will end that woman," Elijah said simply to Niklaus before walking away. This was one of those instances where he would not stand for this.

Walking up to Marnie his expression softened. "Pardon the display? Are you okay?"
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Elijah was usually good to his word. But why the man was keeping the promise of keeping the little pup safe was beyond him. Though he did have to admit this little show was more than amusing. And for once it wasn't him acting on his impulses.

"So we keep the pup out of this. Did you find tonight what you had been looking for?"

Marnie would not be telling them what she and Savannah had agreed on. The training and the wolf pack. That would only make all of this worse. As did the woman's words as they made her literally sick.

[b "But why...or how did you get out?"] The young woman could not stop the question as she noted the woman did not seem part of that "family unit" she had just spoken of.
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Savannah didn't remember when she had been this still. This was next to her heart, while it was easier for other species to be ripped into, not doppelgangers. The cockroaches of the supernatural world.

Keeping her eyes on the pup she couldn't think of what Ogden would say now. "Any child of a doppelganger belongs to that group becoming a family unit. Her mother was born outside of that family, out of love, and they'd claim her. It'd either be breeding, she's too old to be a guerilla warrior, or death."

She looked back to Elijah. "You need me to keep your promise so get that damn blade away from me before I remind you why true doppelgangers are a threat."

Elijah didn't take to the threat but took the dagger back. "If she is hurt in anyway, I will do twicefold to you."
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When Elijah had flashed to Savannah with the silver knife and held it to her chest, the man flashed to his side. "Usually I'm the impulsive one, brother. So are you really going to do it?" He asked with a smirk. As much as he loved his brother to be proper, Klaus could not help but to be amused when this side showed and then stepped back.

His green-blue gaze was now going between the little pup and the skin-walker. "So you want to keep the pup out of this? Wouldn't it help you to have someone or something on the inside?" Honestly he didn't care what happened and he was still in his own way trying to get answers out of the woman. Though he knew his words would not be helpful and would only serve to push his brother farther.

Marnie stood back, almost wincing when she saw the silver blade. She knew now what Elijah had been meaning earlier and her dark gaze was locked on the woman.

[b "No...it doesn't. But now I get it."]
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Elijah kept her nearby, especially after the dinner and when Savannah usually retreated. In a flash he had a silver blade against her heart when she was outside of her room.

"I believe we are owed answers from you. I happen to know that silver is very painful for your kind as well," Elijah began.

Savannah eyed the knife, one move and she'd be scarred for life. "It takes you this long?"

Elijah gave a sound moving it closer. He didn't have time for her games.
"Answer me now, I happen to have taken care of a few skinwalkers many years ago."

"Do you really want her to know?" Savannah asked looking to Marnie. "You know if she is one of us, then it's bound to be fucked up. I'd keep her in the dark if I was you."

"Who is Ogden?" Elijah demanded.

"Her grandfather, and he's dead. If they know about her...they'll be all over her and you don't want to know what they'll do. Does that make you feel better, pup?"
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