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He could hear the bones shifting as well as the faint grunts and moans. The vampire didn't need to see it to know the change that was taking place. Not as bad as a werewolf's but there was still shifting and changing of bones. It wasn't a sight that he found appealing and why he had decided not to watch.

It was the soft shifting of the material and feet on the floor that let him know she was done. And once more the Original was watching the woman. Interesting how the last had been brunette and this one blonde. But he kept the comments to himself.

"Good luck. And I have to find something out myself." He had heard about his brother being back and now he wondered how true that was.


The man had helped her bury the woman and she had rested some of the roses from the bush over the earthy patch. Brown eyes were on the ground as she heard Elijah speak his words. [b "She was the strongest woman I ever knew...she..if it wasn't for her I would be dead.."] The girl said quietly.

Slowly she looked up at the man and brushed a couple stray tears away. [b "I've never been to New Orleans...but I have heard it's a wonderous place.."] She said slowly and was mentally kicking herself as she had not told the man her name. [b "I'm Marnie...or Aria.."] She mumbled
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To her it was a body, it didn't matter who saw or did what to it. It was just clothing for her. Her own form was sacred though, strange considering she held nothing valuable in her life. Why? It was all taken.

Unlike werewolves, the change wasn't as drastic. There was still a lot of displacement, sliding against the second skin. There was no sounds of pain, just grunts, and some moans.

Afterward, she made sure that everything was in place and dressed in the business suit.

"Great, I'll see you tonight then," she said. "There's outside business to attend to."


There had to be bodies. He gathered the bodies up and took care of them in the vampire way before helping to bury Ellie. It had been one reason he had not remained as he was and she would not remain the same.

"I'm sorry for your loss, I knew her only briefly in her lifespan. She was a strong, beautiful woman. The veil will take her and she'll be happy," Elijah said looking to her with a small smile. "Have you ever been to New Orleans before?"
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[b "She told me when she wrote to you...said that I would meet an old friend that might be able to help with...with whatever this is. At the time I didn't think she was..."] But Marnie snapped her mouth shut as she once more looked between Ellie and Elijah. The gentleness suggested to her more than friends. But she would not question the man.

After another moment, the young woman darted up the steps into the house and soon was back with a duffle bag. They were the things that meant the most to her and what she needed.

[b "Can...can we bury her before we go?"]


Her words were amusing and almost seemed to him she wanted to start something. And truly he would have welcomed it. But as it stood they were wasting time and time was precious. It meant the sooner they got this done, the sooner they would be put of the other's hair.

"So we have a deal." The Original muttered as he moved to leaning on the other side of the frame to let her change in peace. He had as she said heard it and seen it all before. But he so hated to watch it.
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That other hunter had to be around. He smoothed her hair one more time, it was his fault for being here.

There was just one more...and he'd find him. Looking at the new girl, before going back to Ellie.

"It's too late, the hunter is getting away now. I suggest you take what you cherish and need most," Elijah sad before thinking on it. "I was a friend of your great aunts. I'm Elijah...."

He was already working on what to do from here.


"Others may go on about 'the hybrid' or king of French Quarter. I don't care. I gave up caring about these preordered societies when it--" Savannah stopped before taking a dignified breath. "I agree, it would help us both out."

Starting to focus her mind on the blonde she closed her eyes going into peace. "I need to change now, in both senses. I'm sure you have seen and heard it all before."
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The man did use the same story as the night before but he had watched her enough to find she was fond on alcohol and so figured he could bribe her with that. For a moment he was not sure if she would be accepting his offer or once again refusing. And even if it was but a minute, the vampire could say his patience was wearing thin as he was never known for patience.

"That arrangement sounds fair. But it is to mean you stay out of my business as well when I choose to conduct it. Silent 'roommates' if you will." Klaus said as he gave the woman a faint smile. It seemed he had his way for the most part and they could better fine tune terms later.


The blood was what drew Marnie back to the house. Back to seeing her great aunt dead in a pool of her own blood. And back to seeing the man beside her. The first thought was that he had done it and the wolf wanted to attack, but then upon closer look she could see the pained expression. She could see how gentle he was with Ellie.

With a shake of her head, the wolf slipped behind some trees and shifted back to being the human her and came out wearing a black top and some skinny jeans. Her hands were in her back pockets and dark gaze on the vampire and Ellie. She couldn't seem to find her voice. All she could do was stare
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"She may not be pretty but she has good bones. The third floor is useless but I like her," Savannah looked to the old bricks and wood fondly for a moment. There was sadness, as well, but selling most of the safe houses. She would need it for her crusade.

"Same story as last night with less contact and a good word in there," she said placing the dress on the bed she looked back to him. "Right, well, if I agree. I go in and out as I please, sometimes I don't explain but it's not your business, either. Okay?"

She hated that he made sense. Grabbing the dress again she made her way to the changing area.


It was easy to find the other hunter. The hunter was in pursuit, rendering him unconscious he followed the sudden smell. It as a lot of blood. That could only mean Ellie was in harms way. Growling he ran back there as quickly as he could.

"Ellie!" He said before finding the lifeless body. Throwing the man next to him, knowing his neck cracked. "Oh, poor dear, I'm sorry..." He said smoothing the hair. He would go to his brother now, this was personal.
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Running was always a good way for her to escape and to feel free. Honestly if it weren't for Ellie, Marnie would have lost her patience and her temper hundreds of times. It really was the elderly woman and her understanding that kept the young woman sane and she was more thankful for that then even she let on.

As she ran, Aria froze with the scent of blood and..something she had never smelled before coming to her. The smart choice would have been to run away but her curiosity had gotten her and so she was trying to find the source of it.


Klaus still remained in the doorway, watching the woman. From her demeanor and her words he could tell that she was annoyed. Served her right since she had run and made him have to hunt her down. So he let her hang for a moment or two before he began his words.

"This place for one looks rather old and like it could fall to pieces. And if you come back to the compound I have more than enough liquor to keep anyone happy. All sorts and kinds to try. It would benefit us both as we can each keep an eye on the other. Clearly you don't trust me and I don't you. And IF we should ever need the other's assistance we would not have to hunt the other down for such a need."
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"I cannot allow you to do such a thing. I am immortal and cannot die from a bite, at it's worse I will become ill," Elijah insisted while listening. "You cannot help her if you are harmed."

In a flash he was gone finding one of the hunters. The fool thought that the vervain would affect him, but he had his heart before he knew it. NOw there was one more, wait, two more but the other was by the house.


First find this granddaughter, that was what he needed to do.


There was a sound from her lips somewhere between disbelief and annoyance.

Glancing to the phone she placed it in her pocket sheddng out of the jacket on the chair. It was sparse, but open, and the view was great. Except for the construction.

"When did so much work begin here? We loved the view," she said before going into her the makeshift closet for the next form's clothes. Without looking to him she pulled out a business outfit. "Shoot."
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The woman could hear the faint stirrings but she didn't seem to think much of it. There were always creatures and the leaves moving within the woods as the two were just coming to the entrance of it. The only thing that had made her freeze was the tone of Elijah's words as he spoke them.

"I can't leave her in there..and I can't have you going near her as a wolf especially if she doesn't know you. I'll take my chances." The woman said quietly, not at all realising what was to come.


It had taken almost the full night to hunt the brunette down after she had gotten away. Only had he not gone straight for her when he realised she was putting someone to rest. Unfeeling as many would call him, Klaus did have a soft spot for such things.

"I am not always as bad as people like to call me." The man said from the doorway as he could not enter without an invitation. Oh the joys of being half vampire. But his eyes were still upon the woman, following her even. "I have a proposition for you."
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Flashing the fake ID she looked to the bottles before settling on the 1995 bottle of Borbon. It wasn't the warehouse district much anymore, not like in 1995. Her place was still in a factory, a building still owned by one of Ogden's form. Maybe she should sell it, she could use the extra money.

With the Borbon at hand and a small box. She didn't say any parting words just placed the small box of ashes in the river, took a long hard drink of the bottle, and dumped the rest in the river.

Back in the location, she sighed her skin beginning to tingle.

"Now I remember why I really don't care for vampires. At least you didn't interrupt this morning. That was nearly polite," she sighed dropping the bag.


Taking her arm he gave her a smile. Though it was wondering of what would have happen. Likely this would have happened, only his brother could create hybrids. At least he had heard that.

He listened to the wolf before looking to her. "I will remain right here while you find her."

There was another stirring. He stopped, listening closely. "Ellie, darling, you should get back in the house and remain guarded. I believe there is company."
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The man was right. If he went alone and IF Marnie was in her wolf form then she would attack without thinking. Wolves and vampires were meant to be mortal enemies, which the woman had always found ironic. "Yes.. that is very true." She said quietly, her own eyes having once more gone back to her collection of photographs when she had been able to look away from the window. This was very hard for the both of them, though she had not counted on it being this bad.

A faint smile graced her lips as she returned the man's smile. How long had it been since she had seen it? And still it served to warm her just as it did all that time ago to where the faint smile she had been giving had become genuine. "As it is good to see you. This way if you will.." The woman said, holding an arm out to the man.


Klaus was beyond irritated as he had wanted to keep the debate with the woman and get her to come back with him. But as it stood, the two had to pretend this was normal. However, the man could more than notice the amount of hate "Skyler" seemed to habour towards the man.

Green-blue eyes went to the card he had been handed and yet another thin lipped smile traced his lips. "I am sure we will be in touch again soon." He said as the man went off and JUST as he turned the woman was gone.

Being even more angry than when he had come, Klaus left. It seemed now he had a woman hunt on his hands.
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"Perhaps you'd be so kind to lead the way, Ellie? I do remember how wolves are when a vampire is present. I may not die but it is an uncomfortable amount of days for everyone involved," Elijah rose and smiled towards him. It was hard to not look at the pictures again. It was equally hard for her as well, it seemed.

"It is good to see you again," he said truthfully and smiled towards her.


The flash of memories unnerved her for a second. Ogden would say she had made a statement, and now the dogs were sniffing. Even dead the bastard was right.

In this moment she had only herself.

"It may be an early night tonight. There are always other nights though, I'm excited to meet the new people here," she said flashing a momentarily flirty look. That made her feel disgusting on the inside.

"Here's my card," the man said handing over a card and walking away.

Savannah took distraction of this moment and slipped through a small crowd entering. Then through what she assumed was a bachelorette party.
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The spark in her eyes intrigued the man and for a moment he thought she was going to act on it. It would have given him an idea of what she was capable of as it would allow him to show her how he came by his title. So when she had only the retort to give, Niklaus could not say he was not didappointed. "You know why you would be seen as such. Especially when I don't know your true face." He replied just as evenly.

Oh there would have been more he would have liked to say or do, but a man who looked to be in his thirties and a playboy had come up to him. And already their was an air of ignorance that made even Klaus stiffen and even want to kill him.

"It is early and I believe some have work to attend to. But I have the idea we shall not miss the pleasure?" Klaus asked, only JUST managing to mask his annoyance and offering a tight lipped smile.


"Sadly these things are a part of life. But thank you...the compliment means a lot coming from you." The woman said, trying her best to mask any of the old pain. It was best for her to learn not to show too much emotion as when she did it was hard to recompose herself.

Her eyes went to the window when he asked where he may find her. "She likes to spend her time in the woods nearby. To her it is easier than dealing with people. I think she said she was going for a 'run'..which means she shifted.."
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Savannah grasped the bag tightly looking towards him, the flash of anger in her eyes before she forced all that down. Stay in character, stay calm.

"I'm going to take that as a compliment you view me as such a threat. Staying in that fortress is not happening, though," she said with a tight smile before there were steps approaching.

He was mid-thirties, handsome playboy, but had an expensive outdated watch on. Houston. "Why are ya'll leaving so soon? It's a shame to not talk to such a vibrant couple."

"It's such an early morning, isn't it, baby?" She asked with a vibrant smile. It took everything to not attack him right now.


"He's always been a king. Overcompensating, I'm afraid," Elijah said. There was always more to say like the temper, need for control, and all that. There was also great traits.

Listening to the history he nodded. "I'm sorry for your loss. She has had a wonderful role model at least for the last few years. Where may I find her?"
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The man did not let go of her wrist when she tugged back. In fact, his grip only tightened and his eyes stayed locked with hers, facials as even as ever. "It is both eifficiency and keeping an eye on you. So having you stay will be much better." Klaus said.

He had no intents on letting her go. To have a doppleganger around was dangerous. There was the fact that she could change at any time and he of course could be double-crossed. This way he had at least an idea of what she would be doing.


"I remember you having once said that if I ever came across him that running would be the best thing to do.. And he is now the self-proclaimed King of New Orleans." She said quietly as she gave him a letter she had gotten from a wolf pack in that area.

The woman was thoughful of his next question. "Her mother was a foreign wolf who married into the pack. My sister's son. But she never told us much about her past. The most she said was that she had to stay hidden." Ellie said quietly. "Her parents were killed when she was five and she lived with Sophia since. It was when she was seventeen did Sophia die and she come to live here with me."
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