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Two brothers with two very different girls. One's a doppleganger out for her own interests, the other a werewolf who is also part doppleganger and is meant to align packs. Lets not forget Klaus wants to keep his "kingdom" and Elijah wants to keep an decades old promise made. Whatever could possibly go wrong?


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"The Carousel is a bar that opened in the late 1800's, a personal favorite of mine while Niklaus preferred the petty bars located closer to our home. Our brother, Kol, happened to like entire apartment buildings for entertainment," Elijah explained with a dry tone, opening the door for her, one drive later they stood outside French doors.

Inside the bar a carousel served as a bar, bright colors in a French style made Elijah smile. "I prefer not to go to the Bayou, a dreadful smelling place."


If the safe house hadn't been in less than desirable condition before after would have been worse. Savannah had far better stamina that most creatures out there with the unique structure, she felt an accomplishment for keeping up with Klaus through most of the night.

Light broke through the windows when she opened her eyes feeling tension gone, but muscles stiff. Rubbing her scar she let out a soft sound.
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Allure had not been his best use of the word once he thought about it. But that was just the problem. With her and in the moments they were spending, Klaus was losing most of his senses. Lust and passion seemed to be his driving forces and she was all perfection. Called to him perhaps like a drug of sorts even.

It didn't take long for her lips to take his again or for one of her long slender legs to wrap about him. An arm went around her as he pulled her closer, perfectly happy to take her in. Perfectly happy that their night had led to this.


It was not lost on her how the man made sure to let her know there was still much to see. Nor was is lost that he seemed to be trying to make the night seem special. [b "Is it only seeing? Or can we get close to it?"] Marnie asked with a smile of her own as she took the offered hand.

She was dreading being a part of the other werewolves. Of leaving those she was becoming fond of. But she knew what she had to do. [b "Maybe...could we go for a run too? Later I mean..before the dawn?"]
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"Allure," Savannah said in amusement, not minding the dress being destroyed. She had to update the wardrobe despite her best attempts to remain up to date. Call it old age, she didn't care anymore. Pressing her mouth against his, she moved one long leg around him.

This form was considered "perfect" save a four-inch scar on her lower back to upper butt. Running her nails down his back she took him in with satisfaction.


"There's still more to see tonight. Would you like to go to The Carousel?" He asked once the ferry ride was done. The French Quarter hardly slept, while Algiers did. A prime time for hunting on drunk prey as he had done countless times to cover his tracks.

Stepping off he held his hand out to her with a smile. The idea of her going to the werewolves soon fresh in his mind.
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The man truly was more loyal to family than he let on. Lonelier too. It was in those moments that Marnie could see what had drawn Ellie in when it came to the Original. But more than that..she found that in some sense they could relate to the other. Funny she knew in an ironic way but still she found him enduring.

[b "I might ask more later. But maybe we can just enjoy the Quarter and the city?"] She asked as they fell into silence. It was more a comfortable one than anything. And as they came to certain areas, the little wolf would stop and ask about the art work or the buildings. Actually she asked ao much as there was so much she did not know.


The woman was fun. And she was so very much more than a 'ragdoll' as she had put it. Though he could not help his chuckle when she had pulled back ans told him she still needed to breath. He should have known but he was very eager and excited for this night.

"Sorry but you allure me. Make me lose myself." The man whispered as she took the time to lift his shirt from him. And in turn, Klaus ripped her dress as he could not be bothered to be "nice" to the barrier restricting him from what he wanted
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"That's enough history for one night. It is good to be home, soon to become your home," Elijah smiled to her, his eyes never strayed from the lines of the city. Ellie had once told him that it was not the city he missed rather his family. "That is unless you would care to ask history questions. I cannot guarntee that the answer is pure."

A calm night seemed the working order. In his mind he wondered about his brother and this new mess he found himself in. Silence seemed the most viable answer in that case.


What the hell would Ogden say? She almost giggled at the thought.

After thoroughly exploring his hair she took to exploring what flesh she could feel. Pausing in the kiss she chuckled to him. "I may be a ragdoll but I still need to breath," she mused before taking this moment to pull his shirt up. When in New Orleans, this was all fair game.
  Devil / Turadh / 5d 20h 42m 9s
The Original had no complaints as the woman kissed him back and tangled her fingers in his hair with her other hand slowly exploring his chest. The man could say this was not where he saw the night leading but that was what made it all the more "magical". This was a night off for them. One of no worries or being bound by their usual hate. Not to mention a lot of drinks and dancing, so that had to have esculated things a bit.

Klaus' arms were around the woman and in an instand he had them flashed to the bed and and had her lying down, never to break the kiss. His hands began to roam and to feel, taking her all in.


Marnie was leaning over the railing as she listened to the soft humming of the couples around them. But she was able to focus and listened to Elijah's words. They at least to her seemed filled with a form of sorrow. But to her they left an image of beauty. So she could see both ends.

[b "Do you miss the first time you had seen it all?"] She asked, bringing her brown gaze to rest upon the man.
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Savannah smirked to him pushing aside the normal concerns. While it was her body, the appearance would not match. She kissed back with the same amount of passion moving one hand to his hair the other running down his shirt playing with the bottom.

A night off, whiskey and dancing, was bound to lead to a night like this. Working in such close contact would fuel it further. Right now, her hands explored his chest with satisfaction.


"When we first arrived , we saw this view, it was the year 1800 and it all was just a small section. I remember feeling hopeful that the fear would all end, instead we all lost much here. Everywhere away from the French Quarter was swampland but there was beauty to it," Elijah explained staring at the French Quarter glittering against the water.

The ferry was filled with romantic couples and families he leaned against the railing contentedly.
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What was it about the woman that allured him so? That made him seem lost to desire and to lust? She was different for absolute certain. A skin-walker for one. An enemy to him and his family. But there was much more to her. A form of kinship between them if one could venture to call it that. And for one night, Klaus could throw caution to the wind. He would allow himself to be a slave to his desire and hers as well.

When she broke away from their kiss, a faint sound of displeasure slipped from him. But he did regain himself. "Do you want to see it go?" He questioned. Depending upon her answer, the man was debating buying the place or trying to find who had.

As soon as she was kissing him again, Klaus had the woman against the wall returning her kiss and pressing against her. It was clear that kisses would not be all he was wanting this night.


The man seemed almost sad even with that smile that graced his lips. Hardly did she see it meet his eyes. And when it did, it was the rare moments they were alone and he was teaching her. Helping her to learn more of the world she found herself in. And truly, Marnie was sad to see it go. She had grown fond on the vampire..far fonder than any werewolf should be. But it could not be helped as he was gentler..kind even.

[b "You know.. I've never been on a ferry before. Or seen the Quater at night. So please can we?"] She asked and gave him her best puppyish pout, using the fact that she was a werewolf to her advantage
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Vampires were vampires. He was different, ans this proved to be the issue.

Giving a soft sound she melted against him. The rare display of lust tickled her as she pulled her lips away after a minute. "This way then..."

The house didn't say good shape but it was decent. She had it cleaned up when she came back. "A company is buying this place for 25,000. I can't believe it. Apparently they found it's important, it's probably why he bought it. He always had cash and two safe houses."

Taking off the boots she turned back to him and kissed him again, this felt nice.


Elijah smiled knowing the subject was best left to her. Perhaps this marriage would be best. That would mean losing another again. The never ending cycle began to wear on his bones.

"Then I shall show you the Quarter," Elijah nodded. Most popular was the bars, though he didn't go much.

"What would you like to see at night? There's a ferry ride that's quite enchanting."
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There had been very few over the years who could make him feel the very fire that he now felt in his core. And it so happened that she was one of them. Perhaps it was the feeling of flesh upon flesh. Or perhaps it was the fact deep down they were the very same. There happened to be a form of companionship and belonging that was not there when with others. An unspoken understanding if one could call it that.

"Perhaps you could show it to me then, love." He said with a smirk and his eyes alight with mischief. But before she could speak, the man pressed harder against her and once more claimed her lips for his own.


[b "Those traditions have been...Well I don't need to tell you. You've seen how it works."] The girl said lamely. But she did find meaning in his words. And she hoped that he would follow his own advice. Hoped that he would find his happiness even though she would follow what was expected.

Her hand took his as she stood and a smile slipped to her lips. [b "It would be nice to get out and see the city."]
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"Ah yes, the aged tradition of marriage for gaining powers. There may be flaws to what they have in mind. While you marry, the feelings must be mutual, or it will simply be useless," Elijah said with a quick, mirthless smile. "You ought to...be free...I spent my entire life serving an ideal. And to be free is the greatest freedom you can have."

He held a hand out to her and smiled. "Would you like to see the best view of New Orleans?"

If that would be her decision, than he had no say, otherwise he keep her safe.


Melting into him she closed her eyes feeling the strange tide of passion pass through. She was a stranger to this feeling on most days. Flesh was flesh, easily exchanged and did not define a person. She grew to like the fire inside of him and how he, much like her, was a monster inside.

Resting a hand on his neck, the other on his shoulder she pulled back for air. "There's still one safehouse here that hasn't been sold yet," she smirked to him, keeping her lips close to his.
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The man's words srruck and she was sure he knew that they would. And if it wasn't the words that had, it was thise eyes and seeing the pain within them. Clearly this was all spoken from having been there and done it. Actually he as good as told her that just then and earlier when mentioing 'forever and always'.

What would she give for a choice? To finally be free of what her family had caused? Probably almost anything. Or she would have had it her aunt's death not been on her hands. It had been because of her Ellie was gone.

[b "If I had the choice.. I would want to go somewhere far away from here.. All of this. To see the world and what it has to offer. But I can't. A deal was made between the packs when I was a little girl.. So I have to see it through. If I don't...you know what wolves can be like."]


The woman had given him so much he could use against her. And he would indeed be keeping it all in mind. It would certaintly make things all the more fun, or rather easier to have her do his bidding.

But for the moment, it was pleasure he wanted. Not business. Not the city. And it seemed she felt the same as she pulled him closet and melted her lips to his. As soon as their lips connected, the man's hands were on her waist and he pulled her all the closer.
  Dance / SheDevil / 36d 15h 16m 58s
Laying out her desires to the Original Hybrid, in hindsight, was a terrible choice. What he could do with that especially since she had laid out what had been her home for ten years.

Placing those thoughts aside, she chuckled lightly in amusement. Wrapping her arms around his neck, leaning in she caught his lips against hers. Relishing the feel. For one night she could put aside the enemy line and just be.


"This life is not...it's not what is good...to have your life devoid of what you truly love. Instead, it is one crisis after another and never relents. It is why I left Niklaus when I did because I couldn't bear another minute without my life. What will you do, Marnie?" Elijah said lowly, eyes filled with regret. "Will you be swept in by every tide that happens? Or will you decide to make a life that is our own that brings you peace? You have a choice."

Elijah would have it with her, if he knew that his brother wasn't secretly in deep pain.
  Devil / Turadh / 36d 15h 53m 42s
So the woman did have a want to live her life and a want to be free. She too it appeared wished for the simpler and even happier times. "Ah and that would be nice. So much more poetic than the here and the now." He said, almost picturing her in the life she described.

As the song became more sultry, Klaus was not lost to her dancing closer or her little smirk. And slowly, the man moved closer and pulled her up against him, keeping rhythm with her. Why not have a little fun?


[b "I never had the choice in what I wanted. It was why I resented almost everyone and pulled back... So to ask me that.. it's not fair.."] Her eyes would not meet the man's and her words were laced with more a sadness than she meant.

She didn't want to do what she was going to do. But she had given her word and now would have to keep it
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"You know, that might have been fun. Those were less angry, more survival times...less rage and more boredom. Now, I just want to go back to Italy. Eat, some sex, and restore that villa before calling my life good," she said with some peace. She'd have it after taking care of Houston and Marnie.

The dancing was fun, she felt more of Danielle come through as a sultry song came on. Dancing closer to him she smirked.


Elijah pulled slightly away but sat closer to her.

"What life is it that you wish to live? I'll take you to the Crescents tomorrow but I don't wish for you to have a violent life," he said placing a hand on hers. It seemed unlikely that he'd get his wish.

To see her change would bother him tremendously.
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