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[b [center When New York Police Officer Clarke Henry and his partner confront a crazed psycho holding someone hostage in an abandoned building things take a turn for the weird when the suspect displays demonic abilities and possesses Clarkes partner]]

[b [center Soon an unlikely ally from outside the building rushes to help and kills his possessed partner. Turns out this man was a wizard from a different world called Gielinor and the crazed psycho was from there as well trying to get back by performing a ritual sacrifice.]]

[b [center Clarke learns from the man that Gielinor is in peril and that he is the only one who can save it by preventing a terrible war from happening at the end of The Fifth Age and retrieve an item known as The Stone of Jas]]

[b [center A portal soon opens and Clarke goes through it.]]

[b [center This is his story and many others around the world of Gielinor, lies will be told, friendships will be betrayed, graves will be dug, and destruction will happen]]

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[h3 [b [i [center CHAPTER THREE - The Iron Blade]]]]

The next day Clarke was fending off goblins near Draynor so he could progress to the next tier of weaponry: Iron.

Duncan sat close by watching him.

Clarke stabbed his bronze sword through the goblins eye and pulled it out as green blood sputtered out from the eye socket. "Disgusting!"

"Get used to it. The world of Gielinor isn't peaches and cream. You are going to see lots of blood during your journey." Duncan said. He stood up and pointed at the dead goblin. "Don't forget to loot them. Check their pockets, sacks, hell even slice them open and you'll find all sorts of goodies!"

Clarke sighed and sifted through the dead goblins pockets and pulled out some gold coins; 10gp.

"That's just enough to get you into Al-Kharid. Not a bad place if you're into duelling and deserts." Duncan told Clarke. "Also goblins aren't going to help you here. You want to really progress to the Iron tier? Follow me towards Varrock."

Clarke sighed. "Why Varrock?"

"I know of a faction there that can help you. They usually go on hunts a lot and help people start their journey into the big world itself. A group of fighters if you will." Duncan said.

Clarke nodded. "Well then lead the way buddy."

Duncan smiled and they both left Varrock.

[h3 [b [i [center Varrock City - South District]]]]

The two reached the south gates of Varrock as the dark mages eyed them. "Pay no attention to those crazy loons. Always hanging about trying to act all tough." Duncan said as they passed through the gates. "We're going to the west district. The faction is located south of the west bank." He said as they stopped in the center district/town square.

"You think if I throw a gold piece into that fountain I could make a wish?" Clarke asked.

Duncan shrugged. "Never hurts to try."

Clarke thought for a few seconds and threw 1gp into the fountain. Soon a bald man in an olive green shirt and dark green pants walked by, noticed the lone coin in the fountain and grabbed it before walking off. "Hey that guy just walked off with my wishing coin."

"Free money mate." Was all Duncan could say.

"But it was just one gold piece..." Clarke replied.

"Free. Money. Mate." Duncan reiterated.

Clarke was flabbergasted. "Well okay then."

"So what did you wish for anyway?" Duncan asked as they stared at the fountain.

"That a portal would open up right here and I could go back home." Clarke said.

"And how did that work out for you?" Duncan inquired.

"Just like in my world, wishing fountains are scams." Clarke said.

Duncan chuckled and they both left towards the west district.

[h3 [b [i [center Varrock City - West District]]]]

They arrived at the west district and stood in front of the bank.

"Wow this bank is bigger than the one in Draynor." Clarke said.

"Welcome to Varrock, where everything is bigger." Duncan replied. "The alley is where we need to go. Behind us."

Clarke just stared at him. "Yeah...In my world we usually don't go into random alleys. Good chance to get mugged or murdered."

"Well good thing you got your old pal Duncan to protect you!" Duncan said.

Clarke rolled his eyes and followed Duncan into the alley next to the smithy.

"Right here. This house next to the abandoned one." Duncan knocked on the door and the small rectangular window slid open before a pair of eyes appeared.

"Password?" The person at the door asked.

"Mace. Like the weapon." Duncan said.

"All you had to do was say Mace. Come in." The person unlocked the door and opened it.

Duncan and Clarke went inside the small house and were greeted by tough looking people. Male and female alike.

An average sized long blue haired man with a medium length blue beard stood up from his chair. He crossed his arms and stared at Duncan. "What are you doing back here?"

Clarke looked at Duncan nervously. "Seems like they don't want you here."

Duncan put his hand up to Clarke as a sign to tell him 'let me handle this' "Oh it's so good to see you again Duncan! My how we all missed you!" Is what you meant to say.

The man chuckled. "Then I would be a liar...Wouldn't I?" He turned his attention towards Clarke and eyed him up and down. "Well hello there."

"Hi." Was all Clarke could say.

"This is my new friend Clarke. News flash; he's the so called 'World-Guardian'." Duncan told the man.

"Is that so? Everyone seems to be the world guardian these days. Everyone wanting a piece of the fame. How do I know you aren't bullshitting me Duncan?"

"Go on, tell them." Duncan said to Clarke.

Clarke stepped foward and cleared his throat. "I come from another world. Here, let me show you." He said pulling out his cellphone which surprisingly still had some battery left.

The man grabbed it and took a look. He turned it over and looked at the back. "Is it something you eat? It shows an apple with a bite taken out of it on the back."

"No...No. That's just the symbol of the people who made it. They're called Apple." Clarke said.

"Why the hell would you make a clan named after a fruit? What is this anyway?" The man asked.

"It's a device used for fun and business. You click this button here and it turns it on...There you go. Now you just swipe left and right on the screen to move around. Those little squares are called apps." Clarke told the man.

The man fiddled with the phone for a bit before stopping. "What's a FaceBook?"

"Um...Well that is an app where you socialize with friends and random people. It's called Social Media. It's pretty neat." Clarke said.

"I think it's stupid and never want to touch your inedible Apple again." The man said handing Clarke back the phone. "Obviously this isn't from our world so I believe you for now. My name is Fan. Welcome to The Crossfire."

"Why is your name Fan?" Clarke asked.

"I don't answer that question. Not to anyone. I'm not trying to be rude but it's a long story." Fan said.

Clarke nodded. "Duncan said you could help me on my journey? I'm trying to get the skills to wield Iron weapons."

"Hmm...I suppose. We are always looking for new members...But do you have what it takes to join our ranks?" Fan asked.

"You aren't still doing that bloody stupid test are you Fan? Duncan asked.

Fan shot a glare at Duncan. "As a matter of fact we are. No one can simply join The Crossfire. You have to prove yourself. Go to the Draynor Sewers and slay some zombies. I'll accompany you as support...But you have to do most of the work."

Clarke nodded. "Alright you ready Duncan?"

Fan shook his head. "Duncan stays. It's not that I don't trust him, but this test is only for two people. The recruit and the headmaster."

"I'll be fine mate. Just make it back in one piece and don't let those zombies bite you." Duncan said.

"I know, I'll turn into one of them. Zombies are a big trope in my world." Clarke said.

"What? No. It'll just bloody hurt." Duncan said.

"Oh." Clarke replied.

Clarke and Fan left towards Draynor Village.

[h3 [b [i [center Draynor Village]]]]

The two arrived at Draynor and Clarke held onto a tree while catching his breath.

Fan rolled his eyes. "You okay?" He asked.

"How-how the hell do you people walk back and forth to different places all the time without any problems?" Clarke asked.

"We usually use horses but I'm used to walking everywhere. Could do you some good!" Fan said.

"You calling me fat?" Clarke asked.

"No. Just saying that the sights are beautiful. A walk through Gielnor is relaxing. Take the time to enjoy the sights it has to offer because we're about to go into a literal shithole." Fan replied.

Clarke nodded and regained his stamina. "Alright onwards towards the sewer! I hope I never have to say that again."

They entered the village and Ned greeted them. "Haven't seen you by here in a while Fan! Good to see you!" Ned said.

"Good to see you as well old-timer." Fan said. He shook Neds hand.

"I see you've met Fan." Ned told Clarke.

"Oh so you two know eachother already?" Fan asked.

"Oh yeah, rescued him and some other fellow named Duncan. They were on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Brought them back here." Ned said.

"Always a saint huh Ned?" Fan asked.

"Not as much of a saint as Clarke. He rescued one of the local bankers kid from Draynor Manor. Even slayed the vampire in there." Ned said.

"I see you've already made a name for yourself in Draynor. That's a good start." Fan said. "Well it was good seeing you Ned, until next time."

Ned nodded to Fan and Clarke and walked back inside his house.

"This way." Fan said walking to the sewer entrance.

Clarke followed him and they both stopped.

"This is where The Crossfire began. I was just coming out from this very sewer and encountered a man in front of it. His name was Henry Cooke, we chatted for a bit and easily became friends. Turns out he wanted to start a clan of his own. Said I could be the second founder. I agreed and we both looked for a base immediately and started recruiting." Fan said opening up the sewer entrance.

"What happened to Henry? Is he still part of the group?" Clarke asked intrigued.

Fan shook his head. "No...About 20 years ago Henry disappeared without a trace. No goodbyes or nothing. At the time we were dealing with an old enemy of Henry's. This man had a faction of his own but for all the wrong reasons. His name was Victor Odd...I feel like he had something to do with Henry's disappearance. We better get to work."

Clarke nodded and descended down the ladder along with Fan. They both immediately gagged at the smell.

"Never get used to this." Fan said. He lit a fire spell to light up the area. A horde of zombies appeared from the darkness. "Ready your blade, don't fight them all at once, and remember to always know your limits."

Clarke nodded and readied his bronze sword. A zombie charged at him and Clarke sliced its head off. He turned to Fan and gave a him a thumbs up but soon felt the cold hands of another zombie. He quickly turned around and backed away before jabbing it in the face with his sword. "So why are there zombies in the Draynor sewer?"

"They like it here. The smell attracts them. It's not just this sewer where you'll find them. It's any sewer. The sewers are very dangerous places to be." Fan replied.

"Oh...Okay." Clarke said. Two more zombies charged at him but he swung his blade and luckily sliced both of their heads off with one powerful swing. The horde was getting thinner by the minute.

"You're doing good. Keep it up." Fan said.

Clarke killed four more zombies and there was only one more left. He was about to kill it but Fan stopped him. "What's wrong?"

"It isn't responding to you. Look at it." Fan told him.

The lone zombie looked around as if looking for something. It quickly turned its head towards the northern part of the sewer before running off.

"That isn't normal, we're done here. If there's something down here that made the zombie do that then it's not something you want to trifle with." Fan said. They both left the sewer left back towards the south district of Varrock.

They arrived at the sheep pen near the gates of Varrock. "Why did we stop?" Clarke asked him.

"See that ruined house over there? That was our first base. As you can tell we didn't stay there. It was supposed to be a temporary one until we found a permanent one." Fan said.

"Like the one in the alley in the west district right?" Clarke asked.

"Right. That isn't our only base though. Follow me and I'll show you." Fan said.

Clarke followed him but was soon stopped by a bandit.

"Give me all your money or else." The bandit said.

"All I got is 9 gold pieces." Clarke replied.

"Not if you're with this wanker." The bandit pointed at Fan. "Now hand over the bleeding money or else!" He shoved his blade inches in front of Clarkes face.

Clarke slowly backed away as Fan just sighed.

"Clarke just kill him." Fan said.

Clarke readied his blade. He was nervous. "I...I..I usually arrest criminals in my world."

The bandit stepped closer towards Clarke before stopping. "Wait 'your world?'"

Clarke didn't think. He sliced the mans throat as blood sputtered from the open wound as he slowly went to the ground. He died. A beep came from Clarkes pocket. He pulled out the progression device and looked at it. "I did it! I progressed to the Iron Tier!"

"Well I'll be damned." Fan said.

"Heh. That's cute." A dark mage said.

Clarke turned towards the mages. "Quiet or I shall smite you with my Iron!"

"Aaaand that's our que. Come on." Fan said as they both left towards the south district.

[h3 [b [i [center Varrock - South District]]]]

Fan stopped in front of The Blue Moon Inn. "Through there."

Clarke walked into the bar along with Fan.

Fan walked over to the bartender and shook his hand.

"Good to see you again Fan! Oh, I see you're recruiting. Well down to business then. Here you go." The bartender said. He handed Fan a fancy looking key with a dragon as the topper.

Fan nodded and walked to the stairs to the Inn itself and unlocked the doors. "Up here."

"What?..." Clarke asked confused. He followed Fan up the stairs.

"This is the second base." Fan said.

"The whole inn?" Clarke asked.

Fan nodded. "Yep. The bartender is part of the faction...Nobody used it sadly so he let us use it as our secondary base of operations. You handled those zombies and that bandit pretty well. Even achieved your goal. You seem like a good man Clarke, it would be a big advantage to have someone like you on our side."

"So does that mean I'm in?" Clarke asked.

"Before I answer that, what does your inedible apple do?" Fan asked.

"It's actually called an iPhone but to me it's just a smart phone. It does a whole lot...Why?" Clarke asked.

"Show me please." Fan inquired.

Clarke pulled out his half dead phone and turned the screen on. "It has a journal, a camera, music player, and other stuff."

"You have a journal on there? You can use that to research keep track of discoveries you run into and report them back to The Crossfire. What do the others do?" Fan asked.

"Uh, the camera takes pictures. Like this." Clarke took a selfie with Fan and saved the image. He then showed him the picture.

"Incredible! It's like a painting but instant! Use this to take pictures of the beasts you see and show it a member of ours named Samson. He knows every beast in this world and if you show him a picture of one he will give you the complete record of it, names, weaknesses, all." Fan said.

"Alright. I got you." Clarke smiled.

"What is the music player?" Fan asked.

"Well it's called an MP3 player but lets just stick with the simple term. I have a lot of music from my world and when I get bored or I need to concentrate I listen to music on it. Here's a good one." Clarke said turning on Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Fan nodded and listened to the music. They got halfway through it. "Who made this song?"

"Lynyrd Skynyrd. Very famous in my world." Clarke said.

"I like Lynyrd Skynyrd." Fan replied. "Good music for killing."

"Yeah well this isn't his only song. This one's called Freebird. I can show you more if you like." Clarke told him.

Fan shook his head. "In due time. We best get back to the main base."

They both left the bar towards the west district.

[h3 [b [i [center Varrock - West District]]]]

They both went down the alley and Fan knocked on the door. "Mace." He said as the guard opened the door and they both went inside.

A cloaked person watched them near the south end of the alley. They stood there for a good minute before retreating.

[h3 [b [i [center The Crossfire HQ]]]]

"So mate, how did it go?" Duncan asked.

"It went well. I got in. I also advanced to Iron." Clarke said.

Duncan laughed. "That's great! I knew you could do it! Let's go buy you some Iron gear."

"Be safe out there Clarke. Avoid the sewers for now until we figure out what caused that zombie to run away." Fan said.

Clarke nodded. He and Duncan left towards The Grand Exchange.

[h3 [b [i [center Varrock - The Grand Exchange]]]]

"Oh...It's you two again." The exchange clerk said unenthusiasticly. "What will it be?"

"Iron armor and an iron sword please." Clarke said.

"Looks like you finally progressed." The clerk said as Duncan paid for the stuff.

Clarke held the iron blade in his hands. "I could get used to this." He said. He slipped into the iron armor. "Feels heavy...But it does offer good protection."

"Well at least you got your stuff. Lets head back to Draynor for now and rest.

They both left towards Draynor but took a shortcut near the barbarian village.

[h3 [b [i [center Open Field - Towards Draynor Village]]]]

Duncan quickly stopped and so did Clarke. They both hid behind some bushes near the barbarian village.

A group of Black Knights were circled around a restrained blindfolded man.

One Black Knight had a red trim around his armor. He must have been the captain. "You failed to make your payment Mr. Evans." The captain said.

"P-please...It isn't my fault! The Grand Exchange is taking away my customers...No one really buys from market stalls anymore." Evans said.

The captain sharply breathed through his nose and slowly exhaled. "Now come on, that's hardly an excuse...Don't blame it on The Grand Exchange. I told you what would happen if you didn't pay us Mr. Evans.  Do you remember our agreement?"

Evans voice broke into sobs. "Please...I want you to leave my family out of this. They have nothing to do with this mess!"

"Maybe you shouldn't have come to us for help then. You needed help with the market stall permits and we delivered. Now why can't you?"

Clarke slowly opened his bag and pulled his gun out of the holster.

Duncan stared at him in shock. "Put that away!" He aggressively whispered.

"It's very powerful and gets the job done when it needs to be done." Clarke replied.

"Exactly. If that falls into the wrong hands it will be very bad." Duncan said.

Clarke sighed and slipped his gun back inside the holster. He put it back in the bag forgetting to zip it back up.

The captain sighed. "Listen. I'm a man with a busy schedule so I'm just going to get this over with."

"N-no please!" Evans said as the captain pulled out a dagger and swiftly sliced Evans throat open watching him die.

Once Evans was dead the knights looted his body. "For no good business you sure keep your pockets lined." The captain said. He quickly drew his dragon sword when he heard a twig snap. "Show yourself!"

Duncan sighed and they both stepped out from the bushes.

"Were you watching us?" The captain asked.

"Somewhat. We won't say a thing. Promise." Duncan replied.

"We should kill them right here." A knight said.

The captain put his free hand up to the knight. "I got this." He said. "It would be a wise idea to not mess with The Black Knights peasants."

Duncan nodded. "Already noted. We'll just be on our way then." He said. They both started walking off towards Draynor.

The captain grabbed Duncan by the arm. "Forget what you saw here or you're both next." He let Duncan go and they continued towards Draynor. He waited till they were completely gone.

"Sir, something fell out of that mans bag." A knight said. They handed him the item; it was the gun

"What in the world is this?" He asked himself. He pressed a button near the trigger and the magazine slipped out and he caught it.

"Looks like ammo. Sort of like bolts or an arrow...But compact." A knight said.

"So this is just a weird looking bow...Lets go back to the castle. I want to test this out." The captain said. He slipped the magazine back in and it clicked. He grabbed the holster and put the gun back inside it before leaving with his men.

[b [i [center End of Episode 3]]]

[b [i [center Next Episode - The Wizards Tower]]]

Duncan takes Clarke to The Wizards Tower with hopes of them knowing how he got here and why and maybe a way back.

The Black Knight Captain tests out Clarkes pistol on a captive within their castle.

Fan meets up with Clarke and Duncan at Neds and gives them a contract; hunting down a rogue black knight spotted in Lumbridge Swamps

[b [center Until next time on...]][i [center Runescape - The World Guardian]]
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[h3 [b [i [center CHAPTER TWO - Welcome to Draynor]]]]

Clarke and Duncan set sail the next day and made sure they brought food with them. It took a couple of days until a frigate passed by and an elderly sailor noticed the two.

"Ahoy lads! I noticed that you two are facing quite the challenge! You won't make it towards Misthalin on that! No Sir, hop aboard, I'll take you to a little village I live in located in Misthalin." He told them.

They both nodded and the mans friends helped them up.

"What are your names?" The man asked.

"I'm Duncan, and this is my pal Clarke...Thank you for picking us up...What is your name?"

"Names Ned. I'm a retired sailor, just out fishing with my buddies...Caught quite the load! I'll make us all dinner when we get back." Ned said. He went back to steering the ship towards Draynor Village.

[h3 [i [center [b Draynor Village, Kingdom of Misthalin - The Fifth Age]]]]

Ned, his friends, and Clarke and Duncan all got off the ship and left Port Sarim and entered Draynor Village. "Come back to my place later on. Get yourself acquainted  with the townsfolk first." He told them and he left towards his home.

Clarke and Duncan went towards the bank and waved to them.

"Oh hello there!" The left most banker said. "My name is Lilly, how can I help you? These are my other pals, Jacob, Margaret, and David!"

"Nice to meet you all. My name is Clarke and this is my pal Duncan." Clarke said.

"That outfit looks a little weird, never seen it before." David pointed out Clarkes police outfit he was still wearing.

"Uh..." Was all Clarke could say. He was stopped by Dionysius, A.K.A. The Wise Old Man.

"He's The World Guardian. He's not of our world." Dionysius told them.

"Ah, okay. That makes sense." Jacob said. He didn't look at Dionysius. He knew what he did.

"My name is Dionysius, I am what people call The Wise Old Man. Come to my little house across the street if you ever feel like chatting with an old fellow like me or want knowledge." He shook his hand. "See you around Clarke...And Duncan." He said smiling and walking off.

"If you ever need us to store anything just ask. Don't worry about room, magic does wonders." Margaret said."

They both nodded and left the bank, they were stopped by the bank guard also known as Mr. Irons. "Did you chat with that old man?" He asked.

"Yeah why?" Duncan asked back.

Irons sighed. "That man robbed the bank here, that's why the wall is patched up because he blew it open, killed the previous bankers, and stole someones paper crown. We can't really do anything though because he's already old and was a hero back in the day...He hasn't really bothered us since but we keep our eye out. You be careful boys."

They nodded in agreement to him and walked off to Neds. A witch was talking to him, she turned around and smiled warmly to the two heroes. "Hello there. I was just talking to Ned. I heard he saved you two from the ocean. Very thoughtful of him...Also heard you are The World Guardian?...My isn't that something. Well if that's so Ned has a job he wants to speak to you about. My name is Aggie by the way, it was good meeting you two." She walked off back towards her house.

"What do you need Ned?" Clarke asked him.

"Have you noticed the manor to the north? People have been raving on about an evil vampire who apparently lives up there. People said he comes out at night and feasts on the blood of the townsfolk. I was wondering if you can go check for me...You'll need to talk to the man who lives in the house behind me. His name is Morgan. He'll give you all the info you need." Ned told them. "Change into some clothes from this world first Clarke, so people don't look at you weird."

Clarke and Duncan agreed.Clarke changed in private and they went to the house behind Ned and knocked on the door and a missionary opened it.

"Morgan?" Duncan asked.

"Yes, what do you want?" Morgan asked back.

"We were told this village has a vampire problem? So we're here to help." Clarke said.

"Oh thank Saradomin!" Morgan replied. He let them in. "Yes, I know a friend who is an ex  vampire slayer, he's sadly succumbed to the ale though and is always inebriated. His name is Hartlow. He frequents The Blue Moon Inn which is located in South Varrock. You can't miss it, it's located by Tims Swords. He can help you. Stop by the grand exchange and check it out while you're at it. Wonderful place." He searched around his house for garlic. "Dammit Maris! I wish you would stop hiding my garlic!"

"It smells!" Maris, who was upstairs replied.

"I've smelt your cooking so I am quite used to the smell!" Morgan replied back.

Maris threw a few bulbs of garlic at him. "Here you go." He gave the bulbs of garlic to them. "She's just cranky. Mondays right?"

Clarke nodded. He thanked him and they both left towards Varrock. "So...What is the grand exchange?"

"Oh it's this big marketplace where all sorts of people go to. They buy and sell stuff there. There is a giant tube system that is underground, under the tubes is a massive warehouse. It's underneath the grand exchange. You buy an item and it sucks it right up. It's all powered by magic so it knows who to go to. Same with selling. It's pretty nifty." Duncan said.

"Nice, we'll check it out...Ned gave me 1000 gold pieces to start out with which was nice." Clarke replied.

Duncan nodded. "Buy yourself a bronze sword and a bronze armor set. That way you can be prepared."


[h3 [b [i [center Varrock , Kingdom of Misthalin - The Fifth Age]]]]

They soon arrived at the south district of Varrock and went inside the bar. "That must be him." Duncan pointed to the old man in the grey trenchcoat stumbling around the bar.

"No doubt about it. Come on." Clarke went to go speak with him. "Are you Hartlow?" He asked him.

"Yesh...Whatsh it to yoush?" Hartlow swayed back and forth as he clutched onto his half empty pint of ale.

"Your friend Morgan sent us, he told us you can help us with a certain vampire problem up at Draynor Village." Clarke said.

"Th-thatsh I can." He grabbed onto Clarkes shoulder for support. "Allsh I asksh in return ish thatsh you-you..." He let out a loud and long burp. "You get me another pint. "

Clarke just stared at the man. "Fine." He walked over to the bartender and got a pint and brought it back to Hartlow and handed it to him.

"Okay...I'm all better now. All you have to do is use this stake and stab it in the vampires heart when he is at his weakest." He handed Clarke the stake and took the garlic and soon made a necklace out of the bulbs of garlic and handed it back to Clarke. "Wear that for protection...Be careful and be aware! Vampires are tricky and sneaky bastards...If you'll excuse me I have a date with Lady Ale." Hartlow walked off to enjoy his pint in peace.

Clarke and Duncan left the bar and headed towards the grand exchange.

[h3 [b [i [center Varrock , Kingdom of Misthalin - The Fifth Age]]]]

Once they arrived they went to the west booth and met with one of the exchangers.

"Welcome. Buying or selling?" the man asked.

"Buying" Clarke said. He noticed a lot of people here had crazy looking weapons and armor. "What's that?" He pointed to a mithril sword.

"That's a mithril sword, go ahead and try to wield it." The man said.

Clarke grabbed it and it teleported back to its original spot. "What the hell?!" He asked.

"You have to be experienced to hold a specific type of sword. It's the laws of physics here. It's to prevent some crazy newcomer from wielding something really dangerous if he's inexperienced. Bronze is your only friend right now. Take this device, it's magic operated. It will show your progress and you'll know when you are allowed to wield, or wear a specific type of item." The man said handing Clarke and Duncan a device that looked to be powered by crumbled law runes inside it.

"So does this mean I have to be experienced at a specific milestone to cook specific type of food or cut a tree?" Clarke asked.

"Now don't be stupid." The man replied.

Clarke nodded in embarrassment and bought his stuff. 

"Here you go, I unlocked the set box for you so just put the stuff on, if you don't like the helmet you can use it for many things, or even decoration in your house. Thank you for stopping by, did I mention I also hate my job?" The man asked.

"No?" Duncan said.

"Well I do. Good day."

They both nodded and left back towards Draynor Village 

[h3 [i [b [center Village, Kingdom of Misthalin - The Fifth Age]]]]

Clarke and Duncan arrived back at the village and it was already becoming sundown. They were both stopped by David. "Have you guys seen my daughter Annabelle? She's a blonde 6 year old girl and I cannot find her anywhere!"

"No but we'll keep an eye out for her. Don't worry." Duncan said.

David nodded and left back towards the bank.

"Okay we better hurry to the manor." Clarke said.

Duncan nodded in agreement and they talked to a girl named Veronica who told them she was worried about her husband who entered the manor and never came back out. They agreed to look for him and walked through towards the back area to see the rest of it. Clarke noticed in the corner of his eye there was a ghostly figure hanging from the gallows, this made Clarke jump. "Jesus!" He said.

"Who?" Duncan asked.

"Nothing...Who was that hanging from the gallows?"

"Oh his name is Guy, apparently in the past he was hung for telling a lie." Duncan replied.

"Well damn...That's harsh."

Duncan nodded. "Indeed it is but who knows? Maybe he lied about something major."

Clarke nodded as well and they found the back door and opened it going inside. "Okay we better explore this area. You check upstairs I'll check downstairs..." He noticed the stairs leading down. "That's probably where our vampire friend is. Let's look around first.

Duncan left towards the upstairs area while Clarke checked around the ground floor. Soon Duncan ran back down. "Um, I think I found that girls husband...He...Well, he's a chicken."

Clarke just stared at Duncan with the 'really?' look. "Well then, wonder why?"

"A crazy scientist lives here! He's turned Ernest into a chicken! This whole damned manor is mad!" Duncan said.

"Look, figure out a way to turn him back into a human or whatever he was before becoming a chicken...I'll try to kill the vampire with this sword."

"Good luck Clarke, Oh! and try not to die." Duncan ran back upstairs.

"Thanks for the confindice buddy." Clarke left towards the hallway leading to the stairs that lead down. He heard a scraping noise and quickly turned around. "What the?" He asked himself. He shrugged it off and continued on walking. He heard the scraping sound once more and quickly turned around again. This time he noticed the chair from the start of the hallway was moved. "Hmm." He still continued on and once the scraping started again he quickly turned around and ran towards the chair shoving it back into the wall at the start of the hallway. He held onto it as Duncan ran back down.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" He asked.

"Nothing! Just fighting a chair!" Clarke replied.

Duncan sighed in disappointment and went back upstairs.

Clarke let go of the chair and it didn't follow him to the area he was supposed to go to. He slowly climbed down the stairs and heard sobbing. He turned around and noticed a little girl, who was about 6. "Annabelle?"

"Yes?" She asked looking at him.

"What are you doing here? Your dad is worried sick about you! Also this is no place for a child to be."

"I was playing outside and I heard someone call my name in here...I went inside and now I don't know how to get out because the front door is locked...And the back door wouldn't open either." She said.

[h3 [b [i [center Draynor Village , Kingdom of Misthalin - The Fifth Age]]]]

Morgan sighed nervously. "It's already dark, they need to hurry up."

Ned calmed him down. "Don't worry, I trust our new friends...Have a little faith."

Morgan nodded.

[h3 [b [i [center Draynor Village , Kingdom of Misthalin - The Fifth Age]]]]

Clarke helped Annabelle up but quickly turned around as he heard the coffin lid break and a vampire slowly step out.

He cracked every bone in his body slowly as they shifted and shifted back. "Ahhh...That's much better..." He smirked towards Clarke and chuckled. "What do you think you are doing?"...The vampire asked.

"Taking this girl back home." Clarke replied.

"Not so fast, that can't be the only reason you are here...I can sense you're The World Guardian aren't you? Yes I know it to be true. I know you've come here to kill me...Rid me of this world. I want to ask, what is your name?"

"Clarke Henry. Yours?"

"Count Draynor."

"Wait, so you're the founder of this village?" Clarke asked him.

Draynor chuckled and shook his head. "Don't be stubborn, like I would ever claim a place like this. I only like the manor. Back during the war between Misthalin and Morytania I was exiled by my bastard of a brother Lord Draken, I was banished from House Draken and forced to flee here to this small village during the third age. I had no choice...So guardian, I ask of you that if you do kill me I want you to do one small favor for me..."

"And what's that?"

"Kill my brother Lord Draken. It's the least you could do right? He deserves it anyway."

"What do you get if you kill me?"

"I get to drink your blood in my favorite golden chalice...Specially for you."

"At least I get to die with class. Okay. Let's do this."

"First, let the girl leave, she doesn't have to see this..."

Clarke let Annabelle down and Draynor knelt in front of her. "Head upstairs to see my friend Professor Oddenstein, he will protect you." Draynor said.

"My friend is up there too, I don't trust the scientist too much. He turned some girls fiancé into a chicken."

Draynor sighed. "A chicken?...Oh well, be safe little one. Head up there and you'll be safe with Clarkes friend and the professor.

Annabelle ran out of the room and did as told.

"Okay where were we?" Draynor asked.

"Right here!" Clarke unsheathed his bronze sword and got prepared.

"A bronze sword?! Who brings a bronze sword to a fight with a vampire?!"

"What's wrong with it?!" Clarke asked.

Draynor hissed and flew towards Clarke.

"Shit!" Clarke quickly dodged him but Draynor grabbed him and clawed at him. Clarke stabbed at Draynor until he was able to get away from his attacks.

Draynor grabbed a hold of Clarke and ended up getting stabbed in the chest a few times. He grabbed onto a piece of garlic under the cloak Clarke was wearing by accident to try and stop the stabbing and he screamed in pain and slowly backed away before falling to his knees. His hands were burning and he was weak.

Clarke quickly pulled out the stake and held it over Draynors chest.

"When you do kill my brother, cut off his head and parade it around Canifis! Then let the werewolves there feast on it! That is the most disrespectful thing that can happen to a vampire." Draynor smirked and Clarke nodded. He drove the steak deep through Draynors heart as he gasped in pain. "T-thank you...N-now I c-can finally rest...E-eternally..." He said before crumbling to dust.

Clarke sighed and removed the garlick necklace and threw it on the ground before heading back to the ground floor. He met up with Duncan and Annabelle...Along with who appears to be Ernest.

"Got him back." Duncan said

Ernest smiled at Clarke and tried to open the front door. "Locked. Let's try the back."

They all left the manor through the back door and Ernest reuinited with Veronica. She thanked the heroes and they nodded and left to go see Ned and Morgan.

"Daddy!" Annabelle ran towards David as he nearly cried. "Thank you so much! Whatever you need you'll know where to find me." He left towards his home with his daughter.

"I presume you killed the vampire?" Morgan asked.

"Yes. He's dead, he asked me for a favor though...He asked me to kill his brother Lord Draken, who is apparently the king of a place called Morytania." Clarke said

Ned nearly went pale. "Now you be careful Clarke, Morytania is nothing like the rest of Gielinor...That place is very dangerous..."

"Are you The World Guardian?" Axel asked, he was walking down the road from Lumbridge with his mahajarat friends.

"Who's asking?" Clarke asked.

"Me." I'm Axel, and these...interesting fellows are my friends. We came here with a message. Stop what you are doing now before you get yourself in trouble. Understand?"

"Who sent the message?" Duncan asked.

"I come from The Underground Pass in Plague City, my lord sent the message. He is also the son of the chaos god Zamorak. I think we all know who I'm talking about here right?" Axel asked.

"Iban..." Ned said.

"Ding ding! Gramps here wins a prize! What does he win? Absolutely nothing because that's how life works!" Axel said, he walked up the market stalls and stole some wine and food. "I'll be taking these for the long walk here. Don't take my warning lightly Guardian. Iban isn't a force to be reckoned with." He said smirking before walking off with his group back towards Ibans lair.

"So what are you gonna do?" Ned asked.

"I'll accept his challenge..." Clarke replied.

"Then you best prepare. For that man is right, Iban is not a force to be reckoned with." Morgan said.

"Then let's prepare." Duncan replied.

[b [i [center End of Episode 2]]]

[b [i [center Next Episode - The Iron Blade]]]

Clarke trains so he can wield an iron sword which will allow him to attack better

Clarke also joins a hunting faction known as The Crossfire with high hopes of them helping him progress to the Iron tier

A lurker watches from the shadows

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[b [size30 [i [center "It has once been foretold that a hero would show up and end a war that will be started in the Sixth Age. By a god named Sliske...This hero was prophesized to not be from our world, but from his. A world with complex machinery and technology so advanced it was almost magic. Giant armored horses with four wheels, flying crosses in the sky, crossbows that could shoot 50 bolts at once, and much more. This is our heroes story..."]]]]


[b [i [center [size30 CHAPTER ONE - The World of Gielinor]]]]

[h3 [b [i [center New York - Manhattan - Abandoned Building]]]]

"You ready? Heard this guy was goin' nuts. Won't let anybody in the building. SWAT tried to go in but the guy threatened to kill the hostage if they did. He said we can go in but only if we bring food, water, and come in unarmed." The passenger cop said. His name was Ryan, our hero was the driver. His name was Clarke.

Clarke nodded. "Let's go." He said. Him and Ryan got out of the squad car and put their weapons in the trunk and headed towards the stairs that led to the entrance.

A long white haired homeless man stopped them. "I'd be careful if I were you. Who knows what could happen while you're up there?" He told them.

The two officers nodded to him and headed up the stairs.

The homeless man sighed and pulled out a blue sapphire gem and just stared into it.

Ryan opened the door and Clarke ran inside to face the target. Ryan then followed behind him.

"D-did you get the food and water?" A man in a red cloak asked. He had short grey hair. The hostage was sadly already dead.

"What the fuck? We had a deal!" Clarke told him.

"L-listen! I-I had no ch-choice! The damned v-voices told me to do it! HE TOLD ME TO DO IT! YOU CANNOT DISOBEY HIM FOR HE IS OUR TRUE LEADER!" The man started to mumble to himself.

"You need help Sir, and the NYPD is here to do so. If you'll please come with us." Ryan said.

"N-no! If I disobey him he will come after me! I have to fulfill the pact! Our worlds are connected! I can feel the portal to my world opening! Can you feel it?" The man asked.

"Sir! Put down the knife now! Or I will..." Clarke stopped and realized he had no weapons.

"Or you'll what human?" The man asked. His eyes turned red and he smirked. "Shoot me with your useless metal? Pathetic. This body is weak anyway." Suddenly the man screamed in pain as his body contorted in impossible positions and then he fell to the ground dead.

Ryan turned to Clarke with those same red eyes. "This body is more like it." the same demonic voice said, only this time it was Ryan speaking...Or something using his body as a vessel. "You're too late anyway. Like you could ever kill a god!"

Back outside the homeless man jumped up to his feet when the blue sapphire glowed a bright red. "Damn it! It's time!" He rushed upstairs towards the entrance only to see Clarke trying to fight off the demonic Ryan, who seemed to be dodging all his attacks.

"Step back! You will never kill it!" The homeless man said. Clarke quickly got out of the way as the homeless man pulled out a book from his bag and chanted a spell "Una Estro Visara!" he summoned up a holy spell that quickly killed the demon and Ryan along with it. "I told you needed to be careful! It seems like the ritual has already been complete anyway. Oh well, I wasn't here for no reason. Neither were you."

Clarke stared at the homeless man in confusion and shock. "What the hell do you mean? What the hell just happened?!" He asked.

"The man that you were after was from a world we like to call Gielinor. A world of fantasy. Dragons, goblins, elves, the works! He was somehow able to come to your world. He needed a way to get back though. He found his way and completed the ritual. Listen here...I want you to use this to your advantage and go to Gielinor and save us! Save the world!"

"What?! No! I have a life here, a life I bui-"

"If you do not do this...Once Gielinor is destroyed so will your world! I am not joking! I was like the man in the red cloak, I somehow ended up here as well and tried so hard to get back. Once I knew how to do so I decided I was better off here. I'm not...But you can save us from a war that is supposed to happen during the Sixth Age. Please do this, if not for me then do it for the millions in my world...Do it for the countless children, do it for the people in your world too!"

Clarke stood still and thought for a minute. He stared towards the ceiling and notice it was being slowly torn away only to reveal a giant purple portal in the sky as it hummed a beautiful tone. "You said there were dragons right?"

"Tons. Oh my word...Tons."

Clarke remembered when his mother would read him fairy tale stories as a kid, the cliche ones where a knight would rescue the princess from the dragons lair. He never believed those fairy tales existed until this very day when he stood under the giant portal to those exact fairy tales. "My life is boring anyway. Do this, do that. Arrest him, arrest her. Book them. book him, book her. I want to ask you this. Why am I the one to save your world?"

"Because I prophesized your arrival...So did our creator Guthix. Now, are you going to help us or not?"

"Fine! What do I do anyway, just chant some mumbo jumbo or some shit?" Clarke asked.

"Just close your eyes. Close them and clear your mind. Once you open them you will be in our world."

Clarke did just that and it felt like he just woke up from falling. He quickly opened his eyes and noticed he was in an open field. "What in the world?..." He asked himself. A cannonball hit the ground near him. He nearly fell. "Damn it! What the hell?!"

[h3 [b [i [center The World of Gielinor - Fifth Age]]]]

A young dark haired man cringed. "Sorry for that lad! I was trying to hit that dragon up there! My aim is a bit bad today!"

Clarke looked up towards the sky and noticed a black dragon flying off towards the north. "No way." He said to himself.

The young man jumped down from his little base and ran towards Clarke. "Names Duncan, and this is my little base. You just kind of poofed here...Thought ye' teleported here but no lodestones here so that's kind of impossible! Oh well...Ye' probably wonderin' where you are, well you're on an island east of Karamja. I've been stuck here for a few years now. Never had anyone else 'ere with me til' now! Been kind of lonely." Duncan said.

Clarke nodded. "Where am I? Besides this island."

"You hit yer' head on a rock or somethin? You're in Gielinor! Others call it Runescape though."

"Wow..." was all Clarke could say. He then stared towards the ocean. "Have you ever tried to get off of this island?" He asked.

Duncan shook his head. "It's been peaceful and quit here, never minded it. Lately though I've been wanting to get back but I was never good with that."

"How about a raft? It seems have plenty of trees here and we can use for logs and use their bark for rope. I took a few survival lessons when I was in the scouts." Clarke told him.

"Well I won't ask what the scouts are but sounds like a plan!" Duncan told him. Soon he and Clarke started to chop up the trees around the area with a hatchet they found in Duncan's storage. Clarke began to make the rope from the barks fibers and they both started to tie the logs together tightly. "This is hard work." Duncan stated.

"It wasn't meant to be easy. You'll never get through life expecting anything to be easy." Clarke replied.

Duncan nodded. They worked more on the raft until nightfall. He set up a fire near the base and they both set down after catching some fish. "Shrimp and Herring." Duncan said.

Clarke chuckled. "Good thing I'm not allergic to seafood."

Duncan chuckled as well. "Quite." They cooked the fish and began to eat before falling asleep after putting out the fire.

[h3 [b [i [center Underground Pass - Leading towards Isfadar]]]]

"M majesty! I report with grave news!" A black hooded figure told another black hooded figure, but his difference was he had a bright red and gold trim on the outline of his cloak.

"What is it Axel? I'm busy here..." The man with the red and gold trimmed black cloak said.

"I was told by a few little birdies of mine that the world guardian is here!" Axel said.

The man quickly turned around. He had long black hair and a beard to go with it. His eyes were normal except for the red pupils. "What did you say?"

Axel took a few steps back. "I-I said the world guardian arrived in Gielinor. It's time my lord."

"Indeed it is...It's such a shame my father can't be here to experience this..." The man smirked and turned back around. "Prepare your men for Draynor. We shall arrive there in just a couple of days." The man said.

"Y-yes my lord." Axel bowed and left the Underground Pass to go rally up his friends.

The man sat down in his throne chair and twiddled his thumbs. "And so it begins."

[b [i [center End of Episode One]]]

[b [i [center Next Episode - Welcome to Draynor Village]]]

Clarke and Duncan set sail towards civilization and are luckily picked up by a retired sailor known as Ned. He takes them to Draynor for shelter only if they kill off the evil vampire in the manor to the north of the village

Axel and his Mahjarahat friends arrive in Draynor only to cause trouble.

A banker loses his daughter and it's up for the two heroes to help find her.

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