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[b Phillip:] -looks up from his laptop and closes it- Hello.
  ᄃΛᄂIᄃӨ / Rede / 3d 9h 39m 19s
[b Layla:] *peeks in around the corner* Hell to whomever is here..
  вaвιeѕ / Waterlily- / 3d 18h 28m 59s
[pic https://i.imgur.com/6dPUBSr.png?1] [b Kor:] Hey there.
  clc / Rede / 4d 7h 44m 41s
[b Ellis:] *slips in licking her fingers clean* Hello and good morning to whomever is here.
  нawтнorne / Waterlily- / 10d 11h 2m 24s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/uVqMtUF.jpg?1]] [b Nova:] -peeks into the room- Well what do we have here? A new place to turn up in?

[b Kor:] -walks in Half asleep- Novara, you know you don't need to be this energetic this early every day right?
  ᄃΛᄂIᄃӨ / Rede / 12d 8h 41m 1s
[b Bailey:] when demons get pregnant their emotions get way out of hand. They become cold and distant. I know she's not meaning too though.
  вaιley / Waterlily- / 14d 15h 57m 12s
[b Wes:] Alright. I won't So what the hell is going on with Ellie?

[b Cal:] I was just kinda shoved in here, don't really know why.
  ᄃΛᄂIᄃӨ / Rede / 15d 6h 29m 45s
[b Bailey:] Please don't tell him I said that..

[b Nova:] Why confused?
  вaιley / Waterlily- / 15d 6h 57m 15s
[b Wes:] -shrugs- Alright.

[b Calian:] -walks in rather confused- Wait. What? I am so confused.
  ᄃΛᄂIᄃӨ / Rede / 15d 7h 1m 12s
[b Bailey:] It honestly doesn't matter to me Wes. He doesn't always have to check in with me, or be around when I'm around. I feel like I'm smothering him.
  вaιley / Waterlily- / 15d 7h 15m 21s
[b Wes]: -pops in- Yo yo yo! Wessy-Wes in the hiz-ouse. Sorry, I know you were probably looking for Kor. I have no idea where he went.
  ᄃΛᄂIᄃӨ / Rede / 15d 7h 16m 55s
[b Bailey:] *slips into the room looking around* Hello, and good morning to whomever happens to be here.
  вaιley / Waterlily- / 15d 7h 23m 57s

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