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there's a girl,
a new freshman,
who acts happy, confident, kind,
but really, she sees others hidden things. not in a literal sense.
as in she sees if someone is brokenhearted, or if someone is being bullied or has hidden scars from depression or if there being abused. she sees the emotional scars, and she wants to help. she acts like she does not know in front of the other person's friends, but she then pulls them aside and asks what's wrong, and she helps them heal. will you be the one she helps next?

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Brenasia sighed a bit. Even if she had more power...whatever that power may be...she realized she was more of a tiny spec of a big picture rather than a worthwhile portion. Either way, though...she already committed to such a fate, so she'd have to do what her role demanded of her.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 50d 15h 45m 13s
"if a royal creates a normal, the normal would have more power then a normal who was born. depending on what statice the royal has then the created normal would have stronger power. sadly, royals are extinct from what we know, so all the created normals are really old '
  Althea / miabloodstone / 53d 9h 11m 58s
The book began to make Brenaisa feel somewhat useless compared to Althea as the student was reading it.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 54d 9h 43m 49s
Brenaisa keeps reading ' royals are born while normals are made, normals can have special powers, but royals are more powerful. '
  Althea / miabloodstone / 55d 9h 48m 30s
Brenaisa isn't sure what to say as she is reading the information. What about herself? Did that just make her a normal? How was a Royal made if she was a normal?
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 55d 20h 2m 1s
Althea jumps, startaled, shakeing her head to clear her mind"y...yeah... I'm fine.... Just remembering something" Althea walks home from school, and brenaisa goes to her own house, brenaisa in now on her bed at home, it's late at night and she is reading the book Althea gave her, at one part she finds the page on the royals, ' the royals, have a special gift. They are gifted with shadow wings. These wings can do many things such as help the royal fly, protect them selves front shadow creachers, hide who they really are, and many things unknown by most. Sadly royals have either died off or have been out breeded with normals. If there are any left then they will most likely hideing from most normals, who seek to steal there powers. Royals can live for millions of year and can only die if there powers are stolen. "
  Althea / miabloodstone / 58d 8h 30m 37s
Brenaisa follows her, still not fully understanding what's going on. "You ok?" She asks.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 60d 10h 34m 17s
althea walks out of the school building,she seems more distent since the roof
  Althea / miabloodstone / 61d 4h 47m 0s
The student stood there for a moment with the book, looking it over. "Okay..." She replied, quickly following her friend.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 64d 3h 19m 39s
althea terned, looking like she just snaped out of a daze, "n...nothing... just... just memorys.... here" she hands her classmate a old looking book, " it have info about our kind.... w...we need to get to class" althea rushed off to class without another word
  Althea / miabloodstone / 64d 3h 41m 54s
"What're the...wings for?" She asked, pointing at them from her own vision.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 64d 8h 34m 3s
"beautiful isn't it?" Althea terns her back to her class mate, looking around as well, and for the first time Brenaisa noticed shadows around around Althea in the shape of folded up wings
  Althea / miabloodstone / 64d 14h 18m 51s
Brenaisa kind of just sits there, eyes wide open as she looks around. She's not sure how to describe it.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 64d 17h 7s
altheas classmate begins to see visions of people that Althea has saved, like what their monsters looked like, or how broken their hearts were, and as both girls open their eyes altheas classmate begins to see things she never was able to before. like shadows near the edge of the roof, shadows flying in the sky, but everything seemed brighter then before
  Althea / miabloodstone / 68d 6h 4m 54s
The student nodded slowly, sighing and closing her eyes as told.
  Brenasia Jaize / AskTheStaff / 68d 6h 31m 31s

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