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Valentin’s job certainly was not an easy one, but the man enjoyed it for what it was. It paid well, and he considered it a significant step up from what he called ‘government sanctioned mercenary work’ back home in Austria. This bodyguard job was pretty much exactly what he did his boss. Now it was just for his boss’s daughter. Valentin found it to be a fairly uneventful job compared to what he had done while still in Austria, but he preferred the more subdued quality of a job as a bodyguard. Less killing, more vigilance. Although there were moments of conflict, but those were usually resolved quickly without much of a fuss on his end. His experience of calm, calculated decision making, tracking, interrogation, and precision apparently pleased his boss and Valentin was more than happy to provide his services for such a generous man.

Now, his boss’s daughter was agreeable enough, so Valentin had taken the position of protecting her at her father’s request. It was unfortunate, what happened to her, and Valentin did feel a way about the perpetrators, but there was nothing he could do about them. They were in the hands of the law and currently being dealt with by the system. The Austrian man could not touch them despite how much he would have enjoyed getting a hand on their necks. Very few people in the world deserved what Sophia had been dealt, in Valentin’s opinion. And in his head, she was an innocent. She did not do anything to warrant such vile treatment. But that was the cruel irony of life. You could practically be an angel, and [i still] be given the shittiest hand of cards to work with. So, now it was a matter of rebuilding Sophia’s life and protecting her from any potential encounters with trouble in the future.

But at the moment Valentin found himself peering out of the tinted window of the living area in Sophia’s half of the overall living quarters. He was simply observing the bustling city life moving around below them and the other buildings surrounding them. Then his thought bubble was burst, and Valentin’s attention was directed towards Sophia when she spoke after finishing a phone call with a person he assumed to be the woman’s father. [#900 “Are we really? You don’t seem too thrilled, if I am to be honest.”] he spoke, an amused eyebrow arched above an inquisitive eye. Valentin was the type of man to always dress professionally. So, he found himself to be party ready, although he could probably add a dab or two of cologne just for an added bonus. [#900 “I’ll be here when you are ready then, Sophia.”] Valentin nodded, waiting for the woman to disappear into her bathroom to prepare for the occasion. [#900 “If you need anything in the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask.”] he added before heading over into his space, leaving the door in between open so he could hear Sophia if she called for him, to grab his cologne, wallet, and keys to the vehicle they’d take. Valentin didn’t trust anyone to drive for either one of them, honestly. He personally preferred doing the driving himself for the sake of safety. You never knew if you’d ever have to take evasive maneuvers for any reason. And he’d rather not go through the trouble of sifting through candidates for one singular task when he could do it himself.

After procuring his desired items and putting on his cologne Valentin transitioned back to Sophia’s space, closing the door behind him. He personally was not a fan of large gatherings like parties. But it came with the territory of protecting high profile clients. But while waiting for Sophia, the man sat on the couch, flipping through appointments and errands in his phone’s calendar. [#900 “Also, Sophia, we need to raid the grocery store tomorrow before your ortho appointment.”] he called out to remind her…
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A heavily moan escaped her lips. In the weighed sound, a struggle could be heard. Pain behind every noise that echoed from her lips. Body shaking, arms struggling to hold herself up. The woman's eyes on her feet as she willed them to move. Hearing the nurse to her right encourage her, softly cheering her on. The nurse in front of her standing between the parallel bars told her just one more step. She was right, just one more step and she made it farther then yesterday. One more step and she was closer to walking again. One more step is what she told herself everyday. If you just do a little better then yesterday, then you're gaining. The step was as if it was in slow motion. Lifting her leg sent her memories of the led pipe slamming into her legs flooding in all over. It was still fresh and felt like it was happening all over with every second her leg was in the air. Every new touch, sent her nerves into over drive. Pain. The girl's body wanted to give out as her left leg finally landed back onto the earth. Her arms bending from the weight of her body. A breath so deep it stung her lungs. Gripping the poles with both hands, she waited for the nurse to bring her her chair. As her body fell into the black wheel chair, she felt nothing but relief. Legs able to rest, her soul able to breath. Though her mind couldn't forget.

The phone conversation was short and sweet. Sophia's father wanted her to come to a party to celebrate the opening to his new hotel. One of many in his new chain. Shipping and trading wasn't enough, now he was reaching into hospitality. Sophia agreed to attend. Her anxiety was going crazy. She had hardly left her loft apartment since the kidnapping. Sophia closed herself off from the world. Breaking up with her boyfriend, dropping her friends. The only people she allowed close were the nurses and caregivers. Besides them, was her bodyguard. She only trusted him, because he was her father's trusted guard for years. He was familiar and safe. Tossing the phone on the other end of the couch, she sighed. "Looks like we are going to a party!" She said in a sarcastic tone, sinking into her spot. Her eyes looking away from the man in the room.

They didn't socialize much. She didn't need to talk to him. It wasn't his job to entertain her; to be her friend. It was his job to make sure no one took her again, or killed her. Valentine was smooth and exactly what Sophia wanted in her life at the moment. He kept to himself and left her alone. As he joined her in this loft apartment that connected to another just for him to be close. A door that connected two spaces together. It started as a extra space for her to dance, though it changed to Valentines living area. She wanted it that way. She never admitted it, but for weeks when she first came back she slept at the door. Just to know she was close. That if anyone came for her she just had to open the door or scream and he be right there.

Sophia's eyes darted to her wheel chair. During the day she liked to hangout on the couch. It was long and stretched along the apartments living space. There was a large window next to it. That used to show the city, now it was covered by a thick black tint. It let little light in and kept eyes from the outside away. "It's at seven... I'm going to start getting ready I guess." She spoke once more, as she shifted her weight off the couch. Slowly moving her body into the chair. Her arms were strong now, then before. She no longer needed help getting around. She was getting used to life without her legs. A life she never wanted to get used to.

Wheeling herself into the restroom. Where a large counter was covered in loose makeup stretched all over. Along with a curling iron and straightener. She shut the door behind herself. During the day Valentine stayed with her for the most part. He didn't leave her side often. Better that way. So Sophia thought.
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