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Username: Boobear96
Name: Jacob Black
Age: 18
Favourite Animal: Other than wolves, sharks.
Likes: Rain, Movies, Motorcycles, Cars, Fall, Winter, and Rainbows.
Dislikes: Vampires, Being ordered around by Sam, and Paul.
Short Bio: Jacob has had his fair share of hard times; his Mother died when he was 9, his Father was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and the only girl that he'd ever loved, was in love with a Vampire, who in return turned her into a Vampire. Vampire, the one thing he hates more than anything else. How does a teenager come back from that?

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[#Af18ae So there’s probably something wrong with you, but for now I’m okay with it.] she says moving his arm so it was wrapped around her. wearing a short sleeve shirt was okay in the earlier but it’s a bit cold. She could get her rain coat instead of freezing but being next to Jacob and his over heated body seems more reasonable. Brittany glared at her from a distance. She would give anything to flick her off and punch her.

She approaches Alex flirting with him. He didn’t seem to be paying any mind. He was watching her and Jacob. Brittany could tell. [#Af18ae Well she started it. Mama didn’t raise a punk... well she did. She always said violence was never the answer, but I got tired of being kicked on so I changed.] Serena looks at Jamie and Embry. Now they’re making s’mores and the girl may actually be flirting with him. [#Af18ae i guess they’re doing good.] Serena finishes her beer. She left his side to go toss it and get a new one.

Brittany knocks the beer out of her hand. “Didn’t I tell you to leave Alex alone?”
[#Af18ae You ríe and I have. Again for the millionth of time I don’t want anything to do with him.]
“Yet he keeps eyeing you. Why is that?”
[#Af18ae Don’t know. Maybe he’s allergic to bitches aka you. Try being nice. Who knows maybe you’ll end up with real friends while you’re at it.] Serena moves to get get a new beer but Brittany ended up grabbing her hair. Serena punches her in the stomach. It made Brittany let go of her hair. [#Af18ae Really? You’re starting a war you [u won’t] win.] Serena angrily grabs a beer and walks away. She places the cold beer on her head. [#Af18ae I’ll be making some s’mores before a go punch her for real...] she tells Jacob before opening her beer taking a big chug. Before she can make it Alex was heading her way. Her eyes rolled really hard before walking away. Alex jogs towards her shouting her name. [#Af18ae Ront night me... hopefully this will make him back off...] she says approaching Jacob. When she got to him the girl pulls him down to make out with him. Alex stopped saying her name halfway. She heard him cursing out Jacob. But why him and not her?
  Serena / Simply_Random / 6d 21h 42m 52s
Jacob nodded. [b "I know. I was just trying to be smooth and get you to dance with me.. Before the nights over?"] he questioned. He watched as Serena walked toward the fire. He talked small talk with Jamie and Embry. He kept an eye on Serena though. He watched as Brittany walked toward her and he growled slightly. He ease dropped on their conversation. Being a wolf gave you extra powerful senses, something he was thankful for right now.

A few moments later he felt an arm wrap through his; he smiled when he seen that it was Serena. [b "She's scared of you because she feels threatened. Her wanna be queen of the school could be taken away by the new girl.] he explained [b "Like we've talked about before, Brittany thinks she runs the school and she doesn't."] He nodded when she brought up his body temperature. [b "My temp runs higher than most... all the time."]
  BooBear96 / 6d 22h 51m 32s
Serena laughs. [#Af18ae You know I can. The pictures I showed you before are proof.] Jamie looked at her confused. She shower Jamie but his ir from the other. She doesn’t want people to know she was a cheerleader. If Brittany found out it’ll make things worse. For now it’s going to be a secret and she’ll use it to break the bully. Soon enough someone place a speaker near the second bonfire and they had music. Jamie took actually danced with Serena since Embry wasn’t around. Be when he was she changed. It was more of a sway kinda thing. It was hilarious.

Serena left her when Embry joined them. The girl went to the s’mores section. She likes her marshmallow burned. It makes it more gooey that way. It’s lovely. As she was making her third one Brittany finally showed up. “What are you doing here?”
[#Af18ae Obviously making s’mores because I can eat whatever I want and not get scared I’ll get fat or lose my position as cheer captain. What are you doing here?]
“Looking for you...” then i happened. Brittany splashed beer at her. Brittany simply takes off her sweater. It was the only Hint that’s wet. She used the sweater to dry her face.
[#Af18ae Oh no. I’m dry again. You have to do much more than that. But real original. Use what I did to you against me. Except I don’t care.] Serena says as she ties the sweater around her waist. She grabs the melted chocolate to smear it on Brittany’s face but she was quick to push someone in front of her. Serena shrugs. It would’ve been a waste of chocolate. She ate it and licks her fingers. Jamie helped wash her hands using a bottle of water. [#Af18ae I think she’s scared of me.] she whispers to Jaimie. Serena walks up tho Jacob. That’s when she noticed the heat radiating from Jacob. [#Af18ae God You’re hot... like heat hot. I like it.] she says wrapping her arms around one of his, resting her head on it as well. [#Af18ae She spilled bear on me. I think she’s going to try something else because I didn’t freak out.]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 6d 23h 5m 36s
Jacob chuckled as he listened to her as he drove down the tiny roads. [b "I promise. If I feel that it's getting to real, and you A. Have a chance of getting hurt, which I feel isn't likely, FYI. or B. Someone calls the cops, I will throw you over my shoulder and get you the hell out of there."] he said. [b "Not that La Push has a sheriff... but I'm pretty close with Charlie of Forks, so I think you'd be okay regardless."] he explained.

He got out of the truck and walked behind her. He looked around for their friends and he hadn't seen them yet... Until Jamie walked up to them out of nowhere. He watched Serena grab a beer and grinned. He watched as she popped the cap off with her teeth, which only impressed her more.

He listened as she spoke about dancing, taking his chance, he walked up and took her head. [b "Gonna show me if the New Girl has moves that can beat La Push?"]
  BooBear96 / 6d 23h 41m 21s
Serena doesn’t know what to think. With what happened to her she needs to be careful. Can’t just let anyone in her life like that. Her ex was nice until he wasn’t. [#Af18ae Well If she does something you may have to just pick me up and carry me away before I break her nose.] she says grinning. She didn’t want to answer his question about what she really thinks about him. To be honest she doesn’t know what to think. But he’s so sweet to her that she’s kinda liking him because of it. It’s too soon and dangerous to be thinking anything. Assuming she’s a bet or a booty call seems better.

When they got to the bonfire location she was hesitant to get out. She sends Jamie a text to let her know they just got there. The first thing she did was go get a beer before doing anything else. [#Af18ae it’s kind of chilly. You guys do this all the time?] she asks pulling the crap off with her teeth.
“Ouch. That doesn’t hurt you?” Jamie asks walking up to them.
[#Af18ae Nah. I like to think my teeth are industrial.] Alex hands her his beer.
“Dam Girl. I think I’m in love. Especially after what you did to Amanda. Girl one leave me alone.” Serena laughs opening his beer.
[#Af18ae I can relate. You’re my Amanda...] he look a tad hurt but walks away. [#Af18ae Well... who dances? Who’s afraid to dance? I need to know these little things so I don’t peer pressure anyone into doing anything.] she says hearing faint music.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 7d 12m 44s
He nodded when he listened to Serena about the bonfire. [b "We can go. It looks like everyone is going on and heading down there. He looked over at Embry, Quil and Jamie. [b "We'll meet you there?"] he sasked.

He followed Serena out to his truck and he hopped in the driver seat. [b "It's not that big of a deal.. Not what they make it out to be. You were already in the driver seat."] he explained. He looked over when she questioned if she was a prank or bet. [b "Is that what you think of me? That I would do something like that?"] he questioned. [b "You're not a prank or a bet. You're a girl that I would like to get to know better."]

He started the truck and headed towards First Beach. [b "You know that if she see's you here, something will go down, right?"] he asked. [b "Brittany probably feels threatened with you and now she is going to retaliate."]
  BooBear96 / 7d 27m 59s
Serena smiled. She’s the only one who’s taken his care for a spin. Aw. He likes her. Not to mention he’s already wanting a second date. Maybe she should’ve used a different word for his price. A none date. A celebratory dinner... Ah, too late now.

The girl took her money back. Everyone thanked him but her. She will eventually. [#Af18ae amWe have to to. If Brittany does show and I’m not there she’ll pick on Jamie. Then I’ll have to punch her the next time I see her in school. Can’t get expelled.] she says getting into the passenger seat.

[#Af18ae So again why let me drive your car? I’m starting to think we’re dating without actually dating. Am I some kind of prank or bet?] she asks looking at him. She got a text from Jamie saying Brittany isn’t there but rumor has it she’s going for revenge. Rumors. Revenge. Gotta love high school!
  Serena / Simply_Random / 8d 22h 26m 31s
[b "I don't know.. Standing up to Brittany took spunk... Spunk that no one else here has ever had."] he said. [b "If she wasn't a girl, I would've done it long ago."] He took a sip of his strawberry banana milkshake, and glanced over at Serena. [b "Welll. I'm hopig I can talk you into giving me a second date, while we're on the first."] he explained.

He shook his head when Embry and Quil brought up Serena driving his own truck. [b "It's not a big deal. You're just the first girl I've ever let drive my truck... I rebuilt the engine with my dad before his health got worse.. A few years back, that thing is like my most prized possession."] he explained.

[b "We can go to the Bonfire if you want."] he said to Serena. [b "Usually there's music, dancing and beer."] he said as he pushed Serena's money back toward her. [b "I got it guys."]
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 8d 22h 50m 17s
[#Af18ae I’m no ones hero. I just really hate bullies.] she says taking the milkshake happily. With Brittany gone Jamie came out of her shell. It was nice seeing her that way. [#Af18ae For the récord you won that date. Who said you’re getting a second?] she whispers before taking a bite of her burger. Jamie was talking so much Serena had to remind Jamie she needs to eat or that she still has food in front of her.

Serena digs into her pocket to hand back Jacobs car keys. His friends made a small scene. It made her laugh. [#Af18ae I’ll let him drive my car next time. I don’t see why it’s a big deal.] she says chuckling

The girl finished her food, but took her time with the milkshake. It was Jamie’s idea to go to the bonfire. [#Af18ae Bonfire... this should be fun bum having a feeling Brittany would want payback if she goes. So I’ll be on full alter.] Serena said chipping in for bill.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 9d 4h 39m 47s
Jacob nodded as he listened to her. [b “Fineee. We’ll go with your idea for the first date, but the second one is all mine.”] he said. Little did the young woman know that he would like anything that she was involved in. As an imprinter, he just wanted to be near her. [b “Whatcha talking about? I’ll be there early.”] he said smiling. He watched as Serena reacted to hearing Brittany and her friends bully another person that they went to school with. [b “Chocolate milkshake. Coming up.”] he said. [b “Embry. Watch them.”] He hopped out of the booth and walked to the counter.

With Serena’s milkshake in hand, he walked back to the booth. The argument was still going on, he sat down and watched. Slightly amaused. Serena wasn’t going to back down from Brittany, he could tell that much.

He went to stand up when he seen Alex trying to get closer to her. He growled when he seen his hands on her hips. Embry was scooting closer to him. I “Not here man.”] Jacob didn’t calm down until Serena was sitting beside him again. [b “I think you’re my new hero.”]
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 9d 6h 5m 42s
Serena chews and danced in her seat rushing herself to finish chewing to speak. [#Af18ae Its a real thing. But I already have our first date planned. It’s going to be corny but I think you’ll like it.] she says says grabbing some fries. [#Af18ae Lets say Sunday at four. Don’t be late.] she adds.

The girl turns around hearing Brittany making fun of someone. An annoyed growl escapes her. She needs to go stop this. [#Af18ae Orderme another milkshake while I go be a superhero please.] Serena says grabbing her milkshake as she scoots over to go save whoever Brittany is torturing.

“You’re such a dork. Everything about you screams ugly. You should just go kill yourself. You’ll never have a boyfriend.” Hearing that made her blood boil.
[#Af18ae Well if someone should kill themselves is you but I think you should use whatever sharp object you want to use and cut your split ends. That’s a cheer embarrassment...] Brittany got up and stood in front of Serena. Serena didn’t move or blink.
“You’re a grad A pain in my ass. Go back to whatever trash bin you came from.”
[#Af18ae Classic. Tell me why do you have to be so rude? Is daddy not getting princess another pony? Are you the black sheep of the family. Oh maybe you’re adopted and want just want attention and someone to love you.] Serena could tell Brittany was going to do something, but she was faster and pours her drink all over Brittany. [#Af18ae Oops. I guess my uneducated ass forgot did a no, no.] Brittany screams before storming off. Serena apologized to the group of nods Brittany was bullying before walking to the counter to drop off the now empty milkshake glass and joining Jacob. That was until Alex pulls her close to him. Before he could kiss her her hands covered his mouth. [#Af18ae Oh no. No. No. Stop. You should leave too before I do another no, no...]
“Girl I’m starting to fall in love with you. Feisty. See you at the bonfire boo.”

When Alex leaves she laughs. [#Af18ae Superheors do get all sorts of attention...] she says taking a seat to finish eating her food.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 9d 19h 41m 38s
Jacob sighed softly. He could tell that something was eating at her, but he didn't dare pry in front of the friend group. [b "Yeah, Emily.. She uh. She was attacked by a bear a few years back, and she has a big scar down the side of her face, she came by school once for Embry and I, Brittany saw and she went for it. Wasn't long before it was shut down though. We don't mess around when it comes to our own..."] he explained. [b "La Push needed someone like you."] he whispered.

He grinned when she mentioned their first date and her burger. [b "I think they're amazing.. But this is the only diner we have in La Push, so..."] he said. He was just kidding. Sue was an amazing cook.

When their food arrived, he dh into his Frito pie. He smiled when she said the burger was okay. [b "What if I take you somewhere that you could get that kind of burger? Or did you come up with that creation on your own?"] he asked before he took a sip of his milkshake.
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 9d 19h 59m 29s
Serena nods when he asked if she’s okay. She is. [#Af18ae I am. I just didn’t expect this much problems for my second day here.] she says sitting up when their shakes arrived. She got a chocolate shake. [#Af18ae Emily? And why make fun of her looks? Brittany seems like the girl who’s wealthy and gets whatever she wants and lashes out when she doesn’t. She uses fear to rule. I’ll be happy to ruin her. But that means I have to become a cheerleader and be super social. I was planning on being antisocial but I guess not. Tomorrow I’ll be the old me and no I wasn’t a botch. Well not to those who didn’t deserve it. I was a protector...] she says smiling.

Later, she’s definitely going to have to talk to Jake about him calling her his girl. What’s going on? The girl didn’t say much. She’s planning. Plotting. She could totally feel Brittany glaring at her. [#Af18ae If the burger isn’t good I’m canceling our first date.] she says looking at him. It made Jamie question the movie date. She reassured her that, that is still happening.

Music began to play. Their food arrived. She dips some of her fries into her chocolate shake. The girl got a bacon cheeseburger. [#Af18ae Have you guys ever had mac n cheese in a burger with some barbecue sauce? Amazing. But this burger is okay. So the date is probably still on.] Serena bushes Jacob seeing Jamie and Embry talking. Whispering. It’s cute. She’s getting comfortable.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 9d 20h 11m 5s
Jacob looked at Serena and held his hands up. [b "Sorry."] he muttered. It seemed like his plan to help her, just back fired on both their faces. [b "Burgers are amazing, but the frito pies are to die for. That's what I always get."] he said.

He looked up when he heard Brittany start running her mouth to Serena. He knew that Serena didn't need any help defending her self. He glared at Alex. [b "Better get your girl, before mine does."] he said. He wasn't going to step in the way of whatever was about to happen, until he absolutey needed too. [b "It's okay. Brittany is all bark, no bite."] he whispered to Jamie who looked like she was about to faint.

He felt like he could breathe again when Serena sat back down. [b "Fries are good, FYI."] he said. He shivered when he felt her lean her head against his shoulder. [b" You okay?"] he whispered. Jacob ordered his usual, Frito Pie with a strawberry banana milkshake. He nodded when he listened to Serena about bullying. [b "She tried to get her claws into Emily, our friends Fiancé... about her looks, and that shit got shut down. I'm surprised she's trying anything with you, just because you're with us."]
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 9d 20h 22m 14s
La Push isn’t going to know what happened thank to Serena. It may be a good or a bad thing. Only time can tell. The girl glares at Jacob. Is he trying to make Brittany hate her more? It didn’t help that his friends agreed. Jamie agreed in a mumble so Brittany wouldn’t hear her.

Jacob did give her an idea though. It already seems like they’re dating and he did say it’s probably already happening since she drove his truck. [#Af18ae I don’t know what to order... what’s good here?]
“Everything is good when you’re not here. You poison everything. Ruin everything.” The girl turns her head around to look at Brittany.
[#Af18ae Yet you’re still alive. I must not be so poisonous as you claim I am. Maybe you’re speaking of yourself because I have real friends and not people who have to like me to be apart of the squad with a rusty routine.] a few of the people there were shocked with what Serena said. Jacob is right again. Hasn’t anyone ever stood up to this lame girl? [#Af18ae I think all this saltyness in the air makes me crave some fries. Please tell me the fries are good.] she says turning back to her friends. Serena rests her head on Jacobs shoulder as they ordered. She went last to simply hear what everyone else orders to see if anything sounds good to her. [#Af18ae For the record I do t tolerate bullying. So if she keeps pressing my buttons I’m gonna have to step up my game and shit her up.] she says warning everyone at the table.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 9d 20h 43m 10s

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