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Username: Boobear96
Name: Jacob Black
Age: 18
Favourite Animal: Other than wolves, sharks.
Likes: Rain, Movies, Motorcycles, Cars, Fall, Winter, and Rainbows.
Dislikes: Vampires, Being ordered around by Sam, and Paul.
Short Bio: Jacob has had his fair share of hard times; his Mother died when he was 9, his Father was bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and the only girl that he'd ever loved, was in love with a Vampire, who in return turned her into a Vampire. Vampire, the one thing he hates more than anything else. How does a teenager come back from that?

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Jacob nodded. [b "That's okay. I'll just go pick Embry up and meet you two there."] he explained. [b "Ask your godmother about a curfew tonight and just let me know.. I'd really like to take you out after.. if you want."] he explained.

He chuckled when he heard her ask if he was Renesmee's father. [b "No Ma'am... I'm not. Edward is her father.. Renesmee is just special. There are people that don't really like the cullens and they want to cause them harm, they'd go straight for Ness if they got the chance."] he explained. [b "Like I said, Bella was my best friend at one point in time, If I needed something even now, Bella would help. She helped a lot with my dad and then when Harry passed away."] he said [b "Charlie, her father, Billy and Harry were always really close. It wasn't easy when we lost Harry..."]

He looked up when he heard a knock on the window, he was ready to jump into action. But then he seen it was only Jamie. He listened to their conversation and sighed softly. [b "Embry said she wasn't the same as before..."]
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 7h 57m 10s
She wasn't sure what to say when he said he wants to be more. After her last relationship, she's real iffy on being on another one. That's why we she's okay with a fake relationship. Although she's thinking about ending it soon. Before things get carried away.

[#af18ae No, she wants to drive Jamie and I. I haven't told her about me having a date to the dance. It'll worry her.] she tells him. Serena continues to eat her breakfast burrito. She arches an eyebrow hearing what he said. It made her worry. [#af18ae Jacob, are you... her father? Why do you care and why are you on high alert? The family is nice. Are they in danger or something?] she asks him.

Serena jumps hearing a knock. It was Jamie. It surprised her. [#af18ae Hey...]
"Hey, how are you?"
[#af18ae "Good, good. You?]
"Same. Excited for tomorrow. Can we talk later?" serena nods. She leaves them alone afterwards.

[#af18ae Things changed since that night...] serena says sighing.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 8h 25m 46s
Jacob nodded as he drove. [b "Doesn't mean I don't want to be more.."] he whispered. He glanced over at him. [b "Relationships mean you hangout outside of school as well most of the time. I'm just doing my best to play the part right."] he said with a grin.

[b "She wants to drive us to the dance?"] he questioned [b "Will you have a curfew after the dance? I was thinking we could go out to eat or something after."]

He pulled into a parking spot at school and glanced over to her. [b "I'm actually really excited for tomorrow. I've never really been to a dance before, much less one where I had a date."] he explained. [b "I'm not sure.. We're all still on high alert. Bella was my only friend at one point. I don't agree with some of the choices she had made, but I'll die before I let any harm come to Renesmee."]
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 8h 43m 35s
[#Af18ae You know this fake relationship only happens when we’re at school right? My godmother knows all about it. She thinks it’s stupid.] she says eating her burrito. She shrugs not sure what to tell him when he asked what else she likes. Her mind is too focused on the dance and her enemy.

[#Af18ae Tomorrow at the dance. My godmother want to take us. So you gotta drive me home. I think...] she says waiting for them to head to school. She rests Jamie to let her know that the dress is done. [#Af18ae So when is this thing for Bella going to happen?] she asks staring out the window. The girl miss driving. It was cute that he would pick her up. But now she missss driving. She’s going to have to say something about it. But her head has too much in it. She doesn’t want to cause anymore unnecessary drama.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1d 2h 10m 40s
Jacob smiled when he seen Serena walking out. [b "Good Morning love."] he said. He listened to her speak about the suits and the dresses, and he was slightly confused. [b "Why do we need suits again?"] he mumbled as he took the suit bags and laid them down in the backseat of his truck.

[b "Alice is a little weird, but she's super nice and helpful."] he said. She chuckled when he said the muffins were giving her muffins. [b "I think you look adorable. But no more muffins until you say so... What are some other things that you like? Besides breakfast burriotos, thanks for this too, by the way."]

It clicked when she asked if he was excited for homecoming. [b "I didn't forget... It just kind of slipped my mind. I'm excited for the fact that you're my date and I get to have you on my arm all night, I can't wait to show you off. Everyone will be jealous... Alex included, but we already knew that.. When will I get to see your dress?"]
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 1d 2h 34m 20s
Serena walks out with the suit bags. She opens the door to the back to hang them. [#Af18ae The suits finally came on. I hope they fit perfectly. It too long because Jamie didn’t know which dress to borrow and Embrys suit needs to match her dress. Like the way you’re matches mines.] she gets in the car taking a hot chocolate. She can get used to this. [#Af18ae Alice said she can help if it doesn’t fit. She’s nice.] she says handing him a breakfast burrito. [#Af18ae No offense but the muffins are giving my muffins...] well making her fat. At least that’s how she feels.

Jamie hasn’t been talking to her. Serena understands why but she’ll have to suck it up if she wants the dress now that’s she got it back after it was tailor. [#Af18ae Are you excited for the homecoming party? I’m not sure I’m excited. Especially with the witch flying high on her broom...] she saying taking a bite of her burrito.

[center [ Jacobs suit.]][center [ embrys suit]]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 1d 2h 50m 40s
If things could actually be ever normal in La Push and Forks, thats how things were. Serena was finally back home at her godparents house, and their 'fake' relationship seemed like it was going strong. It was routine now that Jacob picked Serena up from school in the morning. He would go back for football practice after he dropped Serena off at her house after school.

He hadn't really spoken to the Cullen's, he visited once after Serena and Jamie went back home to go over specifics of what they thought that they would be dealing with if it came down to a fight to protect Renesmee.

It was now two weeks since the accident with Jamie and Serena occured. He was pretty sure that Serena would never go hiking again, but he did make her promise from time to time, it just gave him a piece of mind. He didn't want her getting hurt.. It was bad to say, but he was almost thankful that it was Jamie instead of Serena.

He was sitting in her driveway, with hot chocolate and muffins from Sue's Bakery waiting for her.
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 1d 3h 13m 34s
Serena unlocks the door for him to get in. Alice somehow got her bumberrk make sure she’s they’re okay. She told them they’re fine. [#Af18ae Morning. Jamie wanted the normalcy...] she tells him as he gets in. She looks around. She doesn’t want to be here. [#Af18ae So the Cullens seems nice. They can cook.] she adds. She offers him the food she didn’t finish. Courtesy of the Cullens. The girl closes her eyes. Only to open them hearing the bell. Sighing, she gets out of the car to head to school. [#Af18ae Sorry about the weird freak show. Things should get better. I’m definitely not going out for a while. I’m sure Jamie would agree.] she says heading to school. Janie ignores her. Maybe them spending time after the weird accident is too much for her. [#Af18ae I hope she’s okay...]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 6d 2h 37s
After he took Embry home, Jacob himself phased and then Sam could see the events that happened at the Cullen house. He wasn't trilled with Embry's behavior. Jacob just ran for what seemed like a day, but it was only four hours.

Jacob was estatic when Bella called him to let him know that Serena and Jamie would be attending school the next day. He knew that school was important to Serena, so he made it a point to sneak in her godparents home and grab her bookbag. They were gone, so it was an easy task.

He got to school early that morning. He knew Jamie would be estatic to see everyone, and Embry? He hoped he would get the chance to finally speak with Serena. If nothing else, just to see how she was holding up. After all, the fuss was currently over Jamie. He just wanted to make sure that she was okay. He knew it was crazy, but the imprint pull itself was crazy. He just wanted to be near her.

He sat in his truck until he seen Jamie get out of Serena's car and head inside the school. He slung Serena's backpack over his shoulder and headed over to her car. He smiled softly as he tapped on the window.
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 6d 12h 59m 45s
The girl watched them leave. Serena held Jamie. The day went by slow. Jamie went outside to walk around. Every time they ate it was fantastic.

The next day Jamie wanted normalcy. Which meant going to school. The other didn’t think she should go, but Jacob did have a point. Serena drove them to school. Jamie has a title neck shirt to cover her wound. Even have a doctors note so she doesn’t have to participate in gym. Bella called Jacob to let him know they’re going to school. Alice even prepared them a nice lunch. Bella asked if she can make Jacob one too since his time yesterday was cut short.

It did take a while for the girl to get back to the flow. Jamie got car seek seeing the forest and only the forest. She swore she saw something in there. Following. The Cullens were following but not close enough for the girls to see. Of course they stopped when they reached the end to their territory.

Jamie couldn’t be happier to be in school. Serena on the other hand wanted to stay at the Cullens. It was like a vacation. Oddly enough to say. Since they didn’t have their normal school bag Serena would have to use loose leaf paper and share whatever text book she didn’t have. Jamie left her to hang out with her other friends. It left Serena to eat the breakfast the Cullens made in her car until school started.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 6d 14h 28m 24s
Jacob looked at Bella and sighed. [b "I have to tell her about what I am at somepoint. That's not just something that I can keep from her."] he said [b "Bella, they can't stay here forever. They have to go home, they have to come back to La Push at somepoint.. Maybe Jamie will just think it was some kind of tripped out person that ate other humans? I don't know anymore."] he muttered.

He looked up at Embry. [b "Enough!"] he barked. [b "This is all your fault Em."] he looked up at Bella and simply nodded. [b "I'll take him home, but I'm coming back tomorrow. Alone. You know I won't start anything. I just have to see Serena."] he mumbled. He knew deep down they were right, Jamie was doing good. She didn't need any extra stress right now.

Between himself and Jasper, they mangaed to get Embry calmed down long enough for him to get in truck. Jacob sped back to La Push at that point. He wanted to run, he needed to run.
  Imprint. / BooBear96 / 6d 14h 38m 10s
“We all know he won’t leave willingly.” Bella looks up listening to every word being secretly exchanhed. “So don’t tell her. Not unless you really have too. They don’t believe what they saw. No one but us knows what happened.”
“Now. Jamie can’t handle the stress in her condition.”

Jamie left the room. Serena didn’t want to stop her and somehow hurt her. Embry was pinned. Growling. “Please. Stop.” The guys look at her. Embry still mad. “Why is everyone so mad at each other and not us...”
“They shouldn’t be here. Whenever they come, trouble follows.”
“We live here. Longer than you. This is our home and you were a guest. Now leave or else.” Jamie tries to approach them but rose comes out of nowhere to stop here. She takes Jamie downstairs.

Serena follows. [#Af18ae Jake. Take him home. This is their home. He’s lost a screw or two. We’re fine. Jamie is right. It’s because of us we’re in this mess.]
  Serena / Simply_Random / 6d 14h 44m 31s
Jacob smiled soflty when he seen Serena. His world was instantly better. [b "I wasn't just going to leave you alone. I was hoping that we could talk a little bit."] he said. He nodded when he heard Bella. [b "Can you tell Alice that I said thank you for letting us come over?"] He watched as Serena stood up and walked away from them, he couldn't help but sigh. [b "This is going to scar her for life, you know that right?"] he asked before he turned to look at Bella.

He heard something crash and then yelling. He looked at Bella and simply rolled his eyes. [b "They don't know you all at all. They shouldn't even be here. You're worried about your daughter, but I'm worried about MY imprint. I can't just leave her damnit. Kick Embry out. I didn't do anything but try and talk to Serena."] he explained. [b "They shouldn't even be here!"]
  Alex. / BooBear96 / 6d 15h 1m 12s
Jamie and Serena didn’t say much after that. Jamie went to sleep again. We’ll pretend to sleep. Only the Cullens know about it. She read books to kill time.

When it was around dinner time, they got guests. No one seems to want them there. Well Jamie wanted Embry. Serena... she wants to be alone. She closes the book she was reading hearing Jacob. [#Af18ae I wasn’t expecting you to come back. No one said anything.] she says sitting up.

Bella walks in from the other side of the room. “Hey. Dinner isn’t ready. Alice when dinner is done. Have you spoken to the others?” Serena looks at belly. She gets up with the book pressed against her chest, to leave them alone. The sound of something crashing scared her. Embry was picking a fight. A fight because all of this happened because they returned. Serena runs up to the room. Jamie walks out with the IV bag.

“Something isn’t right.”
[#Af18ae I know. I heard that. Whatever it is.] she says helping Jamie hide in another room. Emmett shouts to Embry telling him to relax. Jamie isn’t even his imprint. When Embry didn’t stop Edward told him they need to leave. Something about the treaty?

Bella looks at Jacob. “I’m sorry. This is are only option. For you to help. But we can’t have him shifting when my kid is around. For the sake of the treaty you both should go.” Renesmee walks in.
  Serena / Simply_Random / 8d 6h 36m 54s
As soon as Jacob recieved Bella's call, he was on his feet. Getting dressed so he could go pick up Embry and then they would head over to the Cullens. Jacob wanted to take Serena some things, but he didn't know what. He was going to speak with her and see if she would be up for a drive. Or at least a conversation outside of the Cullen house. He hated that she was stuck there, but she was indeed safe.

After he picked Embry up, he all but sped to the Cullens. Embry was inside before the truck was even in park, he didn't blame him for being in a hurry though. He killed the engine and just sat there for a few moments before getting out and walking inside the house.

He walked up the stairs and looked around for Serena, she wasn't in the kitchen so he assumed that she was in the living room. [b "Hi."] he said when he seen her.
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