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What do you think of when you see the word [i Hollywood]? Do you see the flashing of camera lights? The glamorous outfits strolling down the red carpet? The perfect bodies, smiles, and lives?

Hollywood is really covering a bruised neck from an abusive boyfriend, covering track marks on your arms so they don't send you back to rehab, and always smiling so the people never see that you are crying on the inside.

This is the story of a few celebrities trying to dodge scandals, hoping for a call back, and trying to navigate love and work.

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[b Pic link:] I want all pics to be gifs
[b Username:]
[b Name:]
[B Age:] 21+
[b Who are your VIP's?] Who are the people most important in your life? The good and the bad.
[b What are your dreams?] Big dreams, small dreams. What do you wish for?
[b What do you regret?] Would you go back and change things? Or leave them as they are?
[b How do you see yourself?] Is it different from how you are seen by your spouse? Your boss? Friends?
[b What are your fears?] Silly or deep.
[b How did you become famous?] What's your job? How did you get it?]]]

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[size15 [Marck+Script [b Username:] Zippy
[b Name:] Sloan Sullivan
[B Age:] 22
[b Who are your VIP's?] Her manager and her mom, who believe in her. Her fitness coach, who she hates, and always food.
[b What are your dreams?] Sloan hopes to get over her insecurities. Which is a long battle for her. She also wishes to one day get an Oscar or at least be nominated.
[b What do you regret?] As much as she believes everything happens for a reason she would always go back and tell her younger self to stop and think about the choices she was making. More importantly the choices involving food.
[b How do you see yourself?] She sees herself as a fat pig. Someone who has no control when it comes to food. Her fans/ haters see her the same way.
[b What are your fears?] She fears that she'll never lose the weight. Never become what she is meant to be. She fears she will be alone forever and never find real love. And also insects.
[b How did you become famous?] Sloan started acting when she was about seven. It really didn't amount to anything until she hit her teens and she got a small reoccurring part on a tv show. Now shes been in several movies, always playing the fat best friend or the quirky character who only speaks every once in a while.

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[b Username:] Zippy
[b Name:] Samson Fernsby
[B Age:] 23
[b Who are your VIP's?] His sister Anna, his friends, and his drug dealer.
[b What are your dreams?] For right now he wants his show to be number one in the country. He eventually wants to move on to movies.
[b What do you regret?] He wouldn't change anything in his career, but maybe if he changed his drug habit that would have changed his career.
[b How do you see yourself?] Sam kind of sees himself as an A list celeb. Nothing can touch him. His friends and family see him as a guy who is destined to fail. They know it will all come crashing down sooner or later.
[b What are your fears?] He is afraid of his fame disappearing. Oh, and heights. He hates being high up.
[b How did you become famous?] Samson got his start as a model. Well a low level model. Just doing a couple ads every now and then. And a manager just happened to like his look and now he's the bad boy heart throb on a popular teen tv show. This show was his big break and has now been on for two years with a very large following.

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