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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Marck+Script] [center [size17 [Marck+Script [i ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰]
What do you think of when you see the word [i Hollywood]? Do you see the flashing of camera lights? The glamorous outfits strolling down the red carpet? The perfect bodies, smiles, and lives?

Hollywood is really covering a bruised neck from an abusive boyfriend, covering track marks on your arms so they don't send you back to rehab, and always smiling so the people never see that you are crying on the inside.

This is the story of a few celebrities trying to dodge scandals, hoping for a call back, and trying to navigate love and work.

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[b Pic link:] I want all pics to be gifs
[b Username:]
[b Name:]
[B Age:] 21+
[b Who are your VIP's?] Who are the people most important in your life? The good and the bad.
[b What are your dreams?] Big dreams, small dreams. What do you wish for?
[b What do you regret?] Would you go back and change things? Or leave them as they are?
[b How do you see yourself?] Is it different from how you are seen by your spouse? Your boss? Friends?
[b What are your fears?] Silly or deep.
[b How did you become famous?] What's your job? How did you get it?]]]

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[size15 [Marck+Script [b Username:] Zippy
[b Name:] Sloan Sullivan
[B Age:] 22
[b Who are your VIP's?] Her manager and her mom, who believe in her. Her fitness coach, who she hates, and always food.
[b What are your dreams?] Sloan hopes to get over her insecurities. Which is a long battle for her. She also wishes to one day get an Oscar or at least be nominated.
[b What do you regret?] As much as she believes everything happens for a reason she would always go back and tell her younger self to stop and think about the choices she was making. More importantly the choices involving food.
[b How do you see yourself?] She sees herself as a fat pig. Someone who has no control when it comes to food. Her fans/ haters see her the same way.
[b What are your fears?] She fears that she'll never lose the weight. Never become what she is meant to be. She fears she will be alone forever and never find real love. And also insects.
[b How did you become famous?] Sloan started acting when she was about seven. It really didn't amount to anything until she hit her teens and she got a small reoccurring part on a tv show. Now shes been in several movies, always playing the fat best friend or the quirky character who only speaks every once in a while.

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[b Username:] Zippy
[b Name:] Samson Fernsby
[B Age:] 23
[b Who are your VIP's?] His sister Anna, his friends, and his drug dealer.
[b What are your dreams?] For right now he wants his show to be number one in the country. He eventually wants to move on to movies.
[b What do you regret?] He wouldn't change anything in his career, but maybe if he changed his drug habit that would have changed his career.
[b How do you see yourself?] Sam kind of sees himself as an A list celeb. Nothing can touch him. His friends and family see him as a guy who is destined to fail. They know it will all come crashing down sooner or later.
[b What are your fears?] He is afraid of his fame disappearing. Oh, and heights. He hates being high up.
[b How did you become famous?] Samson got his start as a model. Well a low level model. Just doing a couple ads every now and then. And a manager just happened to like his look and now he's the bad boy heart throb on a popular teen tv show. This show was his big break and has now been on for two years with a very large following.

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[b Username:] Kaeleigh
[b Name:] Mikayla "Juniper" Groez
[b Age:] 22
[b Who are your VIP's?] Her bandmates are Juniper's biggest support system and the closest thing to a family she has and the only thing that keeps her from self-destructing; her biggest enemy is her own mind.
[b What are your dreams?] Honestly, Juniper just wants to feel happy. She always thought that when she finally "made it" that her would feel fulfilled, but the void in her heart still lingers and seems to grow every day.
[b What do you regret?] About two years ago, before going to rehab, Juniper had ran over a man while driving home from a club drunk. She drove away in a panic, and has yet to tell anyone about it- bandmates, therapist, or otherwise.
[b How do you see yourself?] Juniper sees herself as a unlovable failure: her parents gave her up for adoption, which never happened, therefore spending her whole life in foster care before aging out of the system; she spent most of her adult life striving for fame in the music industry and pleasing others, giving her a sense of a lack of independence; and she used the bottle to numb her sorrows. On top of this, Juniper has started feeling unfulfilled in her career and thinks she isn't cut out for anything else. Her bandmates personally disagree, especially Ahanu, who has been fighting back his love for her for professional reasons for many years.
[b What are your fears?] She fears many things, mostly what her mind tells her about herself, but she mostly fears dying alone, unsatisfied, and unhappy. Oh, and bugs with eight or more legs, the freak her out man.
[b How did you become famous?] Juniper started her band, Spotting Angels, when she was only 18, and got signed shortly after. The band had moderate success from their first album, but for some reason could never truly solidify themselves in the competitive world that is female lead rock bands. Her bout with alcoholism probably didn't help. She's thinking about getting into the acting world.

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[b Username:] Kaeleigh
[b Name:] Andrea "Andy" Hawthorne
[b Age:] 25
[b Who are your VIP's?] When Andy won an Academy Award for her first big-budget movie she directed, she thanked "the floor for always being there to catch [her ] when [she ] fall[s ], the stars for always giving [her ] something to shoot for, and [her ] dog, Chester, because he's just so gosh darn cute."
[b What are your dreams?] All Andy wants is to be remembered as one of the greatest directors in history, is that too much to ask for? And she would also like some social equality for LGBTQ people, but doesn't have enough faith in humanity to actively dream of it.
[b What do you regret?] Honestly, there isn't much, unless you count the boy she tried to date in 10th grade for all of a week before going "yeah, no, not for me." A part of her will always wonder what would have happened if she had just lived a lie to make her parents happy, but in the end she's happy she came out to them, even if it meant them disowning her.
[b How do you see yourself?] Andy sees an ambitious and strong, independent woman on her way to the top of her career, and most of the people she's met would describe her the same way. She's a pretty honest gal, she doesn't like to hide any parts of herself or her life, and uses her own experiences to try and help raise awareness for others.
[b What are your fears?] Her biggest fear is running out of creative juice and becoming washed out, but on the down low it's her fear that her parents will never accept her sexuality that holds her back.
[b How did you become famous?] Andy is a big name, up-and-coming director, known for her harsh camera angels and emotional coaching , and that's the way she likes it. This is she's ever wanted to do and she's finally doing it. Her first big-budget movie was a hit, and she got an Academy Award for her directing in it, and is eager for many more.


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[size16 [Bellefair Sloan had been up since before the sun. Running over her lines over and over again. She had a big audition this morning. And she was really trying her best to get it down pact. To have it perfect so they would just offer her the part right there in the room. That was wishful thinking. The movie was set in the 1930's and focused around two friends who had feelings for each other. And even if the script didn't say "Plus size" she was going to go for it. Because in this industry sometimes things happened. You just had to try.

After running her lines for what felt like the millionth time the brunette ate her breakfast which consisted of one hard boiled egg and a little bit of fruit. Some new diet she was trying. Mike, her fitness coach, was really pushing her to her limits recently. After the audition she would work out and then again later in the day. Plus this new diet was so bland. Clearly Sloan liked food. And good food at that. Diet's were hard for her.

Once done with breakfast Sloan brushed her teeth and got dressed. She wore a simple but cute outfit. A navy dress that hit right at her knees. It's what she would wear on a normal day out. Sloan wasn't very flashy. And honestly she was a lot like the character she was auditioning for. Which gave her a little bit of hope they'd give her the part.

Sloan sat in the reading room. Surrounded by beautiful and skinny people. She sighed to herself. The self doubt began to sink in. How was she going to compete against these women? Against the standard of society? Her left leg began bouncing up and down. She knew she had gotten this far. Getting a call back was a huge shock and she just hoped the director like her enough to keep her on the film at the least.

The door opened and in walked Andrea Hawthorne. Man was she starstruck. This director had just gotten an academy award. And here Sloan was at the final audition to be in one of her movies. Was that not the coolest thing?

The brunette listened to the directors every word. Listening to her explain the plot, and the meaning behind the dialogue she was to be reading today. And before she knew it, it was her turn to read lines.

Sloan closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She could do this. She would read the lines and rock the audition. And if she wasn’t what they were looking for it’d be okay. She’d move on to the next project. It happened. It always happened.

[#FFCD94 "Rose, please! I- I’m sorry, I just…"] she stopped, looking down. She began in a softer tone. [#FFCD94 "You know that feeling you get when you look up into the sky on a clear summer night? And you think about how many stars are up there and how tiny you are in the grand scheme of the universe, and suddenly it feels like none of your problems matter and a huge weight is lifted off of your heart."] she looked into the eyes of Andy. Soft eyes on the verge of tears trying to convey her love and passion.

[#FFCD94 "You take a deep breath because for the first time in a long time, your breath feels alive and you swear you can feel everything around you breath in unison…"] Sloan took a breath. [#FFCD94 "And [i everything] feels right, no matter how wrong it is. When I think of you, Rose, I feel like I have my eyes up to the sky and my heart open to the world and I...I don’t feel this way about anyone else. No one else makes me feel on such a cosmic level, Rose, [i you] are my gravity."]
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[#24249C [i Fuck, I'm gonna be late to my own freaking casting auditions...]] Andy cursed to herself as she locked her apartment door. Not like she couldn't afford to be late; it was [i her] movie after all, plus people tended to give you a bit more leeway when you have an Academy Award. But she still hated being late, it looked bad. You don't become Hollywood's most up-and-coming director/screenwriter from being tardy.

She'd been up late last night doing some "final" touches to script , and had somehow forgotten to set her alarm, awakened instead by her alarm to leave. She had put off showering until this morning, which now wasn't an option, so Andy could only hope she didn't stink by the time she got there. [#24249C [i Why am I like this?]]

As the young woman jogged down the street to try and hail a cab, she dug around in her satchel for her bottle of Acqua di Gio and gave herself a few spritz before jumping into the backseat of the cab. [#24249C [i God, I hate this California summer heat...]] She cursed as her shirt stuck to her now damp armpits. [#24249C [i Colorado was never this hot and sticky... Whatever, living my dream is far better than just not being sweaty all the freaking time.]]

After a grueling 25 minutes in traffic, Andy finally arrived at the agency. Running in, she only stopped to ask the assistant secretary, Lisa, to grab her a coffee from the shop next door. Lisa was a beautiful young woman with medium, pin-straight red hair that aspired to be a fashion designer that Andy had met several months ago during auditions for her last film. She had tried hitting on the poor girl at first, but Lisa had just laughed it off and told her she was straight, but she did have a friend she could try and set her up with . However, they had formed a casual friendship and still occasionally went out for drinks together. With a promise to talk when the auditions were over, Andy waved goodbye and ran up the stairs to the room they had been permitted to use.

[#24249C [i And of course everyone is here before me...]] She noticed bitterly as she sat down in her seat at the middle of the main table, taking a moment to catch her breath. [#24249C [i Alright, Andy, don't apologize for being late. Don't say anything about it. You're in charge, you make the decisions.]] After her internal pep talk, Andy glanced between her assistant director, Jakob Kellinberger, and casting director, Ann Schwarz, giving them each a little nod before pulling the newest copies of the script out of her bag. She stood and walked over to the actors, handing them out one by one.

[#24249C "[i Eyes Up] is deep-cutting, emotional, coming-of-age drama. My goal is to break hearts, in the saddest and happiest of ways. If I were to describe the overall feeling I want this film to have when it's complete, I would tell you it's a pretty young girl wearing circular, rose tinted sunglasses and has mascara running down her face as the wind whips through her hair."] She let her eyes scan the actors in front of her; these were the five that had made it to final callbacks, and the only ones for this callset that she would see in person .

First, there was Hugh Prescott, an attractive, bulky young man with a decent track record of acting as large supporting roles, usually the best friend of a main character, and a killer smile. [#24249C [i But his resume has yet to show the capability of such a complex role as Jacques. And I definitely wasn't picturing someone as... built... as him. Maybe he'll surprise me, though. Definitely has the charisma level for Jacques.]]

Second, Sloan Sullivan , famous pretty much since she was no longer a bedwetter , and with an elegant and powerful beauty that only made Andy sweat more. [#24249c [i Definitely a better suit for Rose's character than Meredith's.]]

After her came Samson Fernsby, who's only real acting experience was a teen soap opera, but there was a certain gleam in his eyes that made Andy feel he could portray Jacques' more intense scenes very well. [#24249C [i Although, I heard some rumours that he's been having some issues with drugs... Do I really want to risk it just because that look in his eyes is perfect?]]

Then, Amelia Thompson, a traditionally pretty blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, who had just finished filming for a very big-budget movie that hadn't yet come into theaters as her first major role. [#24249C [i She could potentially draw more interest to the movie, but she doesn't have the look for Rose or Meredith, really.]]

And finally, Mikayla Groez, with no discernible resume except- [#24249C "Holy shit, you're Juniper Groez!"] She blurted when she looked up at the girl. [#24249C [i Way to be cool, Andy...] "Sorry, big fan of your music..."] Andy flashed the young girl a quick smile.

[+maroon "No biggie, I just figured I'd use my legal name on the forms and such,"] She explained casually with a wave of her hand.

Andy cleared her throat as she turned to face all five of them. [#24249C "I made some minor edits to the script last night, so what I've handed out are the new copies. Nothing to really concern yourselves with at the moment, but there has been a sentence or two added on to the parts you’ll be performing today. If the girls can turn to page 44, and the boys to 76, you’ll see some monologues. These will be your auditions.”] She went back to her seat and took another deep breath before continuing. [#24249C “Set in 1930’s Oklahoma, [i Eyes Up] is about a pair of childhood friends, Rose and Meredith, who grew up on neighbouring farms and have been practically inseparable most of their lives. While trying to deal with The Great Depression and Dust Bowl, they’re also navigating their own love lives, which become heavily intertwined. Rose’s family betrothes her to Jacques Angier, a young man from a wealthy family who fell in love with Rose several years prior when she had nursed some wounds after falling off his horse close to her farm, in order to get the money needed to start a new farm out in California and escape the dust storms, which took the life of Rose’s younger brother, Samuel, several weeks before the start of the script.

“Meanwhile, Meredith is trying to come to terms with her jealousy of her best friend’s betrothal, but isn’t entirely sure why it upsets her so much. A few scenes into the script, she starts to realize that her feelings for Rose go much deeper than friends. Due to the time period, this is extremely hard for her to accept in herself, but once the idea is in her head, it never goes away. Soon after, Meredith makes an unexpected move on Rose after they find a small, abandoned shed during one of their usual walks together after a huge dust storm hits and kisses her for the first time. Girls, the monologue you’ll be reading is Meredith’s explaining her feelings to Rose after Rose pushes her away and questions her motives. After Meredith is finished, Rose admits to some similar feelings towards Meredith, but questions herself and worries that she’ll only only lose her friendship with Meredith, on top of her family counting on the money from her marriage to save them. Meredith accepts Rose’s stance, understanding her thought process, and they sit in silence waiting out the storm while holding hands.

“However, like Meredith, Rose slowly becomes consumed by her newly-realized emotions, and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. Jacques quickly becomes suspicious, and when Rose requests that Meredith move in with them once they get married and move out to California, he brings up a story he had heard about a woman named Eva, who had headed a lesbian club in New York that had gotten raided by the police, and talks about hearing of a lesbian couple in Chicago that had been beaten to death outside a tearoom. It’s all laced with threats, and he ends it with talking about what he would do to prevent that from happening to the woman he loves. Hugh and Samson, this is the part you two will be performing.

“Worried about his fiance and her friend, Jacques gets Rose’s father to agree to move the wedding up, and implies about Meredith’s sexuality and personal feelings towards Rose in order to get him on his side. His plan works, and Rose’s father forbids her from seeing Meredith again and personally disinvites Meredith from the wedding, and even going so far as to tell her parents what he’d heard. I’ll leave the ending for another time, dependant upon whether or not you get the part.”] Andy summarized, rubbing her temples by the end of it. There had been points while she was initially writing the script where she wondered if making this movie would bring her own past back to haunt her, but she needed to gain some perspective. It was necessary.
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