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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/vWYxpa0.png]][center [Arsenal [size15 Time passed quickly for Lee, the steady flow of customers needing their afternoon alcohol fix kept him busy. He didn't really mind the work, it allowed him to be social and keep up on the current gossip of the town. Being a supernatural being it was nice to know what was going on and the townspeople [i loved] to talk. It was amazing how much a person could spill after you got a few drinks into their system. He himself wasn't a huge drinker, drunk Lee was not a good Lee.]]]
[center [Arsenal [size15 The werewolf continued about his day and rather enjoyed it, at least until a certain someone walked into the bar. Lee wrinkled his nose at the smell of death the wafted into the bar, his golden eyes turning to see a dis likable vampire sit down at the bar. Vampires and werewolves never got along, probably because one bite from him and it was certain death. He and Charles didn't really have any problems aside from the fact that they were of the opposite species. For some reason though it was enough for the two of them to really not like each other.]]]
[center [Arsenal [size15 Lee grabbed the bottle of bourbon and pouring it into a glass, sliding it towards Charles. Molly came over and winked at both the boys, she knew that neither liked the other, it was pretty obvious from the tense look on Lee's face. [b "Play nice boys, you'll scare the customers off."] She said, bouncing away with a tray of good in her hands. The dark-haired male rolled his eyes as he set the bottle of liquor down, looking to the dead thing across from him. [b [#CD853F "A bit early, isn't it?"]] He asked. Why were people in this town, including is supernatural residents, so eager to get smashed so early?]]]
[center [Arsenal [size15 While Lee continued to serve drinks, he thought to the Parade that was tomorrow. He then remember that Charles was part of the founding families. He felt awkward and slightly uncomfortable just silently serving him drinks so decided to make some small talk, against his better judgement. [b [#CD853F "So...are you going to be at that parade thing? It's for the founding families right?"]] He asked, trying to be as casual as possible about it. Lee was honestly terrible at making small talk.]]]
  [ᴛᴠᴅ] / Namida / 199d 4h 23m 39s
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/p7zuclj.jpg]] [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Courgette] [size15 [Courgette Birdie laughed at her friend. She sure as hell hoped that was true. Really Todd could be a straight up ass, but from what she'd heard he is seriously crazy. And Bird didn't want her friend to get in any kind of trouble with him. Or anyone for that matter. As Vale continued talking, she mentioned asking people to be on the float. She nearly fell in the hallway.

[#ff4000 "Shit Vale! I forgot!"] she whimpered. The face she was making was probably so pathetic. She had just been so busy with the float and making sure everyone else was getting their stuff done that she hadn't done hers. She was such a screw up. [#ff4000 "Do you think you could meet my guy? His name is Charles Loughty. Literally the most important person on our float. I had plans to meet him after school today. At the Grill."]

Birdie's eyes were hopefully. Practically begging Vaelia to do this. It would mean so much and she was sure her friend knew that. Charles was a NEED on the float. His family was basically the top of the founding families. And that was saying something because Birdie's family was also founders just way lower on the totem pole.

[#ff4000 "He could probably tell you a bit about your family. From what I heard he knows his history."] she replied to Vale, trying to butter her up to the idea. If Vale did this, Birdie would stay and help with the float for a bit and then head to her grandmas. It wasn't like her grandma had anything to do. A hour or so wouldn't hurt. At least she hoped.

Her grammy was special to her. Always there when she needed her. When she was little and lived farther away her grandma would come and visit and bring her little trinkets and tell her they were from fairies and spirits. She always wore a little gold necklace from her because every time her grammy saw it she'd light up and it'd make Bird happy.

Now Birdie just hoped putting off her grandma wouldn't make her upset. But she was eighteen now. She was an adult. She should make the decision to do what she wanted to do. Why did her grandmother need her on this night? Why couldn't it wait till the weekend? When the Founder's Day Parade was long gone and over with?
  /†/ / zippy / 207d 12h 51m 26s
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/jfaKMNh.png]]
[center [Arsenal [size15 Vaelia was starting to out her books in her locker when a familiar voice called out to her. The brunette smirked as she shut the metal door and turned to her red-headed friend. [b [#5F9EA0 "Todd Galloway killing my family? Please, he'd run away at the sight of my family."]] She said. Her family was certainly...interesting. Unlike normal families hers had odd quirks and superstitions that they followed to a tee. Vale was never allowed to invite anyone inside unless someone was home, she was never allowed to go in the basement under any circumstances, she was always made to wear an old bracelet and would actually get in trouble if she took it off. They were a pain in her butt sometimes.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size15 When Birdie told her she wouldn't be able to finish the float tonight she groaned. [b [#5F9EA0 "Man that sucks but I guess we'll do what we have to. Oh yea, did you ask all those people around town about standing on our float?"]] Her class had decided to do a float dedicated to the current and past family members of the founding families. They all had been given a few people to ask about riding the float, Fortunately for Vale she had come in after they had been assigned so she didn't have to ask anyone about anything.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size15 Mystic Falls was definitely a town in it's own league, she had never seen a place that was so dedicated to it's culture and it's founding families. Honestly it was almost creepy, not to mention that some of the people who she's seen around town just gave her bad vibes.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size15 As Vaelia talked with Birdie the bell for the next class rang. Thankfully they had the next class together so she was able to walk with her friend. [b [#5F9EA0 "You know my family originates from Mystic Falls...supposedly, but not once did they ever mention it to me until they made the decision to move."]] She said allowed, watching as students rushing past them to make it to their classes. Once they reached their class she plopped down in one of the hard plastic seats and sighed. Her family always kept things from her, whether it was out of not trusting her or some other reason she didn't know. It kind of made her feel unsure about her family, she knew she was adopted and she had lived with her parents since she could remember. Did they not trust her enough?]]]
  [ᴛᴠᴅ] / Namida / 211d 5h 47m 54s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/CqwjHpB.jpg]] [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Courgette] [size15 [Courgette Charles' day started with him driving almost an hour and half away from Mystic Falls. Something he usually did about twice a month. The towns people who knew him thought it was for business, but really it was for food. He couldn't exactly go to Mystic's hospital twice a month and take home several bags of blood. How suspicious would that look? And he couldn't be killing townspeople every night because then the Vampire Council would be hot on his trails. He tended to keep fresh feeding for special occasions. So he tended to drive two towns over and get them from there.

Once the male got back into town he noticed a lot of people out and about. And it clicked in his mind the the Founder's Day Parade was happening in a day or so. It was crazy to see the tradition had held up after all these years. When Charles was young he loved to help paper mache the heads of the founding fathers. His father included. And now it was sort of strange to see these people decades later doing the same thing.

Charles returned to his house, stashed his food for the next two weeks and headed out into town. He liked to be around the festivities, just not a part of them. Those who knew him knew he was an "ancestor" of James Loughty. And apparently named after James' son Charles. And of course keeping in the family business he joined the council. To stop the incoming vampires. Which wasn't hard. Being linked to a founding family was gold around here.

The vampire made his way to the Mystic Grill, the only good restaurant in town. Although he never ate the food. He mostly came for the drinks. He sat down at the bar hopping for anyone, but Lee, to serve him. Yet there was the wolf behind the bar. Charles rolled his eyes, and tapped the bar.

[#000352 "Bourbon."] he ordered.

Vampires and werewolves didn't exactly mix. They were assholes. And on more than one occasion they tried to kill him. Most of the time he tried to avoid the bar keep. Most of the time it didn't work. Charles spun the ring on his pointer finger around waiting on his drink.
  /†/ / zippy / 215d 13h 31m 10s
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/vWYxpa0.png]][center [Arsenal [size15 It was just like any other day for Adolfo. He woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring in his ear, rolled out of bed and stumbled into the shower. The large male stood under the rain of hot water, staring at the white porcelain in front of him. His days had started to blur together, they were monotonous and boring. But then again, wasn't that the whole reason why he moved to Mystic Falls in the first place? He had heard rumors of how supernatural occurrences and creatures always seemed to take root here, why not himself?]]]

[center [Arsenal [size15 A sigh slipped past his lips as she exited the shower, wrapping a thick towel around his waist and staring at his reflection in the mirror. The facial hair was certainly different, but he couldn't deny that it actually suited him quite well.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size15 He dressed in simple clothing, black t-shirt and jeans. There was no point in dressing nice, he was bar-tending tonight. More than likely he would end up wearing someone's drink - he had a tendency to piss people off easily. Once he was ready he left his tiny apartment and made his way to The Grill, the only place in town that offered any kind of entertainment. As he walked inside the building a blonde waved at him, [b "Lee! I thought you weren't gonna come in."] She called as she picking up some glasses from a table. The male ran long fingers through his messy hair. [b [#CD853F "And insight the wrath of the lovely Molly? Never!"]] He said in fake surprise, walking behind the counter. The busty woman rolled her eyes. Molly was the current owner the The Grill, though she never acted like it. She acted more like a teenage waitress than the 30-year old owner that she was.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size15 Adolfo went right to preparing drinks for the people at the bar, while it was only two o'clock it was pretty busy. He knew that there was some sort of parade tomorrow so he expected people to be working on it, this town was crazy about their festivities. Time passed and Adolfo found himself staring off into space, a slap to the back of the head from Molly making him grunt. [b "If you have time to stare you have time to make drinks. Here."] She said, slamming a bottle of bourbon down in front of him. The male grumbled as he went back to pouring shots for people who had too much time on their hands.]]]
  Namida / 218d 5h 26m 16s
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/p7zuclj.jpg]] [google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Courgette] [size15 [Courgette Birdie was up before the sun was. Something that happened nearly every day. She liked to look good. It wasn't exactly for anyone in particular. More so for herself than anything, but having a nice outfit and her hair done was something that just made her feel a bit better about herself. Not that feeling good about herself was something that came easily.

The red head threw a t-shirt back into the closet deciding on a black long-sleeved shirt and a camel colored skirt. It was getting to be a bit chilly outside now, so she decided she better wear some black stockings as well. Once dressed the girl curled her hair and swiped on some mascara.

"Bernadette May you better get down here and eat or you will be late!" her mother called up the stairs. Birdie slipped on her boots, grabbed her bag, and headed down the stairs.

[#ff4000 "Sorry, I couldn't decided on an outfit."] she told her mom as she sat down and poured herself some cereal.

"Of course not. Oh before I forget Granny wants you to help her set up a Facebook tonight."

[#ff4000 "I can't! I really need to finish this parade float."]

"It's not up for debate Birdie." Bird just rolled her eyes and set her empty bowl in the sink. "Have a good day!"

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PeBC8BB.jpg]]

Birdie's day was dragging on. Second period had just ended and it felt like she had been sitting in classes all day. She was so stressed that she wasn't going to get the float done. Now that she was being forced to go to her Granny's. It wasn't that she didn't want to help out her grandma, because she really did love and care for her, but she had to have this float done in time for the parade. She did have team members and friends helping, but she felt she had to be there. It was her nature. Bird wasn't going to take credit for something she wasn't there for.

Closing her locker she was nearly pushed over by a pack of guys. Just as she was about to say something she stopped hearing them talk about Vaelia. The red-head shook her head and nearly laughed out loud. What was this girl getting herself into? Bernadette rounded the corner to see her new friend standing at her locker. She ran up to her.

[#ff4000 "What the heck Vale? Messing with Todd Galloway?!"] she whispered in excitement. [#ff4000 "He's probably going to kill your whole family now. Everyone says he's kind of a psycho."] She shrugged with a smile on her face.

Birdie like Vale. She was a bit different in her own way. And for whatever reason she was drawn to her. Since Vale's first day Birdie knew they were going to be friends. Of course she probably came off way to strong and annoying, but some how the new girl looked past it and was still sticking around.

[#ff4000 "I have some bad news. I think I have to leave early tonight. My grandma needs some company and my mom will kill me if I bail."]
  /†/ / zippy / 221d 11h 45m 41s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Arsenal]

[center [Arsenal [size14 [b [#5F9EA0 "Hey mom, this outfit doesn't look stupid, right?"]] Vale asked as she came down the stairs from her bedroom, picking at the black tank-top she'd put on. An older woman with bleach blonde hair looked up from cooking breakfast. [b "Something Bernadette recommended, I presume?"] Vale let out a small laugh, walking to the table and plopping down in one of the wooden chairs. She looked to the large floor-to-ceiling windows that lit up the room, she still hadn't gotten used to this new house. Heck she still wasn't quite used to this town, apparently her family originated from Mystic Falls and they thought it a good idea to move. They wanted to [i "Return to their roots"] or something like that.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size14 Bernadette, or Birdie as she was called by many, was Vaelia's first friend. Vale was still warming up to her but Birdie was the first person to approach her and since she didn't know much about the town she ended up following the spunky red-head around. Eventually she came to know Birdie a bit better and could now call her a friend, not necessarily a close friend, but a friend nonetheless. At least Vale knew she wasn't completely alone in this new town that she knew nothing about. [b "Are you guys done building your parade float yet?"] her mother asked, interrupting her thoughts with the smell of sizzling bacon. [b [#5F9EA0 "Almost, me and some others from class plan on finishing it up after class so I will probably be late."]] She scarfed down the greasy breakfast and grabbed her backpack that had been laying on the floor.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size14 As she opened the front door her father came walking down the stairs, cup of coffee in hand. [b "Be careful, Vaelia. Have a good day at school."] The first part of his sentence confused her a bit, what was there to be careful about? This was a small, community driven town that probably had no crime aside from some drinking teenagers. Shrugging her shoulders the brunette slammed the door shut and got into her blue Dodge Neon, started the engine and pulled out of the driveway.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [Arsenal [size14 Vaelia shut her locker with a loud thud, letting out a small sigh as she tightened her grip on the textbooks in her arms. Two periods had already passed and already she was done with the day. The school she had been at previously was apparently behind on their curriculum and now she had no idea what was going on in many of her classes, and the teachers weren't cutting her any slack. It was kind of ridiculous honestly, how do you expect someone to know things if they hadn't learned them yet? As she walked to her net class the local ass-tard bumped into her, giving her a nasty smirk. [b "Watch it, new kid."] She had been here for three months already...she wasn't even that new anymore.]]]

[center [Arsenal [size14 [b [#5F9EA0 "Maybe you should pay attention instead of having your face buried between Meghan Riley's legs."]] She said, her tone dripping with all the sass and venom in the world. Meghan was the druggie problem child of the school and most boys wanted nothing to do with her, of course this pathetic excuse for a jock couldn't get any so he had to get what he could take. His face scrunched up and turned red in anger, for a second she thought he was going to hit her. Obviously his friends did as well because the next thing she knew they were dragging him away while he glared daggers at her. She had a sinking feeling that was going to come back and bite her in the ass. She had the urging need to find Birdie and tell her what had just happened, something told her that the red-head would know what happened before she heard it from Vale herself.]]]
  Namida / 224d 8h 42m 12s

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