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Donghun is a werewolf who is leader of a pack in the U.K. Luna is a human who was rescued from a vampire's blood den by Donghun. This is their story.

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Donghun and Luna are here with their story! Wow, someone [i finally] chose the couple that isn't actually a couple xD. Yes, Donghun and Luna aren't mates. They have a strong sibling like relationship though! And Luna knows that they aren't mates but she respects that due to how protective Donghun can be over everyone.

We might see one of Donghun's mates in this story we shall see!

Small warning: I don't write female characters too well so I'm sorry if Luna seems erm... Nothing like your typical female character. If that makes any sense at all. I hope it does xD

Natural betas are werewolves who don't have an alpha aura. They can be easily overpowered by a werewolf's alpha aura if they aren't strong enough to fight it. They aren't naturally submissive but it can seem like it due to how easily overwhelmed they can get. They aren't seen in pure blood werewolves too often but they are most common in turned werewolves.

[center Characters:]

Donghun: A pure blood werewolf who is the alpha of the pack. He works for Kris, and is one of the more well known people to get jobs from Kris. His younger brother Woojin is one of the most well known vampire hunters in the world. He rescued a human named Luna because he felt compelled to do so, having dealt with many victims of vampire's blood dens when Woojin was still living with his pack. His wolf form is a large red wolf with brown paws and a white star shape on his forehead. He can speak English, Korean and Japanese.

Luna: A human who was rescued by Donghun from a blood den that belonged to vampires. She was lucky enough to not be a vampire's meal too often when she was in that situation but it still traumatized her. She has nightmares of that time and can't be in a room alone. She is often with Donghun but is close to all members of his pack.

Jun: A pure blood werewolf who is Donghun's beta. He is the calm and reasoning one of the pack, often helping Donghun make decisions. He was the one who helped Donghun rescue Luna and has fought for her to stay on more than one occasion. He knows that Donghun and Luna aren't mates but he sees how close the two are and can't be asked to separate the two. His wolf form is a large silver colored wolf with a white patch on his back and a single scar over his right eye seen in his animal and human forms.

Chan: A turned werewolf who is the youngest in the pack werewolf wise. He was also the most recent werewolf to join the pack. He is a natural beta, something that he hates with a passion. He knows that he was only let in due to Sehyoon arguing with Donghun for an hour. His past isn't too known, but he tries to avoid all questions about his past. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a brown patch on his back and a silver tipped tail.

Sehyoon: A turned werewolf who was with Donghun since the beginning. They both grew up together and he was the person who taught Donghun Japanese. He fought for Chan to join because natural betas were easily overpowered in the werewolf world if they didn't have a pack. He tries to pry everything out of Chan when concerning his past but knows when to push it and to not push it. He can speak English and Japanese. His wolf form is a large black wolf with a red tipped tail and brown paws.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [ these] guys for the awesome poster!


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[center Chapter 6]

The atmosphere changed around the house, as the sight of werewolf hunters set almost everyone off despite the reassurance from Chan that [i if] they were there to kill them they would've done so before Kwangsuk made it through the door. It didn't help that Chan was supposed to be a werewolf hunter, if he had stayed around a little longer anyway. Woojin, Hongseob and Jason stayed around after making sure Jeonguk was okay with them staying around for a bit longer so they could deal with Euijin and his pack.

"This wouldn't be the first time vampire hunters and werewolf hunters worked together towards a common goal," said Woojin. "Yes but it will be the last our particular teams will work together," said Hansol. "I don't think so," said Kwangsuk. "Unless you want to retire," he said. "You [i do] have a way out," said Woojin. "Jason's still with his pack, technically," he said.

"So we do what iKon did then," said Kwangsuk. "It wouldn't be that hard," said Woojin. "Getting into a faction would be harder but," he said, shrugging. "We're a part of our own," said Hansol. "We'd just have to register it as a vampire hunting faction right?" He asked. Woojin nodded. "I think we'll talk more when this is over," said Kwangsuk. "We will," said Woojin. "For now we have a pack to deal with," he said.

[center ~]

Donghun and Luna were out in the backyard, just to get away from everyone as Chan and Sehyoon were out grocery shopping. Jun was with Kwangsuk, the two of them taking the time to get to know each other. Hansol and Kijoong were with Woojin, Hongseob and Jason as they planned their next plan of getting to Junyoung and eventually getting to Euijin.

"Donghun," said Luna as she turned to Donghun. "Hm?" Asked Donghun as he was looking up at the sky. "You said you were special," said Luna. "At least, your family was," she said. "What did you mean by that?" She asked. Donghun hummed. "Well," he said.

"What do you know of werewolf lore?" He asked, turning to Luna. "From what you told me or from what I myself knew before meeting you?" Asked Luna. "From what you knew before meeting us," said Donghun. "Well," said Luna. "I thought you changed into giant hulking beasts that stood on two legs," she said. "The silver part I got right at least, but from what I've witnessed you don't turn into giant beasts on two legs," she said. "Or change purely by the full moon," she said.

"That's the thing though," said Donghun. "You've never seen us change on the full moon," he said. "But that's beside the point," he said, looking up at the sky again. "And those who can change their wolf forms to make them stand on two legs, they do exist," he said. "Really?" Asked Luna.

"It so happens to be that there is a full moon tonight," remarked Jun as he walked over with Kwangsuk. "How unfortunate," Donghun hummed as he looked at Jun then at Kwangsuk. "You don't look too surprised at this information," he said. "We did talk a bit in depth with it," said Jun. "I wonder if Sehyoon will make it to the change tonight?" Asked Donghun as he looked towards the forest behind their property.

"Do you want to come watch the change?" Asked Jun as he looked at Luna. "Maybe," said Luna. "But I think I would have to be prepared," she said. "It's for the best," said Donghun. "It's also best you stay with Kwangsuk if he decides to join us," he said. "I will," said Kwangsuk.

"Well," said Donghun as he got up. "Let's go and get some dinner before we do this eh?" He asked, turning to the others. Everyone nodded and headed inside to find something to eat.

"Ah! Woojin!" Called Donghun. "Yo?" Asked Woojin as he walked into the kitchen. "I assume you know about our family's erm, special thing?" Asked Donghun. "I do," said Woojin as he scratched the back of his head. "But I won't be joining you tonight," he said. "I tried to trigger that change and well," he said. "It never worked," he said. "Interesting," said Donghun as he nodded. "Well, come eat dinner," he said. Woojin nodded and went to get the others before coming back to get their share of dinner.

After dinner Sehyoon and Chan returned, with Sehyoon almost forgetting what kind of night it was. "You almost missed it," said Donghun as he spotted Sehyoon. "Sorry, was caught up in traffic," said Sehyoon. Jun and Luna were sitting on the back porch, waiting. "Keep an eye on her Kwangsuk," said Donghun as he turned to Kwangsuk. "I will," said Kwangsuk as he nodded.

Donghun, Jun and Sehyoon took off their shirts, rolling their shoulders some as they stretched. Luna felt an involuntary shiver go through her as she heard the bones start to crack.

"Well, here we go," said Donghun. as he grunted, feeling the change start. Jun and Sehyoon stretched, feeling the change start. All three of them changed to wolf form first, shaking out their fur to make the transition a bit easier as their bones snapped and healed, changing to make the front paws change into human hands with claws. Their size increased as well to accommodate for the newer forms. Once the change completed Donghun, Sehyoon and Jun stood on two legs before letting out their howls. Luna shivered at the sound, though she tried to hide her fear as Kwangsuk put a hand on her shoulder.

The three wolves turned to the back porch, Donghun looking straight at Luna and Jun looking straight at Kwangsuk. After a few tense minutes Jun, Donghun and Sehyoon dropped to all fours and ran off, going running. Kwangsuk relaxed, letting out a deep breath. "T-That was scary," said Luna. "I know," said Kwangsuk.

Jason came outside with Chan, causing Luna and Kwangsuk to turn to them. "They went running then?" Asked Chan. Kwangsuk nodded. "Good, I was cowering so bad inside," Chan said with a shudder. "Their alpha auras overwhelmed me," he said. "I hate being a beta sometimes," he mumbled. "You'll get used to it," said Kwangsuk. "I've been used to it for 30 years now," Chan said with a shake of his head.
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[center Chapter 5]

Jun didn't want to leave Kwangsuk's side but he knew he had his own responsibilities in the pack that he had to do. Woojin, Jason and Hongseob kept an eye on Kwangsuk while Jun was away, trying to ease the stress from Jun's mind.

Chan was worried for Kwangsuk, but he was also worried for his other friends, Kijoong was the youngest of them, having recently started changing. At least, he had started changing when Chan left, joining Sehyoon who took him to Donghun. That was a few years ago but who knows what would've happened inbetween the years he had last seen his old pack.

Donghun tried to keep things normal for the pack, knowing that everyone was looking to him for guidance. He was the pack alpha after all, but sometimes things got too much and that was when Jun usually stepped in. Now Jun was dealing with his own problems and so Donghun had to step up and be the alpha in the pack once again.

Luna and Sehyoon were the most normal, at least as normal as things could get with what was going on. Luna knew this was important, that Kwangsuk was someone important so she kept out of everyone's way, keeping to Sehyoon's side but going to comfort the others if they needed it. Sehyoon was Chan's rock, keeping him going throughout the worrisome days when it seemed that Kwangsuk wouldn't make it, and he even helped Jun when it seemed like Jun was going to collapse from the stress.

[center ~]

Kwangsuk woke with a gasp, sitting up in surprise. "Hello?" He called. Chan rushed into the room with Woojin and Jun. "You're awake!" Said Chan as he tackled Kwangsuk. "Ouch, careful," said Kwangsuk as he chuckled, wrapping an arm around Chan. "Sorry," said Chan as he moved away, grinning.

"How are you feeling?" Asked Woojin as he walked over. "Better, thank you," said Kwangsuk. Jun looked relieved. "That's good," he said. Kwangsuk looked up at Jun. "Ah," he said. "Well, we found our mates in each other," he said. Jun hummed. "A pure blood then?" He asked. Kwangsuk nodded. "Well," he said, stretching slightly before moving to get up. "It wouldn't've ended well if I didn't make it it seems," he said. "No," said Jun as he scratched the back of his head.

"Can I take a look at your back?" Asked Woojin. "Sure," said Kwangsuk as he sat down again. Woojin went to check on the wound, unwrapping the bandages to see him fully healed. "Well, that worked," he said. Jun went to grab some extra clothes and a towel and handed it to Kwangsuk. "I guess I better get a shower in then," said Kwangsuk as he scratched the back of his head. "It's just across the hall," said Jun. Kwangsuk nodded and went to take a shower. Woojin, Chan and Jun headed downstairs where the others had been watching a movie.

"You look relieved," remarked Donghun as he spotted Jun and Chan. "Yeah," said Jun as he scratched the back of his head. Chan chuckled awkwardly as he scratched the back of his head.

"I can understand Jun's concern, but what's your involvement in it?" Asked Donghun as he turned to Chan. "Well," said Chan. "Kwangsuk was the one who turned me," he said. "You get that sort of attachment with that I guess," he said. Donghun turned to Sehyoon. "It would make sense," said Sehyoon. "I have that sort of attachment too, since you were the one who turned me Donghun," he said. Donghun nodded.

Kwangsuk came downstairs after getting dressed, and turned to Donghun. "Thanks," he said. Donghun scratched the back of his head. "You were a friend of Chan's, and Jun's mate," he said. "I couldn't deny you help," he said.

"Kwangsuk," said Chan. "Hm?" Asked Kwangsuk. "Where's Hansol and Kijoong?" Asked Chan. "They're around," said Kwangsuk. "I came here with them but I don't know where they went," he said. "They're not injured are they?" Asked Donghun. "No," said Kwangsuk. "They wanted me to get help first, they're fine," he said.

"How is Kijoong?" Asked Chan. "He's fine," said Kwangsuk. "He adjusted just fine after he started changing," he said. "That's good," said Chan. "That he adjusted well after he started changing anyway," he added.

Right on queue the doorbell rang, and Donghun got up and went to see who it was. Chan and Kwangsuk also went to the door to see who it was. "Hansol," said Kwangsuk. "You're okay then," said Hansol as he tilted his head to the side. "Where's Kijoong?" Asked Chan. "Here," said Kijoong as he walked over.

Donghun studied the both of them, his head tilting to the side slightly. "What brings you here?" He asked. "Just came to see how Kwangsuk's doing," said Hansol as he shrugged. "Nothing wrong with that is there?" He asked. Donghun turned to Kwangsuk. "Don't mind Hansol, he's usually like this," said Kwangsuk as he tilted his head to the side slightly.

Chan hummed, looking at Donghun. "Well," said Donghun. "If he's usually like this then why are they werewolf hunters?" He asked, looking at Chan for confirmation. "You noticed then," said Chan. "For the record," said Hansol as he narrowed his eyes. "We're not here for you," he said. "They're not here for me either," said Kwangsuk as Woojin, Jason and Hongseob came to the door.

"Well," said Woojin. "Didn't think they'd send the cavalry," he said. "Woojin," said Hansol. "You're not here for the pack then what are you here for?" Asked Woojin. "Euijin," said Hansol. "I know Junyoung showed up, it's how Kwangsuk got injured," he said. Kwangsuk scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "He caught me off guard alright?" He asked.

"You guys took iKon's place then?" Asked Donghun as he decided to let them in, considering they hadn't attacked them. Yet. "Well," said Hansol. "We were on our way up to the top when iKon decided to switch occupations," he said. "So I guess," he said. "I'm still a rookie apparently," said Kijoong. "But when I started changing they grouped me with Hansol and Kwangsuk," he said.

"What made you guys become werewolf hunters?" Asked Donghun. "More due to the fact that we were forced into it," said Kwangsuk. "I would've ended up becoming a werewolf hunter if I stayed around a little longer huh?" Asked Chan. "Your tracking would've easily gotten us to the top for sure," said Hansol. "However, your beta status was a different matter," he said. "And I didn't want you to go through that pain," said Kwangsuk. "If you were to kill the alpha of a werewolf pack well," he said, scratching the back of his head.
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[center Chapter 4]

When word from Woojin said that he was coming over with Jason and Hongseob the atmosphere around the house got better. Woojin finally caught a break with Hongseob and Jason and they made time to come over.

Donghun was lounging in the livingroom, watching a movie while the others were doing their own things. Luna was with Jun, who had gone to get food, while Chan and Sehyoon were in their room watching another movie. There hadn't been much news from Euijin and his pack but things like that were inconclusive. Werewolf packs were usually unpredictable due to most being nomadic but there were still quite a few that had territories.

The doorbell rang and Donghun looked towards the front door before getting up and going to answer it, grinning when he saw who it was. "Hey you three, come on in," he said. Woojin grinned in greeting. "Hey," he said, walking in with Jason and Hongseob after Donghun moved to let them in before closing the door behind him.

"Chan! Sehyoon! We have guests," Donghun called upstairs, causing the both of them to come downstairs. "Jason!" Said Chan as he tackled Jason. Jason laughs as he quickly steadied himself, letting Chan settle on his back. "Hey," he said, straightening himself with Chan hanging on his shoulders. "Where's Jun?" Asked Woojin. "Grocery shopping with Luna," said Donghun. "They left an hour ago so," he said, shrugging. Sehyoon went to turn off the TV in their room before joining the others in the livingroom, sitting with Chan on the couch while Woojin and Hongseob got the loveseat and Jason sat in a chair.

"How's things?" Asked Hongseob. "Eh," said Donghun. "They're alright," he said. "But I think we might have a problem on our hands," he said. "Whenever Chan's old pack decide to show their faces again," he said. Woojin hummed. "Euijin?" He asked. "You know him?" Asked Chan. "He is known to cause trouble," said Woojin. "Wasn't aware that he'd cause that much trouble," said Donghun. "If it caught the attention of vampire hunters anyway," he added.

"Not only that," said Hongseob. "They caught the attention of werewolf hunters," he said. "Really?" Asked Donghun. "Interesting," he said. "He's good at evading them I know that for sure," said Hongseob. "Even their best teams are unable to find him," he said. "Well," said Chan. "I'm pretty sure one of his pack members are here, considering Junyoung showed up," he said.

"You know," said Donghun. "I know that iKon used to be famous as werewolf hunters due to their cold reputation but I wonder who took their place?" He asked. "That's a scary question to ask," said Woojin as he tilted his head in question. "I mean, if iKon could track down almost every werewolf pack then this new top team is far behind in that aspect," said Donghun.

"Well," said Woojin. "If it's run like how the vampire hunting association is run then there's bound to be other supernatural creatures out there," he said. "At least, those on the werewolf hunting side," he said. "I'd imagine that that's where most of the shapeshifters end up," said Hongseob. "If they don't end up becoming vampire hunters anyway," he added.

"Believe it or not there's been more than just iKon joining the werewolf hunt," said Woojin. "I don't want to even think about how many packs joined the werewolf hunt," said Donghun. "Me either but," said Woojin. "You're bound to run into them sooner or later," finished Jason. "I hope that we don't run into them anytime soon," he said. "Our line of work may force us to," said Woojin. "We ran into iKon a lot when they were werewolf hunters," agreed Hongseob. "Even before we met," he said.

Jun and Luna soon returned with bags of food. "Oh, hey Jason," said Jun. "Woojin, Hongseob," he said as he walked into the kitchen. Luna followed Jun into the kitchen with the bags of food that she carried. Donghun shook his head and got up to see if they needed help putting things away.

"How was it?" He asked as he helped put the dry food into the cupboards. "It went fine," said Jun. "Nothing happened today," he said. "I'm starting to think that doing this is a good idea," said Luna as she focused on something in the fridge. "Really?" Asked Donghun. "We were in London for two hours," said Jun. "She did fine," he said. "That's good," said Donghun.

After putting everything away everyone went into the livingroom to finish watching the movie. They continued to watch the movie, making small talk as the evening progressed.

The doorbell rang and Donghun blinked, looking at his phone before getting up and going to answer it. "Hello?" He asked. "Chan here?" Asked the visitor. "Yes, who's asking?" Asked Donghun. Chan came to the door. "Kwangsuk?" He asked. "What brings you here?" He asked. "I-I," started Kwangsuk before he collapsed.

Chan quickly ran to his side, checking him for any wounds. "Ow!" He exclaimed, moving his hand away as he felt a burning sensation. "He's hit with something silver!" He said. Woojin ran outside to see. "Jason! Grab my bag!" He shouted as he picked up Kwangsuk's body, careful to not touch the wound before bringing him inside after Donghun held the door open for him.

Everyone cleared the coffee table and Woojin put Kwangsuk down, moving him over onto his stomach and tearing his shirt open. Jason came over with the bag and Woojin dug through it, putting on some gloves and grabbing a syringe before injecting the medicine into Kwangsuk. "Just a stab wound," mumbled Woojin as he noticed the healing kicking in after the medicine started working. "Good," said Chan. "At least his healing is kicking in," he said. Woojin hummed in response as he wrapped up the wound for now.

"Who is this?" Asked Donghun. "It's my old pack alpha," said Chan as he looked at Kwangsuk. "But where's Hansol and Kijoong?" He asked in confusion. "Come on," said Woojin as he went to lift up Kwangsuk. "Where can I put him?" He asked. "My room," said Jun. "Since everyone is sharing a room right now," he added. "Take me to the room then," said Woojin. Jun lead him to his room, opening the door for him and Woojin put Kwangsuk on the bed. Woojin left him there with Jun as Jun decided to call it a night.

Woojin walked back into the livingroom, spotting a worried Chan pacing. "He'll be fine," he said. "I know but I can't help but worry," said Chan as he stopped to look at Woojin. "Well," said Woojin as he sighed. "I don't know what will happen with him but we just have to keep an eye on him okay?" He asked. Chan nodded.

"I think if Kwangsuk doesn't make it Jun's going to go insane," said Donghun as he walked into the livingroom. "Ah, I hate dealing with insane werewolves," Woojin said, sighing. "And Jun has the best timing," he said. "You know us werewolves can't help who our mates are," said Donghun. Woojin sighed. "Of course," he said.
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[center Chapter 3]

Sehyoon returned a couple weeks later from a successful mission. "How'd it go?" Asked Donghun as Sehyoon arrived home. "Just fine," said Sehyoon. "Chan not causing trouble?" He asked. "No," said Donghun. "He's been helping Luna with the garden out back," he said. "That's good," said Sehyoon.

"Where is he now?" He asked. "In the garden helping Luna," said Donghun. Sehyoon nodded and headed out to the backyard, spotting Chan and Luna playfully arguing over where a flower should go. "It should go here," said Luna. "I think it'll look better over here," said Chan.

"Having fun you two?" Sehyoon asked with a chuckle. "Hey, you're back!" Said Chan as he noticed Sehyoon. Sehyoon grinned. "Hey," he said. "How was the mission?" Asked Luna. "It went fine," said Sehyoon. "I heard you were arguing over where to put a flower," he said.

"I think it'll look better here," said Chan. "No, it looks better here," said Luna. "Well," said Sehyoon. "I think it looks better here," he said, going to another spot. Chan and Luna went over to see. "It does!" Said Chan. Luna hummed, nodding. "Okay, we can put it here," she said. Sehyoon chuckled and Chan cheered before going to plant the flower.

It was a bit later that Donghun and Jun came outside to find the three of them lounging in the grass and cloud watching. "Having fun you three?" Asked Donghun. "Lots," said Chan as he sat up. "What's up?" He asked. "You've been quiet for most of the afternoon," said Donghun. "We've been cloud watching," said Luna. "I see that," said Donghun.

"We're going out for dinner if you want to join us," said Jun. "Sure," said Sehyoon. Luna nodded. "Yeah sure," she said. Chan nodded. "Let us go and change clothes first then we can head out," he said. "Go then," said Donghun. Chan, Sehyoon and Luna headed inside to change clothes.

Once they were done Donghun drove into London, only being about an hour outside of London to find a place to eat. They ended up at a pub and found a place to sit and eat. Once they ordered their food everyone made small talk with each other.

"So," said Donghun. "What do you know about your old pack now?" He asked. Chan hummed. "Euijin's the pack leader," he said. "Then you have Daewon, Marco, Junyoung and Hojung," he said. "There used to be other members but they left due to Euijin defeating the last alpha for the spot," he said. "I left with them but I left that group a bit later, being found by Sehyoon," he said. "And you've been with us ever since," said Donghun. Chan nodded. "You would've gotten along fine with my old pack leader," he said. "The one before Euijin anyway," he added.

"Maybe one day we'll run into them," said Donghun. "Maybe," said Chan. "I dunno," said Jun. "Your pack has a really standoffish vibe," he said. "My old pack," corrected Chan. "But that's just how they are," he said. "The previous alpha was a lot different," he said. "He cared enough about my beta status to get me out when things were about to go downhill," he said.

"Kwangsuk?" Asked Sehyoon. Chan nodded. "You've met him before," he said. "I know," said Sehyoon. "I ran into him in Denmark," he said. "He asked about you," he said. "Really?" Asked Chan. "What'd he ask about?" He asked. "He wondered what you were doing now," said Sehyoon. "Maybe we will end up seeing them sooner then we thought," he said. "Maybe," said Chan.

When their food arrived everyone paused in their small talk to eat, enjoying the meal in comfortable silence. "Who's paying?" Asked Chan. "I will," said Sehyoon. "Since I just got back and all," he said. "You sure?" Asked Donghun. "I don't mind paying," he said. "Nah, I'll pay," said Sehyoon. "Okay then," said Donghun. Jun hummed.

"What brought this on?" He asked. "Just felt like paying," said Sehyoon as he shrugged. "No issues with that is there?" He asked. "No, no," said Jun. "I'm just wondering," he said. "Thank you," said Luna. Sehyoon scratched the back of his head. "No problem," he said.

After paying for dinner they took a small walk around London before heading home. Chan stayed near Sehyoon while Donghun, Luna and Jun stayed near each other. Luna kept a hand on Donghun's arm, not wanting to be separated from him.

"Are you okay Luna?" Asked Donghun. "I'll be fine," said Luna. "I just don't want to be separated from you," she said. "I'm right here," said Donghun as he nodded. Jun hummed. "Don't worry," he said. "If we get separated Sehyoon and Chan will find you," he said. "We are the trackers after all," piped up Chan as he caught up to them with Sehyoon beside him.

"With that we should head home then," said Donghun. "Sure," said Jun. The others nod. "Let's head back to the jeep then," said Donghun before he walked back to where they had parked the jeep. The others followed after him.

When they got home Sehyoon and Chan went straight to their room after Chan yelled that they were going to watch a movie in their room. Jun retired to his room after saying goodnight and Donghun and Luna went into their shared room.

Luna let out a sigh as she sat on her bed. "What's wrong?" Asked Donghun as he came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and changing clothes. "I was really close to having a panic attack back there," said Luna. "I'm sorry," she said. "Hey," said Donghun as he walked over and sat down next to Luna. "There's nothing wrong with that okay?" He asked. "I'm pretty sure everyone sensed it too," he said. "You don't need to think that you're a burden to us," he said.

"No matter what, you're with us okay?" He asked. Luna nodded. "Sometimes it doesn't feel like it," she said. "I know," said Donghun. "But we care," he said. "You're going to be okay, okay?" He asked. "We won't let anything happen to you," he said.

Chan and Sehyoon sat on Sehyoon's bed, watching a movie. "Well," said Chan. "I think Luna was close to having a panic attack earlier," he said. "I know," said Sehyoon. "I don't think she realizes how quickly we notice the little things," he said. "We're trackers, we have to notice the little things," said Chan. "If we didn't then we'd be horrible at our job," he said.

"Some things will stay around," said Sehyoon. "We just have to prepare for the worst of it," he said. "We had to deal with a lot," agreed Chan. "But we'll deal with the things with Luna as they come and go," he said. "She needs us right now," he said.

"The only thing that worries me is what would happen when Donghun finds his mate?" Asked Sehyoon. "At least, one of them," he added. "I don't think he'll abandon her," said Chan. "There's no real reason to at that point, she's already here with us," he said. "I don't think she'll last long in with the regular humans," he said. "I don't think so either," agreed Sehyoon.
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[center Chapter 2]

Chan was out in the backyard with Luna, helping with the small garden that Luna started tending to as a way to cope with her time in the blood dens. "Thank you Chan," said Luna. "I know the other boys don't want to help but you always pitch in to help," she said. "It's no problem really," said Chan as he went to move the bags of new soil over to where Luna wanted to plant the flowers. "My mom was a gardener back in the day," he said. "So I picked up a thing or two from her," he said. "I see," said Luna as she went to dig several holes. Chan went to help her, humming to himself.

Donghun came out to check on them a bit later while they were taking a break to drink some water. "Having fun you two?" He asked. "We're almost done," said Luna. "That's good," said Donghun as he smiled softly. Chan wiped his forehead, chuckling some. "It would've never gotten this far if I didn't come to help," he said.

"Out of all things you retain from your human life it had to be gardening," Donghun said teasingly. "Oi," said Chan. "I'm a damn good gardener though," he said, beaming with pride. "You had too much time on your hands kid," Donghun said with a snort as he shook his head. "Well [i I'm] sorry," said Chan as he pouts. "Come eat lunch and you can come back to work on the garden afterwards," said Donghun. Chan and Luna nod and get up before going inside. Donghun soon followed after them.

Lunch was uneventful, with everyone making small talk with each other. Moonbin and Chanwoo would be leaving after dinner, not wanting to intrude anymore than they have to though Donghun was fine with them staying another day. As much as they had unlimited time on their hands if they were gone for [i too] long chaos would ensue, judging from the last time they were gone for more than a month due to missions.

After lunch Chan went out to the garden with Luna again, going to finish what they were working on before the lunch break. Donghun went to help, with Jun joining them a little bit later to help build a wall to keep the plants confined to one area.

"And you said I spend too much time gardening," Chan said with a snicker. "Oh shut up," said Donghun as he shook his head. Jun shook his head. "Well," he said. "We agreed to help because Luna asked so," he said. Chan snickered. "Uh huh," he said. Luna giggled. "Over here," she said, pointing to a section of the garden they didn't finish. Jun and Donghun went to fix it, with Chan going to finish planting the flowers with Luna.

"Having fun guys?" Asked Moonbin as he walked into the backyard to see their progress. "Lots," said Chan as he turned to Moonbin. "You guys leaving already?" Asked Donghun as he got up and stretched. "Just about ready to," said Moonbin. "Chanwoo's packing up the car so," he said, shrugging. "Have a safe trip then," said Donghun. Moonbin nodded and soon left.

After finishing the wall there was a commotion in the woods outside the property and Donghun looked towards it, his head tilting slightly. "Come out," he called. "Sorry, I couldn't help but notice that you guys were working on your garden here," came a voice as someone came into view. Chan hummed. "Well, hello Junyoung," he said. "Chan," said Junyoung as he smirked. "I thought I saw you working with them," he said.

"Friend of yours Chan?" Asked Donghun. "Part of my old pack actually," said Chan. "What brings you here? I thought I told Euijin that I wouldn't be returning to the pack," he said. "Just wanted to see what you were doing now," said Junyoung. "Didn't think you'd be with a new pack so soon," he said. "It's only been a few years Junyoung," said Chan.

"Just here for a casual chat?" Asked Donghun. "Eh," said Junyoung. "I guess you can say that," he said. "I won't be around for too much longer though, I have a pack to return to," he said. "I'll see you around then Chan," he said before leaving. Chan could only watch with his hands clenched into fists before turning to Donghun and the others.

"You alright Chan?" Asked Donghun. "I wasn't expecting them to show up really," said Chan. "I know," said Donghun. "But you seemed more surprised to see him," he said. "I haven't seen them in years," said Chan. "But I hope they don't cause trouble," he said. "Knowing Euijin, he might cause trouble," he said.

"Well, let's hope that they don't cause trouble," said Donghun. "I hope so too," Chan said, sighing. "Well, now that we're done here let's go eat dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening," said Donghun. Everyone nodded and headed inside after cleaning up the area.

Dinner was quiet again, with everyone watching a movie to pass the time before bed. Chan was more worried about his old pack showing up but he knows that Donghun would have it covered if a confrontation came up. He just cursed his beta status to no end due to being useless in certain confrontations.

"Chan," said Donghun as he went to talk to Chan after dinner. "Hm?" Asked Chan. "You don't need to worry about your pack," said Donghun. "We'll deal with it when they show up again," he said. "Y-You don't understand," said Chan. "Euijin is different from other werewolves," he said. "We'll deal with it," said Donghun. "Okay," said Chan. "I just want you to be careful," he said. "We'll be fine," said Donghun. "Don't underestimate us," he said. Chan sighed, nodding and got up to go to bed. "I'm retiring early," he said. "Goodnight," he said, going into his room.

Jun turned to Donghun. "He's not buying it," he said. "I know," said Donghun. "But he doesn't know what we possess," he said. "My brother and I have some things that makes us different from other werewolves," he said. "I don't think Woojin has figured it out yet but I found out about it a bit ago," he said. "I just hope that it doesn't come to that," he said. Jun hummed in response.

"I think you'll do fine," said Luna. "It doesn't seem like they're much of a threat right now," she said. "For now," said Donghun. "We haven't seen all of them yet," he said. "Just Junyoung," he said.
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[center Chapter 1]

Chan was in London with Donghun and Luna, going shopping with them. He was mostly dragged along because Sehyoon was out on missions so he went with them instead of staying home. Granted, he did have the choice to stay home with Jun but Chan wanted new clothes so he went with them.

"I'm hungry," said Luna. "We can stop somewhere," said Donghun. "Where do you want to eat Chan?" He asked, turning to Chan. "It doesn't matter," said Chan as he shrugged. "I'm up for anything," he said. "We'll go to a fast food restaurant then, I'm sure Jun wants food," said Donghun. "Sure," said Luna. Chan nodded. They headed to the nearest fast food restaurant.

While they were ordering food two familiar faces walked into the restaurant. "Oh, hey you three," said Moonbin. "Hey 'Bin, Chanwoo," said Donghun. "Missions?" He asked. "Yep," said Chanwoo. "It's been quite a while since we were out of Germany," he said. "Luckily your pack knows how to run the information network," said Donghun. "Of course," said Chanwoo. "So does yours don't get me wrong," he said. "Yeah," said Donghun.

“Moving on from here or staying around?” Asked Chan. “We’ll be staying for a couple days,” said Chanwoo. “Need a place to stay?” Asked Donghun. “I think we’re covered,” said Chanwoo. "But we'll come over after missions," he said. "You remember where we live I'm sure?" Asked Donghun. "Yes," said Chanwoo. "Alright," said Donghun. "Good luck then," he said when their orders were called. Chanwoo nodded and Donghun left with Luna and Chan.

Jun was sitting in the livingroom watching a movie when they got back to the house. "Enjoying the movie?" Asked Donghun. "I guess," said Jun as he turned to look at Donghun before turning back to the TV. "Want dinner?" Asked Chan as he went to sit down on the couch beside Jun with the bag of food. "Sure," said Jun as he reached over and took his portion of food. Luna and Donghun went over and grabbed their share of dinner before going to sit down and eating.

While they were watching the Underworld movies the doorbell rang, and Donghun got up and went to answer it. "Oh, hey guys," he said. "Hello," said Moonbin. "Done with your missions?" Asked Donghun. "Yeah," said Moonbin. "Well, come on in then," said Donghun as he moved to let them in before closing the door behind them and walking back into the livingroom. "Hey 'Bin, Chanwoo," said Chan as he looked at them before turning his attention back to the TV. "Hello Moonbin, Chanwoo," said Jun. "Hello Chan, Jun, Luna," said Moonbin. Chanwoo nodded in greeting.

"How's life with your pure blood mate being in a different country?" Asked Donghun. "Manageable," said Chanwoo as he scratched the back of his head. "He comes to visit twice a month and if I'm on missions he video calls me when I have internet," he said. "The need to be close to one's mate is always going to be there," remarked Jun. "But it's good to see you're trying," he said.

"I'd give you a report now but honestly nothing's happened," said Donghun as they continued their movie marathon. "Ah, it's alright," said Chanwoo. "We still got the rest of the country to scope out, we have missions all over the U.K.," he said."Ah, okay," said Donghun. "We have a guest room for you if you want to sleep in it," he said. "Sure," said Chanwoo. Moonbin nodded. "We're not pressed for time so," he said, shrugging.

"Just came to check on you, I'm assuming Sehyoon is out on a mission for Kris right now," he said. Donghun nodded. "He left a week ago, I assume he'll be back within a month or so," he said. "I see," said Chanwoo.

"Get them blood dens when you find them alright?" Asked Donghun. "We cleared one in London, which was why we were there when you were," said Moonbin. "We'll find them," he said. "I hate to see more people in the blood dens," said Luna. "We're managing to weed out the rest of the ones in Europe," said Moonbin. "Taeseon and his team are slowly dealing with them," he said. "Well, them and a few other teams when Taeseon needs a break from it," he added.

"Let me guess," said Donghun. "That's why Jisung and Kihyun were in Europe for about two years," he said. "Yes," said Moonbin. "They were one of the first teams to be sent after Taeseon returned home with his team," he said. "They came to the U.K. first, they stayed with us for a few weeks," said Chan.

"They had to make sure that your country was safe," said Moonbin. "I'm positive that Woojin had asked them to come here first," he said. "He does care about you, in his own way," he said. "I know," said Donghun. "We're so far apart in terms of how we both grew up that it's nice to see the little things we do for each other," he said. "I provide them a place to stay when they're here with Jason, and they bring protection since Jason's still part of my pack," he said. "You two will become closer as Jason becomes more known I'm sure," said Moonbin. "I'm sure of it," said Donghun.

After the movie marathon finished everyone moved to their rooms, wishing everyone goodnight. Donghun headed to his room that he was sharing with Luna after making sure Moonbin and Chanwoo were comfortable in the guest room. "Are you going to be okay tonight?" Asked Donghun as he turned to Luna. "I'll be fine," said Luna. "As long as you're in the same room I'll be fine," she added. Donghun nodded. "Alright," he said.

"If you don't want me in the same room..." Started Luna. "It's okay," said Donghun as he gave a reassuring smile. "Really," he said. "If I didn't want you in the same room as me you'd've been put in Chan and Sehyoon's room," he said. "That is true," said Luna as she giggled. "Those two like to cause a ruckus," she said. "It's good that Sehyoon is out on missions then," Donghun said with a snicker as he went to sit on his bed. Luna went to the other bed across the room, sitting down on it with a sigh.

"Will you really be okay?" Asked Donghun. "Yes," said Luna. "I'll be fine," she said. "The nightmares never come if someone's in the same room you know that," she said. "I can't help but worry you know that," said Donghun as he shook his head. "If I didn't know any better I'd think we were mates," said Luna. Donghun chuckled softly. "Yeah same," he said.
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