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[center Alois had a rough childhood. After his mother died, his father remarried so that he would have a mother figure still in his life. It wasn't long after that he had a couple of siblings. A little brother and a sister to look after. How exciting, Alois was truly happy but there was something different about him that his step-mother noticed.

As he grew older it became well known that he was different. Alois didn't like women he liked men. To his parents and their status this was wrong. They couldn't have a son who was gay. So they tried taking him different doctors hoping that maybe they could change son. Nothing seemed to work. It became well known that Alois was no longer a part of this seemingly simple family.

His step-mother came to hate him, so his younger siblings. Alois was forced to stay in the basement way from his younger siblings. Alois father often traveled wasn't home very much. When ever his father was it wasn't like he really got a chance to tell him about the thing that happen. He tried once but his step-mom made really clear real fast that if ever tried that again she probably kill him. Frighten of her he stay hidden.

Year past once Alois old enough to live on his own he moved out right away. Hoping to make a better life for himself. Life isn't always that simple. Alois did move out he lived on his own. It wasn't long before he found someone. This someone was like a dream they were charming and really seemed to care about him.

Little did he know this person his was so crazy about. Had a problem, no matter what Alois said and did ____ didn't trust him. Even though Alois was very loyal to _____. He just couldn't trust Alois. ____ always thought that Alois would run off with another. ____ decided that before Alois could do that he tied his lover up....

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Okay that is thought Idea I have so far. I tent to write a bit darker romances.

Need Male character

Yes this rp is a bit of yandere

Also need someone who can write up / over 1000 characters

Do be warned I am busy I understand how life can get in the way. So please don't rush me and I wont rush you! If you disappear for more than a week I might wonder.

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[center It really didn't take long for him to learn his new schedule. Before long that week before classes flew by. He was eggar for his classes to start. He was so excited and proud of himself for getting a job on campus. He worked part time in the library. Which where he often was when he wasn't in class.

The clock hit six it was time for him to punch out and head back to his room. He really need to finish up his math assignment. On his way out of the library he felt something bump into him. He looked up to see a rather tall haired brunette standing before. [#4ba3fb "It's okay it was probably me...I'm sorry"] he said as he stepped out of the males way.

He sighed softly as he headed back to his room this time being more cautious of his surround. Alois was very uneasy around people, on the other hand his heart was racing wildly. Could this be what love felt like. The brunette truly was stunning, he felt back leaving so quickly but it was probably best he did. He really didn't want any enemies on this campus. He was so tired of being hated. He sighs softly as he got back to his room.

He pulled the long key from his pocket and walked over to his bed where he sat his bag and books down. He sighed softly as he thought about what he should do next. The thought of the male had popped back into his mind. He shook his head he need to get working on his homework. His mind was clouded. He decided it would be best if he went and took a quick shower and maybe getting a quick bite to eat.

He left the door room with a small bag in hand. He wonder down the hallway to bathroom. It was a rather large bathroom considering it had a few, full sized tubs, he didn't plan to take a bath. He just wanted a quick shower, and some food then it was back to work. Once the was done in the shower he quickly dried off and got dressed.

He then headed back to his dorm room to drop off his soaps, and towels. He was going to need to get some laundry done soon. Luckily he didn't have too much going on tomorrow. He smiled softly as he stuffed his jacket pockets. It was time to go get some food. Luckily here were some food places on campus. He had just enough money for a little food. He really felt like getting something with meat and rice. How exciting he thought to himself. He eyes wondered the crow . He wonder if that brunette was still somewhere on this campus. He sighed softly he looked down towards the ground he really need to stop thinking about that man.

It really would of been awkward to run in to him again. He sighed softly as he made his way a crossed the campus. He was happy that the place he decided to eat at wasn't very crowed. He smiled softly as he pay for his food. He took his food back to small table that sat by a window. He smiled softly as he started eating. His eyes wondered to the window looking out simple staring at nothing in particular.

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  Candy-Coated / Snapped / 272d 14h 32m 49s
University, Junior year. Oh how he’d been waiting for this. Ferox was a bright young man, rooming in the Snow Flower Hall, upperclassmen housing. He’d went through a rough burning of bridges at the beginning of the summer but now that the academic year was beginning again… [i The freshmen class is rather large this year. Perhaps there’ll be something I like there.] He didn’t need to tour the campus again, but he was out and about, walking his class schedule and making first impressions on the professors that were already there. There were a few past friends and classmates that he recognized as well but some who had known his ex. Those he avoided shamelessly, not even giving them a glance when he approached.

But there were other things to occupy his mind rather than drifters of the past. On his way between administration and one of the on campus food courts, Ferox spotted something that made his pace slow and his sharp eyes lock onto what had caught his interest. Across the green lawn and walkways between all of the campus buildings there was a young man. Someone he didn’t recognize but that wasn’t surprising, the university was huge with over seven thousand students attending. But only around half the students were full time students. Ferox wasn’t apart of that statistic, being in his third year towards his major’s bachelor degree. Interning was what he was doing for a lot of the time he wasn’t in classes but he knew how to manage his time.

[i Well hello beautiful. Who was that?] Making a mental note to keep an eye out for that blonde haired bright eyed stranger, Ferox returned to his own dorm room for the rest of the day. It took two days before he saw the pretty freshmen again. Watching him picking up his textbooks from the on campus store, touring around the large campus, probably walking through his schedule, every now and again talking with his roommate’s, any besides that, the guy seemed to just be finding his footing here with university life.

And that Saturday before classes started, Ferox decided he’d make his move with introducing himself. He caught the blonde haired freshman leaving the campus library, and made a casual note to [i accidentally] bump into him on the way in. “[+fb4b6e Oh, sorry man didn’t see you.]” He apologize coolly and took the moment that they were stopped to eye this young man up and down little more closely than he’d been able to before.

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  Ferox The Obstinate One / BBJ / 285d 16h 36m 5s
[center It seemed almost like a dream. Getting on the bus and never looking back not even once. The bus ride last for about three hours. Once it pulled up to the large campus Alois golden eyes seem to sparkle. He was so happy to be way from that hell hole.

He was on his own, he really didn't seem mind. Normal people were pretty a little home sick and missing their family, and their friends, but not him. He was free, free to do what he wanted. Alois smiled as he carried to medium size boxes along with a old tattered suitcase. It didn't take long for him to find where he was suppose to go. "Cherry Woods Hall" was the name of the dorm, room 208.

Alois smiled softly as he stepped into the small room that had about tree winds one wall. The room smelt musky like it happen used in a while. Alois started to unpack a small amount of boxes he had. He was so happy to be here it was a new chapter in his life.

After unpacking what little things he had. He figure it was best he did some exploring. Classes would be starting in about week. It would be good to learn where all the buildings his classes would be in. The campus was beautiful, full of trees and buildings neat architectural structures. There were even some restaurants on campus. Which was great because he need to be thinking about getting a job. The scholarship he got wasn't going to last forever.

As he explored around the campus he noticed someone. He had no idea who they were but they caught his eye. They were handsome, they seemed nice. He thought about saying hello but he never was good at making friends. He sighed softly as he headed back to his room. Hoping that maybe his roommate might of been there. Once he got back he open the door to see the other bed empty. [#4ba3fb Maybe tomorrow."] he said softly as he sat down on the bed.

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  Candy-Coated / Snapped / 291d 17h 8m 57s
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