An ancient gem

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As the pod entered the atmosphere, the Peridot looked up into the sky, and her eyes went wide with shock, as she had not seen any kind of gem technology besides her own in centuries.
As Yellow Topaz piloted her pod through space, a meteorite hit it. She was thrown way off course, headed for a strange planet. HEr eyes were wet with tears as she said to herself, "This can NOT be happening. I am flawless. I made careful calculations and this unforeseen event has got me headed for a strange place..."
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Centuries had already passed, much like winter during the year, but longer. Inside of an old Japanese traditional home in the countryside, a rather odd looking gem sat on her shins, then began to partake in her meal for the morning, which consisted of freshly made sushi.this had been her diet for the time she had been alive, but she had grown attached to her routine, which she practiced every day. After her meal had been finished, she cleaned up the dishes she had used and made sure to practice her sword skills.

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