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The oldest Peridot, bonded with a human family, and eventually becoming a samurai just like the family’s father. But one thing Peridot has truly forgotten is that she cannot age. So now, she lives in the modern day world, outside of the city of Tokyo to avoid the amount of people that crowd the streets


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“First lesson...blocking your opponents attacks.” Koi said, and explained how to do so. “You also have to be rather quick to block.
  Koi Diamond / DoomGuy123 / 10d 4h 30m 11s
She caught it deftly, smiling widely. "Hehe...well, that's a good thing..." She smirked as she held the staff aloft.
  wolfchibilink / 10d 4h 35m 19s
“Trust me, if there is one thing we’ve learned, it is patience.” She said kindly, and she tossed the Topaz a bamboo staff
  Koi Diamond / DoomGuy123 / 10d 4h 36m 10s
"O-okay..." SHe said softly as she followed them outside. "But I'm a bit of a slow you have to be patient with me."
  wolfchibilink / 10d 4h 40m 3s
“I ask because here on earth, we are considered enemies of the homeworld, and protectors of earth. And so you must know how to defend yourself.” She said, and both Peridot and Koi stood up, and made their way outside. “We can help you train to fight.”
  Koi Diamond / DoomGuy123 / 10d 4h 42m 3s
"Not really. I was never taught. Why?" She asked and smiled slightly. "Koi...pretty name." She giggled and blushed.
  wolfchibilink / 10d 4h 54m 7s
“Please, call me Koi.” She said, and she looked at the sushi after she got some. “Anyways, are you able to defend yourself by chance?” She asked
  Koi Diamond / DoomGuy123 / 10d 4h 56m 28s
She nodded. "Oh! That was very kind of you, Koi Diamond. I wish someone had done the same for me..." She admitted sadly. "I'm alone...well, besides you two..."
  wolfchibilink / 10d 5h 7m 58s
“You are quite fine.” She said calmly, and sat down next to them. “It is an honor to meet you Topaz...” she said, her gem sticking out like a horn. “I am Koi Diamond.” She said, but she told her that she came to earth to be with her friend Peridot as she was the one gem she knew she could trust at that time.
  Koi Diamond / DoomGuy123 / 10d 5h 12m 1s
"O-oh!!! I do apologize Koi!!!" I stuttered and blushed in embarrassment. "I-I'm Yellow Topaz," I said, smiling.
  wolfchibilink / 10d 5h 13m 35s
When she looked behind Peridot, she could see a rather slender, yet elegant gem approaching. “That would be me.” The diamond replied, and bowed politely to the two.
  Koi Diamond / DoomGuy123 / 10d 5h 15m 20s
I nod excitedly. "'re right!!! I need to be more positive." I cock my head. "Koi? Who is Koi?"
  wolfchibilink / 10d 5h 16m 10s
“ you’re not. I’m here to help if you need it.” I say, smiling. “One cannot dwell on the past.” She said, and soon the two were eating their sushi and Peridot looked outside. “I might go fishing later...” she said, and then she pulled up her holo scroll. “I might need to see if Koi is here...” she said
"Wow...I don't even have a family..." She said after she saw the look on your face. "I'm all...all alone out here..."
  wolfchibilink / 10d 5h 26m 1s
“...they were the reason why I didn’t run...they game me a reason to fight for what I believed in...until a samurai struck them down in cold blood...” she said, saddened by the events.

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