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The oldest Peridot, bonded with a human family, and eventually becoming a samurai just like the family’s father. But one thing Peridot has truly forgotten is that she cannot age. So now, she lives in the modern day world, outside of the city of Tokyo to avoid the amount of people that crowd the streets


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“This is the most peaceful place in all of Japan in my opinion...and a place for training others in the ancient arts.” She said
Topaz walked alongside her friend and was soon tired. Yawning, she smiled weakly. "That was amazing..."
  wolfchibilink / 89d 4h 54m 15s
“Now we make the return journey home.” She said with a smile, and led her to the entrance and began to walk with Topaz.
Topaz smiled and watched as her friend left the offering. "Wow...may the spirits forever guide me..."
  wolfchibilink / 89d 4h 56m 53s
“This tree has been here since I’ve been here...for many hundreds of years...” she explained, and she left an offering of food for the spirits of the forest, as she did daily. “May the forest spirits guide us safely home.” She said
Topaz gasped in awe of the massive tree. "Wow...that truly is beautiful!!!" She breathed in shock as she approached the colossal tree.
  wolfchibilink / 89d 5h 1m 37s
“It is quite beautiful...but there is one place I go to truly admire the beauty of this world...” she said and led her down a cobblestone path, and into an archway Of trees, leading towards a massive tree, many yards wide
The topaz stopped running and slowly made her way to Peridot's side. "This place is utterly beautiful..."
  wolfchibilink / 89d 5h 16m 19s
She smiled and walked along the countryside, occasionally glancing at the rice fields and the scenery.
Topaz laughed and nodded. "A walk sounds great!!! Let's go!!!" And she ran off to walk along the countryside.
  wolfchibilink / 89d 6h 26s
She smiled as she stumbled a bit. “Very good!” She complimented, and she made her sword disappear. “There is many things to learn, but I think we should go for a relaxing walk through the countryside.”
Topaz grinned and tried to knock her friend's sword away, succeeding. She grinned triumphantly, her eyes shining like lodestars.
  wolfchibilink / 89d 8h 21m 11s
“Yes.” She said, smiling and she readied her sword. “Let’s see if you can knock my sword away.” She told Topaz while smiling
  Arar / DoomGuy123 / 89d 8h 23m 49s
She grinned and then tried to copy the pose. "Am I doing it right?" She asked Peridot curiously. "Is it like this?"
  wolfchibilink / 89d 8h 26m 16s
“I’ll show you...first...form...” she said, and she showed her how to pose, then she swatted either way, explaining how it should work

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