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Kane was standing in the middle of the desert leaning against a car as he talked to the director. Seeing her he smiled, "Hey darlin'." He muttered pulling her close to him and wrapping his arm around her waist. "You alright? Rodger making sure your safe?" Rodger nodded and stepped back letting Kane have his space with his girlfriend. He leaned over kissing her gently. "Ready for your video debut?" The director asked seeing the couple and said, "This might be crossing a line but are you two together? If ya'll are this will make directing you to kiss a lot less awkward." Kane chuckled, "Its alright." He muttered without directly answering the director's question but at the same time easing his worries. Kane had a way or doing that. Either he was just a natural at easing people's minds or he knew exactly what to say. He kissed her cheek gently, "I love you."
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Rebekah was in Kane's trailer getting ready for the Video Shoot, Roger was sitting beside the door. She wasn't really sure how, but somehow Kane's fans had found out that they were shooting and they were literally everywhere. It was insane. She was trying not to think about them though, Kane was really excited to shoot this video, and with this, it wouldn't be long until everyone figured out who Kane was dating.

She headed outside after she was finished getting ready. Teen girls, his fans, were screaming as soon as they seen her and she wasn't sure why. Roger was right behind her, as always. He made her feel safe, but it would take some time getting used too. She looked around for Kane.

[ Dress]
[ Hair]
[ Makeup]
  BooBear96 / 6d 21h 27m 42s
“Oh my god baby, I didn’t know.” He said pushing her hair out of her face and wiping her tears. “I love you so much and I will never hurt you like that, I will never let anyone hurt you like that. You are my everything. If you wanted me to quit music tomorrow, I would because you mean that much to me. Relationship or not, I stay calm and wait for you because your it for me. There’s no one else that I could possibly want in this world. If I lose you, I lose me.” He muttered looking up st her with tear filled eyes.

“Please...please don’t leave me over this. I’ll hire security and have you protected at all
Times, I won’t leave your side. I’ll do anything to keep you in my life sweetheart.” He muttered unsure of what to do next so he just pulled her tightly into his arms. “I need you more than you think I do. I might be your rock but at the same time darlin’ your mine.”

A couple days later they were at the video shoot, fans somehow had found out their location and were everywhere. Kane just wanted to keep her safe, he knew about her secrets now and he was more determined to keep her safe, as safe as she ever could be. Even giving her, her own security guard named Roger. He was an older black man who stayed silent most of the time but Kane trusted him with her and she was his everything.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 6d 21h 57m 30s
Rebekah smiled soflt.y She watched as Taylor and Maddy left their room. She looked at Kane and leaned in, kissing his cheek before she stood up and started to pace. [b "I need you to promise me that you will try and stay calm when I tell you what I'm about to tell you.."] she said.

[b "When that man grabbed me, I seen Grayson's face. It didn't go away until you pulled me closer to you. I've been having a lot of night mares recently, hence why I'm bascially living off coffee; I don't sleep anymore."] she said. [b "About a year after I had been dating Grayson, I ended up in the hospital with a knife cut on my hand.. I said I had been cuting fruit and got myself at a weird angle. Two months after that, I ended up with a broken arm, said I fell down the stairs. Two weeks later, I skipped classes for a week because my eye was swollen shut. I had a concussion.. Four months after that, I was admitted for a week, becasue my arm was rebroken, I had cuts and cruises covering eighty nine percent of my body, I said I was very clumsy. People would ask me what happened... Grayson happened."]
  BooBear96 / 10d 19h 15m 3s
Kane nodded, “Yeah sweetheart we can stay an extra day, it’s no problem.” He kissed her gently. Taylor nodded to Kane and Kane pulled Rebekah into a hug, “I was so scared that something was going to happen to you sweetheart, so scared and I didn’t even think before I ran. Are you alright? Seriously, tell me if something is wrong.”

When maddie and Taylor left Kane pulled her down to sit in his lap gently, “What’s up love?” He was so seeet and gentle with her that he would never hurt her and he hoped she knew that. “You can tell me know that.” He muttered rubbing his hand up her arm before kissing her hand gently and holding it. Kane was gentle and caring, he had been raised to respect women and had manners, plus he loved her more than words could say. He had tried to put it down in writing but every time he cried thinking about losing her.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 10d 19h 22m 53s
[b "When Kane said my name and wrapped me in his arms."] she muttered. [b "He knows about Grayson, but I've never once told him everything... I just I need too though.. I'll tell him when he comes upstairs."] she said [b "Kane has never even yelled at me, Maddy. He would never ever do anything that would hurt me even the slightest little piece."]

Taylor looked over at Kane and sighed. [b "She's blonde, she's new and she's pretty."] he said. [b "They have someone new to write stories about, and they're literally jumping at the sight. I swear. It's a good thing you got to him first, I would be in jail right now if you hadn't."] he said. Maddy had told him some things that Rebekah had been through.

Rebekah looked up when Kane walked in. [b "Do you think that we could put Disney off another day? Maddy and Tay can still go... but we need to talk and it could take awhile."]
  BooBear96 / 10d 19h 47m 11s
“What calmed you down?” Maddie asked worried? “Was it Kane? If it was Kane you need to tell him that he’s your safe place. He loves you rebekah, he’s said it himself and you didn’t see him run outside into that mob of people without a second thought. His only concern was you. Tell me has Kane every hurt you or showed any sign that he would?” Kane wouldn’t hurt her and hadn’t showed any sigh he would or could. Kane was justa big teddy bear and everyone knew it. He loved Rebekah with everything he had.

“Why would people think things like that about her Taylor? She’s so sweet and perfect and I would wait forever on her and they’re acting like we’re shacking up already!” Kane ran ahand throughhis right curls. “Taylor I love her, what am I going to do?” Kane was at a loss, she was his everything and missing her and losing her wasn’t worth all of this. He would quit music bows
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 10d 19h 52m 9s
Rebekah was in shock. Was that what people thought about her? That she had already jumped into bed with Kane?

She shook her head when Kane pulled her inside the hotel. [b "Why do they think that we've already slept together? Do those people really just think that's the kind of woman I am?"] she asked. [b "I'm fine physically.. Just kinda shook up emotionally. Brought back some really bad memories.."] she said. She wrapped her arms around his waist and melted into him. [b "Thank you."] she said soflty.

[b "I- Uh. I'm gonna go on upstairs and freshen up... Maddy?"] she asked. She took the room key from Kane and headed upstairs. [b "When that guy grabbed me like that... Instant flash backs of Grayson.. I can see him, Maddy.. I-I I could see him. It was his face on that man."] she said. She thought that she was getting over Grayson, but what did this mean?
  BooBear96 / 10d 19h 58m 12s
Kane ran it with the keys pushing people away from her, they were screaming things at her like what’s it like to be Kane Brown’s girlfriend? Are you official? How’s Kane in bed?

Kane took her hand leading her into the hotel and out of the sea of people. Taylor went out to get their luggage. “You stay inside, I’ve got it.” He said and Kane nodded, “Thanks man.” He turned his attention to rebekah, “Are you alright? Nothing scratched nothing broken? If they hurt you so help me god I will make sure they pay for it.” Kane wasn’t a violent man but if someone hurt the ones he loved, he made sure they suffered for it. He was starting to learn to let things go but sometimes it just wasn’t that easy, like with his father, or the paparazzi when they threatened her. “Sweetheart, I love you, I’m so glad your okay.” He said pulling her into his arms and kissing her forehead.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 10d 20h 4m 39s
Rebekah smiled. She forgot that today wsa the travel day and also Disney Day. They would have fun, but first she needed more coffee. [b "Dear lord, please left this room have a damn coffee maker."] she said. [b "I haven't been since I was a child, it'll be a lot of fun."]

She looked up when Taylor asked Kane if his Mother was coming to the Nashville show. [b "You have a show coming up? I didn't know.. But yeah.. Meeting your Momma would be nice. I hope she likes me."] she said.

After they had gotten to the hotel, the paparazzi was there in an instant. As she was pulling one of her suitcases out, one practically got in her face. [b Wha--- Kane! Taylor!"] she said. Kane was inside checking them in, but Taylor was helping Maddy. [b "Get away from me, you weirdo."] she said. She was about ready to climb in the back on the SUV and shut the latch.
  BooBear96 / 10d 20h 8m 16s
Kane smiled, “We go to the hotel suite, don’t worry it has two rooms.@ kane never pressured her to do anything and it was one of the things he was set on, not letting her think he was just after sex with her, because he wasn’t. “Then we get ready and head to Disney for the day, and do and ride anything you want princess. It will be my first time there and I’m glad I get to spend it with you.” He leaned over to kiss her and Taylor spoke, “Kane isn’t your mom going to be at the Nashville show in a couple weeks?” Kane nodded, “Yeah she will be, she’s driving up from georgia, aren’t your parents driving up too?” Taylor nodded and Kane turned to her, “Would you like to meet my momma at the show?” Kane had only talked briefly about his mother as she kept her life and their relationship wasn’t the best mother and son relationship but they were okay.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 10d 20h 19m 36s
She looked over and Madison and nodded. [b "I do. But look. This is new. I don't want to talk about it. Kane and I haven't spoken about our families. Just because I'm not going to hide my identity anymore, doens't mean we're going to meet each others parents."] she said [b "This is still so new. I'm scared, Mad."]

She smiled weakly when Kane slide in beside her. [b "Whats the plan now?"] she asked. She knew Kane had the next few days planned, and she was excited. But she also hoped that they would get a few days of alone time too. [b "I'm tired."] she said softly. [b "And hungry."]

She looked out the window as their car headed away from the airport. Now her mind was full of everything that Madison had said. When would she bring Kane back home to meet her Family? Would she meet his? They literally hadn't spoken about each others families.
  boobear96 / 11d 19h 36m 12s
Kane looked up when she said she loved him too. “You mean it? I love you too baby.” He brought her hand to his lips, that was intertwined with his and kissed the back of it. Kane was in love and he had never been with someone who he loved like this. It had been fast but he had fallen for her without even trying. He loved her more than anything in the world, other than his dog of course.

Walking with her he sighed and helped her into the SUV waiting on them. Kane helped win the bags and Maddie smiled, “You love him too. That’s so exciting but has he met your parents and have you met his? I mean what if your parents don’t like him? You know how they are.” Kane was biracial and covered in tattoos, he wasn’t the kind of guy you took home to your mother and wanted her to like him. Even though he was a sweetheart. Kane got into the SUV slowly sliding in the seat beside her.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 12d 6h 8m 26s
Rebekah smiled weakly and nodded. [b "I didn't, but I want to be with you more. Even if we aren't offical yet, we both know that we will get there eventually."] she said [b "I'm not sure exactly how we can get my name out there, but maybe once people know who I am really, they'll leave you alone with all the race stuff? One can hope, right?"]

She held Kane's hand as they walked off the plan, this time, she didn't put her sunglasses off as they walked through the airport. She turned to Maddy and shook her head. [b "Not yet."] she said [b "He told me loved me, but after Grayson and everything, I don't think I'm ready and Kane respects that."]

She smiled up at Kane as she heard him. She wasn't sure what to tell him, she knew she loved him, but was she ready to say it back? That meant something all on its on, even if they weren't an official couple yet.

[b "I-I love you too."]
  boobear96 / 12d 19h 27m 9s
Kane looked to her worried, “Are you sure? I know you didn’t want that.” He said leaning his head on her shoulder and intertwining his fingers in hers. “I love you darlin’.” He said kissing her cheek lightly. This trip would either make them or break them. There was no in between for them. They were practically a couple but just hadn’t taken that leap yet.

When the plane landed, Kane grabbed their bags and took her hand leading her to the SUV shuttle that was taking them to their hotel for the day. They would be going to Disney right after they got there. While Kane was talking to Taylor, Maddie hugged her and asked, “Are you and Kane an item yet? I mean. Look at how he looks at you and watches you to make sure your okay. I’ve never seen anyone like that. He loves you Rebekah.” When the luggage was loaded Kane’s hand found hers again. “I love you baby.”
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 12d 23h 3m 25s

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