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Samantha was a twenty two year old Senator's daughter. She had begged her Father for six months before he finally agreed to let her finish her last semester of school abroad.

It was the night before she went back to Alabama. Her London trip was over. How had it gone by so fast? Had it really already been six months? She didn't want to go back. She and the rest of the group were going out to a local 'pub' tonight, for a few rounds of drinks. The plane was set to take off at midnight, College Graduation was in a week. She still had a million things to do. But yet she could only think of how sad she was to leave, how much she didn't want to leave..

Samantha sighed as she finished getting ready. She had curled her hair and was slipping into her clothes. [b "Cass! We leave in 10!"] she yelled to her roommate. She was also from the states, but from Florida. [b "I'm really not ready to go back. I never want to leave London..."] she said to herself. Soon enough she was ready, and she found herself in the back of the cab. Between Cassie and Sadie. [b "Time to party!"]

The young woman practically jumped out of the cab. as they made their way inside, she went straight for the bar. [b "Anything as long as it's strong!"] she said with a smile to the bartender. She planned on having fun tonight, as it was her last night in London.. For now.

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