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[center [size25 Litha - Summer Solstace]]

[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/82/db/b7/82dbb7b9c71b67813936c159d026cb47.jpg]
[pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0b/b3/8e/0bb38eb4fa6cb4f7f4b49860bf896bd8.jpg]]
  nαturє wítchч / -IntoTheWoods / 7d 14h 16m 17s
Stealing this from Riley to do.

Correspondences are important in witchcraft when it comes to spell work or giving offerings to deities. One way to better connect to yourself and your craft is to give yourself Personal Correspondences. If someone were to leave an offering to you, devote a stone to you, light a candle or incense in your name. What would those things be for you?

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [center [quicksand Megan’s Personal Correspondences]]

[center [quicksand ✦ Zodiac - Aries]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Element - Earth & Fire]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Animals - Tiger, Monkey]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Stones - Aquamarine, Tigerseye]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Metals - Silver]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Tarot Cards - The Hermit, The Sun, The Nine Of Cups]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Colors - Red, Orange, Seafoam Green]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Plants - Tulips, Roses]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Teas, Foods, Drinks - Chai Tea, Coffee, Pasta and Pinapple Upside Down Cake.]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Incense & Oils - Body Healing]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Personal Items - Pins and Buttons, Tree Of Life, Nature Alter]]
[center [quicksand ✦ Symbols - Stars & Sun]]
  / -An_Dulra / 287d 14h 6m 39s
[center [size11 Correspondences are important in witchcraft when it comes to spell work or giving offerings to deities. One way to better connect to yourself and your craft is to give yourself Personal Correspondences. If someone were to leave an offering to you, devote a stone to you, light a candle or incense in your name. What would those things be for you?]]

[center [size11 [b [u Riley’s Personal Correspondences]]]]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Zodiac -] Aquarius]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Element -] Water]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Animals -] Raven, Wolf]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Stones -] Moonstone, Garnet
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Metals -] Silver]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Tarot Cards -] Queen of Pentacles, The Empress, The Fool, The Sun]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Colors -] Purple, Teal, Red]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Plants -] Sunflowers]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Teas, Foods, Drinks -] Hot Chocolate, Cinnamon Rolls, Macaroni and Cheese]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Incense & Oils -] Dragon’s Blood, Cinnamon
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Personal Items -] Thor’s Hammer Necklace, Raven Feathers, Jars of Water, Pins and Buttons]
[size11 [b [#33b782 ✦] Symbols -] Stars]
  Roseate / 287d 14h 16m 28s
Choices of herbs and flavors as you go along.
Buchu leaves: used for psychic Development

Celery - boosts your psychic ability by helping you concentrate and focus more

Eyebright: used for clairvoyance and to see fairies.

Honeysuckle: attracts friends, business and instills confidence. Used for Money, prosperity and clairvoyance.

Lemon Grass: used to aid psychic powers.

Lilac: good for inducing "far memory" and recalling past lives. Also good for Clairvoyance in general.

Lotus: a common additive to psychic incenses. Said to reach the highest realms Of mystical insight.

Mint: excellent for psychic matters and studying

Mimosa: a commanding herb which also inspires courtesy in others. Use to Anoint purple candles. Used tobring prophetic dreams and in healing.

Mugwort: clairvoyance, summoning spirits, manifestations, dreams and for Consecrating any items used in this manner

Poppy Seeds: for dreams, visions clairvoyance

Rosemary used in pillows for dreams and visions.

Sandalwood: used to heighten spiritual vibrations, to cleanse, heal and Protect. Often used to stimulate clairvoyance.

Solomons leaf Brings hunches, intuition and dreams.


Psychic Dream Powder
An effective way to induce psychic dreams.

1. Grind into a fine powder equal parts of: Basil, Vetiver Root, Mugwort,
Orris Root
2. Blend the herbs together with your fingers
3. Sprinkle the powder around your bed before you go to sleep

If you have pets - keep them out of the room until you have cleaned the
powder up the next day. If they lick up the powder they could get seriously ill.

Oil for Dreaming True
Combine olive oil, anise, cinnamon and nutmeg oils.
Heat till warm and apply to the forehead and temples.

For Psychic Dreaming:
On the first night of the full moon, combine Mugwort, Patchouli, Cedar shavings, Oak Moss, ground Cardamom and Lavender. Lace them with oil of Patchouli, Wisteria, Lemon Grass and Sandalwood.

Pour the mixture in a glass jar or bowl along with a small cleansed crystal and cover it. The jar should be set outside where it can catch the moon's rays. Be sure to bring it in again before the sun comes up. Do this for 3 nights in a row. Use the mixture to stuff a small pillow case made of muslin. This can then be inserted into a cover made of black, deep blue or purple velvet. Trim the pillow with fringe or tassels and, if you wish, embroider a pentagram, crescent moon, small stars or runes on it. This Magick Pillow may be placed by your regular one on a night when you wish to have a Psychic dream. Be sure to keep a journal and pen next to your bed along with a candle or oil lamp to record the visions that will come.
  / -An_Dulra / 289d 12h 14m 16s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [center [pic https://www.buildingbeautifulsouls.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Healing-Crystals-Stones-New-Age-Metaphysical-Store-1280x960.jpg]] [center [Quicksand [size20 Healing Stones]]] [center [quicksand [size15 Created over the millennia, healing crystals harness the life giving elements of the Earth and the universe. Harnessing the energy of the Sun, the Moon, and the oceans, semi-precious stones connect us to Earth as soon as we come into contact with them. Many people wonder if crystals have healing powers, and while there are many anecdotes describing the curative effects of healing stones, it really depends on your own experience. It takes a conscious effort to open your heart and mind to the power of crystal healing, but once you begin, the journey is studded with beautiful, mysterious, and unique crystals that will rock your world.]]]

[center [pic https://in5d.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/crystals-stones.jpg]]
  -An_Dulra / 295d 17h 9m 46s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/RB0Pcm6.gif]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Ukc24AJ.png]]
[center [size15 [b [#137016 Y U L E]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Put mistletoe and pine on your altar; put a candle up there to represent the Sun; keep your Yule log on your altar; use symbols of the Sun; decorate with red, green, white, blue, and yellow .]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Kiss a consenting person under the mistletoe for luck; give gifts; have a feast; make magickal wreaths with herbs corresponding to the spell intent .]]

[center [size15 [b [#f27bc4 I M B O L C]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Use candles to represent the return of spring; make a cute little corn dolly; put a Brigid’s cross on there to honor her; decorate with yellow and green to represent the Sun and return of spring.]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Clean your house; have a self-dedication ritual ; clean off your working altar and redo it; cleanse and charge any tools or crystals you need to.]]

[center [size15 [b [#9f44c9 O S T A R A]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Use fake eggs, rabbits, and other symbols of fertility or spring; put some potted plants on the altar; place some packets of seeds you might be planning on growing; decorate with purple, yellow, green, white, and other spring, pastel colors.]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Paint and blow eggs ; if you have a greenhouse, want a potted plant, or it’s warm enough where you live to plant outside, plant some seeds; buy a potted plant; organize your herb shelf.]]

[center [size15 [b [#0d80dd B E L T A I N E]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Make a mini Maypole for your centerpiece; smack some candles up in there, especially beeswax, if that’s in your budget; put some fairy symbols, like little statues or bells or something like that; a jar of honey or some beeswax is always dope; if you’re comfortable with it, some people like to put representations of genitalia on their altar.]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Light an awesome bonfire ; leave offerings to the faeries; have a dance outside; this is a good time to plan to have a handfasting ceremony or wedding; cast any love workings you’ve been meaning to do; if you’re an adult and have a person/people who consent to it, you could choose to have sex during this time ; many people try to conceive children during Beltaine.]]

[center [size15 [b [#d1b60b L I T H A]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Symbols of the Sun and the Moon, feminine and masculine symbols if that’s a thing in your tradition; decorate with black and white to symbolize the night and day.]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Get up before the Sun rises and go to sleep after it sets, so you can experience the day and night; have a bonfire ; have a picnic; just spend a lot of time outside.]]

[center [size15 [b [#bc270d L U G H N A S A D H]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Put bread and grain on the altar; maybe some apples and other autumn fruits; pinecones and leaves are fall symbols; decorate with red, orange, yellow, brown, and other colors of the season.]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Bake ; give an offering to the Earth; go to an apple orchard and pick some apples; share a feast with the family or your friends.]]

[center [size15 [b [#e50619 M A B O N]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Wine, or grape juice if alcohol is unavailable for any reason; leaves and pinecones; apples; a money jar .]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] For a week or two before Mabon, put money you can afford to give up in a jar, and donate it to charity or a cause you support on Mabon; have another apple harvest; have another feast; do a ritual to honor the Earth.]]

[center [size15 [b [#ef8e07 S A M H A I N]]]]
[center [size11 [b Altar Ideas:] Pop a few gourds in there, more apples if you want; pictures of the deceased; tools for divination and spirit contact; decorate with black, white, and orange.]]
[center [size11 [b Celebration Ideas:] Divination, spirit communication ; hold a seance or a dumb supper if that’s more comfortable for you; light a candle in the window for spirits ; leave some milk and honey for the Fair Folk; give offerings to the dead; put up wards and shields if you’re one of the people who would prefer to avoid spirit activity.]]
[right [https://witchcraftyful.tumblr.com/post/158395037523/sabbat-altar-and-celebration-ideas-for-the [size8 source]]]
  Roseate / 299d 9h 6m 12s

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