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"I dont know...hes got a spinal injury and I dont know how long they're going to be keeping him",she says as she looked it the cigarette out in a ashtray, not getting to tell Mr. Rimmer what happened to everybody who escaped the P.O.W camp.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer looked surprised, looking at Amy. "Really?!" He said, looking very concerned. "How long will he be gone?" The teacher asked, maybe if he got Jayfeather a raccoon, Jayfeather would feel better or that's what he thought. ]
  Scorpius / 19d 9h 22m 20s
"He's in the hospital...his piece of shit dad",she says then growled the last part through gritted teeth as she took another drag of her cigarette, itching the huge scar on her shoulder, looking at Mr. Rimmer
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer looked surprised and even relieved that Amy had made it out alive. He bounced in his chair a bit, for some reason he was indeed more curious about Jayfeather than Amy at this point. "Whatcha know about Feather?" He asked, saying Feather instead of Jayfeather since it was shorter. ]
  Scorpius / 20d 3h 31m 55s
"It was maybe 1967..or 1968 my memory is bad....me and my platoon were flying over the jungles of Vietnam when our chopper suddenly was shot down by the enemy. Only 12 of the 18 of us made it out of the crash alive but then we were suddenly ambushed by the Viet Cong, they killed 6 more people before taking us to one of the many prison camps where we spent 3 weeks of being tortured and interrogated for information. On the 3rd week, we escaped by sneaking the guard's weapons and we ran off into the jungle....there was only 6 of us left at that point, we split up into groups of 3 and....we spent another 12 days in the dense jungle, alone, cold and starving....me and 2 other people survived by the time we were rescued",she says, smoking another cigarette then blew the smoke out.
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[raleway "Tell me them then!" Mr. Rimmer said, sitting up in his chair as he had his hands in his lap. He looked at Amy as if he was a child at story time, listening to a teacher read a story to him. ]
  Scorpius / 20d 3h 53m 10s
"I have plenty of stories but I dont think you want to hear them",she says as she looked at him then itched her neck as she finished her cigarette then coughed some "they're about the war...well wars",she added as she sighed.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer gave a look of concern after hearing about Jayfeather before he was placed in a chair. "I'm bored..." He cooed like a child, looking at Amy. "Do you have any stories or whatnot?" He asked, looking curious. ]
  Scorpius / 20d 3h 58m 46s
"He doesn't want visitors right now and your in no condition to stand",she says as she put his arm around her neck to stable him so he didnt fall over and helped him over to a chair.
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[raleway "Is it Jayfeather?" Mr. Rimmer asked, using the wall to stand up as he brushed off his clothes. "Maybe we should give him some flowers and some new headphones or somethin'." He said, stumbling out of the bathroom. ]
  Scorpius / 20d 4h 8m 29s
"Not important",she mumbled as she looked at him as she took another drag then closed her eyes as she rubbed her head slightly, mumbling something as she blew more smoke out.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer was also against the wall, obviously asleep until Amy lit her cigarette. He looked over at her with a confused face. "Where did you go to?" He asked, sounding really confused. ]
  Scorpius / 20d 4h 15m 12s
She drove back home and put the knife back in the drawer and went to go check on Mr. Rimmer and sat on the ground, resting her head on the wall and lit up a peel cigarette, blowing the smoke out of her nose.
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[raleway As Jayfeather was taken away, his eyes met Amy's as if he was telling her to not wait on him. He didn't struggle against the doctors but he felt very terrified and scared, being alone with doctors was something that was on his not to do list. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 4h 21m 55s
"We have a spinal fracture here",she yelled out as she watched the doctors take Jayfeather away and wondered if she should stay or go home to get him some clothes and other things, fiddling her fingers slightly.

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