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[raleway Jayfeather looked up at Josh with sorry eyes, his hands wrapped around his own waist as if he was hugging himself. [#228B22 "I-I... I'm sorry... I N-need help sleeping, my mind doesn't let me sleep." ] he finally said, admitting to help ]
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"Quit banging your head on the door, you're gonna hurt yourself even more",Josh says as he opened the door and looked at him with his emerald green eyes.
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[raleway Jayfeather sat there in silence as he regretted sending Josh off. He wheeled off towards Josh's door and banged his head against it, letting his head rest against the wood. ]
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"Fine",Josh says as he walked out of the living room and went to his room, closing the door and locking it.

Amy stirred as she started to wake up then fell back asleep almost instantly, mumbling in her sleep, twitching slightly
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[raleway [#228B22 "I don't care!" ] Jayfeather snapped, staying still as he stared at Josh. He wanted for Josh to just go away and not to bother him, his white teeth bared. ]
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"Trust me, once you hit 5 days of no sleep,the hallucinations start, whether they be visual or auditory, you get paranoid to the point of near insanity",Josh explained as he looked at him
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[raleway [#228B22 "I don't need sleep." ] Jayfeather hissed at Josh, beginning to wheel backwards away from Josh. He didn't want Josh to drug him to sleep because he wanted to torture himself for some reason. ]
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"You need sleep, sleep deprivation is not fun to have or witness",Josh says as he looked at Amy then at Jayfeather as he yawned slightly.
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[raleway Jayfeather looked up at Josh as he walked back to him, his fake smile fading as it turned into a sad look. Jayfeather was just always sad at this point, looking hopeless like a child at Josh. He couldn't sleep even though it had been three days since he had slept at all. ]
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"I could feel it",Josh says as he covered Amy and Mr. Rimmer up in a blanket as he smiled then walked back over to Jayfeather.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer was already asleep as well, his head on Amy's shoulder as he snored slightly.

Jayfeather looked over at Josh with a surprised look on his face. [#228B22 "How did you know I was lonely?" ] He asked, suddenly guarded as he wheeled himself in a circle. ]
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She leaned into him as well, ignoring the pain shooting through her body and closed her eyes as she started to fall asleep from both exhaustion and pain.

"You'll find someone",Josh says quietly as he smiled as he stood up and grabbed a few things
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[raleway Jayfeather snorted as the pillow flew by him, a feeling of loneliness hitting him as he never had someone to love before but he hid it behind a fake smile.

Mr. Rimmer laughed and squeezed Amy's hand tighter, leaning into her. ]
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Josh laughed when a pillow was thrown at his head by Amy, her glaring but smiled at the thought of getting another shot of love, her last relationship being in 1998 since she was comatose for 12 years.
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[raleway Jayfeather looked over at Mr. Rimmer and Amy and smiled, liking the scene of the two. [#228B22 "I ship it." ] he simply said, smirking. ]
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