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[raleway Mr. Rimmer watched besides her as he waited for his turn, hoping they weren't sick with something. ]
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She opened her mouth as she felt the thermometer go in her mouth, now holding Benjamin in her arms as she sat down, her shirt sweaty then mumbled something.
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[raleway Jayfeather took the glass and finally filled it up with water, sitting in the corner with the glass in his lap.

Mr. Rimmer coughed besides Amy, actually beginning to sweat from how hot he felt from his fever. ]
Josh laughed as he helped Jayfeather get a glass from the cabinet then grabbed a couple of thermometers from the drawer in the kitchen for Amy and Mr. Rimmer
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer laughed a bit, laughing at the doll as he stared back at it. He could see why Amy got scared at it.

Jayfeather gave out an angry yell, angry that he couldn't even reach the top of anything now. [#228B22 "I'M SO FUCKING SHORT NOW FOR FUCK SAKE!" ] He yelled, feeling defeated. ]
She pointed to a creepy baby doll on the counter then sat down as she shielded her eyes from the lights, Josh putting a hand on her head and drowned slightly
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer jumped a bit when Amy yelled, looking a bit confused still with what was going on.

Jayfeather just stayed in the kitchen, trying to reach the top cabinets for a glass, just for some damn water. ]
She yelled when she looked to her left and put her face in n her hand and laughed slightly "I swear to God Mikku, you and that goddamn baby doll",she says "no....that was 8 hours ago",she added
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[raleway "B-But didn't you just have a coke?" Mr. Rimmer asked, looking confused as hell as he sat up straight and stared dead at Amy.

Jayfeather struggled to get into his wheelchair but did it. He wheeled out of Josh's room and looked around, eventually making his way into the kitchen. ]
She got a text from Mikku and answered him "i need a drink",she says as she drank from a 2 liter of Coke with a straw
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[raleway "Still don't care, we'll die together." Mr. Rimmer said, still joking around as he began to crack up from it. He still had his head on her shoulder, used to her wiping off her face.

Jayfeather woke up from his nap and sat up, looking around awkwardly. ]
"That can...kill you",she says as she itched her neck then rubbed sweat from her face
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[raleway "I still wouldn't care." Mr. Rimmer said jokingly as he sat down besides her and put his head on her shoulder. He yawned and stared at a wall. ]
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"You're gonna care if it's some shit like meningitis",she says as she walked with him and rubbed her neck slightly then sat down on the steps.
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[raleway "I don't care as long as I get it with you." Mr. Rimmer said with a smirk on his face. He hugged Amy tightly before grabbing her hand again and following Josh while dragging Amy along. ]
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