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Josh grabbed a couple medication bottles and set them on the table, grabbing the extra blue medical bag for Mr. Rimmer as Amy snuggled up to Mr. Rimmer on the couch
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed and sat there, not wanting to say anything else as he waited. Of course, he was coming with the others but it was up to Josh to help him along for now. ]
"Listen....a seizure for Amy can cause more damage than you think, s..she actually has alot of health issues",Josh says quietly as she grabbed a nebulizer and other things from her room.
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[raleway [#228B22 "Uhhh, it doesn't fry their brains that much, it makes the brain heat up until a seizure can be caused." ] Jayfeather growled, watching from his wheelchair. He wasn't in the best mood, ever since he got in the god awful chair. ]
"They have a temperature of 102, if it goes any higher, it can fry their brains",Josh says to Jayfeather quietly as he grabbed a few more things, Amy now sitting on the couch and stared at the ceiling.
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[raleway Jayfeather was in the doorway, [#228B22 "Don't tell me we're gonna take them to the hospital." ] He said, sighing slightly. He wanted to come along but he was sure that they were gonna leave him behind. ]
She snuggled up against him as Josh grabbed Amy's overnight hospital bag then packed one for Mr. Rimmer, humming slightly.
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[raleway "But I don't feel that bad to be honest." Mr. Rimmer said, laying against Amy but not enough to make her feel uncomfortable. ]
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"You do realize that's a high fever", she mumbled as she looked at him then laid her head on the table again
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[raleway "That's not that bad..." Mr. Rimmer said, having no idea what he was actually talking about really. ]
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Josh took the thermometer from his mouth gently and looked at it "102.2",Josh says as he looked at him
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[raleway "What did I get?" Mr. Rimmer asked, holding his hands in his lap as he felt the stick still in his mouth. ]
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She waited for the beep then squeezed her eyes shut as she started to doze off, jumping at the beep of the thermometer then popped her head up, wincing
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer smiled and opened his mouth a bit for the thermometer, his brown eyes staring up at Josh. ]
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"102.4, jesus Amy",Josh says as he looked at them "your turn",Josh says as Amy put her head on the counter

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