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[raleway Jayfeather was just laying on his side, beginning to cry for some reason. He felt so lost and hopeless with all these creature's bodies around him, not aware that Josh was actually still with him.

"I'm o-okay..." Mr. Rimmer said, opening the door and hugging Amy tightly. ]
She killed the rest then went back to normal "stay with Jayfeather, i'm gonna check on Mr. Rimmer", she says as she limped to the room and knocked "it's me, you okay?",she asks, a long cut on her face.
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[raleway Jayfeather just laid there on the floor, breathing heavily as his vision was blurry. He let Amy and Josh defend him, not even moving so he wasn't at risk to be grabbed again. ]
She jumped on Jayfeather and tried to get him away from the creatures, growling as she shot the creature with her pistol loaded with UV rounds, blood dripping down her face and arm.
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[raleway The house felt like a battle ground, Jayfeather groaning in pain as he began to shoot at the creature's as well, eventually running out of bullets. He felt teeth around his old three day sweater and was dragged off into the living room by a creature, leaving him screaming in terror. ]
She shot another creature and was suddenly thrown against the wall, it making a loud thump, Josh throwing another UV grenade but was 10x more powerful, Amy Shielding Jayfeather.
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[raleway Jayfeather shook his head from the ground, still looking up at Amy with the silver pistol in his hand. [#228B22 "I can't leave you!" ] He growled, wanting to stay there with his friend. ]
She watched as the creatures turn to dust then went to help Jayfeather "go hide with Josh....go...NOW", she says, yelling/growling the last part, her teeth sharpened and was half transformed.
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[raleway Jayfeather was fighting to the best of his ability as he was trapped on the kitchen floor. He grabbed at his virgo necklace as it became a silver pistol in his hand and he let out six shots, already extremely hurt from landing on the ground so hard.

Mr. Rimmer screamed like a girl, not knowing what the hell was going on. ]
She threw the round object then shielded Mr. Rimmer from the blinding light, the creatures screaming in agony, Amy's ears becoming pointed then growled again.
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[raleway Jayfeather let out a scream, a female one too as one of the creatures burst through the kitchen window. The creature landed on him, sending him sliding out of his wheelchair and hitting the hard floor with a thud.

Mr. Rimmer frowned, stepping behind Amy and putting a hand on her shoulder. "What's going on?" He asked again, sounding demanding. ]
She could hear the creatures on the roof then closed her eyes as she suddenly felt her whole body feel as if it was on fire and put into a press simultaneously, groaning slightly, her eyes becoming a golden yellow color.
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[raleway Jayfeather let out a whimper, sounding weird as he had never made that noise before. He clutched at his wheelchair grips tighter, beginning to close his eyes.

Mr. Rimmer followed behind Amy, looking confused, "What's going on? What's that?" He asked noseily, still having on the same dirty clothes. ]
She sniffed the air, letting out a inhuman growl as she stood up, walking to one of the rooms, grabbing a bag and pulled out a circular item with a red button on top.
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[raleway Jayfeather just stayed there in the kitchen. He didn't calm down, instead he just got more nervous. He looked out the kitchen window, the sun setting for the weirdest reason, it was like 1PM. ]
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