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[raleway Jayfeather buckled himself in, looking over at Josh in the driver mirror. He then looked back at Amy and Mr. Rimmer, [#228B22 "Get me sick." ] He said randomly, a serious look on his face.

Mr. Rimmer was already passed out in his seat, the back of his head against the head rest. ]
"Looks like it hit mr. Rimmer harder than me...or I'm just used to this",she says as she buckled him in then helped Jayfeather into the passenger seat, Josh putting his wheelchair in the back with Amy's, their duffel bags in the trunk as well.
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[raleway Jayfeather was the first one out the door and he waited by the front passenger door, sitting there waiting.

Mr. Rimmer stumbled outside towards the back door of the car and got in, now feeling too weak to buckle himself in. ]
"Yes...come on everybody",Josh says as he was holding a wheelchair that was painted different colors and went to put it in the trunk then walked back in to wait for Jayfeather, Mr. Rimmer and Amy.
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[raleway "Are we ready to go yet?" Mr. Rimmer asked impatiently, watching Jayfeather as he literally sat up, looking kinda hopeful for some reason. ]
"Sorry Josh texted me something",she says as she shook Mr. Rimmer again as she grabbed her plaid long sleeve button up and her Spongebob duffle bag with her clothes and toiletries in it.
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[raleway Jayfeather frowned, [#228B22 "What does that mean Amy?" ] He asked, already wheeling around to go look wherever. ]
"Josh said we gotta go to the hospital, she says as she looked at him then crossed her arms, Josh texting her something and she read it "back room closet",she says
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[Raleway Mr. Rimmer groaned again and finally opened his eyes, yawning. "W-What?" ]
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"You gotta get up", she says as she laughed some then tickled his nose, Josh watching with amusement as he stretched then grabbed some electrolyte replacement drinks and some vials from the fridge.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer just groaned and didn't wake up, rolling around a bit.

Jayfeather just laughed, sitting there in his wheelchair as he watched. ]
"It's fine, this isn't my first radio", she says as she stood up and stretched, swaying a bit then gently shook Mr. Rimmer to wake him up as Josh packed up some other things.
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[raleway Jayfeather smiled and nodded, it was a good answer for Amy to say. [#228B22 "If you don't want to carry the stuff, I can." ] He said, meaning that he'd really just hold it for everyone so it wouldn't be that stressful. ]
"He....gets me", she says add she looked at Jayfeather as she itched her neck as she grabbed the pil bottle and put it in the bag "I hate taking the damn things", she mumbled slightly.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer was surprisingly asleep, snoring lightly as Jayfeather watched Amy snuggle up to him. [#228B22 "How do you even like him?" ] Jayfeather asked, not meaning to sound mean but curious actually. ]

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