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The nurse gently pushed him back down as they hooked a heart monitor up to his chest as she stuck an IV into his arm, Amy having an IV in her chest where her port was
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[raleway It was at this moment where Mr. Rimmer woke up and felt confused, acting loopy as he was on the stretcher. He managed to sit up a bit and groan. ]
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The nurses grabbed Mr. Rimmer out from the car gently and set him on a stretcher, doing the same to Amy since she had passed out again.

Josh was talking to the doctor, going over their medical histories. He looked at the doctor "their temperature was at 102 before we left but I havent checked it, no rash but they have headaches and a stiff neck",Josh explained as they discussed Amy's medical problems.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer was unluckily, unconscious in his seat next to Amy. His body felt limp and hot, not even aware that Amy had gotten back in the car. ]
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She swore as she grabbed the scarf then felt something pressed to her head, putting her hands up but then twisted and knocked the gun from their hand as she pressed her knife to his throat "where did they go?", she growled as her eyes turned slitted, thr guy stuttering something out as she released him then ran back to the car, getting in just as Josh walked outside, Amy slipping her knife under the seat.
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[raleway Jayfeather then felt something just slam into his head before he and his attacker were teleported somewhere else, just leaving behind Jayfeather's forest green scarf caught on a bush.

Mr. Rimmer sat up in his seat, feeling wozy as he suddenly laid back again, feeling faint. ]
She jolted awake and seen that Jayfeather was missing, sniffing the air for his scent and caught wind of it, telling Mr. Rimmer to stay here and tell Josh she just went to go to the bathroom, her huge hunting knife hidden in her boot. She slipped out and followed the scent and noticed it was getting stronger the closer she got.
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[raleway Jayfeather softly nodded, looking back at Josh and Amy. He then turned around and closed his mind for one second, his car window open besides him. He then gasped silently as he felt a hand wrap around his mouth and he was yanked out the car window and dragged to a very hidden spot outside the hospital.

Mr. Rimmer groaned and opened his eyes, seeing that it was just him and Amy and that's when he freaked out. ]
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"Oh calm down you", Josh says as he pulled into the emergency department of the hospital and parked in the handicapped area, shutting the car off "stay here, okay?"Josh says as he ran into the hospital for some help.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer groaned in his sleep at the feeling of the thing being placed on his finger, making him shift a bit.

Jayfeather laid back in his seat, feeling disgusting. ]
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"Sorry for the mucus, I got alot of it",she says raspily then closed her eyes, blacking out for the second time, Josh stopping at a stoplight then grabbed her pulse oximeters, putting it on her and Mr
Rimmer's fingers.
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[raleway Jayfeather leaned back in his seat and wiped all the mucus off his face, looking over at Josh with a weird loopy smile. ]
She shrugged as she got him sick by sneezing on him then leaned back in the seat, blacking out for a moment, Josh stopping at a stoplight as Amy opened her eyes, shivering.
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed, [#228B22 "Just do it! I have an idea, if you don't like being at the hospital, I don't want to wait for so long." ] He said, grabbing at the corner of his seat.

Mr. Rimmer was still asleep. ]
"What...why?",she asks as she looked at him with a confused look on her face then went into one of her coughing fits, her face slightly red then looked at Mr. Rimmer.

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