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[raleway Mr. Rimmer woke up after Amy had, sitting up on the couch before laying his head on Amy's lap and staring at the ceiling. He was thinking about life, slow breaths escaping his lips.

Jayfeather waited for his cot, not wanting to rush Josh as he sat there awkwardly. ]
She woke up covered in her and Mr. Rimmer's seat and looked around groggily as she rubbed a hand through her hair. She mumbled something as she fell back asleep almost instantly.
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[raleway Jayfeather snorted, his face brightening at the fact that it was like a zoo. He hoped he could ease himself onto the cot and not have Josh to pick him up to lay him down. ]
"Yea...I'll get the cot from the hallway closet",Josh says as he walked out of the room, checking on Smy and Mr. Rimmer then grabbed some blankets and a pillow, along with the cot, a black cat running out from under Josh's bed "sorry, our house is like a zoo",Josh says laughing.
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[raleway Jayfeather looked down at the vial in his hand, his hand warm against the cold glass. He then looked around the room and then at Josh, a look of longing on his face. [#228B22 "I dunno if you will hate me for asking but... Can I sleep here with you? I hate being lonely..." ] he finally said, looking back down at the potion in his hand. ]
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She handed him a vial "you're lucky my sister is a witch",Josh says as he looked at Jayfeather, his room decorated in gothy/sporty type of way as he coughed slightly.
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[raleway Jayfeather sat there in his wheelchair, waiting for Josh to come back. He wheeled himself into Josh's room, looking around as he excepted Josh to come with a needle to put him to sleep. ]
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Josh nods he went to go find something to help with Jayfeather's sleep problems, Amy and Mr. Rimmer still on the couch sleeping, Amy snoring softly.
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[raleway Jayfeather looked up at Josh with sorry eyes, his hands wrapped around his own waist as if he was hugging himself. [#228B22 "I-I... I'm sorry... I N-need help sleeping, my mind doesn't let me sleep." ] he finally said, admitting to help ]
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"Quit banging your head on the door, you're gonna hurt yourself even more",Josh says as he opened the door and looked at him with his emerald green eyes.
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[raleway Jayfeather sat there in silence as he regretted sending Josh off. He wheeled off towards Josh's door and banged his head against it, letting his head rest against the wood. ]
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"Fine",Josh says as he walked out of the living room and went to his room, closing the door and locking it.

Amy stirred as she started to wake up then fell back asleep almost instantly, mumbling in her sleep, twitching slightly
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[raleway [#228B22 "I don't care!" ] Jayfeather snapped, staying still as he stared at Josh. He wanted for Josh to just go away and not to bother him, his white teeth bared. ]
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"Trust me, once you hit 5 days of no sleep,the hallucinations start, whether they be visual or auditory, you get paranoid to the point of near insanity",Josh explained as he looked at him
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[raleway [#228B22 "I don't need sleep." ] Jayfeather hissed at Josh, beginning to wheel backwards away from Josh. He didn't want Josh to drug him to sleep because he wanted to torture himself for some reason. ]
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