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[raleway [#228B22 "How did you even find me?" ] Jayfeather asked, looking over onto Amy's face. He had his other hand wrapped around his silver Virgo pendant, like it would protect him from this extreme pain he felt. ]
She looked at him in surprise as she put his arm around his neck then pressed a button on her watch, showing the screen again and typed in the hospital's address, everybody in the facility dead since she went on a rampage.
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[raleway [#228B22 "N-No." ] Jayfeather barely said, not sure if he could walk from being too weak. He put his feet underneath of himself and surprisingly stood up, crying from the pain. ]
She untied Jayfeather and looked around, the bottom of her right pants leg covered in blood and shredded up. She looked at Jayfeather "you need me to carry you?",she asks, blood all over the front of her clothes, her hands and even on her face
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[raleway Jayfeather heard the man drop in front of him and it then left him alone with Amy in the room. He was tied tightly to the chair, blood covering his face and collarbones. ]
She was hiding in the shadows and pulled out her dart gun and loaded in 4 darts with her own concoction of things and fired it at the first guy, hitting him square in the back.
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[raleway Jayfeather then felt something wrap around his body, keeping him in the chair. He felt something sharp against his neck, letting out a soft gasp of pain. ]
She unhooked everything from her then pressed a few buttons on her watch, a blue screen showing in a holographic form, typing in a few coordinates into the typepad
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[raleway Jayfeather then felt something just slam into his head, his vision going blurry as eventually he went limp again. He was still conscious, he just was struggling to stay awake now. He was aware that he was being dragged into a very dark room and shoved onto a hard chair. ]
She could feel the fear and pain Jayfeather was feeling then looked around ag as in as she realized that she could see what he could see, her heart monitor beeping faster.
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[raleway Jayfeather continued to be dragged along, finally feeling some blood trickle onto his face. It got into his eyes and he shook his head a bit, feeling some kind of feeling in his feet. He got hopeful, very hopeful as he tried to control his feet. Eventually, his feet began to work again for some magical reason. ]
She woke up a few hours later, feeling wires all over the place then looked around, a nasal cannula on her nose then closed her eyes as pain erupted in her head
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer began to actually calm down now, his body relaxing as eventually he fell asleep.

Jayfeather groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, seeing the floor of somewhere as he was dragged through hallways. He knew his feet were dragging across the ground as he was just shaking a lot. ]
The nurses tried to calm him down then injected something into the iv to relax him as Josh was still talking to the doctor.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer let out a slight cry as he felt the needle go in, making him freak out big time. He was shaking slightly, his head just rolling around on the bed. ]
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