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"They're voodoo protection symbols",Josh says as he suddenly came out from his room and walked to the kitchen then went to the fridge and opened it, sighing some.
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[raleway Jayfeather suddenly frowned, looking up at the symbols above his head. He reached out to touch them, forest green light coming off of his body. He didn't know what the red things were and he didn't know if they would hurt him but he was just overly curious. ]
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Her head fell on Mr. Rimmer's shoulder as she slept, weird sigils written in red above every door and walkway, some doors having key locks on them. She mumbled in her sleep as she stirred a bit but otherwise stayed asleep.
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed and barely was able to lift himself and get into his wheelchair. He wheeled himself around, heading towards the kitchen as he was starting to get hungry. ]
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She had put the wheelchair by him then also sat on the couch, falling asleep as well, slightly leaning on Mr. Rimmer, snoring lightly as she slept, her hair turning a dark green.
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[raleway Jayfeather sat on the toilet awkwardly, hanging low as he did his stuff. He pulled up his pants and tried to button his pants but nothing just seemed to work for him, a feeling of nausea hitting him hard.

Mr. Rimmer collpased onto the couch and instantly fell asleep again, he had been awake for some time now. ]
  Scorpius / 59d 21h 3m 8s
"I've been doing this for many years, don't worry",she reassured him as she thanked Mr. Rimmer as she walked into the house, taking Jayfeather to go to the bathroom then went to grab a wheelchair from the back.
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[raleway [#228B22 "Please don't drop me." ] He finally said as he felt Amy's shoulder digging into his stomach.

Mr. Rimmer snorted and got out of the car, going to the front door to open it for his friends. ]
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She pulled into the house and woke Mr. Rimmer up then went to the bank and grabbed Jayfeather in a fireman's carry and carried him to the house, his bags over her other shoulder.
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[raleway Jayfeather sighed, keeping his eyes peeled out the window as he watched a car speed past them. [#228B22 "Just get us home, I need to use the bathroom." ] He said, a lot of sadness in his voice. ]
  Scorpius / 59d 21h 18m 38s
Suddenly, a loud voice came on the radio "Dare to test your survival skills? Then join the 89th annual Death Games, starts October 19th, sign up at the general store", the radio announcer says as music played in the background "I knew it was getting close", she mumbled.
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[raleway Jayfeather then went silent, feeling like something deadly and horrible was about to come up. He felt somethings like this, sometimes keeping his friends from danger. ]
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"Maybe the games are starting early this year or something", she says/ mumbles as she checked the date on her phone, getting a text from Mikku "there's tricks where he's at oo", she says as she drank her drink
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[raleway [#228B22 "Why is there a shit ton of huge trucks and shit here?" ] Jayfeather asked, looking out the window and at the armored trucks with confusion. ]
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"Hey..dont look so down, it could be way worse", she says as she looked at him in the mirror then stopped at the stoplight, seeing a bunch of armoured vehicles then squinted her eyes in confusion as she looked at them then at Jayfeather and Mr. Rimmer.

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