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[raleway It was like Jayfeather changed for a moment, [#228B22 "Fractures my ass." ] He snarled before going back to crying again. He attempted to move his legs and feet but it just sent pain up his body. [#228B22 "I can't move my legs!" ] He sobbed, his hands over his eyes. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 4h 35m 8s
"Stop...you have multiple fractures and moving is going to make them worse",she says as she looked him in the eyes, trying g to get him to calm down then phoned her brother and Mr. Rimmer to tell them where she was.
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[raleway Jayfeather was kinda in a blur, being very slow and confused now. He looked around at the hospital, seeming very fearful. He had a fear of hospitals and doctors and that's why he put his head in his hands, covering his eyes. [#228B22 "N-No... I don't wann-na be here." ] He cried, his mind fuzzy with pain as he grabbed at his virgo necklace. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 4h 39m 29s
"Go...now before I change my mind",she says as she gently picked Jayfeather up in a fireman's carry and carried him to her car, gently sitting him in the passenger seat, driving to the hospital. She parked and got him inside saying she needed a medic and quick, still in her combat mentality mode.
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[raleway Jayfeather's father nodded slightly, not wanting to say anything that would piss off Amy as his son cried on the floor. He had dropped the crowbar onto the ground, blood kinda dripping out of his stomach. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 4h 46m 47s
"Here's what is going to happen and you better listen cause I dont like repeating myself...you are going to pack your shit and leave and you are never going to look back, if I see or even hear you even tried to contact Jayfeather, I will kill you and everybody you know",she says as she pushed the knife into his throat.
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[raleway Jayfeather's father was just silent, the only thing that could be heard was Jayfeather's crying as the boy was just on the floor. Forest green blood was all over the carpet along with some regular blood. Jayfeather tried to move but at this point, he could only move his arms and head. ]
  Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 5h 13m 1s
She suddenly appeared behind Jayfeather's dad and put the knife to his throat, getting really close to his ear "I used to kill motherfuckers like you like it was my job",she says in a low and eerily calm voice in Jayfeather's father's ear, the knife dangerously close to his jugular vein
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[raleway Jayfeather's phone began to ring loudly, his phone in the back pocket of his black pants. He uncurled a bit, starting to loose consciousness as his father just kept swinging. Eventually, he felt it hit his neck so hard that he couldn't move after that, he just cried and screamed for his papa to have mercy but he just kept getting hit. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 5h 21m 56s
She wiped his head with a rag once again then smiled as memories started to come back, her eyes focusing on the ground then suddenly got a chill up her spine, feeling as if something was wrong then called Jayfeather, grabbing her bowie knife from the drawer.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer groaned, his green eyes looking at Amy before throwing once again. He felt weak and feverish, sweat all over his forehead.

Jayfeather yelled and ended up stabbing his father as he was on the ground. He then felt something slam into his head and he fell backwards, his knife sliding a few feet away from him as his father stood up with a crowbar in his hand. Jayfeather cried and curled into a ball as his bloodied father began to smash the iron over his body, leaving dark bruises and cuts. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 5h 43m 34s
"You and me are the only ones who got blackout drunk and the only ones who were puking our guts out",she says as she moved his hair from his face "I survived war...I think I can handle some puke",she added.
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[raleway "W-Why don't you go check on someone else?" Mr. Rimmer asked, knowing that'd he just have to throw up into the toilet for a bit more. He was hugging and clutching the toilet at this point, beginning to throw up again.

Jayfeather yelled as his father answered the door. He ended up kicking his father almost across the room as he stepped into the apartment with his knife still in his hand. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 6h 6m 36s
"Your face says otherwise dude",she says as she looked at him then wiped his face with a wet rag and smiled, the split in her cleft slightly opening, making her wince. She heard talking and called to her brother that they were fi e and looked back at Mr. Rimmer.
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[raleway "That wasn't me..." Mr. Rimmer groaned before puking again, the horrible smell wafting into the air from his throw up.

Jayfeather knocked on the door, waiting for his horrible father to open it. He was seeing red, the rage inside him taking control as he waited. ]
  Jay Scorpius Hunter / Scorpius / 20d 6h 17m 6s

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