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She shook her head as they went to the car, Amy getting in the backseat then put on her worn out green Army fatigue jacket then mumbled something about a 'bad room', making Josh shake his head slightly.

She had a nasal cannula on her face, her oxygen concentrator by her feet, along with a NG tube in her right nostril, covered up with her fleece blanket, coughing slightly as she adjusted herself in the seat.
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather seemed a bit confused as he was let out of his room and into the room with everybody else and he instantly cheered up. [#228B22 "Hey guys!" ] He said as he stood there on his two feet.

Mr. Rimmer looked over at Jayfeather and almost choked, realizing the boy was standing up. "HOW?"
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"I think we're being released today, thank fucking god",she says as the nurse unhooked them from their machines and she signed her sign out sheet, all her things already packed then got off the bed, packing up her nebulizer and vest in their bags, stretching her back.

She was wearing some purple thermal pants and a Leatherface ahirt then grumbled something as Josh walked in to get Amy and Mr. Rimmer, knowing that Amy was probably going to go the basement or her room immediately when they get home.
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[Kodchasan Mr. Rimmer woke up the next morning and instantly looked over at Amy with a smile. "Can we leave soon?" He asked, sitting up in the bed and stretching a bit. He was practically cured.

Jayfeather woke up in his room and he sighed, the lonely feeling making him a bit... down. ]
She smiled at Mr. Rimmer as she opened her eyes then yawned as she looked around confused, hooked back up to her hospital machines, fidgeting around in the bed trying to get comfortable. In the morning, She was in her hospital bed, doing her nebulizers, her chest percussion vest on and was editing a video, her laptop on her lap, multiple hospital bracelets on her wrists.
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[K2D Mr. Rimmer seemed to be better already, sitting up and looking over at Amy with a weak smile. "Hey..." He softly said, wanting to reach over and grab her hand.

Jayfeather sighed in his bed in another room, bandages wrapped around his forehead and his right ear. The bandages were all bloody but that didn't stop him from complaining loudly. ]
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"Yea, hes fine",Josh says as he looked at his twin sister, noticing the blood under her fingers but ignored it. She woke up a few hours, groaning slightly as she mumbled incoherently from the fever.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer didn't even answer as he watched Amy slip back unconscious again, leaving him there. "Where's Jayfeather? Is he in a different room?" The male asked, looking up at Josh in pure curiosity. ]
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"How'd you sleep?",she rasped as the sickness hit her three fold then fell unconscious, her face pale except for some red on her cheeks, sweat clinging to her face and neck, her breathing sounding ragged and heavy.
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[raleway Mr. Rimmer soon woke up, his dull eyes opening as he went into a coughing fit. He sat up a bit, his hands placed around his waist. ]
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Josh looked at the sight of his twin sister and immediately knew, Amy putt il ng a finger to her lips as to not wake up Mr. Rimmer then went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and change back into her hospital gown.
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[raleway This time, Jayfeather wasn't that scared of everything that was going on. Most he had was just small cuts in his head and forehead but he was too overjoyed at the fact that he could walk again. He even told that to the doctors over and over again. ]
Once they made it to the hospital, she quickly changed her clothes back to a different pair and helped Jayfeather into the hospital, doctors rushing to them and set Jayfeather on a gurneys, going back to her hospital room.
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[raleway Jayfeather frowned, how was Amy able to watch what was happening through his eyes? He just clung onto Amy, his body somewhat more warm than normal. ]
"I..I seen where you were, through your eyes", she explained as she stepped through the opening made by the watch and held into Jayfeather like her life depended on it.

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