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She whipped around before cocking her head. "M-my name is A-Akina...and I was brought out by my natural sense of the season, furbrain..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 307d 3h 42m 39s
Moon snuck up behind her and poked her tail with his paw, sitting behind her quite calmly, his blue and brown eyes staring through her, "I'm Moon, who might you be? It isn't safe for a female to be out alone so near mating season..."
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 307d 4h 4m 35s
Akina jolted as she sensed another wolf nearby. "Wh-who goes there?" She growled nervously. "Sh-show yourself!!" SHe barked as she attempted to stand her ground.
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 307d 4h 8m 33s
Moon continued to walk before making a sudden stop, ears perking up as he heard a nearby creature and a certain smell...a female. He began to walk over lightly, not wanting to scare the female whom he could possibly mate with soon.
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 307d 4h 11m 50s
Akina woke with a start. It was midwinter; the mating season was just around the corner. She could feel a tug deep in her soul.
"Looks like it's almost time," she said to herself.
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 307d 6h 16m 42s
Moon yawned as he woke, leaving his den and going outside. A night breeze shook his fur as he looked up at the moon, the only white wolf's companion. His differently colored eyes soon focused to his front as he began to walk, the snow crunching under his paws as he walked through the large pine forest.
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 308d 3h 50m 15s

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