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Akina smiled weakly. "You...look quite handsome in the light of the full moon, A-Alpha..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 44d 16h 36m 20s
[right [center [size30 lovell:]][pic https://i.imgur.com/IfCaCwG.jpg?3]] With little to no patience, Lovell sped over her voice: [b “What.”] He then swung his coat from a front and turned to face the lady. In angry- his face began to warp into the twisted fate of disgust, before spitting a sunflower seed onto the brick pavement.

[b “On the news today, a couple of delinquent’s were caught in a wolfs attack last night.”] The old woman exclaimed from the doorway of the local dinner. [b “The kids said, they watched a person at the bonfire transform into a werewolf~!”] The little old lady said teasingly with laughter.

[b “But, who knows -what those hooligans are smoking out there in those woods.”] The elder women mumbled as she locked up the cafe.

With irritation in his voice, Lovell scratched the back of his head: [b “...Unbelievable.”]

[b ‘Your telling me.”] The old women said, nodding her head in agreement.

[b “Well- best be on my way then. Wouldn’t wanna be eaten alive by a pack of wolves during the night.”] Lovell chuckled, while putting his arms through the firefighter jacket he wore.

It was then, the red head waved goodbye to the owner of the restaurant, before walking into the night...
Moon nodded, looking quite serious, "Good, I'd rather not have a rogue wolf use you and leave..."
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 57d 16h 29m 39s
She blushed. "O-oh...th-that's...that's okay...A-Alpha..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 57d 19h 2m 54s
"You do have very smooth fur..." He nudged her once more, wanting her to get up, "I'll be your mate this season, if that's okay with you Omega..."
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 63d 15h 14m 43s
"Yeah...he was terrible...he was jealous of me for some odd reason..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 63d 15h 18m 7s
He nudged her a bit, licking her cheek as if to be comforting, "That's not a very good Alpha, then."
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 63d 15h 18m 54s
She nods. "I am always obedient...I learned that the hard way...my former Alpha liked to beat me up more than other omegas..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 63d 15h 20m 25s
Moon smiled a bit, "At least you're obedient. I've come across quite a few disobedient omegas that have wandered off and died..."
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 63d 15h 22m 33s
She rolled over, smiling slightly as she did so. "Y-yes...?" She whispered.
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 63d 15h 25m 21s
Moon nodded and put his paw on her head softly before tapping her shoulder, growling a bit as to tell her to roll over.
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 63d 15h 26m 33s
"An A-alpha, you say...?" She blushed before crawling toward him on her belly. "S-sorry...I don't mean to be holding you up..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 63d 15h 30m 10s
Moon nodded, "I used to be an alpha, but my pack was lost in an avalanche. They probably have a new alpha by now..."
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 63d 15h 32m 40s
"I don't have a pack...I was the Omega...but the rest of the pack was killed..."
  Akina the Black Wolf / wolfchibilink / 63d 15h 35m 20s
"I would expect a female to be with her pack, or...do you not have one?" He began circling her like a vulture, checking every part of her.
  MoonMoon / RamaAmor / 63d 15h 39m 7s

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