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to keep things short — this is a dumping ground for my thread ideas, and i'll keep sporadically adding posts as vague concepts pop into my head.

[i bear in mind:] none of these ideas will be especially concise, knowing me n my adhd addled brain. some might be more thoroughly developed or spoken about in more depth than others, but they'll all more or less be just vague concepts that i'm interested in pursuing with an equally interested partner!

also to keep in mind! these ideas aren't posted with the intention of 'first come, first serve'. sometimes, the same vague idea can have two totally different outcomes depending on my writing partner and their own contributions . if you see an idea you think you could see yourself developing, and i haven't edited my post to write the idea off, it's there! definitely do approach me!

images, characters, cultures, worlds, histories, all of that is up to [i us] you decide on a concept, you message me about it, and everything after that is open seas!

lastly: i never know what the fuck i'm talking about. enjoy!


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different supernatural creatures as housemates... its corny i know but listen...

they get discovered. the biggest gathering of spn creatures ever documented? i don't think so! the government gets involved, and the characters have to RUN.
it's STILL corny but .
  disir / 188d 2h 56m 48s
dystopian future... youve got the 'good' part of town- the bougie, the advanced, the rich, the flourishing, etc etc. and on the other hand, you've got the 'bad' part of town- the TRUE dystopia. the slums, where people rarely live to see adulthood. 1 character is bougie, the other character lives on a bargain, and then? soul swap
  cigarette smoke / disir / 188d 15h 23m 18s
OOOHHH... OKAY... so. 2 people. they're soulmates, and they're each others emotional buffers. 1 person gets angry and that instantaneously means the other person's anger fizzles out. one person feels sadness, the other's sadness disappears. one person feels attraction towards someone, say they see someone on the street they think is hot, the other person feels no attraction for anyone. for one, its exhaustion, for the other its wakefulness. they're the 'opposites attract' trope but literally
uhhh idk something something supernatural setting... rl is boring as shit
  cigarette smoke / disir / 188d 15h 27m 29s
uh something with the concept of numbers i have to come back to this ww
edit: OK i'm back. ok so basically these people live in an establishment. they've been living here since they were here. they're all named after numbers. test subjects. they're all branded with a barcode exclusive to only them. test subjects for what? thats up in the air. something ~~~magical~~~
these kids hate it! they make plans to escape, and when they decide they want to leave, whos to stop them?
thing is, the outside world is a lot more difficult than they ever would've imagined!
  cigarette smoke / disir / 188d 15h 10m 25s
[i idea one] — this one's pretty vague but stay with me: muse a is an artist, a daydreamer, and their daydreams have been especially vivid ever since they were a kid, to the point where their mother had them sent to a therapist and eventually admitted to try and discourage muse a from embracing that side of themselves in a world so dominated by black / white mindsets.

basically, dreamers are considered sick, and are sent to reformatories of sorts to help them quote unquote get back on track.

this reformatory is where muse a meets muse b — muse b is, of course, eventually revealed to be a figment of muse a's imagination, but muse a's never shied away from their imaginary friends, even when it'd get them in trouble.

fast forward to some years later, and muse a is an adult. on the surface, they've become very cookie-cutter, but it's only a ruse to keep everyone off their ass.

gradually, muse a's idea of what they thought their surroundings looked like begin to change. initially, they're very minuscule changes but soon enough it becomes distinctly noticeable that [i no, this can't just be their imagination], and smth funny's definitely happening.

muse b pops in again! now, up until that point, muse a had been convinced that muse b had been an imaginary friend they'd conceptualized as a child, but they've obviously aged just as muse a has, and no imaginary friends muse a has had have done [i that.]

surprise, surprise, muse b is not imaginary! they're very real, just not the sort of 'real' that the general public accepts and therefore sees. it's revealed that there's a reason for this! be it something in the air, a group of baddies with an agenda, a literal actual god that needs to be taken down a peg, or whatever else, it's now up to muse a, muse b, and their group of like-minded individuals to fix this mess. hijinks occur!
  ghoul / 353d 4h 56m 19s

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