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Soma just ends up staring at Honey for a moment because of how cute she is.

"...Oh, sorry, I was just wanting something suited for traveling." Soma says. "Maybe something a bit uh... cheery yet serious?"

[i I do not know fashion enough to properly explain what I want.] Soma thinks.

"And I don't mean serious like a suit." Soma adds. "Serious like... like I'm ready to fight if need be!"

"I don't need anything." Yoko says. "I'm just here to accompany them."

"I think Yoko could do with a hat though!" Soma says. "Maybe even a mask!"

"No, I... I'm fine." Yoko responds.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 57m 59s
Scourge smiled as he came into the building with them, and that’s when he spots a nice black leather jacket that had been made a few days ago, with arm padding and was lined with Kevlar. “Man, I need this jacket.” He said, and looked at it, then Honey came out. “Oh, hi! Can I help you?” She said in a sweet tone. She came out of the back so suddenly, that Scourge jumped out of surprise. Yoko didn’t seem surprised at all, but then again, Yoko had probably been surprised enough in the past. “Jesus...I didn’t expect her to show up that quick...” Scourge said, and Honey looked at Soma. “You must be a human, right?” She asked, the cat smiling a bit, and looked Soma up and down, trying to think of something to make to suit her. “What kind of style do you prefer if I might ask?” Honey continued, trying to think of something to make for her
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 1h 34m 5s
"World's fastest weather report..." Soma mutters.

"Did Honey name her own company after herself?" Yoko asks.

"Sorta... why, do you see it?" Soma asks back.

Yoko points to the building with a sign saying Honey Brand Clothes and Accessories.

"How did I almost miss that... whatever, let's go!" Soma says.

"Have you thought about what else you want besides the skates?" Yoko asks.

"Jeeze, it's almost like you're my mom sometimes-... not that I would really know what a mom acts like..." Soma replies. "B-but, yeah, I have a basic idea of what I want!"

"...You don't know how a mother acts?" Yoko asks.

Soma ignores the question and heads inside the building.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 1h 46m 45s
Scourge shrugs. “I might as well go with, I could use a new jacket...this things falling apart.” He said, and Breach decided to go talk to Breezie, who was busy with recording the weather, and they all could see her on a large television screen. “Hello all of you fine Mobian viewers! This is Breezie reporting to you live from Studiopolis. Today’s weather is going to be sunny with clouds, but at least it won’t be really warm!” She said in an upbeat manner, and soon she concluded her weather report, and the screen went back to advertisements.
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 1h 59m 24s
Soma kinda reacts with a slight blush at how abrupt Scourge was in picking her up. She didn't say anything during the whole time they were heading to Studiopolis because she realized just how embarrassing it is to be carried everywhere.
Once the city was in sight, Soma forcefully got back onto her feet and started walking the rest of the way herself.

"...Uh, right, um, yeah I'll ask Honey for those skates!" Soma says. "I wonder if she does have anything for humans... since humans are so rare in this world."

"I'm sure you'll find something." Yoko says. "It does seem like everything is getting handed to you on a silver platter right now..."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 2h 5m 0s
Scourge picked up Soma without warning, and the group started their trip to Studiopolis. “Honey the cat is also a freedom fighter, just like Sonic, so she makes some special gear for them, she’s quite the trickster if you ask me.” Scourge told them. “I would suggest getting the Air Skates. They allow you to literally skate using air to make you move faster.” Breach recommended, and in the distance, they could the see neon lights and search lights of Studiopolis. “There it is, Studiopolis, the central entertainment hub of Mobius.” Breach said with a smile.
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 2h 48m 26s
"Sonic, he was just out here before I went inside but... I guess he had something important to do?" Soma says. "Tails and Sprockette were also here, but they appear to be gone too..."

"Probably something to do with Eggman as usual, maybe even something to do with some other villain." Yoko says. "Let's just get a move on towards Studiopolis, and who knows, we might even meet up with Sonic there."

"I guess you're right!" Soma says. "And since Honey is also there, that means I just might be able to get better clothes for traveling and maybe even shoes for faster running!"

"Would a fashion designer really have shoes that make you faster?" Yoko asks. "If she does, then why is she just a fashion designer?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 3h 40m 31s
Scourge shrugged. “I dunno about the name change...I might keep it to keep the bad guys off my back...maybe even get some info out of ‘em...” he told her, and then Breach smirked. “It’s actually not that far, just a few miles from here.” Breach told her. “Anyways, Honey’s business is in Studiopolis, she’s a hardcore fashion designer...and two, where is the old blue blur anyways?” Scourge asked her with a smile
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 3h 59m 35s
"If she would be willing to give us said info, that is." Soma says. "Is that city also where Honey has her company at?"

"...Who?" Yoko asks.

"She's a clothing designer." Soma answers. "I'm just curious is all... maybe even get myself new clothes from her."

"Clothing... okay." Yoko responds. "Sounds... very important... yeah."

"Hey, if anything, Sonic Forces makes clothing seem important since it rewards you with clothes for every mission!" Soma says. "But anyway... Scourge, one, do you think you would change your name eventually or are you going to keep it and two, can you and Breach lead the way to Studiopolis?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 4h 5m 57s
Breach and Scourge both smiled. “If you want to go to a city, try Studiopolis. That place is not only the most popular city, but it’s also the hub for anything televised on Mobius!” Breach said, and then Scourge remembered something. “I just remembered, Breezie the hedgehog runs her media empire from there, along with being the mayor of the place...” Scourge told them, and everyone knew Breezie could be their one shot of getting info about Eggman’s plans.
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 7h 43m 44s
"Well uh... I had to sorta sign digital-... paperwork... er, I mean to say, I did it digitally!" Soma responds. "And next on the list of what to do, I suppose we should... go find Infinite and turn him good!"

"You are really pushing on trying to find Infinite." Yoko says. "Someone like him won't be easy to persuade at all, so you should definitely avoid trying that for as long as you can."

"Then... who else would be a better idea to go find?" Soma asks. "It's not like I know the current events of what's happening here- then again, you wouldn't either..."

"How about you get your bearings on where everything is before setting out on more dangerous quests." Yoko suggests. "Maybe go visit the cities first so you know where to begin on this."

"I guess you're right..." Soma replies. "Because... on our quest danger surely awaits~!"

"...What are you doing?" Yoko says.

"N-nothing!" Soma says. "Just a little singing because... because why not?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 14h 51m 15s
After a bit, the two hedgehogs came out, wearing their black and green shoes along with their gloves and black leather jackets. “So...where to?” Scourge asked, and Breach just stayed silent, as she didn’t have anything to say at the time being. After a few moments of silence, Breach finally decided to talk. “I find it strange that you didn’t have to sign any paperwork for our release...because it normally requires a bit of paperwork to release people like us...” she said, crossing her arms
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 15h 6m 0s
Soma breathes out a sigh of relief as she and Yoko go back outside to everyone else.

"That went waaaay better than I thought it would." Soma says. "A little too well, I might say... strange how they were released on this very day, huh?"

"You're making yourself sound too suspicious, you know." Yoko says. "And are you quite sure they wouldn't be... lying to you?"

"What would they gain from lyin- oh... right..." Soma replies. "W-well, I believe they weren't lying, so isn't that enough?"

"The person who wants to do good for everyone, who was obviously lying about having nothing to do with their release, believes the two who were sent to prison for being bad wouldn't be lying just to get released." Yoko says. "You're seriously asking if that's enough to put everyone's worries at ease?"

"H-hey, I wasn't lying... fully...!" Soma says. "All I did was answer a question and then suddenly they are free to go, that's all!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 15h 31m 29s
Breach and Scourge give each other a fist bump. “Who knows, maybe we could help do something about Egghead after we eventually get out...” Breach said, and Scourge agreed. But before they could say more, a guard came out into the area. “Alright you two, time to get your things and get’re being released early...” he said, and looked at their company. “I don’t suppose you’d have anything to do with this, do you?” He asked the girl, but when she shook her head, he sighed and went back inside.
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 15h 45m 32s
"I don't think Sonic will be a problem with this." Soma says. "I'll try my best to get you both out, I just need to-"

Soma's new device makes some kind of alert sound and she checks it. A menu pops up and says [b Do you accept responsibility for the actions of Scourge and Breach once they are released?] with yes/no options. She of course selects yes and it then says [b Release for them has been arranged. Prepare yourself for any consequences your actions may cause.]

"I couldn't find any vending machines." Yoko says as she returns.

"Huh- oh, it's okay!" Soma responds. "I'll just wait until we end up in a city to try one then..."

[i Did this really arrange their release?] Soma wonders. [i If that's the case, this thing is too powerful for anyone to use!]

"Right, so... I think you and Breach will be able to leave in just a few minutes now." Soma says.

"According to who?" Yoko asks.

"J-... just a hunch is all!" Soma says, blatantly lying.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 15h 50m 37s

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