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Willow tensed up at the sight of the very one who had cursed her and her family. “You need to get out of here Soma!” She said, and she went back in front of her. “You don’t know what I’ve been through...I need to do this!” She said, and looked at Genya. “The question is if Genya is willing to fight for his life.” She said angrily, and weapons appeared in her hands
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 250d 14h 24m 1s
"I'm not- no, you're just going to kill yourself in there!" Soma says as she follows Willow. "How many times do I have to say that I'm going to try my way first before anyone does anything else?!"

"What if you are hurt again or... worse...?" Shadow asks.

"I don't care with what happens to me... only to what happens to others." Soma answers. "For all we know, Genya could be suffering this too."

"...How?" Shadow questions.

"That's what I'm going to find out." Soma replies.

Soma then quickly moves in front of Willow, only to see the throne room suspiciously empty. Someone is then heard walking from the side, over to them.

"Finally got here I see." Genya says he makes his way to his throne. "I know you already got the others out as well."

"Why... why are you doing any of this?" Soma asks.

"The truth for that is meaningless." Genya answers as sits upon his throne. "But tell me... why are you here, at this spot, when your friends have been rescued, Soma?"

"If you know they are safe then you must already know why I am here..." Soma responds.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 250d 14h 38m 27s
The hedgehog finally got to them, her armor clanking a bit when she got there. “Soma, Shadow!” She shouted, and stopped by them. “We need to tread lightly...if you want to remain unharmed.” She said, and she sighed as she looked at the doors. “I want you to go...this is personal.” She said, lifting her visor to reveal a blind eye, and many scars. “I don’t want you to get hurt.” She said, and put her visor back down and rushed into the throne room, her anger mounting significantly
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 251d 53m 59s
"No point in wondering about it now..." Soma mutters. "Uh... where am I?"

Soma cautiously wanders around until she spots stairs going up. Hoping there's no Hill Guards, she slowly goes up each step until she reaches the top and sees giant double doors.

[i Could this lead to Genya?] Soma thinks to herself. [i If I am even able to open it, I guess I'll find out.]

Soma tries to push the doors open and to her surprise, they open easily. That's when she sees yet another big and long hallway leading to another door.

"This is just ridiculous like the game!" Soma says. "Who designs these places anyway?!"

That's when Soma spots Shadow trying to get off the floor but failing. She rushes over to him and tries to help him up.

"This is why you don't go off alone when you don't have your strength anymore!" Soma says.

"I... I'm sorry..." Shadow says. "I couldn't let him... get away with this!"

"Did you think we were just here to attend a social event with him or something?" Soma questions. "Why do you think we're here?!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 251d 20h 31m 9s
The sound of armor crashing to the floor could be heard echoing through the halls, meaning the hedgehog had finally dealt with the two steel plated baddies. But she hadn’t paid attention to where Soma had ran off to, so she began to roam the halls and room. “Soma!” The knight shouted, trying to find the human girl
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 252d 19h 49m 25s
Soma ends sprinting aimlessly down the halls after she was told to run. She looks back as she runs then slams into a wall and flops onto the ground, completely dazed.

"My goodness, how did this happen?!" A familiar voice asks. "Your head, it's bleeding!"

"Huh- who's there?!" Soma questions, unable to open her eyes to see due to the pain.

"Don't worry Soma, I'll fix that injury of yours!" The voice says then soft fabric wraps around Soma's head. "Be sure to look where you're going this time, alright?"

"Wha- who- mom?!" Soma says. "Why can't I open my friggin eyes- mom, wait!"

Soma gets no response then she's finally able to see again. She doesn't see anyone around.

[i Is... is Genya behind all of this?] Soma wonders. [i Is he trying to mess with my head or something?]
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 252d 21h 25m 10s
“Soma, get behind me!” She said, and shouted two words. “Melio Scutum!” She shouted, and a shield appeared around them, and the two suits of armor both tried to break through. “When I say run, you go!” She shouted, and she made the head of Cerberus appear above her, and she shouted “GO!” She said, and began to attack the two moving suits of armor using the scythe glyph. “Evil shall be undone!” She shouted.
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 253d 11h 31m 54s
"Bu- wha- what about Shadow?!" Soma exclaims. "He's-"

Soma flails about as the ax appears out of nowhere, falling onto her back then crawling backwards away a bit.

"Holy fwuagh- what the ax- what?!" Soma says? "Axe armor- where- where?!

Soma quickly scrambles back up and leans up close to the wall. Only... it wasn't the wall, but a suit of armor holding a spear. She turns around to notice that then freaks out as she runs away from it.

[i Just like in the game, there's almost no safe area to rest!] Soma says in her head. [i If my body survives this place, my mind certainly won't!]
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 253d 11h 53m 28s
“We ought to hurry and find his throne room and take him down.” She said, and one of Cerberus’ heads appeared above her head, granting her the strength of the guardian of Hell. “I fear if we do not hurry, then all of us will be doomed.” She said, and she told soma to follow her as she headed towards the labyrinth of halls and rooms. “Stay close and don’t lose sight of me.” She told Soma, and almost got hit by an ax. “!”
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 253d 12h 19m 43s
"...Right- right!" Soma says. "Just... be careful, Raoul!"

"You mean, us three." Shadow says. "I'm going to... make Genya regret everything!"

"Shadow, you're not in any condition to fight him!" Soma says.

"It's do or die right now!" Shadow says then runs on ahead into castle's great hall.

"W-what...?!" Soma responds. "Shadow, stooop!"

Soma chases after him and ends up losing sight of him instantly. It's dangerous to go alone in Dracula's castle, especially for someone injured like Shadow, but he is no where to be seen now.

"Can't believe he just ran ahead like that in his current state...!" Soma mutters. "I don't think this place is anything like he's faced before, because this place is more dangerous than anything I've seen in Mobius so far!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 254d 15h 2m 44s
The hedgehog looked at the wall, and then placed an ear against the wall and heard sounds of pain and unpleasant sounds. “Raoul...break this part of the wall...” she said, and Raoul reared his arm back and hit the stone with a high powered punch, breaking part of the wall open. “It may take a couple more hits to break through, but you guys get inside, I’ll get them out.” He said, and looked at Soma. “This depends on you two now...” Raoul said, and Willow sides next to her. “We should hurry.”
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 255d 1h 27m 16s
"That's not- no, I'm saying I will try to convince him to stop this madness first!" Soma says. "I will at least try the more peaceful route rather than going straight for a killing blow!"

Shadow has already started walking towards what one would assume to be the walls of where the dungeons are, but he started getting shortness of breathe and losing balance fairly quickly.
Soma runs up to him and tries to help him keep steady.

"We really need to this thing in you fixed before it's too late..." Soma says. "Going off of... info from my world, I think the cure would be made using the blood of the vampire who bit you but it will only work if you haven't fed on anyone."

"I'm telling you... I'm fine!" Shadow says. "I'm not... I'm turning into anything...!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 256d 12h 43m 26s
She sighed. “You don’t get it, the only way to truly stop him for eternity is by using his own powers against him, even if it means through my own death...” she told her straight up, then she heard the question as to where they would be held. “The dungeons of course...” she replied to shadow, and she sighed. “If your friend the jackal can break the wall open, we can free them.” She said, and Raoul made sure his arms were fully functioning. “I can bust down a few walls.” The jackal replied
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 256d 12h 58m 12s
[i Huh... these can't be real, right?] Soma wonders. [i These aren't even from Mobius, they're straight from a whole different video game so all of these enemies must be... robots, they must be robots of some kind!]

"...No, no, we're going to at least attempt another way of defeating him without involving death!" Soma says after hearing Willow. "Not everything has to involve that!"

"We-... where is everyone held?" Shadow asks. "We need to... free everyone first!"

"Are you sure you're alright there, Shadow?" Soma says. "You don't have to push yourself if your energy is waning."

"I have to go- I have to keep going!" Shadow says. "Worry more about yourself rather than me right now...!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 256d 13h 14m 9s
“You don’t understand...his powers are too powerful for a single being to contain, and if one uses it, it will kill them, claiming their soul as its energy, and it will annihilate anyone in the same room or vicinity.” She explained, and she sighed, knowing t was her duty. “But if t means stopping Genya, I will do whatever it takes.” She said fearlessly. And as they were heading to the castle they fought some rather familiar monsters that Soma recognized from the games, meaning that they must be somehow connected to Genya. “When I tell you to leave the room I am in with Genya, you [i must] leave the room and lock the doors behind you.” She told them, and she looked at the now massive castle, she gulped a bit.
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 256d 13h 27m 27s

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