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The jackal nodded. “It won’t be easy...” the glyph user said, and lifted her visor up, revealing her green eyes. “This bar doesn’t take threats lightly, so he will have minions everywhere.” She said, and explained that his powers were divided into three glyphs called Dominus Hatred, Dominus Anger, and Dominus Agony. “These three glyphs are extremely dangerous and can only be smharnessed by a person such as myself, but it also is very unsafe.” She said
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 70d 7h 17m 0s
"How exactly would I know?!" Soma responds. "He mentioned something about a collection... which makes wonder if he's [sub making] [sub [sub himself]] [sub [sub [sub a]]] [sub [sub [sub [sub harem..."]]]]

[i If he's kidnapping females only then... and if he kidnapped Yoko then...] Soma shudders at that thought.

"That's it, we have to storm the castle and defeat him, no buts about it!" Soma says. "No female is safe with a creep like him around-... never thought I would have to say that but still!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 70d 7h 20m 30s
The hedgehog chased the girl, making sure to get a description of what Yoko looked like, but no matter where she looked or who she asked, she couldn’t find her anywhere. “I’m sorry, but she’s gone...” she said, and grunted in slight pain, as her curse continued its effects, making her feel pain from the side effects. “When I find ‘Genya’, I will make him pay for cursing my family...” she said to herself, but Soma could hear her words of anger., and as soon as she finished talking, they young cybernetic jackal came up to her. “Who was that bat and why was he trying to take you?” He asked sternly, being very protective of his love interest.
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 70d 7h 44m 32s
"What... why... why is this happening?" Soma questions. "Does the world have to counteract what's been happening the past few days?!"

[i It's almost like when Shadow said something bad would be coming... is this it or is there something even worse afterwards?] Soma thinks.

"Wait, Yoko, where is she?!" Soma exclaims as she gets and runs off in search of her. "Yoko, where are you?!"

Soma runs frantic through the crowds, hoping to find Yoko.

[i That creep better not have kidnapped her!] Soma says in her head. [i If he did, who else would he have stolen?!]
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 70d 12h 37m 6s
The female turns towards her,and the girl recognizes the glowing symbols on her body as glyphs. “Essentially, yes, he is...” she maaid, and She began to explain that he was an evil being intent on destroying anything in his way, and Willow explained that her personal mission was to destroy the monster with the magic she was able to harness
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 70d 23h 12m 58s
"Wha- what's going on?!" Soma exclaims.

"Pfft, you think I'm afraid of you?" Genya says. "Fine, I'll leave for now since this is a night of celebration... but no other night be safe anymore."
He then jumps up into the sky and disappears into the night.

"Will someone explain to me what just happened?!" Soma questions. "Was that like... Mobius' version of Dracula or something?!"

[i Castlevania, that's the game!] Soma thinks to herself. [i But his name Genya... wasn't that the name of...?]

"I can't be dealing with vampires too if that's what he was!" Soma says as she falls to the floor in exhaustion. "He... he just tried to use some kind of mind control on me, that's what that pink flash in his eyes were, wasn't it?!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 70d 23h 21m 17s
Out of nowhere, the female hedgehog dropped in between the two. “That is enough ‘Genya’’ve caused enough trouble as it is...” she said, and her markings flowed bright, reminding him that she was not one to be trifled with , especially since he wasn’t at full strength. “I would leave now, or there will be trouble.” She told the vampire bat.
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 70d 23h 28m 52s
"So, what exactly are you?" Soma asks. "I mean that as in, are you the lord of some kind of castle or something?"

"You could say that." Genya says. "Though in actuality, I've only recently gained a castle."

"Only recently- what, you just bought one or inherited one?" Soma questions. "How does one simply gain a castle?"

"When the previous king no longer requires it, that is how you receive one." Genya answers. "It doesn't matter what it used to be before, I've redesigned it to my liking."

"You... did you make it like a maze?" Soma asks.

"What kind question is that?" Genya asks back. "It's to my liking and whether it's a maze or not to others, I wouldn't know."

"Hmmm... I think I know who you remind me of now." Soma says.

[i I would swear he's like some from some video game but I can't remember what one!] Soma thinks.

"Would you like to see it?" Genya asks.

"What- no!" Soma answers. "I'm pretty certain that even though my parents never specifically said it, they would say never to go alone with strangers to their castle!"

"Oh, come now, you'll be fine!" Genya says the places a hand on Soma's face. "You won't regret it!" His eyes then flash pink for a split second.

"I-I... no!" Soma responds then pushes his hand away. "You're starting to be really creepy about this."

"I see..." Genya says, then his expression darkens. "I guess I'll have to add another to the collection by force."

"To your- what?!" Soma exclaims while backing away from him.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 70d 23h 32m 14s
Raoul was celebrating with his friends, but after a short amount of time, he noticed that Soma has disappeared, but he soon saw her standing next to a vat, who looked like a baron or a lord, something to that effect. His face turned to a scowl, but he didn’t want to be rude and interrupt their conversation, so he merely listened to what they were saying, but not too far from them sat a white hedgehog in blue armor.
The white hedgehog raised her visor, looking at the approaching night moon. “...What a horrible night to have a curse...” she said to herself, knowing trouble would be afoot. As she stood up, red markings flowed on her shoulders and on her back, the sign of a glyph user
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 70d 23h 43m 27s
The experiment was a success. Eggman was finally cured of his power-craze. Everyone then left the Egg carrier after it landed at the base it was above.

Eggman who's now to be known simply as Ivo, along with Gerald, Maria and even Shadow went off by themselves talking about what to do now.

Soma went with the rest of the Freedom Fighters back into the city, feeling like she accomplished creating peace for the entirety of Mobius for a long while.
A huge celebration amassed at how "Eggman" was no more.

"To manage so much in only a few days... it's almost like a dream." Soma says. "Makes me wonder I can do within a year in Mobius!"

"Well, you go enjoy yourself because you've earned it." Yoko says. "I... I've got something to do right, I'll catch up later."

"Oh... okay then." Soma replies.

The lights of the city shined brightly through the night sky as cheering could be heard from miles. Though, the rain grew heavier and heavier, and lightning began to strike.

"A bit spooky for a night to celebrate on, don't you think?" Soma asks. "Oh wait... I'm by myself right now..."

Soma had wandered off alone from the crowds, staring up at the sky. She began to feel loneliness set in.

[i Even with all of these friends, even with someone who seems to have so easily fallen in love with me, I still feel alone... why is that?] Soma wonders. [i Could it be because how much I miss them?]

"Don't like celebrating with the masses?" A voice asks from behind. "Or do you just prefer being away from everyone to hear yourself think?"

"Wha-... well... I really don't know why I'm over here." Soma answers as she turns around to see who she's talking to. "Huh... you remind me of someone."


"I get that from time to time." He says. "You may call me Genya."

"Genya... that sounds familiar too." Soma says. "Well anyway, do you happen to know why you're over here at least?"

"Enjoying the night for what it is." Genya replies. "It's rare to see such a storm like this."

"I mean, it's just rain and lightning." Soma states then looks back up to notice what looks like a lightning storm. "Or... not?"

"Lightning storms are a beautiful sight to behold." Genya says. "It's almost like a free nightclub."

"Heh... I guess it is." Soma says.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 71d 11m 55s
Eggman almost fell out of his seat in surprise, but he was even more surprised when he saw, in all his glory, Gerald Kintobor, and it almost made him shed a tear because his grandfather had been kind to him in the past, but before the timeline was changed, Gerald was gone. Eventually they headed to where Gerald was to perform a reverse process to get rid of Eggman’s condition
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 71d 36m 0s
"Hi Raoul, and yes, I do know... did you not hear me say it earlier?" Soma says. "All we have to do is just reverse what happened!"

"But wait... if Sonic was involved... wouldn't he have to get involved in it too?" Maria asks. "Wouldn't that remove his speed as well?"

"Oh, I didn't think about that..." Soma says. "Maybe we could-"

Suddenly, the wall behind the monitors is ripped off by some kind of unique explosion. With the last light of day shining through, the silhouette of a familiar person comes into view.
"It's been far too long." The old man says. "But I've finally returned."

"That voice... grandfather, is that you?!" Maria exclaims.

"Yes, it's me... I'm sorry for what you both went through prior to this moment." Gerald Robotnik says as he steps down into the room. "This war ends now, and I know how to fix the damage that was done to you Ivo."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 71d 1h 9m 28s
Raoul finally finished dealing with the soldiers and badniks with the others, and he quickly hurried into the bowels of the ship just to find Soma, but he got lost for a while, then he found his way to the very part of the ship where Soma was, along with Maria and the two Kintobors. “Soma, I’m glad to see you weren’t hurt.” He said, before he stood beside her, being noticeably shorter than she was. Ivo looked at them, and sighed. “You must already know about how I ended up like experiment gone wrong...which made me like this, and Sonic what he is now...” Ivo said before he sat down.
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 71d 1h 19m 20s
"Well, that would be me." Soma says. "That time stone you had in that one base of yours that was attacked, I ended up using to get to ARK just before it was attacked."

"She put herself in the way of the gunfire so I wouldn't get hurt." Maria adds. "I'm only alive because she nearly died just to save me."

"Of course it wasn't so easy to get back, but at least that detour to another point in time ended up curing her illness." Soma says. "I guess it did also save me since I was bleeding badly and got patched up fairly quickly when that happened."

Meanwhile, on the outside of the wall of the control room, an old man who looks like old version of Eggman appears through some kind of digital teleportation.

"Thank you Adio." The old man says. "I don't know if I could ever repay you after this is over."

"You can thank me by helping restore goodness in the world like you wanted!" Adio says through a device the old man is holding. "You should also thank yourself for giving me these teleporting capabilities!"

"Right..." The old man says then sets an explosive on the wall meant for only ripping it off. "It's time to free 'Eggman' of his desires to rule all."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 71d 1h 24m 41s
Eggman’s face was priceless, his moustache dropped a bit in surprise and in memory. “Wait...but...but I was told she died on the ARK!” He said, confused, holding his head in confusion, and outside they heard the sound of things getting thrown around, presumably by Raoul. “What in the blazes?” He said, but he turned back to hem. “If Maria survived, then what caused her to survive?” He asked, concerned
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 71d 1h 49m 58s

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