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"Wow... this place really has everything, huh?" Soma says. "It's like a strange sort of futuristic."

[i Okay self, stop thinking something bad is going to happen and just enjoy the now!] Soma thinks.

"Anyway, obviously I'll be going to the women's area while you go the men's one." Soma says as she heads into the women's changing area, towel in hand. "Huh... don't know if I... ah screw it!"

Soma changes our of her clothes and covers herself with the towel then heads into the hotsprings area for girls.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 248d 20h 55m 35s
Raoul smiled and held his hand out to take hers, and when she took it, he led her across the pyramid and to the elevator. “They’re actually on the bottom floor of the pyramid. Ant the best part is they’re natural hot springs.” He said, and smiled as he made sure that he gave her a towel and a warm smile. “I could enjoy a nice hot spring as well, I haven’t relaxed in a while...” he said, smiling a bit as he looked at Soma
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 1y 249d 13h 9m 57s
"You know... right now I prefer something more relaxing." Soma says. "I just want to lay down and relax since I've just been running from place to place the last couple of days."

[i Still have this feeling that something bad will happen very soon...] Soma says in her mind. [i Better not dwell on it though, if I plan to rest up!]

"So... you wouldn't happen to know of any hotsprings, would you?" Soma asks. "I could even settle for a hot tub or something, I just feel very sore."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 249d 13h 15m 47s
In space, a strange figure was watching a screen through the eye of a drone that had been watching the events unfold as she smirked to herself, then she looked at the girl. “So this is the girl who has been causing so much good across Mobius...wel...hmhmhm...I’ll have to change that...” she said to herself and turned around. “Reala! It’s showtime!” She said, and a red and white figure emerged from the shadows, their gold mask covering the upper half of their face. “I hope for our sake your plan works Spade...” Reala said. “If not, our master can deal with them personally...” she countered with an unpleasant smile, revealing shark-like teeth, and Reala set off towards Mobius. “If this plan fails Spade...I will personally end you...” Reala threatened far from the base in the void of space. Meanwhile in the Pyramid, Raoul was talking to Soma about possibly going for a walk around the pyramid or going to the gym they had.
  Spade / DoomGuy123 / 1y 249d 13h 34m 58s
Oh... okay?" Soma responds. "I have no idea how to use ocarinas but thank you."

Soma waves goodbye to the two knights then is a bit surprised to see Raoul managed to find the throne room.

"Eheh... technically something did happen to me- but anyway, yeah, sure." Soma responds. "To think this all happened in the same night... after only a few hours of that final fight against Eggman too."

[i And I have this peculiar feeling that I won't even get a full day of a break from crisis after crisis.] Soma thinks.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 249d 15h 35m 44s
Bedwena Bowes to Soma respectfully and stood back up. “We thank you and your ancestor for your help Soma. If it weren’t for you both, we would have never been united again.” She said with a smile and lifted her visor, and so did Willow. “If you even need us, play a song on this.” She said, handing her an ocarina and she smiled. “May the fight always be in your favor.” She said, holding her daughter’s hand, and soon the two left, bidding Soma farewell, and then her Jackal friend entered, smiling when he saw Soma. “Soma! You’re alright!” He said, and held up his hand to take hers. “I thought something happened to you...” he said, and kissed her hand gently as a sign of passion towards her. “Shall we go to the pyramid?” He ask, still holding her hand
  Lady Bedwena / DoomGuy123 / 1y 249d 15h 52m 41s
Armor acquired, rune thingy etched and Sophia now possesses the strange pink suit of armor rather than Soma.
Soma regains consciousness after the transfer and stare bewildered at everyone, as she was fully aware of what was happening while Sophia was in control.

"You know, I do like this but I think I may get myself something custom made later on." Sophia says. "I know just what to call myself afterwards too!"

Soma blinks a few times while she looks over Sophia's new armor.
"...LordKnightmo-?-!" She tries to say.

"Shush- don't you dare speak its name in this world!" Sophia says after quickly covering Soma's mouth. "You don't more worlds to collide with each other, do you?"

"Pfwah- I don't even know what you mean by that." Soma says after moving Sophia's hand away. "I'm not exclusively a fan of anything, so I don't understand if you're trying to reference something?"

"Ugh, just don't say names from other worlds like that, especially a digital one." Sophia responds. "We do have one for Earth, one of which has its own problems being dealt with."

"...Right, okay." Soma says. "I'll just let you and Genya talk with each other more now."

Soma walks over to Willow and Bedwena, waiting for either of them to say something to her.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 250d 10h 29m 16s
Willow And Bedwena thanked Sophia again before she disappeared to find her armor, and soon they were talking with each other, discussing what to do next since they weren’t needed at the time being, but the one thing they did was waot for Soma so they could talk to her while they would let Sophia and Genya talk to each other in private “let us hope nothing like this will happen again...” Willow mentioned, and Bedwena agreed.
  Lady Bedwena / DoomGuy123 / 1y 250d 11h 11m 19s
"I'm guessing you're completely confused on how I would be here without using Soma, right?" Soma/Sophia whispers to Genya.

"Yes, yes I am actually." Genya whispers back.

"A special rune symbol thing etched into a full suit of armor will allow me to use it like it's my body, and I don't need a mouth to talk using it." Soma/Sophia explains. "Picked up from a little world full of alchemists that uh... the details on whatever they did for alchemy in that world don't matter now, just the little trick I found out when someone else let me possess them for just a bit until I found my way here!"

"Should we just... get started on that then?" Genya asks. "I'm sure Soma would like control of her body back..."

"We will, but one more tiny little thing before we get started on that... DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DID WHEN YOU FIRST MET SOMA WITH HER OR ANYONE ELSE EVER AGAIN!!!" Soma/Sophia yells. "That kind of 'predator' vibe you were giving off is not something you ever want attached to you unless you are a psychopath."

"Wh-what?!" Genya responds. "That's- I wasn't trying to do that at all!"

"Good good, but you better not do it again or so help me I will make sure there won't be a third." Soma/Sophia says. "Anyway~ time for me to choose the armor suit I like!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 250d 11h 15m 26s
Bedwena nodded and helped shadow up, and told the possessed girl something. “Willow and I will take Shadow to the hospital...and thank you for resolving this issue.” The knightess said gratefully, and then the two hedgehogs left the castle, whilst Shadow was protesting their help, but they got him to the hospital. “You really are more headstrong than my husband was...” Bedwena told Shadow, then when the two got everything settled, they returned to the castle, and Willow surprised her mother with a hug, and the fully armored hedgehog gently hugged her back, a heartwarming sight to the other two
  Lady Bedwena / DoomGuy123 / 1y 250d 11h 35m 14s
"Okay, so what exactly happened to 'accidentally' get her under your control?" Soma/Sophia questions. "Or did you actually do that part?"

"That- no, I did not do that on purpose!" Genya explains. "The ones I made a deal with did it and told me to use her like a pawn..."

"Oh by the gods you are hopeless without me- this would have never happened if I didn't get myself killed in the first place!" Soma/Sophia says then turns to Bedwena. "I am sorry for all the trouble and suffering that my idiot younger brother caused you!" She then bows apologetically.

"...younger... BROTHER?!" Shadow exclaims.

"Yes yes, he's my brother- er, me who is Sophia controlling Soma right now, and to think that he's many centuries of a great uhh... you know, I never did pay attention to how the family tree sprawled out but I would guess uncle." Soma/Sophia states as she paces a bit. "Regardless, I will be taking responsibility of him and his actions and making sure he never becomes such a nitwit again!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 250d 11h 40m 18s
Lady Bedwena appeared, her control finally stopped, and her armor clanked as she approached Willow, and she helped lift shadow up. “A monster once, a monster for good of all people should know that...” Bedwena said, lifting her visor and revealing her face, and she narrowed her eyes. “My daughter and I were cursed by your hands...and then you took control of my body and made me a servant.” The knightess said, and Willow froze. “Mother?” She asked, startled, and Bedwena stood beside the possessed Soma. “You are worse than I thought...” she said, but she didn’t attempt to attack.
  Lady Bedwena / DoomGuy123 / 1y 250d 12h 4m 58s
"And here ole Soma was scared of you but it seems to be the other way around~!" Soma? says.

"You're really seeking death now, is that it?!" Genya exclaims.

"Do honestly think you're still talking to Soma right now?" Soma?? questions. "It would be pretty~ weird~ if that was the case, because then I would have been talking about myself in the third person!"

"Did this castle drive you insane?" Genya says as he turns back to face her. "Or have you secretly always been this mental?"

"I thought you knew everything but it appears I was wrong~!" Soma...? says. "Just like you to always be so dense, Genya!"

Genya stares at her.

"But to think that you would go this far when we promised long ago that we would make the world better rather than let chaos reign~!" SomaButNotReally says. "I remember it like yesterday, when we were sitting under the great old Sakura tree on Eken's peak, watching the sun rise through the valley... that's when we both realized that the world can be a beautiful place if we let it be~!"

"What- how did you-!" Genya exclaims. "There's no way that you-..."

SortaSomaButNot walks up close to Genya.
"Dense, really dense, like always!" She says. "She has the same last name as me... did you not think she could be a part of the same family, or did you not care- or wait... don't tell me you forgot?!"

"But- how is this possible?!" Genya questions. "S-... Sophia?!"

"Ding ding ding~!" Soma/Sophia replies. "You know, I never expected to try becoming a vampire lord or whatever... then again, I never expected to die that day either~!"

"You're still so... carefree... even when you're possessing one of your own descendants." Genya says. "And no, I never forgot you... Soma wasn't going to be hurt in this, she never was."

"But you sure did hurt her, and her friends!" Soma/Sophia says. "Or are you going to say that you knew they would be fine and no one was going get fatally hurt even though Soma kinda was?"

"I honestly didn't think she would jump into my fake-out like that... it wasn't going to reach Shadow, I swear!" Genya explains. "You might be surprised but none of this was going according to my plan..."

"The plan which you continue refusing to explain." Soma/Sophia says. "You know that one knightess who's family had been cursed by you believes you're trying to become some new lord."

"...Curse?" Genya says. "-Oh, them and that... 'curse'... no, people come up with their own explanation after generations."

"Ah, so you're saying they aren't cursed or at least they weren't by you?" Soma/Sophia asks.

"No, they never were, not by me." Genya answers then sighs. "The real goal wasn't becoming a lord, it wasn't making night everlasting, it was to... bring you back."
He then leans up against the window, facing outside once again.

"Now how would you- oooooh, you're doing the complete imbecile route~!" Soma/Sophia replies. "You realize they were never going to go through with your deal, right?"

Soma/Sophia moves up beside Genya while leaning with her back against the window.

"Not only were they never going to go through with it from the start, but they also have kinda been destroyed recently." Soma/Sophia adds. "How else would I be able to be here next to you like this if that spirit prison of theirs was still existing?"

"...What?!" Genya exclaims. "You're telling me that everything I did..."

"Yes, all of it, just to do something I didn't want done that way to begin with." Soma/Sophia says with sudden anger. "I cannot believe how you would portray yourself as a villain just so the real ones can get away with what they do... and the best part, you went to the wrong planet entirely if you were hoping this would all succeed!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 250d 12h 19m 13s
Willow was taken aback by how Soma had begun to act, and she about fell over when Soma stepped in front of her, but she sighed a bit, then she went over to shadow and made sure he was alright, keeping him from standing so he wouldn’t be in pain. “You really should have heeded her advice...” she said to Shadow “...” Shadow didn’t say a word, meaning she was right. “I hope this will end before too long...and not with Genya as the new lord...” she said
  Willow, the White Knight / DoomGuy123 / 1y 250d 13h 10m 20s
"Okay, that's it!" Soma says then gets in front of Willow again, this time trying to push her back towards the hall. "You are too fueled with hatred to think straight so you need to wait out there!"

"...What are you- what?" Shadow says. "Why-"

"Hush it!" Soma interrupts. "If you don't want to wait out there with her then you better keep quiet!"

"Well now... I wasn't expecting this to happen." Genya says. "This getting entertaining in another fashion than I thought it would."

"And you, mister!" Soma says as she turns around and marches straight to Genya. "I don't want to hear any more cryptic answers to my questions!"

"Soma... are you alright?" Shadow asks.

"Don't make me repeat myself, Shadow!" Soma shouts. "Now, Genya, what exactly is your endgame here?!"

"It's pointless to explain when you'll be seeing it very soon." Genya replies. "When the sun finally rises as the storm passes, you will see-"

"I, said, enough, with cryptic answers!" Soma interjects. "You have one last chance, just one, to answer the simple question with an actual answer!"

Genya's expression seems to darken as he stands up.
"And just who are you to make such threats?" He questions. "The same girl who was quivering in fear mere hours ago?"

"I don't think you understand just what happens when someone finally ticks..." Soma replies. "Now, you wanna the question this time?"

"You wouldn't be able to fathom my ultimate goal." Genya says. "No one would ever understand..."

"Oooh boooy, you just couldn't stop with the theatrics huh, Genya?" Soma questions as she turns to the side while leaning slight backwards. "You think this is just allll about you, eh?"

Genya doesn't respond and just simply stares at her.

"I don't suppose you're willing to stop this nonsense and pay for your sins or whatever, are you?" Soma asks.

"What do you think?" Genya asks back.

"Welllll, can't say I didn't try the Soma way first then~!" Soma says. "It's time for the ancient Ulvin's way from after they had repented for their sins..."

"What are you- whatever, this conversation is over." Genya says then stares out the window behind his throne. "I suggest you leave now if you still prefer living."

"Oh~, come on Genya~, where'd all the fun go~?" Soma responds. "Did you suddenly get scared of me~?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 1y 250d 13h 26m 16s

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