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"I don't... I'm nothing special, I just do what I think is right." Soma says. "If your acquaintance wants to meet someone like that, then try an actual hero like Sonic, because I'm just a nobody compared to them."

[i There's nothing special about me, I'm just an average human...] Soma thinks.


Alia hears someone shouting further down the stairs and thinks that someone could be in danger. She decides to jump over the railings until she reaches the bottom floor, not noticing Raoul during her gymnastics going down.

"Hey, is someone in need of help down here?" Alia asks as she opens the door then sees a human and some unique-looking person. "...Am I interrupting something?"

"Huh- wha-... I don't think I've ever seen a half dragon in Mobius before." Soma responds after seeing Alia.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 118d 2h 55m 0s
“My colleague has heard a lot of good things about you, and wishes to meet you personally...” he said, looking at her, and didn’t look amused in any way, shape, or form. “But I need you to come with me...” he said, holding out a hand.
While Raoul was heading down the stairs, he heard someone pursuing him, but he didn’t care, all he wanted to do was find Soma and make sure she was safe from any harm. “Soma?!” He shouted, but the two in the hot springs couldn’t hear him.
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 118d 3h 38m 8s
Soma turns to see some jester-looking person after hearing his question.
[i Okay... that is something alright.] She thinks to herself. [i Wasn't expecting someone like this to come looking for me- which actually, this seems a bit suspicious...]

"Uhh... yeaaahh, you could say that." Soma answers. "What do need Soma for exactly?"


Alia walks over to a staircase after seeing people running out of it.

[i Oh dear... this must be my fault they are freaking out.] Alia says in her head. [i ...Wait, am I on Mobius?]

Alia waits for there to be a clearing for her to use the staircase then tries to decide which way she wants to go.

"Don't know how going up would work... perhaps it's best I go down first." Alia mutters then proceeds down the stairs. "If... if this is Mobius... am I on the one LS went to or a different one?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 118d 15h 53m 21s
“ prey is on the move...” Reala said to himself as he exited the elevator. “Pardon me, but you wouldn’t happen to know anyone by the name...Soma, would you?” Reala asked as he floated towards the girl, his arms crossed, and upstairs, Raul was trying to make his way through the crowd of panicking people, but kept getting shoved around because of the chaos at first, but after they settled down, he made his way to the stairs.
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 118d 17h 39m 30s
Soma flails around from the earthquake and falls against the wall. She breathes heavily to calm herself down after the ground settles.

"...What the hell was that?!" Soma exclaims. "Was that an avalanche, an earthquake, this place being under attack?!"

Soma doesn't trust using the elevators now so she tries find a staircase to use to head back up.


Alia survived the crash but with a massive headache. She clambers out of her broken ship and takes a look around the ship.

"Okay, okay, the damage isn't easy to repair, and I doubt the parts used specifically for this one could be found in this universe..." Alia mutters as she inspects the damage. "Aannnd I have no idea where I am again, so this will be fun, though this time my communicators are on the fritz too..."

Alia decides to leave her ship behind for now and head inside the pyramid. She looks around the lobby and sees that it seems to be a tourist attraction.

[i I doubt this is avian... probably won't be any avian around this universe either, at least not ones called that.] Alia thinks to herself. [i I hope my crash didn't hurt anyone...]
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 119d 2h 26m 2s
Raoul fell off the treadmill which launched him onto the floor with a loud thud, and a grunt of pain. “Ugh...what the hell was that?” He said to himself, getting up from the floor and rubbed his head while he looked around.
Meanwhile in the elevator, Reala got flung forward when the crash happened, making him hit his head on the door of the elevator, but he sighed and rubbed the part of his head, and he slowly opened the door of the elevator when he heard someone else talking in the hot springs.
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 119d 7h 30m 46s
Soma does a "Mhm!" to Raoul before returning to singing the rest of Dreams of an Absolution. Once she's finished, she was also done in the hotsprings then goes back to the changing and changes back into her clothes.

[i Right... now what?] Soma wonders. [i I could see if Yoko is somewhere around the pyramid but... if she wanted to see me, she would have, so she must want her space right now.]

Soma leaves the changing room and the lobby area thing of the hotsprings and heads to the elevators. She calls for one and waits until it comes down to her.

"Why do I have the sudden urge to sing music from the Shadow the Hedgehog game...?" Soma mutters. "I just want to sing all the Sonic Universe musics, maybe even Mina's if I remember any of them."

Meanwhile, high above in the sky, a spaceship suddenly appears through some kind of portal. The ship seems to be crashing down towards the pyramid.

"Dammitdammitdammit!" A female half nature dragon, half human wearing a white kimono yells. "Of course the portal systems got damaged and I'm crashing again after just getting this ship repaired not that long ago!"

The systems in said ship are going haywire while it plummets further and further.

"I can survive this, but who knows what I'll crash into!" She yells. "Come on Alia, think of something!"

Alia, the female draconis, tries to steer the ship into only hitting solid ground, which works but it'll still hit the mountain...

"Fu-!" Alia yells as the ship crashes into the ground, causing the ground to shake all around.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 120d 17h 8m 37s
After a while, Raoul got up and shook his fur as dry as he could, then he went back to the changing room, drying off completely, then he went to the wall that separated the hot springs. “Soma, I’ll be in the gym if you need me, okay?” He asked, then he went to the elevator and went up to the main floor, where he said hello to a few people and headed into the gym after he got past a large crowd that was headed to the restaurant. While he was inside the gym, he saw a white and red streak zoom past the window, making him look around, confused
The Nightmaren came to the elevator and quickly pressed the button that would take him to the bottom floor of the pyramid, where Soma was. “Spade better be right about this one...” Reala told himself, looking at the door, waiting for it to open
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 121d 6h 43m 14s
Soma finds the perfect spot to lay back in and feels total peace of mind.

"I've never felt so at ease before..." Soma says. "Then again, I've never been in hotsprings before..."

[i I almost want to sing something.] Soma thinks to herself. [i Yes... I think I might sing that song.]

"In the night life, do you see what you dream~!" Soma sings. "All your troubles, are they all what they seem~?"

At this point, Soma closes her eyes and tries let her body relax at its fullest(?).

"Look around you, then you may realize~, all the preachers, all with their lies~!" Soma sings. "And I might know of our future~, but then you still control the past~!"

[i Have I ever sung something?] Soma wonders. [i Maybe years ago I sang random words together, but really singing... I don't think I ever had.]

"Only you'll know if you'll be together~!" Soma sings. "Only you'll know if we shall last~!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 121d 15h 33m 31s
The jackal smiled and went to the male’s changing area, where he wrapped a towel around his waist and used a safety pin to keep it in place. He smiled and sat down inside one of the hot springs, making sure to keep his mechanical arms out of the water so they wouldn’t get messed up. “This is one of my favorite places in the pyramid...” he said, as he settled in, making sure to check his arms and other things that were packed into them, especially news and other things like that, as he liked to keep up to date on everything. “Dr Ivo Robotnik turned good, hmm?” he told himself, and he closed the casing on his arm to turn it off. “I remember that moment...” he said with a smile
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 121d 15h 56m 8s
"Wow... this place really has everything, huh?" Soma says. "It's like a strange sort of futuristic."

[i Okay self, stop thinking something bad is going to happen and just enjoy the now!] Soma thinks.

"Anyway, obviously I'll be going to the women's area while you go the men's one." Soma says as she heads into the women's changing area, towel in hand. "Huh... don't know if I... ah screw it!"

Soma changes our of her clothes and covers herself with the towel then heads into the hotsprings area for girls.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 122d 1h 49m 55s
Raoul smiled and held his hand out to take hers, and when she took it, he led her across the pyramid and to the elevator. “They’re actually on the bottom floor of the pyramid. Ant the best part is they’re natural hot springs.” He said, and smiled as he made sure that he gave her a towel and a warm smile. “I could enjoy a nice hot spring as well, I haven’t relaxed in a while...” he said, smiling a bit as he looked at Soma
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 122d 18h 4m 17s
"You know... right now I prefer something more relaxing." Soma says. "I just want to lay down and relax since I've just been running from place to place the last couple of days."

[i Still have this feeling that something bad will happen very soon...] Soma says in her mind. [i Better not dwell on it though, if I plan to rest up!]

"So... you wouldn't happen to know of any hotsprings, would you?" Soma asks. "I could even settle for a hot tub or something, I just feel very sore."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 122d 18h 10m 7s
In space, a strange figure was watching a screen through the eye of a drone that had been watching the events unfold as she smirked to herself, then she looked at the girl. “So this is the girl who has been causing so much good across Mobius...wel...hmhmhm...I’ll have to change that...” she said to herself and turned around. “Reala! It’s showtime!” She said, and a red and white figure emerged from the shadows, their gold mask covering the upper half of their face. “I hope for our sake your plan works Spade...” Reala said. “If not, our master can deal with them personally...” she countered with an unpleasant smile, revealing shark-like teeth, and Reala set off towards Mobius. “If this plan fails Spade...I will personally end you...” Reala threatened far from the base in the void of space. Meanwhile in the Pyramid, Raoul was talking to Soma about possibly going for a walk around the pyramid or going to the gym they had.
  Spade / DoomGuy123 / 122d 18h 29m 18s
Oh... okay?" Soma responds. "I have no idea how to use ocarinas but thank you."

Soma waves goodbye to the two knights then is a bit surprised to see Raoul managed to find the throne room.

"Eheh... technically something did happen to me- but anyway, yeah, sure." Soma responds. "To think this all happened in the same night... after only a few hours of that final fight against Eggman too."

[i And I have this peculiar feeling that I won't even get a full day of a break from crisis after crisis.] Soma thinks.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 122d 20h 30m 4s

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