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Soma sees Yoko and she kinda just stops, staring at her while feeling like she is just meet up with a friend she hasn't seen in years.

Yoko stares back at her with a somewhat confused look. She feels that Soma is familiar to her but doesn't know why. Then she also notices Sonic but gets a feeling that isn't the same Sonic.

"My name... my name is Yoko." Yoko responds to Isis.

[i Am I still on Mobius?] Yoko wonders. [i And why does that girl seem familiar to me?]

Yoko walks over to Soma and tries to figure out exactly who she is.

"H-... h-hi Yoko!" Soma says. "I'm- er, my name is Soma, and I know a lot about you!"

Yoko just stares more confusedly at Soma.

"It's a very complicated explanation, and I've had to try explaining it multiple times in only a few hours already... so long story short, this isn't the same world you just came from, and that's the same story with me too!" Soma explains. "I should honestly just write this entire explanation down so others can read it by this point..."

Soma tries to explain everything she's told to Sprockette, Tails and Sonic about her world and how their world is in hers.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 319d 23h 44m 46s
The female jackal chuckled. “No, I did not bring you here...but I will be able to help you find for my name, it is of the Desert.” She said, her mechanical arm clicking softly as she heard sounds in the distance. “It sounds like we have company...but I do not feel threatened by the presence...” she said, and soon she saw a human and Sonic. “Hmm...odd to see a human besides Eggman...” the jackal said to herself, and turned to the wolf. “May I ask what your name is?” She asked Yoko curiously.
  Isis the Jackal / DoomGuy123 / 320d 30s
Soma gladly accepts Sonic's help and is carried over by him to where Yoko is. Soma's worries of not making are quickly wiped away since it's Sonic who's bringing her there.

Meanwhile though, Yoko was completely lost from at one point being in a city then suddenly being in the middle of a forest she's never seen before.

"...?" Yoko doesn't say anything as she looks around to get her bearings.

[i Is this all real...?] Yoko wonders. [i Do I have some kind of memory loss of how I got here...?]

Yoko starts moving carefully through the forest as she continues trying to figure out what's going on. That's when a mysterious jackal pops out of nowhere, asking her questions.

"Who are you?" Yoko asks, cautious of whether this jackal is friend of foe. "Are you the one who brought me here?"

Soma stops Sonic as they near a forest then gets back onto her feet.

"I think we need to split up a bit so that no one can get the drop on us." Soma suggests. "I've just got this feeling that there's someone else there besides Yoko..."

Soma then walks into the forest by herself, moving ever so closer to Yoko's position.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 4m 56s
Unknown to the group of heroes, another being was already watching Yoko, a jackal to be exact, her name was Isis, a Mobian with a taste for Egyptian styled outfits. As she watched, she leaped down from the tree, her mechanical hand digging into the tree, allowing her to stop right before she hit the ground. As she hit the ground, she followed the strange purple clad female as she trekked through the forest, keeping her in sight, br she eventually spoke to her. “You must be lost, am I correct?” The jackal spoke, coming into view of the female. Meanwhile sonic caught up with Soma and offered to carry her to Yoko, and both Tails and Sprockette chased after them to see what she would be like
  Isis the Jackal / DoomGuy123 / 320d 20m 50s
"If what you're saying is true then... that's very scary thought." Soma says. "People don't always make hero characters or neutral characters... some decide to make scary ones..."

Soma shivers at the thought of other characters, most notably ones from creepypastas, coming to life. She would never want to face those horrible creations...

"A-anyway... my character's name would be Yoko, at least the name I gave her... I have no idea what she would be like or what memory she has." Soma adds. "For all I know, she could have known she was in game before appearing here!"

[i I better get going now before someone like Eggman finds her now that I think about!] Soma thinks then takes a chili-dog and eats in seconds. [i There's no way I'm fast as Sonic but hopefully I can make it there in time!]

Soma looks more carefully at the tracker and sees that Yoko is only a couple miles away. She gets up and takes off going outside and following the tracker to Yoko. Coincidentally, the device with the tracker starts playing the Double Boost music from Sonic Forces as she runs as fast as she can.

"It's almost like this thing is alive too!" Soma exclaims. "Maybe it is, which makes me wonder if it can talk too!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 1h 13m 51s
The two foxes shrugged, and Tails thought about something. “Wait a minute...if that character was created, then that must mean that the games, shows, and comics of your world are what brought us into this world and possibly even created this world itself!” Tails said, and he started to give everyone some chili dogs, which sonic obviously had five by himself. “If the game you had created characters, that means that he people of your world populate this world!” Sprockette concluded. “Huh, sounds crazy, but if could explain these random people showing up.” The hedgehog said, agreeing with Sprockette. “As for the earthquake...when that happened to you, that’s he first time we’ve had an earthquake in years since the earth broke apart and awakened Dark Gaia...” Tails said.
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 320d 1h 48m 37s
"That, or this universe is rejecting the game." Soma says. "But if did just bring my character to life... I just can't fathom how that would work, or how she would react."

[i Yoko... what would she be like if she was real?] Soma wonders. [i What would her personality be like, what would her voice sound like?]

What feels like an earthquake starts happening for a few seconds.
Then, Soma notices something new in her pack. She pulls out a strange device that almost looks like a smartphone. It automatically turns on the moment she touches it and shows some kind of tracker, with the name Yoko on the screen.

"...WHAAAAT?!" Soma exclaims. "Was that earthquake in response to my character appearing, and is this actually telling me where she is right now?!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 2h 20m 2s
Both Sprockette and Tails were surprised, and Sonic watched with a face that made him look goofy. “ said that there was a game where you could make your own characters, right?” Tails asked, and when she confirmed it, he pulled a laptop out of his bag. “This is getting interesting...” he said, and after a while he looked at her. “I think I might know...” he said, and started to explain how it worked. “I think that this universe might take place in the same type of world your games and other things occur in...maybe...” he said, typing in a sequence of numbers and equations. “Just as I seems this world brings created characters to life...who knows, maybe we’ll get to meet some of the characters you created from that game!” He said, rather hopeful they would.
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 320d 13h 30m 7s
"A female Scourge- okay, I should stop being surprised now since I am talking to a female Tails about this after all." Soma responds. "Hmmm... I wonder if... let me check something."

She opens her pack that somehow she still had on her and rummages through it a bit. She pulls out a Nintendo Switch, because somehow an orphan was lucky enough to get one. She turns it on and looks through her games.

"I do have Sonic Forces on here... I wonder what would happen if I tried to play it here." Soma says.

Soma starts up the game and starts normally at the title screen at first. She goes to select her character but the screen freezes before it loads the character then starts having graphical glitches all over the place. Before she can do anything else, the game systems zaps her hands, causing her to drop it then it disappears into some electrical ball.

"...That's not what normally happens when you try to play it." Soma says. "Where... did it go?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 13h 35m 31s
Sonic scratched his head, and Sprockette has to explain. “She is from a world where the adventures you and he others have had in the past are games, comics, or television shows.” She explained, and Sonic chuckled. “Doesn’t surprise me after going into a book to save a genie, or saving aliens on an interstellar amusement park!” He said, and he smiled a bit. “That would help a lot, especially with Scourge if he somehow breaks out of prison...” he said, and Sprockette nodded. “Don’t forget about Breach...” she said, and explained that Breach was literally a female Scourge.
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 320d 13h 48m 32s
"Oh... kay." Soma responds to Sonic's sudden appearance. "Almost like he was just waiting to make an entrance the moment he was mentioned- okay."

[i Better get used to this because this will be my life from now on.] Soma thinks.

"O-oh, I know who you are Sonic!" Soma replies while shaking his hand. "I guess I have to explain this again- on my world, you're part of a video game, cartoon and comic book series, and you're the main face for the company known as Sega who makes most of the stuff!"

[i Annnnd I don't think they care about the Sega part so why did I even mention that?] Soma wonders.

"So um... I know some things most don't!" Soma adds. "And with this knowledge I have, maybe I can help everyone out and perhaps even turn villains into good guys!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 14h 28s
Sprockette decided to talk to her while Tails made some chili. “Sonic is running around, busting badniks as usual. Knuckles is most likely fighting with Rouge or on Angel Island, protecting the Master Emerald...Silver...I don’t know where he is, Blaze is in her own world, called the Sol Dimension...Espio is most likely with Charmy and Vector at the Chaotix Detective Agency. As for Scourge, I hope he’s in prison..,” she said, and sighed. “I think that Sonic might be here in a few-“ she never finished her sentence. “Yo Tails, what’s goin’ on?” A Blue hedgehog said, entering the room. “Hey Sonic, we found someone in the parts room who got transported here by some kind of interdimensional teleporter.” Tails told him. “Huh...Cool.” He said, and the blue hedgehog noticed the girl. “Is this the one you mean?” He asked, walking over to her. “The name’s Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog.” He said, holding out his hand to shake hers
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 320d 14h 55m 49s
Soma barely manages to get up and follow them with what little energy she has left. Quite rude that neither Tails nor Sprockette offered to help her back inside since it was hard for her to walk with her tiny amount of energy.
Luckily, Soma was able to find a seat and sit down while she waited for food.

"So then... uh... where is everyone else?" Soma asks. "By everyone else, I mean Sonic, Silver, Knuckles, Amy, Espio, Vector, umm... even villains like Infinite and Scourge."

[i Maybe asking where everyone in the world is at isn't something that easily be answered.] Soma says in her mind. [i I should probably shorten that list.]

"Er, you don't have to answer where ALL of them are at if you don't know." Soma adds. "I just want go out to all the 'safe' areas and meet everyone first before plunging into enemy territories, heh."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 15h 34m 29s
Tails and Sprockette watched with surprise and with praise. “Wow, for her first time fighting, she’s doing really good!” Tails told Sprockette, who agreed. “She fights better than Gadget, even when he had Wispons...” she told Tails. But when she ran out of energy, the two foxes made short work of the rest, and when the last two were left, Sprockette swung her wrench like a golf club and it knocked the badnik into another, making them both crash. “Now that was some amazing fighting!” Tails complimented Soma, and he told her to follow him to the house, where he was thinking about making some lunch for the three of them. “I’m not sure what to make, but I’ll see what I can come up with.” Tails told them, and Sprockette smiled
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 320d 16h 10m 39s
"Wah- how did they get up here?!" Soma exclaims. "Whatever, time to use this thing!"

Soma jumps onto one the badniks with a firm grip and grapples another, forcing to the collide then she quickly grapples one on the ground and comes flying towards it with a kick.

"Wahoo~, wow~, believe or not, this is actually my first time fighting anything!" Soma shouts. "Somehow, I'm doing good for myself, almost like I was born for this!"

A badnik tries to attack Soma but dodges it fast and grapples it. She starts swinging it around at all the other badniks, defeating many of them.
That's when suddenly, she loses all of her energy and collapses to the ground.

"Darn it... haven't eaten for hours... starting to take its toll...!" Soma says with little energy left. "Should have brought... some food with me... but forgot...!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 320d 20h 47m 51s

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