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After some time of her trying to get used to the grappling hook, she finally gets the hang of it a little. That was, until she ends up flinging herself into a wall at the last attempt. She was lucky to not have been going too fast, because she only got a bit of a bruise on her forehead with minor pain on her body altogether.

"...Owww..." Soma says as she slowly brings herself back onto her feet. "I should be more wary of my surroundings when using this..."

Then suddenly, some loud noises are heard outside followed by the laughter of someone familiar.

[i Took them long enough.] Soma says in her mind. [i Would have been weird for the entire day to be peaceful when I'm sure someone in the world noticed whatever power that was used to send me here.]

"Well... I guess now I get to help fight against the villain of the day." Soma states. "Hopefully I don't end up hurting either of you or myself in the process."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 171d 22h 27m 30s
“Yeah, Shadow prefers to work alone, and he doesn’t work with Gamma...Gamma was either destroyed by Omega or self-destructed...” Tails said, and Sprockette nodded. “Shadow works with Omega...” she confirmed, and she smiled a bit. “Hey, we don’t always think about our...personal things...when we’re either running or dealing with trouble.” Tails told her, then they both spoke at once. “And we hope that he doesn’t attack while this happens.” They both replied at once. And with that, the girl was beginning her training with the grappling hook, but every time she messed up, they made sure to catch her and help her figure out how to deal with the part she was stuck on trying to get done.
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 171d 22h 47m 48s
"Right, right, Shadow is a bad boy lone wolf type but does work with Rouge and Gamma from time to time- anyway, be right back!" Soma says then runs into the restroom.

Soma spends a bit in the restroom then is finally done after a few minutes. After leaving the restroom, she still has an embarrassed look upon her.

"Should have honestly did that before getting sent to this world, but how would I ever know that could happen?" Soma mutters.

[i ...Frick, I said that out loud!] Soma thinks.

"A-anyway, uh, time for training or practicing or whatever you will call this!" Soma says. "Hopefully I can at least get an understanding on how to use before Eggman decides it's time to attack this place- if he ever does, that is!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 171d 23h 12m 13s
Tails scratches his head. “Yeah, Shadow isn’t exactly the ‘social type’, he mainly keeps to himself...” tails mentioned. “I was told Infinite disappeared after he was defeated by Sonic and Gadget...” Sprockette told her. And Tails told her there was one near the hangar doors that they added on. “It’s behind you to the right.” He said, and the two foxes watched as she hurried to the restroom. “This is interesting...” Tails said to his female counterpart. “I concur...she is quite an interesting person, but she is also very confused...” she replied
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 171d 23h 40m 44s
"Neither of you know about how Infinite used to be a regular mercenary that worked for Eggman but was easily defeated by Shadow, and that made him crazy for power so that he would never be weak again?" Soma asks. "I guess Shadow never really did mention that to anyone in the game..."

Soma pauses for a moment as she tries to remember how the grappling hook was used in the game. After some thought, she hopefully gets the general idea on how it would work, but then realizes something very important she must do before she tries it out.

[i Of course I have to do that at this exact moment.] Soma thinks. [i I should have stopped at a store or something along the way to the airport but nope, I thought I would be able to use the one there because I like not planning for such things apparently!]

"Y-yeah, I do have a question actually before we start." Soma says with slight embarrassment. "Eheh... where is the restroom in this place?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 171d 23h 51m 23s
Tails froze in place. “You know about infinite?” He asked, and when the girl confirmed it, he thought. “This is odd...” he said, and Sprockette reassured him that whatever she knew could be used against Eggman and his cronies. “Sounds like you might know more about him than even we do...” she said, and then she heard about fighting Eggman. “Unfortunately it happens a lot...but it always ends in Eggman failing and sitting in a pile of busted robot parts...” she said, and sighed. “We should probably get going so you can start on training early.” Tails told the two, specifically more so towards Soma. “Hey Soma, while you’re training, I can answer questions you have about anything you want to know.” Sprockette told her, and smiled
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 172d 30m 42s
"So I came here after or during Infinite's battle... and Gadget is the hero of that." Soma mutters as she looks at the grappling hook. "Are there other of those characters...?"

Soma moves her arm around with the gadget. Then she realizes what she just said out loud.

"Eheh... what I mean by that is uh... in the video game called Sonic Forces, you create your own hero character to save Sonic and battle against Eggman and Infinite, along with playing as Sonic, and u-uh... classic Sonic, and even as Shadow." Soma explains. "Though playing as Shadow is set in the past, letting you find out how Infinite came to be-... which actually may help, now that I think about that- yeah, though my knowledge is a little limited since I'm not a major fan like most who play Sonic games, I do know enough about a lot of villains."

[i Which makes me wonder just who else is a villain here.] Soma says in her head. [i Are there also ones from the comics like Scourge?]

"Oh and uh, yeah!" Soma responds. "Let's go to wherever this place is so I can test this out- oh... this sounds like we'll end up fighting Eggman's minions in the end."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 172d 1h 19m 55s
Tails smiled. “Actually we have something like that after Gadget left when Infinite joined forces with Eggman.” He said, picking up an arm mounted grappling hook. “It can be electrified, and it’s extremely durable.” He said, handing it to her, and helped her put the grappling hook on her arm. “We actually have a place you can test it out at if you want to get acquainted with using it.” Sprockette told her, smiling as she watched the girl examine the device carefully. “It’s both fun and practical to learn how to use it.” She continued, and Tails agreed
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 172d 1h 34m 18s
"Hmmm... I don't know what I would want- oho!" Soma says. "What was it called before... the uh... was it just called a grappling hook?"

[i Hopefully, if I do get something like that, I don't end up hurting myself.] Soma thinks to herself. [i Though... which version of it do I want?]

"Yeah, the grap- a grappling hook, one that is kinda multipurpose?" Soma suggests. "Like, it's able to be modified easily on what else it can do as an attack, like having an electric whip or shooting flames."

[i And hopefully Sprockette didn't just jinx us by saying that, because I am not in any way able to fight people, let alone robots.] Soma thinks.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 172d 1h 39m 8s
Tails nodded. “No problem Soma, and I hope you find a way to fit in.” He said, and they both heard and saw Sprockette get a face full of soot. “Ugh...” she said, and wiped her face. “I think that it’s done now...or at least I would hope so.” She said, and Tails gave her a thumbs up . “We can use any help against Eggman we can get. If you want, I can try to make something for you, but only if you want.” He said, and Sprockette came up beside him. “We’re pretty creative when we need to be, and sometimes when we don’t need it.” She explained, and she looked at a device on her wrist. “I’m surprised Eggman hasn’t sent any badniks today...” she said, the time being noon
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 172d 9h 20m 45s
"Maybe- wait, go back?!" Soma exclaims. "Why would I ever want to go back?!"

[i There's nothing for me back there.] Soma thinks to herself. [i Just an orphanage with other orphans who I wasn't really friends with...]

"I was planning on leaving the area I was in anyway and I have no one to go back to so... I'm not going back." Soma says then notices T-Pup and pets(?) him(?). "Besides, it sounds like you all need help in fighting against Eggman, and whoever else is working with or just happens to also be fighting against you."

[i I'm glad I at least didn't end up in the Sonic Boom world-universe-thing.] Soma says in her mind. [i I would have gone insane from the randomness and stupidity of everything.]

"So yeah... no need to get Sonic to do that when I'm not planning on ever going back." Soma states. "Thanks for the offer anyway though."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 172d 15h 4m 46s
Tails wiped the oil and soot off his face. “Some kind of interdimentional transportation machine? Huh...” tails said. “You said that where you’re from, there’s games about this place?” Sprockette asked, and she began thinking. “This is interesting, but also really cool, that we get to see someone from another world altogether.” She said, and Tails agreed. “Maybe you were meant to come here?” Tails suggested as Sprockette started working on the Cyclone., which was her version of the Tornado X. “Hey Tails, hand me the tools please.” She said, and he handed them off to her. “Maybe we should see if Sonic might have an idea how to get you back.” He said, smiling a bit, and T-Pup pawed at the girl’s leg gently . “Oh, I see T-Pup has been curious about you.” He said.
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 172d 15h 26m 50s
"I-I uh... I mean um..." Soma says. "Oh uh, sure."

Soma follows Sprockette around as she thinks more deeply on how she got here then fully realizes something. She's in a building that Tails is also in and more importantly, she's on a planet with others like Tails and Sonic, including villains like Eggman and Infinite.

[i This is obviously different from those... everything, but exactly when am I?] Soma wonders. [i Am I before or after like... Sonic Forces?]

"Cyclone X... X Cyclone... X Tornado... Sonic X!" Soma blurts out. "Er, sorry, don't mind that."

Soma only half pays attention to Sprockette and her surroundings while she continues pondering more about this whole situation she's now in.

[i Well, I was trying to leave Australia... and I didn't exactly pick a place to go to so... maybe this is exactly what I was looking for!] Soma thinks then stops in her tracks the moment she sees and hears Tails.

"H-huh- oh, right um... my name is Soma!" Soma answers. "And what I meant by a game is uhhh... [b *sigh*] back on Earth, my world... this is all a video game series, a comic book series, a cartoon series, other things neither of you will probably understand what the words mean... and I have no clue how I got here other than a strange machine in the basement of an abandoned apartment building locking in the same room as it and sending me here somehow."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 172d 15h 32m 22s
“Wait, what? You said you think you’re in a game or something like that?” She asked, being confused, then she shook it off “I’ve seen more crazy.” She said, smiling a little. “How’s about I show you around, maybe introduce you to some of my friends!” She said, and waved for the girl to follow her into he actual house. “Tails is out in the workshop, probably working on the Cyclone X some more after a run in with some Egg Army soldiers shot it down.” She said with a slight frown at mentioning the events. As they walked through the house, he could see a few inventions that were incredible, including a gauntlet that seemed to be designed for dealing massive impact punches. Finally they entered the garage, where Tails was busy working on the plane engine. “Hey Tails, I met someone who somehow ended up in the parts room!” She said, and tails turned to the two, moving his goggles. “Really? How did-wait, a human?” He asked, surprised and quite confused. “Yeah, she said that she thought that this was a game or something.” She mentioned, and looked at her. “I completely forgot to ask you what your name is...” she said, and T-Pup came into the room.
  Sprockette the fox / DoomGuy123 / 172d 16h 11m 26s
Soma stands up, but is just even more confused now.

[i Alternate time...?] Soma questions in her mind. [i Yeah, yeah, just average everyday stuff happening right now, completely normal!]

"This... none of this should even be possible!" Soma says. "I'm in a video game, or a cartoon, or an anime, or a comic, or a manga... or someone's fanfiction... how is traveling from Earth to uh... this world, even possible?!

Soma starts pacing around the room, trying to fathom what is even happening now.

"That random machine in that room... there's no way it could have been some kind of universe-travelling invention if was just in the basement of an abandoned building and looks like it wasn't touched for years... but somehow I'm- oh, I must be dreaming!" Soma exclaims. "Yeah, I must have gotten knocked out from the fall, and for some reason I'm such a lucid dream right now."

Soma then tries what anyone tries when they think they are dreaming, she pinches herself. At least to her knowledge from the pinch, she is in fact, not dreaming.

"...No, this isn't a dream." Soma mutters. "Then... I've just been looking like an insane person the past five minutes." She then slowly turns to Sprockette with an embarrassed look.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 172d 16h 50m 49s

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