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The green hedgehog watched as Yoko walked away, then he looked at her, taking his feet off the table. “If it means I can get outta here before too long, I’m in...but you also need to explain that to the others as well..Sonic and I don’t really get along too well...” he explained, then the guards brought out Breach, who was asked to be brought out by Soma as a guest. “So, what the hell’s goin’ on here?” She asked, and Scourge explained the situation. “Eh, it’s better than nuthin’, and sure as hell beats being in prison...” she said, and she looked at the human. “And she’s he one arrangin’ our release?” She asked Scourge, who confirmed the question
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 16h 5m 51s
"Hey Yoko, can you see if there's a soda vending machine somewhere?" Soma asks. "I wanna try a soda from this world!"

"Sure?" Yoko answers in an unsure tone. "I hope you're not planning on doing something stupid while I'm gone."

"N-no, I just really want something to drink right now!" Soma responds.

Soma waits for Yoko to leave the area before speaking again.

"I don't even know if she has money for that... anyway, I would help you get released if you can promise that both you and Breach would try to be good or at the very least, not be bad!" Soma says. "I'm assuming Breach is the female version of you that you mentioned earlier, right?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 16h 21m 27s
Scourge looked at her. “Yeah, that’s right...I told him hat...but I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet...” he said, and sighed. “And I don’t always like bein’ a bad guy...I’m a sweet guy to some people, but I’m just a guy who doesn’t really know what to make of life...” he said, sighing. “Ever since the issue of me meeting sonic, things have gone south, but I’ve found some things to look forward to, like gettin’ out of this hellhole...” he said nonchalantly, frowning a bit. “Honestly, if you need my help, I could do that...but you gotta do me a favor...get me an’ Breach outta this place...” he said
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 16h 29m 44s
"A bit oddly specifi- whatever, anyway... yes, I know you don't me at all but I know a lot about you!" Soma says. "N-not that I'm a stalker or anything, I-I just read a lot about you from my world- which I never explained to you so-!"

Yoko puts her hand on Soma's shoulder as a way to calm her down. It works, as Soma takes a deep breath and tries to start the conversation over.

"My name is Soma, I'm from a different world known as Earth that views this world as video games, comic books, cartoons, etc." Soma explains. "The point of me coming here is, well..."

[i Better just start asking him questions now.] Soma thinks.

"Do you like being a bad person, and I mean truly like it?" Soma asks. "It's not uncommon for people to end up going down a bad road if what happened to you also happened to them... I believe your exact words to Sonic was that it would just take one bad day and he would be exactly like you, which in all honesty, could very well happen."

[i Hope is all else I can do while I continue trying to persuade people.] Soma thinks to herself. [i There's no way to know for sure on how much my efforts go until the end.]

"And Sonic's response to you when you said that is also true." Soma adds. "No one is just born bad... it's their environment, their choices, their consequences, that defines them."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 17h 9m 10s
Sonic, Tails, and Sprockette nodded and wished her luck, knowing she would need luck to convince Scourge to become good again. Scourge sighs when he sees he has visitors. “Better make this good kid...I have a friend who’s waitin’ for me, and she hates waitin’, just like fact she’s a girl version of me.” He said, and sat down, putting his feet on the table, but the guards didn’t do do anything except just watch. “Also, who the hell’re you supposed to be anyway, kid? I don’t even know ya...” he said with slight annoyance.
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 17h 32m 56s
Soma accepts Sonic's offer and lets him carry her again. She refuses to talk more on Sonic's origin story since he's carrying her and because he doesn't want her to talk about it.
Soma does explain some more on what she wants to do with convincing Scourge. She says that she had read up about Scourge's character once when she first found out about him, and that she will try to carefully word everything she says to him so that she doesn't end up angering him when she tries to convince him to be good.

Eventually, they reach the prison. Soma gets back on her feet once more and starts walking to the visitation area.

"Wish me luck guys!" Soma says. "Because my luck is often terrible..."

Yoko decides to go with Soma to make sure she stays safe as they set up visitation to see Scourge. They both wait patiently for Scourge to show up.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 17h 36m 57s
Sonic gave her an annoyed look. “I’d...rather not talk about that...” the blue hedgehog said, and both Tails and Sprockette looked at her. “How about you explain this on the way to find Scourge and Breach? That way we can multitask talking and moving.” Sprockette said, and Sonic shrugged. “Hey Soma, want a ride?” He asked, meaning he could carry her again. Meanwhile, in the prison courtyard, Breach and Scourge were busy shouting at each other, trying to come up with an escape plan, but the two of them were quite close to being finished with the details, and just needed to actually execute the plan. “So, you need to distract the guards and snatch the keys the first chance you get...” Scourge told his female counterpart, and Breach nodded, smirking while moving her hair out of her face. “And you get us a couple weapons so we can make our way out.” She told him with a smirk
  Breach the hedgehog / DoomGuy123 / 21d 18h 1m 33s
Soma ends up coughing from all of the dust.

"Well- [b *cough*] I just need to choo- [b *cough cough*] choose my words carefully!" Soma says. "I mean, I once read about how Eggman used to be good... along with Sonic's real name, and how Sonic came to be Sonic."

"His... what?" Yoko questions. "What do you mean?"

"Sonic used to be- er... uh... I don't know if that's common knowledge around here, or if I should even talk about that." Soma responds. "A-anyway... since I want to know my way around this world, do you think I could test my theory of convincing villains to no longer be villains by visiting Scourge in prison?"

[i With my luck, I might just end up visiting the moment he has an escape plan set up... but I have to at least try!] Soma thinks.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 18h 13m 3s
Sonic and Tails looked at each other with looks that meant they didn’t think it would work. “I’m not sure how that would work...but eh, it’s always worth a try...let’s hope that if Scourge and Breach escape prison, you can convince them...and if they [b do] show up, most likely Metal Scourge will appear again...” he said, not fond of his alternate self. “I will keep in contact with you.” Isis blandly told them, and took off at a rather unnatural speed, leaving only dust where she had been standing.
  Isis the Jackal / DoomGuy123 / 21d 18h 22m 30s
"Hmmm... you know, where is Infinite?" Soma asks. "Shouldn't we worry about him trying to steal this ruby?"

"We should worry equally about anyone trying to steal it." Yoko responds. "Infinite isn't the only one who will try to use it."

"But what if this time Infinite brings over real villains instead of fakes?" Soma says. "What if he managed to get like Metal Sonic and Chaos to help him for real this time, what if he even managed to get Mecha Sonic too?!"

"One step at a time Soma, one step at a time." Yoko says.

[i Yoko seems... different from how the game depicted her- then again, it would be the same for every player character.] Soma thinks to herself. [i Anyway, I just wonder if I could... yeah.]

"Well, here's a plan I might just enact on my own." Soma says. "What if all of these villains could be cured of the villainy... what if for starters, I managed to convince Infinite to be good?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 21d 18h 38m 22s
Isis places he gem in Yoko’s palm. “I think figuring out a use for this gem is the most plausible thing to do, as for spying, he knows nothing of me...” she said, offering to spy on the Eggmans that were scheming together. “Maybe we could see if tails knows what to do with the Phantom Ruby...” Sonic said to her, but Tails shook his head. “Let’s keep it locked up safely before we try anything with it...” he told Sonic, and Sprockette agreed. “Now that everything is settled, I am going to see if I can faint Eggman’s trust and somehow worm my way into his ring of cronies...” The jackal said
  Isis the Jackal / DoomGuy123 / 21d 18h 52m 40s
"One gem is able to do all of that?!" Soma exclaims. "Man, I miss the simpler days of the seven Chaos Emeralds..."

"Simpler...?" Yoko questions. "Whatever, how do we use this duplicate ruby?"

"Bait them into coming for it while having a trap set up?" Soma suggests. "If we did that, we would have to make multiple backup plans and traps for it to go well."

"Or, we could try actually using it." Yoko says. "Or, we could try something else entirely... we could send someone undercover to join him."

"But who would want to do that and isn't already known to be against him, and how does one even use the ruby?" Soma asks. "You know... Tails, Sprockette and Sonic... you could pitch in your own ideas too if you don't like these suggestions so far."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 22d 2h 54m 41s
Isis sighed. “It’s not only one Eggman we are worrying about...there is also Eggman Nega...” she stated, having encountered the Eggman from the Sol Dimension not too long ago. “They most likely will be pulling all their tricks to stop us.” The jackal told them, but she smirked. “However we have one thing they do not.” She said, and pulled or a copy Phantom Ruby from a pouch on her waist. “I found this while in the desert.” She told them, and the group were surprised as Gadget last had it, and Yoko had one as well. “This seems to be bringing back many old foes and enemies from the past...”
  Isis the Jackal / DoomGuy123 / 22d 5h 21m 52s
"Oh, right, Mega Man!" Soma says. "That's also a video game series, though I've never played any myself."

"It's nice to reminiscence about some of the past sometimes but shouldn't we focus more on what's happening and about to happen right now?" Yoko asks. "I would go there myself but I don't have the-"

"OH, here, I nearly forgot I still have this!" Soma says as she detaches the grappling hook from her arm and hands it over to Yoko. "Unfortunately, I don't think that's the version you were using last."

"I've used all of them, you would know this more than anyone." Yoko responds. "As long as it works the same, it's fine."

"So... yeah, what's the plan for defeating Eggman this time, everyone?" Soma questions. "We should also come up with backup plans too, just in case."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 22d 16h 10m 44s
“What, you mean things like the Tails Doll? If so, that pile of parts got busted five days ago!” Sonic said, revealing to her the shards of the power gem that usually would dangle from its head. “That Hong still creeps me out...” Tails said, and Sprockette agreed without thinking twice. “After we met Mega Man and helped him save his world, that tiny doll turned into a gigantic monster!” Sprockette said, which reminded her of the Sonic and Mega Man: Worlds Collide series.
  Isis the Jackal / DoomGuy123 / 22d 16h 23m 40s

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