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A human has heard about Sonic the hedgehog, read the books, the comics, the manga, even watched the anime series. But they have no idea that the adventures of Sonic and friends isn’t just a’s a whole nother universe...


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"Luna... from Nightopia... and you were separated from your sisters." Soma repeats. "Huh... I honestly don't know how to get you back to them considering I don't think I have ever heard of Nightopia- but first we need get off this station!"

[i There must be a ship or teleporter on this place that's still working!] Soma thinks.

"Reala, can we go back the same way you brought me here?" Soma asks.


The force didn't do much to hurt Alia as she quickly regained herself then jumped out of the way of Spade's charge.
"Do you think you're special among the countless others I have had to fight in just the past few weeks alone?" She questions. "You're nothing but someone playing dress-up at a poker game at best."

Alia readied herself for another attack with her claws out.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 4d 5h 22m 15s
Suddenly a force flung her back, knocking her into a wall. “Do you really think it was going to be that easy?!” Spade shouted, taking off her hat and throwing it aside. “I will have to handle you myself!” She stated angrily, and she charged at Alia

Raoul And Reala tried to figure out a way to get off the station, while Luna was frightened, being almost like a child lost in a giant city, panicking and also worried because she wanted to get home to Nightopia. “T-thank you visitor!” She said shyly, but she seemed extremely scared of her surroundings. “I-I’m Luna, and I’m from Nightopia, but someone somehow got me to this world, and I was separated from my I don’t know what to do!” She said, starting to get extremely emotional about the whole ordeal
  Spade / DoomGuy123 / 4d 19h 35m 42s
"Hmmm... why does this all seem so... not real?" Soma mutters. "Almost like..."

The place shaking again managed to snap Soma into action mode. She ran over to the control panel Luna's pod and realizes it's not labeled as to what button does what.

"Oh you have got to be... come on!" Soma shouts as she slams her fists onto the panel. "Does no one design machinery to not be so complex that you have to-"

Luna's pod suddenly starts opening, as if Soma had managed to press the right buttons.

"Or that's an option, yeah." Soma says then turns around. "Right, Raoul, take us to whatever you used to get here unless it was a one way trip!"


Alia runs down the halls and ends up tripping from the shaking and slamming into the wall.

"Damn... I have a feeling that Soma was the other way." Alia mutters as she stands back up. "But there might be someone else over here to deal with... and I don't think they will be happy about me destroying most of this place."

[i I should head back because I don't think I have to time for whoever else is still here.] Alia thinks as she turns back.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 19d 18h 25m 27s
“It was to get Spade to believe I could stand her.” Reala stayed simply, and he was startled when he saw Raoul. “Who is this?” He asked, and Raoul growled a little. “Give her back!” Raoul stared. “If you don’t mind I’m trying to get her back to earth!” He shouted, and Luna was pounding away at the glass she was seeing through, then she pointed to the control panel on the side of the pod, then she looked curiously at Raoul
  Reala / DoomGuy123 / 21d 6h 39m 59s
"...Wait, what?" Soma says. "Weren't you threatening me a few minutes ago and now you're... is this some kind of trap?"


Alia flaps her wings and flies directly to the top floor while having to dodge random debris. Once she reaches the top, she let's Raoul down.

"We'll have to split up to cover more ground!" Alia shouts over the sounds of the station rumbling. "You take the left and I'll take the right, then we'll meet up back here after one of us finds Soma!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 23d 24m 20s
As a piece of debris almost falls on soma, Reala grabbed her just in time. “Are you alright?” He asked, looking at Luna and he sighed. “You try to find a way to free her, I’ll try to find a way out.” He told Soma while looking around.

Raoul stumbles a bit when the explosions began to happen, and he quickly dofdged some of the debris, and he quickly got onto her back and held on tight, being unsure of that way up. “I hope you know what you’re doing!” He shouted over the sounds of explosions
  Reala / DoomGuy123 / 24d 19h 3m 10s
"Is someone attacking this place?" Soma mutters. "Wait...could it be...?"

[i It's likely those two since they didn't want me to go along.] Soma says in her mind. [i But did they really have to be so destructive in getting here?]

The lights start to flicker and the floor shakes more.


"Top floor, alright, let's take the express way." Alia says then goes to an elevator door and pries it open with ease. "The elevator is here, but we're not using it."

Alia goes over to the elevator hatch, opens it and jumps to the top of the elevator. The entire area shakes around some more and a couple of explosions are heard nearby.
"Hurry up and get on my back because I'm flying directly to the top and I don't know how long it will take until this elevator falls all the way down." She says.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 24d 23h 10m 38s
the station shook violently, and Spade looked around in confusion, and she bolted off to see what happened, growling through her clenched spiky teeth. “Swear if I get another interruption, I’m gonna Kill who interrupted me!” She said out loud

Raoul jumped out and got onto the station, rushing through with his speed, and soon when he came into the security station, and he hacked into the system and began to nitpick through until he found Soma. “She’s on the top floor.” He said to the one who gave him a ride
  Reala / DoomGuy123 / 25d 13h 13m 3s
"My... idea?" Soma asks then kinda facepalms. "Er... what exactly is an... Ideya?"

[i I feel like I should know what any of this is supposed to mean, but I don't.] Soma thinks to herself. [i This all confusing and sudden, there may as well be other-]

A sudden explosion interrupts Soma's thought process as the floor starts to shake.


"Truth be told, I haven't used this weapon yet... but it's supposed to be an EMP warhead of sorts." Alia answers. "I only have the one, and I doubt I'll ever be able to get another anytime soon, so let's make this count!"

Not knowing where exactly Soma is on the space-station/ship, Alia fires the EMP at what appears to be the engines of the thing. A few seconds after hitting, the EMP goes off and forcefully shuts down most of the systems in the impact area.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 27d 18h 28m 4s
“We are merely asking for your return we will let you go.” Spade mentioned, and Reala sighed, tired of Spade talking aready. “Trust me, I don’t like her either...” real told her, sighing as he continued to hear her go on.

“Let’s hope this works!” Raoul said, and he covered his ears as he prepares to hear the powerful blaster. “How Exactly devastating is this weapon of yours?” He asked
  Reala / DoomGuy123 / 28d 11h 27m 20s
"...uh... what?" Soma says. "I-I don't understand... why do you have this... 'Dreamaren' imprisoned like that?"

[i I'm starting to get a little scared of why exactly I was wanted here.] Soma thinks to herself. [i Even I do try to run, I still don't know exactly where I am or how to get back.]


"Good, good... now pick a seat and sit down while I get us over there." Alia says as she starts up the engines. "I don't know how stable the ride will be but it should at least see us to our destination and back."

Once Raoul sits down, Alia immediately thrusts the ship off the ground then flies it into space. Warning signs start displaying all over the ship's systems.

"Unfortunately, most of the weapons don't seem to be working right now!" Alia states. "The only weapon I have working still is very powerful, which means that once I use it, we'll have to work quickly to get Soma and ourselves out!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 29d 1h 6m 15s
Spade stood up and she smirked as she led her to a different room, and what she saw was a rather younger, and very pretty Dreamaren, trapped inside a type of capsule. “This is the last of the Dreamaren, a nuisance to my creator, and by imaginative, I mean that you yourself are able to come up with intricate and very complex ideas...” Spade said, and Luna was pounding on the glass of the capsule she was trapped in.

“I can try...” He said, and Raul immediately got to work, using his intricate knowledge of technology to work with the tools and supplies he had, fixing up the engines in less than an hour, not taking any breaks or any other things he didn’t need. “Finished...” He said
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 29d 1h 34m 32s
"Okay..." Soma replies.

[i I can't help but run the moments before I ever got to Mobius through my head over and over... it's unsettling and I don't know why this is happening.] Soma says in her mind.

"Wait... what do you mean by imaginative?" Soma questions. "What makes me moreso than others?"


Alia goes in the back of her ship then pulls out a large heavy crate full of materials and tosses it onto the ground outside.

"The crate is broken and the materials will soon become useless as I will have to upgrade my ship soon." Alia says. "Everything you will need is in there."

[i Mobius... I get the strange feeling there will be more space ventures rather than being on the planet for me.] Alia thinks.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 108d 22h 36m 26s
“You will meet him soon enough.” Spade told her, and finished her game of solitaire. “Anyways...I was told you were the most imaginative hro on Mobius...” she said, and looked at her while the deck of cards shuffled itself.
“I can try, what parts do you have that I could use to repair them?” He asked her kindly, while getting his arms ready to do repairs . “If we have the components we need I can fix them quite quickly.”
  Raoul the jackal / DoomGuy123 / 108d 22h 58m 10s
"You say that as if I know this Lord Wizeman..." Soma says. "And wait, if Reala was second in command, then what are you?"

[i Oh boy... I can feel that I'm going to end up on another overwhelming adventure.] Soma thinks.


Alia heads inside the ship and to the controls to check the systems.

"Yes, of course they were... but we only need them to work for getting to your friend and back, unless you can fix them within a short time span." Alia states. "Priority one for me isn't my own safety, it's the safety of others."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 109d 22h 26m 3s

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