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A human has heard about Sonic the hedgehog, read the books, the comics, the manga, even watched the anime series. But they have no idea that the adventures of Sonic and friends isn’t just a’s a whole nother universe...


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"I mean... I didn't really feel all too bad before." Soma replies.

Soma looks around at the area, then at everyone, then back to Tikal and comes to a realization about something.

"...Wait, I just realized, how are you... here?" Soma asks. "I don't remember reading or seeing anything that uh... allows you to be here presently- a-and sorry if I'm being rude here!"

[i I need to think before speaking sometimes, I swear!] Soma says in her mind. [i Because that ended up sounding so insensitive...]
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 224d 18h 4m 21s
She then let go. “You are rejuvenated.” She said, and soma noticed that any injuries or bruises she had suddenly disappeared and had healed. “How do you feel?” She asked, Then Luna looked around, amazed at the site, and she even got to hug a chao, which hugged her right back, as it found Luna quite pretty. Raoul was amazed, and he smiled at her, holding her hand as well
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 224d 18h 20m 19s
"Yeah... strange and interesting is an understatement." Soma says. "If someone told me many days ago in my world that Mobius is a real place that I could go to and have exciting and dangerous adventures, I would- wait, what are you doing?"
Soma stops mid sentence as she watches Tikal grab her hand with a confused look.

[i Now I'm starting to wonder... how many Sega characters exist in this universe?] Soma ponders. [i And not just Sega, even Nintendo characters... how many people from video games or stories am I going to meet?!]
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 224d 18h 24m 53s
“How so?” She asked, still in a cheerful mood yet confused. “It’s a long story...” Raoul explained, and she noticed the two from Nightopia. “I see you have some otherworldly friends as well.” She said, and Luna smiled a bit, quite happy to be free from the destroyed station. “Soma is from a world where everything here is either a comic or a game.” Raoul said. “I see, that’s actually quite interesting, yet strange.” She replied, and she took Soma’s hand in both hers, and she felt herself fill with an unexpected energy, a very warm and comforting one.
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 224d 18h 43m 50s
"Oh, lemme guess, this plumber had a brother in green and is obviously in love with a princess and also likes gold coins?" Soma replies. "A-anyway..."

Soma sees the Chao, kneels down to it and waves back at it with a smile. When she hears Tikal, she stands back up walks over to her.

"Hi Tikal- wait, we never actually met..." Soma says. "Right, how do I explain that... let's just say, you're famous where I'm from!"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 224d 18h 49m 11s
“I’m sure you will be in another adventure, there’s a lot of things that have happened...heck, at one point we met a red plumber and his friends, that was some pretty wacky stuff.” Raoul said with a chuckle, and suddenly a chao came up to soma, giving her a curious look and it then waved to her “chao chao!” It said happily, and then Tikal turned. “Oh! Visitors!” She said pleasantly
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 224d 18h 59m 40s
"Mystic ruins... master eme- o-oh!" Soma exclaims.

[i Does that mean Knuckles is here too?] Soma wonders as she follows with them. [i Does that mean that Tikal is here too and maybe even Chaos?]

Soma then spots the female echidna and the Chao and repeatedly jumps in the air while clapping.
"I honestly never thought I would see any Chao or even her before I would inevitably get pulled into another adventure!" She says then stops jumping and clapping. "I... suddenly have this sneaking suspicion I will have to help dig around for emeralds or go fishing for a frog now."
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 224d 19h 4m 8s
Then Raoul recognized the waterfall. “We’re close to the mystic ruins!” He said, letting out a slight sigh of relief. “The mystic what?” Luna asked curiously. “Mystic’s an ancient temple where the master emerald lies!” He explained, and Reala looked at him with a slight smirk. “At least you know where we are.” He said, and soon they approached the temple, where a female echidna was singing along with a large group of Chao.
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 224d 19h 25m 2s
"Well that... okay, but uhm..." Soma says then steps out of the pod and looks around. "Where exactly... in Mobius are we right now?"

[i I can only imagine that this traveling to Nightopia would be the best sleep I could ever have!] Soma thinks. [i But... would I be able to sleep while looking at Reala or even knowing he is right there next to me?]

A visible blush appears on Soma's face as she turns back to the others.
"S-so yeah... what do we do now?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 225d 17h 59m 48s
“I Hope NiGHTS is alright...” Luna said in a very worried tone, and Reala assured her that NiGHTS can hold her own if need be, since NiGHTS fended off himself and Wizeman. “Oh yeah...” she said, forgetting that. “Wait...did you sa..kiss me?” Reala said, both surprised and slightly excited. Then Raoul interrupted “But to be able to get them to return to Nightopia, you have to fall asleep while holding their hands.” Raoul explained, telling her that she was a very gifted person and might be the only one to do so.
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 225d 18h 13m 54s
"It's a good thing Eggman had been cured of his madness..." Soma says.

Soma then hears to Raoul's answer to her last question.
"...O-oh, just hold their hands!" She replies. "And here I thought I was supposed to kiss them or something, heh, heh..."

The pod soon lands on the ground.

[i ...Not that I would mind kissing Reala though.] Soma thinks to herself. [i He's so cute!]

Alia sighs as she opens the pod door and starts walking off.
"If everything goes well, we won't need to see each other again!" She says with a wave as she continues walking away.
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 225d 18h 30m 23s
“As in Mobius earth, we all live on a planet of Mobians and humans, since we have found peace between us.” He stated, and he watched as the pod landed. “In fact our old Mobius was too riddled with damage due to Dr Eggman.” He said as he began to tell her what happened in the past, especially when it came to how they arrived on this earth. “As for your final question, you have to be holding their hands at the least.” He said, smiling
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 225d 18h 37m 0s
"Earth?" Soma says. "Mobius earth or my earth?"

"Whichever planet we end up on, I will have to leave and find my own way back home." Alia says. "I don't want to drag you all into my problems."

"Say, where are you from anyway, Alia?" Some asks. "You did have a spaceship after all..."

"Earth, human world one." Alia answers. "I don't know if it's the same one you are from, though I don't plan on returning to there anytime soon."

*The pod slowly starts to reach its destination.*

"Okay then..." Soma responds. "Oh and Raoul, what did you mean by physical connection...?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 225d 18h 42m 35s
“Back to earth.” Raoul stated. “I had to input the coordinates manually due to having some piloting skills from my time as a delivery boy.” He said, and he smiled as he took soma’s hand. “And it’s good to see you’re alright my dear.” He said with a bright smile, then he looked at Reala and Luna. “If I remember...the way to get them back is by having a physical connection with them as you sleep.” He stated. “And when you arrive in Nightopia, you will find them there.” He said, and Luna looked amazed. “You’ve been to Nightopia before?” She asked the jackal. “Yes I have, and it’s a beautiful place!” He said with a smile
  Luna the Dreamaren / DoomGuy123 / 225d 18h 53m 30s
The pod shoots out from the station, leaving it behind as it continues exploding.

"You don't need to thank me... that's just what anyone with a heart would do!" Soma says. "Maybe minus the explosions part... which, how did that happen anyway?"

"You remember that crash near that pyramid?" Alia questions. "Yeah, that was my ship and I apparently love crashing it so much that I also crashed it into that station after getting it working again, with the help of Raoul."

"Huh..." Soma responds. "Just who are you anyway?"

"Alia, Alia Hosokawa." Alia states. "I'm someone who just happens to crash-land into planets a lot, and space stations too now."

"Don't you have... something more to say than that?" Soma asks. "Did I already tell you my name, Soma?"

"Not directly, and... I'd rather not talk about my past, at least not right now." Alia answers. "Where is this pod heading to anyway?"
  Soma Ulvin / Okimichi / 226d 17h 14m 0s

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