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[center [pic https://images.cooltext.com/5171183.png]][center [https://youtu.be/_JEttgJn0QQ?t=41s [pic https://i.imgur.com/BCtKwEo.jpg]]][center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/0452/f/2018/006/d/a/_ftu__blood_pixel_by_qu_ross-dbz3nt7.png]][!index h5][center [h3 [#A93226 [size25 THE PROJECT]]]
The world was overcrowded.
Cities the world over grew larger, taller, and hard-pressed for space as the population grew. Alongside the snowballing populace was an accompanying rise in international crime rates as money and resources became scarce, leaving prisons across the globe horribly congested and greatly understaffed. Fifteen years ago, an agreement was made amidst the UN to exterminate criminals of certain varieties in waves to free up space. Convicts with life sentences were herded together each month and suffocated in air-tight chambers, cut off from any source of oxygen. Still, such convicts only made up roughly a quarter of the overall number of offenders in prisons, and the public was quite critical of existing protocol as it were.

Ten years ago, a project proposal was made that took world government officials by storm. Through the use of aptitude tests, researchers and psychiatric experts could weed out the cream of the crop, the smarter, stronger, and more [i useful] percentage of captured criminals. Each is given an ultimatum; Become a civil servant, or be suffocated with the larger, sorrier portion of the world's convicted felons. 60% of less impressive felons are now being terminated, and a life sentence is no longer a necessity.

Through use of a special chip implanted in the throat, the felons, more affectionately referred to as [u Codes], that comply with said terms and agree to serve in exchange for their lives can be controlled and tracked. There is a small but potent explosive and a GPS tracking device located in every chip, and if a special scanner passes over their neck, it will receive all known data about the felon from the chip. The backs of their necks are then tattooed according to how they are grouped, or [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401637#__h27 'coded']. This is to better distinguish them from civilians and indicates to authorities what they ought to be wary of.

The proposal had become a reality, and a successful one, at that. Any government agency is authorized to employ chipped felons as indentured 'staff' in their offices. They can be utilized as assistants in research labs, as security/police/private security personnel, and even as investigative agents, so long as they are chaperoned by a qualified supervisor working for the same branch. Supervisors are given small handheld devices that allow for the detonation of the chip in the event of a dangerous Code rebellion, an electric shock via the chip for disciplinary purposes, or an automated reading of the chip's file data on its respective Code/felon.

[#A93226 [b The cast of this particular story will be a group of (4-6) Codes and their Supervising agents/officers who are both partnered and enlisted together as an elite Code hunting unit. Together, they will seek out and either terminate or apprehend rogue Codes that disturb the peace.]]
[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/1490/f/2017/069/e/0/_city_light_divider__by_hltzmnn-db1u57f.png]][center [h3 [size25 RULES]]][font "times new roman" [#A93226 [b . the rules are as follows.]]


. es rules take priority over my own.

. mind your manners, drama while o.o.c. is a no-no.

. anime photos or illustrated artwork for character images, please!

. please be able to deal with mature topics in a mature manner.

. let's collaborate on events involving characters on either side, be involved!.

. play god with other peoples' characters and i will do the same to you and yours <3 you've been warned.

. if you need to leave, no big deal, i'll replace characters after 12 days of [u unnotified] absence.

. i will not choose on a first-come-first-serve basis, i will be picking favorites. i will recruit for no more than a week's time. pm me a link to your character sheet and i'll be in touch! ^u^.

. i will expect 350 words per post, more is greatly appreciated. i'll be making that the thread limit and i won't lower it.

. sexual content WILL be skipped or it WILL leave the site. implying or leading into an encounter is fine to a point, but i expect you to know where that point is.

. THIS PLOT IS MINE. i've been cooking it up for 3 months now, so don't touch it. the premise is a mashup of different movies, animes, books, comics, etc, but they are mere templates for this story.]][center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/1490/f/2017/069/e/0/_city_light_divider__by_hltzmnn-db1u57f.png]][center [h3 [size25 CODES]]]
[i [b [size24 ☩] KING]] - the most dangerous, typically because their crimes occupy more than three codes and because they are just as 'easy' to catch as they are crafty . They are the most elusive and the most feared, as well as the most intensely monitored. This code has the largest variety, but by [i far] the [u fewest] numbers of any code. A KING operative fighting a rogue KING in a city zone is cause for evacuation of the entire zone save for other operatives in the area, and is an inopportune event for everyone involved. Fortunately, almost all KING's are lone wolves, as they dislike leading the blind masses. On occasion, a KING might take up residence amongst WOLVES as a strategist and leader, and these partnerships are the [i worst] of any allegiance and are often a matter of national security.

[i [b [size27 ☬] DRAGON]] - terrorists; incredibly dangerous, though more geared toward collateral damage. Widescale arsonists, bombers, and poison gas users occupy this code, though they're not above other forms of slaughter. They're not usually as composed or as intelligent as KINGS but they're quick, wily, and hard to corner. They do not value their own lives, making them especially dangerous. A DRAGON will never travel in a group of more than three, and are very particular about partnerships. Dragons typically occupy two codes and most were either WOLVES or GHOULS before having 'upgraded' to bigger and better antics. Some DRAGONS have been categorized as GHOULS after re-evaluation.

[i [b [size30 ♆] GHOUL]] - A special category for codes that are convicted for things like brutal rape offenses, ritualistic slaughter, cult activities, domestic brainwashing, or cannibalism. Most do not blend into society well and are easy to pick out, but the few that [i can] feign normalcy are the ones to watch. None are easy to capture, as they are usually primal and driven by instinct when their backs are against the wall. They typically get off on scaring people and so even the sweet looking ones have a naturally predatory sense of humor. This is a peculiar code to carry because they are known to form VERY deep bonds with one person at a time and become very possessive over those people and things they believe rightly belong to them. These Codes are also known to exhibit some mildly animalistic behavior, such as frequent sniffing, petting, and even some nibbling on favored companions. GHOULS can have two codes but are typically only marked as GHOULS. VERY Few KINGS have ever carried this code.

[i [b [size30 ✺] WOLF/WOLVES]] - these are your gangs, your amateur burglar crews, and your run-of-the-mill sex and drug traffickers. Your garden-variety musclehead WOLVES are easy to catch, but because the rest rely on networks to relay information and are hellishly loyal to their leaders, they're hard to round up en masse. Every move they make, they make in an organized effort, which might seem straightforward, but they have all kinds of contingency plans to fall back on, and are usually pretty alright combatants, not only but especially in numbers. WOLVES and SNAKES practically revolve around one another and are often allied.

[i [b [size26 ◈] SNAKE]] - not physically dangerous, but don't let them get into your head. The majority of SNAKES are philosophical and usually have an affinity for fields of the mind, such as the sciences, technology, law/criminology, and even medical fields. Their ability to blend in is second only to that of KINGS, and they're usually revered by society/their communities even though 70% are proven sociopaths. The lesser half of these are the twisted slimes that slink around in the night, seducing people or stealing children with whom to pleasure their personal delights before killing them intimately or stealing every scrap of money, jewelry, or sentimental value from their homes thereafter. Everything they say and do is a waltz. Highly intelligent, but very prideful. Hackers fall into this category, as well, and are actually about as hard to apprehend as KINGS are.[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/1490/f/2017/069/e/0/_city_light_divider__by_hltzmnn-db1u57f.png]][center [h3 [size25 SKELETONS]]][b NAME:] [i Self explanatory.]

[b AGE:] [i 18+ and I WILL increase this if everyone tries to apply with a high school senior.]

[b GENDER:] [i Listen. I REALLY don't care what you put here, go nuts, but if it falls outside of Male/Female or FtM/MtF, you really [u need] to specify which pronouns (him/her/them) your character would prefer. Trying to be cryptic with pronouns will not earn you a place in this thread.]

[b SEXUALITY] [i So this is probably irrelevant for the sociopaths out there BUT for the sake of the sex crimes division, this is good knowledge to have.]

[b HEIGHT/WEIGHT:] [i Feet and centimeters are both fine, as are pounds and kilograms. Whatever you use will work. Just a point of reference.]

[b RANK:] [i [u Supervising agents only.] Do you have a proper title? Are you military? What did you do before you were transferred to this new unit of oddballs? Examples include: Colonel, Officer, Lieutenant, Doctor, Chief, Director, President , etc.]

[b PERSONALITY:] [i Do they play nice or are they douchey? Whatcha' got?]

[b OCCUPATION/EXPERTISE:] [i A tidy list is preferable. List their current job first; Are they Codes who were recently qualified and tattooed and looking to be employed? Are they a supervising agent with a history of heroics? Are they working for a branch of the military or maybe a municipal police force? An investigative bureau? A science lab? Secondly, what are they good at? Are they good with computers? Are they bendy gymnasts? Are they weapons experts? Are they intellectually gifted? Are they muscley or good laborers? Do they cook well? Did they attend college for anything specific? [u WHAT USE ARE THEY?]]

[b CODE/CRIMES:] [i This is for Codes/felons only. Do not mistake this for a bio section, as there will be no bio section and we can find that stuff out in the posts. I'm asking you first WHICH CODE they fall under; SNAKES and WOLVES can only be categorized as one at this time. DRAGONS have two codes and GHOULS have a max of two codes. KINGS have at least 3. [b KNOW THAT THEIR MOST PROMINENT CODE SYMBOL IS TATTOOED ON THE NAPE OF THEIR NECK.] The other half of this section is for the crimes they committed that earned them their code. Be as creative as you like, so long as it fits the code you've put them under. Message me if you're unsure.]

[b APPREHENSION:] [i Again, Codes only, and also not a bio. Tell me how they were caught~ Did they turn themselves in? Were they finally caught after years of being hunted? Did they surrender on their own? Were they betrayed by a friend or a relative?]

[center [h3 [size25 ACCEPTED CHARACTERS]]][center [u [b Supervising Agents:] [i Recruiting 2 more]]][center [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401653 Mather Stiles], Male, 32, Unit Chief.]][center [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=384426 Alina Skuin], Female, 32, Investigator.]][center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402298 [i Margaret Nicholson]], Female, 28, Doctor.][center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=341956 [i Elijah Linwood]], Nonbinary, 33, Psychologist.][center [i RESERVED, ?, ?, ????, Killmonger]][center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402415 [i Wesley Brent]], Male, 33, Forensic Psychologist.]
[center [u [b Employed Codes:] [i Recruiting 0 more]]][center [center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=341959 [i Lech Mstivoj]][i , Male, 27, Hacker. Code: DRAGON.]]][center [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402257 Bernard Siegel]], Male, 31, Code: KING.][center [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=8021 Morpheus Dairren], Male, 35, Code: KING][center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401652 [i Fei Ling]], Female, 24, Code: GHOUL]][center [i [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402312 Reigen Marks]], Male, 25, Code: DRAGON.][center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402348 [i Ali Marshall]], Genderfluid, 32, Code: DRAGON.]


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