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Feel free to creep as I work on a book I'm writing. Planning on posting here as I go to get critique and possible ideas for the story line. Will HOPEFULLY publish.

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[i Prologue]
It all started on New Years.
I was sitting in the hallway of a hotel I couldn't remember the name of with this girl I had just met. I was high out of my mind that I could barely remember what year it was. It felt amazing, though, my troubles disappeared for that night. The night I fell in love with something that killed me.

"James! It's almost 7, if we want to make it to this party we gotta go!" Megan yelled at me as I was clumsily dressing after a few pre-game shots. Megan, she was my world, I really haven't a clue how I lived before her. She was perfect in every aspect. Her hair, those beautiful brown eyes, and her smile, don't even get me started on that glowing smile that brightened every room she walked in. Then there was me. Before Megan, my hair was untamed, and growing unruly. I didn't really care much for my hygiene, but dating a Med student, you learn how to take care of yourself. She pushed me to get a haircut that I planned to never change after getting it the first time. A low fade with it left long ontop so I can comb it back and look like some fancy go getter. I was far from one, but she gave me that confidence.

"Don't forget we need to stop by a liquor store before we get to the hotel. It's BYOB!" I chimed jogging down the hall, shoes in hand. "I already got that taken care of while you were showering." She replied with a wink as her delicate fingers were holding the handle of a pack of beers while in her other hand a large bottle of Crown Royal was being lightly shook back and forth being shown with pride. I grinned while tossing my shoes on the floor and dressing in them. "Well then, we're good to go then huh?" I say, walking up to Megan while slipping a kiss as I pull her with me to the door.

This is where things get a little blurry for me here, but we had made it to the hotel. Our friends had somehow bought out an entire floor just for this party, and it seemed like nearly anything was being allowed as long as it didn't affect the other guests that weren't involved. It was room 508 where the main action was happening. All of the other rooms were for the people who were too messed up to even find the elevator. I planned on being one of those people.

Megan and I get welcomed into the room by our friend Steven. He was already way to messed up to really even talk to, but we got a loud "Hey! Guys i-its-s-s Jaaames and Me-Megan!" As he held his cup up and cheered with the room. That's when I scope out who was there and spotted a new face. That face will live with me through the afterlife as torment to my decisions. She was beyond beautiful. Blonde beach waves to her prominent collar bones that were peeking out of her wide collared striped over sized sweater. She stood a little taller than Megan who was about 5'3, and had a blunt in hand as she spoke to a few other new faces. Megan nudged me and we went about our own business of enjoying our 7th New Years together.

Fast forward a few hours and a few more drinks later, Megan was talking to Steven who was lying on the floor singing gibberish and asking for more drinks while getting denied of said drinks, I was sitting against a wall next to one of the two beds getting to know the new faces. That's when I was approached by this woman I noticed in the beginning. She locked eyes with me, and crouched down right infront of me. "Hey, My name's Lilly. Kind of a random question, but would you want to do some Molly?" She asked with a devious smile. I raise an eyebrow and look over to see Megan occupied. Being as drunk as I was, my decision making was flawed horribly. I shrug my shoulders in agreement, and follow her out of the current room into the hallway in a nook by the vending machines. "I never introduced myself. I'm James, It's a pleasure to meet you Molly" I slur out while putting my hand out as a formality. She giggles "It's Lilly, and it's a pleasure to meet you James." while shaking my hand.

We find ourselves getting comfy in this little corner hidden from the world snorting Molly, and then it turned into cocaine. Before I knew it, I was rolling deep and having conversations I never knew I could have with someone I just met. We connected almost instantly and it was a feeling I seemed to have forgotten I had with Megan. I forgot about Megan. "Shit, shit, what time is it??" I asked panicking and patting at my pants for my phone, that was nowhere to be found. Lilly pulls hers out and raised an eyebrow "It's about 4:30am" She said in shock "We missed the count down! Oh well. Happy New Years, James." She smiled. I give her a half smile and chuckled. "Happy New Years."
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