Beware of the new ES creep!!

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[b [ Not only his he a creep he's rude as shit! He could change his name so click this. ATM it's DoctorWeird]] [b Other accounts to watch out for FAILURE, WANDERINGSWORDSMAN, CELTIC_WARRIOR, KURAMA, LORDTYRANUS, WOLFPRINCENICK, HIKEN, EASTERNWOLVES, WESTERNWOLVES, NORTHEASTERNWOLVES, and SOUTHWESTERNWOLVES, YouWantCreepy, BlowingRaspberries.]

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His dumbass thinks he knows who I am, but obviously has the wrong person.

Lol, dirt my ass. Dirt on someone else
  LANOIRE / 71d 15h 11m 47s
I sent my evidence in email, like advised.
I look forward to finally being left alone.
  Mayyhem / 72d 9h 8m 2s

He might actually be banned for real now.

Good job guys!

This has happened for years, even back when I originally started.
  LANOIRE / 72d 16h 16m 16s
With the evidence presented here, I would like each and every one of you to E-mail Jimmy with the evidence that you all have, and I would like you to inform him that he is making sockpuppets solely with the intent to harass users, and should be banned to prevent further waste of disk space.
  ES APPRENTICE PROGRAMMER / Omio / 72d 19h 14m 10s
I have more screen shots.
[ DoctorWeird]

He knows, he knows I blocked him and he switched to another account so he could keep messaging me, this was the message he sent me right after I blocked his Panthro account.

[ Hiken]

Here is an old spam I got from him when I tried to just ignore him and see if he'd stop. I blocked this account of his shortly after.
  Mayyhem / 73d 4h 27m 3s
[center [i Hello are you cute. Wow oh my god jesus I feel kinda dumb trying to actually talk with him. A LONG time? Months? That sounds kinda serious honestly. Falling_Leaf is trying to tell Omio about this so this guy can get banned. Your proof along with Simply_Randoms seems good.

If you didn't respond and only blocked him and he harrassed you it seems he can get in more trouble for bothering you over and over again.
  Arthur / Knight- / 73d 4h 32m 26s
Alright, yeah here a the first few I found, but they go so far back. Here are some of the things he sent me, if I start to clean my inbox, I could probably reach more of them. We can only go back ten pages, but he's been harassing me for a LONG time. I never made the connections that they were the same accounts because for most of them he'd wait till the related sections cleared after switching to harass me but started getting lazy about it I guess?
[ Panthro]
[ Panthro]

Like these next two, he messaged me on one account and then I blocked him, and then he jumped onto another and got rude with me.

[ Hiken]
[ WanderingSwordsman]

I titled the links with the different usernames he sent me those messages on
  Mayyhem / 73d 4h 37m 18s
I think that would be good. I don’t think others believe it. So the more proof we show the more those who don’t believe this is real would take it more seriously.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 73d 4h 48m 56s
Yeah well he's a huge creep and he's been harassing me for a while.
I still have the messages, and could I post some of those screenshots?
  Mayyhem / 73d 4h 54m 9s
LordTyranus is him yes.
Thank you though just in case people weren't sure.

I PM'd you back May about him but asking around here you might get more personal answers on who the guy really is. I've only spoken to him only once and he wasn't very mature about it.
  Arthur / Knight- / 73d 5h 7m 0s
I am not sure if anyone else has dropped this name but another one of his users might be LordTyranus.
He was bothering me for a while then I blocked him, I was left alone for a while and when he first came back the accounts Panthro and LordTyranus were linked.
Then when I blocked Panthro, DoctorWeird began to bother me almost right immediately after I blocked the Panthro account.
  Mayyhem / 73d 5h 9m 0s
You can also see that there is a "related" part on the user's account that the user has. it means it has the same IP address as this user, which often means it's the same individual, or someone who is using the same computer.
  Tweedy / 76d 10h 20m 46s
he's used a number of users, too. if this is the same guy that bothered me a couple years ago, he used redemption, BritishSteel and some other usernames. i blocked them, so i don't know if they're active anymore but it's a bad time. beware and be safe, all.
  Tweedy / 76d 10h 23m 30s
I have on there that I am es single but engaged in real life. I have had a few friends who have nothing on there say he has gone after them as well.
  Odile / Darkelfprincess / 77d 2h 27m 56s
Personally I think that’s what he looks for. My profile prior to what I have now said I heart broken, depressed and what not. That’s what attracted him to me. So i changed it.
  chit chat, chit chat / Simply_Random / 77d 2h 31m 16s

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