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Estrella nodded in understanding towards Inma, before hearing the part about being a mate. [I So they know we've had sex...but at least they're happy.] She thought to herself. "I guess so." She replied, chuckling a little in a happy way.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 279d 21h 37m 6s
Vern's father took him to the side as Inma hooked her arm with Estrella's and led her to the table, "It's very nice to meet you dear! We were afraid that Vern would never date anyone! We were so worried for that boy, but I guess he finally found the right mate!" The spaniard gave Estrella a kind smile.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 279d 21h 39m 52s
"Uhm...h-hello." The neko said, a little nervously, but trying to be as friendly as possible.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 279d 21h 44m 17s
Inma noticed her as Vern's father put him down. Vern regained the air he lost before going to Estrella's side, his tail wrapping around hers, "Inma, dad, this is Estrella Vigo. She's my girlfriend." He turned to Estrella, "Inma is my stepmother, my father's name is Richard," His father gave him a rather loud 'pat' on the back, causing Vern to lose all the air in his lungs once again.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 279d 21h 49m 11s
Estrella awkwardly watched, unsure of what to do or say since she didn't know Vern's family.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 279d 21h 53m 19s
"I thought it would be nice for you to me-" He was interrupted by a hug from what seemed like an incredibly buff version of him, a loud lough erupting from the larger Knuckler, "If it ain't my son! Been so long!" A much smaller woman who seemed to be a spanish lynx ran out of the kitchen, "Hola Vern, we've missed you!" Vern struggled to breath while in his father's 'hug', "H-hi dad, h-hi Inma..."
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 279d 21h 56m 22s
"Ooh, nice." The neko told him, always having enjoyed Spanish food.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 279d 22h 3m 52s
Vern stopped at a modest little restaurant. It was presumably spanish, since it had little spanish flags as decoration.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 279d 22h 7m 25s
Estrella did the same, getting in with him and wondering where he'd take her.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 279d 22h 10m 29s
Vern smiled and got up, fixing his clothes a bit and heading towards the car.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 279d 22h 11m 44s
"S-sure! I'd love to do that." She admitted, purring happily.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 280d 3h 9m 38s
"Maybe we could go out to eat or something, like a date..." Vern looked down at the grass, tapping his foot lightly.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 280d 9h 40m 39s
"So...what should we do today?" She finally managed to ask after a minute or two of happy silence.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 280d 10h 18m 54s
Vern smiled sweetly to her, his tail going around her back.
  Vern Knuckler / RamaAmor / 280d 19h 8m 41s
Estrella smiled and looked into his eyes for a moment.
  Estrella Vigo / AskTheStaff / 281d 17h 17m 8s

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